Digimon Adventure tri. – Chapter 2: Decision

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why does frozen get all the good stuff and other films don't i am sick of it.

Frozen: Billion + made worldwide, 2 oscars, cash cow in terms of merchandise, biggest animated hit disney has done in quite some time, whether you hate it or not the film is a juggernaut in terms of making money.

Other films: Made good to okay money, couple oscars among them, public interest isn’t there the same way the fans think it is, not making bob iger and co boatloads of money every day. 

In conclusion “Why does Frozen get x and my favorite film x doesn’t”? =

  • mom:so what have you done around house while I was at work?
  • me:not much tbh, because I was quite busy
  • mom:busy with what?
  • me:if I told you that I spent a few hours on modifying some pages in CSS, you would say that I did nothing
  • mom:so you actually did... nothing?
  • me:[looks into the camera like on the office]

*opens merman!Bard one-shot after it collected dust for two months* FINALLY WE MEET AGAIN

Mmmmso the servers come back up past 1 am hhhokay. I mean shit happens but I’ma save playing it for tomorrow. Tried logging in just now and it gave me the ONLY STARTER PLANETS shit so I might as well take my groggy arse to bed.

Was just reminded that Alexander Freed wrote this chapter tho so I’m very excited to see how it goes :V

  • Divided (Tegan and Sara Cover)
  • a-class-act-president

My cover of Tegan and Sara’s Divided! It’s been awhile since I last covered a song, especially a Tegan and Sara song, and I’ve been meaning to do this one anyways – so here it is! No sickness this time, though I doubt it’s any better. I am not a good singer but the background music is dope so listen for that :P

I hope you guys like it? :)


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Ok first of all, you are a beautiful male specimen and frankly I'm jealous. Second of all, I'd love to chat with you about kylux headcanons. I don't have anyone to talk to about that stuff near me. And I gotta, ya know?

Originally posted by imagine-avengerss

Alright, so, Kylux. 

Here’s the thing about relationships with power dynamics– it’s not about physical strength, it’s about strength of will and of the two of them? That’s Hux. So I 100% believe that Hux is the Dom in this relationship. 

Kylo Ren is a child, overly emotional, unsure, and desires someone to take control so he doesn’t have to be Lord Ren anymore. Lord Ren is an act, dramatic and ultimately dishonest. When you wear a mask like that all the time, it’s exhausting, and Kylo craves a chance to take it off, to let his guard down. He also hates himself– and I think even he isn’t sure whether he hates himself for what he has done or for feeling guilt/regret for his actions. He deserves to be punished for his failures, and pain– real, physical pain, as opposed to his emotional distress– is a welcome distraction. He revels in it. And there’s a part of him that hates how good the pain feels, too. 

General Hux is a man of indomitable will. He’s incredibly young for his rank; he’d have to be driven by ambition from a very young age, hard-working, stubborn (to a fault, probably), and not given to distraction, to achieve that. He is a man of organized mind, who appreciates the order of military life– and dislikes things that don’t fit, that won’t fall into place. He reads people well (in the novelization he can tell what kind of mood Ren is in based on body language), but he doesn’t generally like many of them; people are too… messy. It’s no surprise, then, that he isn’t prone to sexual relationships– he wouldn’t bother thinking of himself as asexual (why waste time thinking about a label to say he isn’t interested?) but he absolutely is.

The only exception to this– and he keeps it very much a secret– is that he is a sadist. He gets a very real, absolutely sexual pleasure from hurting people. He keeps it a secret because he knows that, in his men, he would never allow someone with sadistic tendencies to have a position of power; it would impact their efficiency. He makes certain it never diminishes his– he never indulges it. Still– that look on his face when Starkiller fires? Not just passion for his cause. 

Hux hates Ren; that is well-known. Part of what he hates is that he doesn’t know how Ren fits into the orderly system of military hierarchy; Ren is his equal but has no official rank, and Hux doesn’t know what to do about him. He fantasizes (more than he would care to admit, it’s disordered thinking) about hurting Ren. More than hurting him; forcing him to yield, to kneel, to beg for mercy. 

Ren sees this in his mind, in the middle of an argument. It isn’t long before they both know that they want the same thing. They don’t sit down and have a “safe sane consensual” discussion, but they come to a mutual understanding; Hux is in charge, Kylo does whatever he commands. Hux punishes Kylo for his mistakes, and praises him for behaving. He trains his new pet well… though Kylo still misbehaves, sometimes, because he likes the punishment as much as the reward.

For Hux, it’s freeing, knowing that Kylo likes this, that Kylo is strong, Kylo can take it, Kylo will enjoy it. Hux doesn’t have to be ashamed (he never thought he was, before) of enjoying it, too. And Kylo looks damned good tied up, bleeding, and begging. For Ren, it’s a different sort of freedom; he surrenders, and he is free to be weak, free of his legacy and the expectations placed upon him and his past, free of his failures and his fears. There’s a sort of peace in it, for Kylo. And he really enjoys the leather Hux uses to bind him and whip him.  

They are not lovers. Occasionally Hux fucks Ren, or allows him the privilege of sucking his cock, but there is no affection in it. They have never kissed, and Kylo has never seen Hux out of uniform– even when they fuck. Still, there is trust, understanding, attachment… maybe even affection, there. Neither would admit that, of course. Both would happily murder anyone who even implied it– though no one on Hux’s crew knows of their affair, or whatever you might call it. 

(Except Phasma. Because Phasma is Hux’s BFF and I don’t know how she found out, but in my headcanons she totally knows and thinks it’s incredibly hot, lol.)

SO YEAH. There’s my Kylux. I’ve been meaning to get off my ass and write. Really ought to do that, but making cosplays is easier, lol. 

okay but what if one day Masaomi came back home bruised and dirty and his knees bloody and Kurashi went all over him bandaging every smallest cut and kissing every bruise and being very very worried and asking what has happened and Masaomi just refusing to tell him and sulking in the corner. And finally Kurashi is almost close to tears and Masaomi cracks and hides his face in his arms and murmurs in a very very tiny voice:

“…I tripped over a duck…”

I’m not delicate.

Loud. I play with flashy things. Don’t like faded colors.
Bright colors; my grandma calls me vulgar when I mention girls kissing girls.
’You eat like a pig.’ I do and I laugh louder.

’You can’t danse right. You can’t do anything.’
Don’t shake it too hard. Don’t care if you can hear me coming from the other side of a small town.
The weight of my foot won’t crush anything else
Than void.

‘You look fatter than last time.’ I’m drinking your happiness away
since I’ve so little left for myself.

‘Your writing is too complicated for me.’ Sprinkling everything with dead people
And a sorrow I can’t never express.
Don’t know where it comes from. Or maybe I do.

I’m not subtle. I’m not graceful.
Creating is vulgar and crude and complicated under my hand.
And I laugh way too loud.

I guess it’s all I’ve got.

—  Iulia Kandai, DELICATE VOID.

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Hi! maybe you could draw neji and hinata from naruto shippuuden?

I used to draw  Hinata a lot when I started to draw more seriously. My art style changed a bunch since then.

And goddamit Neji how can an outfit be so simple and complicated at the same time


the konoha police au made of

i don’t know

shisui’s heroic attempts at Good Police Publicity????????

(c/o @shisuicune & @immerwennesdunkelwird)