The Way You look at Me

An almost Solo picture of Marianne, god I love the way how @thebigpalooka draws her face, especially the eyes. I put some more details into the coloring of them, because I tought it would look good here. xD
Gosh, it’s really no wonder that Bog felt so hard for Marianne, when she looks at someone like this. She has a good reason to smile like that, with this wonderful hand on her cheek. (And surely he smiles just as dreamly as her. Or is totaly baffled. xD)

Sketch © @thebigpalooka
Coloring © Pikuna/Me
Strange Magic © LUcasfilm

In the last two months I’ve ‎developed my biggest crush on an actor, Adam Driver and I think the reasons are:

  1. he is not a person who respects the canons of beauty in Hollywood: he has a long nose, big ears and lips, freckles and this is so relatable because most normal people, like me, don’t respect media’s canons of beauty but are still attractive, so to see us represented by a person who looks like a person it’s so refreshing;
  2. he is so shy and awkward with new people and situations, I relate 100% XD;
  3. during his interview I’ve noticed that our thinking is quite similar, and from the things he says he really looks like a good and kind person;
  4. he is a terrific actor: he can be funny and nasty as hell but he can also makes you cry so hard.

This post is my way to show and share my love for Adam :)

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Hey, I'd just like to know because I LOVE the way your sims look, how do you find most of your cc? Do you have a favorite website? Do you search for a particular style? Because I usually have trouble finding good cc ^^;

Hello anon, and oml thank you so much!!!! (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥<333333 (many hearts for yoooou, can you feel the love? xD)

Ah cc shopping can sometimes be the best thing or the worst thing depending on what you can find. But  I stick to two cc find blogs and that is @sunnyccfinds and @captainsimericascc those two blogs I stick to the most when finding cc for anything really.  Their blogs break it down to funkytown with their tags (ex. male hairs, male clothes, objects, houses, etc.) :D I don’t have a particular style, I kind of just download what I like, and yeah. I do recommened to check out @littlemsim @the77sim3 @pipifonnesims3 @simsimi-only-mine  cause they are amazzzzing, there are so many more  awesome cc creators out there but those are my main ones.  I hope that helped! Feel free to ask me anymore questions if you come across anything confusing, or if you just have another question xD c: ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ

I’ve been binge watching The Clone Wars like crazy so fanart was inevitable….granted this is just me trying to figure out how to draw charris…but still! XD
Obi Wan why are you so hard to draw?!? I blame the beard, facial hair is just hard to draw xD
Honestly Anakin looks the best (both in my drawing and in the show…which is not good because I KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU MR BUT YOU ARE ONE OF MY FAVES AND ITS NOT FAIR! *sobs*…ehem don’t mind me and my feels…)
I need to keep working on drawing these guys but I really want to do some memes with them…so maybe that’ll motivate me to draw them even more?
Art c) @aceofstars16/ @aces-creative-corner
Characters c) George Lucas

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Do you have to have a certain lip size with you Kylie Lip Kit because when I put them on they don't cover the lip all the way

Really? I thought they actually went outside the lips XD the lipstick only looks good on big lips, It’s very badly done, if I create the next lip kit colors I’ll try to make it better and to fit all lip sizes x3

Top 5 Ships I Would Go Down With

Tagged by @sulahnenasalin. I’m gonna be good and NOT use any ships from my own material. xD Although that does make this a bit difficult because I’m not really in any fandoms other than Dragon Age. 

OK well let’s just get this out of the way


Does this even need to be said? ._. Look at me. I’m a mess. I’m a disaster. I’m a wreck. I haven’t not been a mess in a year. There is no getting over this. 


OK so fun story, I had owned the three Mass Effect games for a while. I played the first one and it was OK but I wasn’t really pulled in so I never played 2 & 3. I wasn’t really involved in any fandoms so I never got spoiled, other than that the ending for 3 apparently sucked, which as motivation to play a game goes, isn’t great. After DAI and SOLAS destroyed my soul and left me a ruined empty husk of a person, I decided to play ME2 and ME3 to get over him. 

I romanced Thane. 

Remember how I said I avoided spoilers? 

Y e a h. 


This really shouldn’t surprise anyone. I ship pretty much ANY Warden with Zevran, he is the all-romance, but I particularly love Tabris x Zevran and Surana x Zevran. (But extra shout-out to my newest OTP, Gimli Aeducan x Zevran)


This might surprise you since I never talk about it here, but I’ve shipped this since I understood the concept of lesbianism. x’D

5) STEFF X MACK from Tales of MU

So this is probably a super obscure thing that not a lot of my followers know, but I’ve been a huge fan of Tales of MU since I was in high school. It practically introduced me to the concept of BDSM. It’s a (very) NSFW online serial that I totally recommend checking out if you have a few weeks/months to lose. You might recognize some similarities between the style and pacing of Tales of MU (especially the second book) and Keeping Secrets. I veeery much use the author as a model of “how to online serial.” 

And Steff x Mack is my favorite of her many relationships. Steff may not be the healthiest lady out there, but my god, I love her. 

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You reblogged one of my edits of Jongin and you added a bunch of "yes"s and I just wanted to say thank you, I guess, not many people say anything about it and I've been accused of darkening their skin too much, so it was just nice feedback and it made me happy. (Also, this is so awkward, I'm so sorry.)


If people genuinely think what I reblogged was a result of you “darkening their skin too much” they really need to get a reality check because one could argue that that’s literally close to his natural skin tone, so good on you, I guess. XD And I’m not surprised that people don’t say anything about a picture of an idol looking like they do in real life (aka not whitewashed) since this shit is so engrained in majority of people’s brains.

And you’re welcome! And no, it’s not awkward so don’t worry! :) Glad I made you happy~


“She looks like she studies in coffee shops. She doesn’t know what good music is. She’s stuck up.” 

What the fuck is wrong with studying in coffee shops? Free wifi, normally quite, lots of places to sit. It’s a great place to study. 


Maybe you wouldn’t think I was stuck up if i screamed TACOS ARE SO GOOD I’M SO RANDOM!! 0r TeXtEd LiKe ThIs XD 

so get the fuck away from me 


Now I can post selfies on this blog lmao//

I took these the other day because I got this new shirt at Hot Topic and omfg I love it |D 

//also yes I take shitty bathroom selfies bEcAUse thERe’S nO WHeRe ELsE goOd tO tAKe SELfiES iN mY HOUsE

HOLY SHIT this episode was AWESOME!

I mean, Eobard Thawne, need I say more? And somehow, this actually gave me hope that we might see Tom as Eo again ; w ;

But, Matt is pretty damn good at it too I gotta say. I was captivated by every scene. And when he was in the Pipeline and he looked up at the camera I was so reminded by S1 where Eo there looked up at the camera all smug like. Eobard, you little shit XD S1 Eobard definitely is the better person though, and I still think that is because working together with Barry and the rest of team Flash had been a good influence on him.

What I was disappointed by a bit… The reason he hates Barry. I really hoped that it wouldn’t be the exact same as in the comics. Because to me that’s a pretty lame reason for a person to hate someone so much they wanted to kill an innocent child… No single reason for that is good of course, but something else could have made it a little bit more understandable?

It also makes little sense with how Eo last season told Barry that the reason he hated him didn’t matter anymore. Nothing really changed in that regard though, so why didn’t it matter anymore? Of course it could be because he’d come to care for Barry. But it just seems weird. The way he said “Because I hate you. Not you, other you” or something like that. I don’t know the exact sentence anymore, but it really made me think there was a better reason than the whole “I always wanted to be the Flash and then I found out I was destined to be your greatest enemy” But sadly that’s not the case.

Now he’s gone again though TAT it felt like losing him again. Even though he’s not dead this time around.

And yup, I am sad he’s not teaming up with Barry to defeat Zoom. That would have been epic.

E1 JAY IS HUNTER ZOLOMON OMFG! You should have seen my face. It must have been funny because I gaped like a fish. I recorded my reactions during the episode because it was an Eobard episode and it’s fascinating for me to watch my reactions. Both the fangirling and the crying ones. The first episode of S2 was the first episode I did that with and omg… the confession bit… I sobbed like a baby. The only people I’ve shown are my brothers and my aunt. All three of them had tears from laughter. So nice to know that they enjoy my suffering lol. No, but even I can’t contain my laughter when I watch it. It feels good to laugh with my own silliness, weird as that sounds. And so it’s become a bit of a habit to film my reaction during any episode that seems like it’s going to be interesting. I did it with the first LoT too, I believe. Haven’t had the chance to watch that yet. Nor this one. But I bet it’s going to be hilarious. The fangirling moments more so than the emotional ones.

And my God were there emotional moments for me! CISCO! I was really scared there for a moment.


You care about him, Harry, whether you want to admit it or not. I see you.

Which actually makes that whole Patty putting bullets in him comment from last episode even worse. But it seems Harry doesn’t take that to heart. Man’s obviously got a tough skin.

One of the things I loved in S1 was Eo and Cisco’s interaction. I loved that father/son thing they had going on. And I’m glad that Harry and Cisco have some kind of bond now too. The whole coffee slurping thing. Brilliant. The Big Belly Burger thing XD Got money? *Harry smile* I love it

I call it Harry smile because it really is his own unique way of smiling. Tom is an amazing actor, because I’ve never had the feeling that any of Harry’s smiles are the same as Eobard’s were. Acting, it’s a marvelous thing.

I could say a lot more about this episode, but I’m honestly getting tired. It’s past midnight. I guess watching Supergirl will have to wait until after sleeping. And I need to steer clear of Tumblr anyway, since LoT is going to be airing soon right?

But yeah, needless to say I LOVED LOVED LOVED this episode.

Hey!Could you ship me with a BTS member?My name is Malina ,I am almost 18 years old and Im 1,70 cm tall.I really like to dance,listen to music and fashion.Im a shy person but once i get to know you well im crazy and funny.I like to cook  healthy food and i enjoy doing sports.I think that s all.Thank you!!

Originally posted by ky-ngsoo

I ship you with Taehyung because I saw you picture and your looks will match really good *-*. Tae is a really nice and kind person so he will except everything. You could teach him how to cook “GOOD” xD and you could listen while he is singing for you. Because you are crazy and funny and he’s also crazy and funny you both will match really good.

I don’t know what you’ve smoked but I really Thank You @rzqstrauss that you like my dream of Laxus. I was shocked, blushed and confused. You say I should blog it xD aahhh I am sure nobody is interested in this piece of shit xD *ignored the following text*

My dream:

-He was so lonely. All those main Fairy kiddies are together and happy and nobody else cared about him. I was looking for him around the guild. Laxus was anywhere outside, alone.. I stood by him. He need only some one hug and listen to him. Laxus’ feeling alone because he can not tell his feelings so good like this main Fairy kiddies. But I tell him that I understand him and stay by his side forever.-


Kpop career tag thank you @bapgguk :)

link here for the click and drag game

Company: Woolim (tried so hard to get Bighit I swear)

Number of members: 7 [yusss the exact number of people in my group of friends (as well as how many members in Bangtan hehe)]

Position: Main Vocalist (Really??? But I can’t sing?? I like dancing more, oh well XD)

Genre of music: Ballad

Collab with: Crush (OMG YAY I LOVE CRUSH)

Do you go solo: No (Good because I would’ve sucked alone)

Your scandal: Violence towards fans (but why would I even do that if they’re my fans??)

Years active:  5 (Satisfied with that, if I’m Bangtan’s sunbae they would look up to me, right?)

After your career: Lyricist (fun hehe)


@minsuga-pls @rapmonstrr @jkookiie @whitepufflefish @pinkjonginie @itscallierox 

Sorry I tag like the same people every time 

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Top 5 Marvel movies (or series)

Thank god you included series. XD

  1. Jessica Jones
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy
  3. Ant-Man
  4. Avengers
  5. Iron Man

I was really conflicted over Iron Man or Captain America, because they were both really great origin stories. I’m going with Iron Man because I like Tony’s personal journey just a hair more.

Were it a Marvel production instead of FOX, I probably would’ve put Deadpool on this list before even seeing it. It looks like they’ve done such a good job.

Thanks for the Ask!

This is my list of lovely ladies I’d like to cosplay :)I’m very excited and will be adding to the list as time goes on. I mostly use Tumblr as a place to store pictures and look up cosplay tips but  if people start getting interested that’d be cool too xD I’ve mentioned before that I’ve cosplayed Asuna but it wasn’t done very well, it was rushed and I wasn’t/am not in very good shape. I’ve started working on losing weight and getting in shape again though so once I do I’d like to redo it because I think I could do better :)Cosplay is actually the reason I’m putting effort into getting healthy again, I’ve gotten really lazy and started eating out a lot and it’s showing lol So, hopefully I can stay motivated not only for my health but for my cosplay dreams too :) I can’t wait to do all of these cosplays and hope they look great so I can show them to you <3

Tagged by @beyondtheflyingbird​ Thank you darling ;w; <3

RULES: Tag 10 people that you would like to get to know better.

NAME: Screamy




HEIGHT: 5′2″

FAVORITE COLOR: Violet/Red/Black/White


AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: I’ve gotten into this habit of sleeping from like 3am to 7am, staying up til some time in the afternoon, then sleeping to late evening, maybe taking interspersed naps. Idk it’s probably bad for my health :|


LAST THING I GOOGLED: “the boy review” (I wanted to see if the movie was any good because I’m in need of a good dose of horror buuuut it doesn’t look that way XD)

NUMBER OF BLANKETS I SLEEP WITH: Usually a light blanket and a quilt. It really depends on the season tbh.

FAVORITE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: Kuja (obviously), Zolf Kimbley and Greed (Fullmetal Alchemist, but the 2003 version), Sephiroth (FFVII), Handsome Jack and Mordecai (Borderlands series), Xigbar and Demyx (KH), Megatron and Starscream (Transformers), Quinlan and Gus (The Strain), Puck (Gargoyles, and also my mun faceclaim XD), The Count (Gankutsuou), Albedo (Xenosaga), Ryoko (Tenchi Muyo), and like. I could go on forever. I have a million babies.

FAVORITE BOOKS: I, Lucifer (Glenn Duncan), pretty much anything Neil Gaiman, The Thief of Always (Clive Barker), The Pendragon series (D.J. MacHale—it was pretty much my own personal Harry Potter tbh), The Great Gatsby (F. Scott Fitzgerald), and again, I could go on forever. 

FAVORITE BANDS/MUSICIANS: Currently craving: Panic at the Disco, Miike Snow, and all the songs throughout the Borderlands series. Also some opera.

DREAM JOB: I always want to say something to do with visual art, but then again, I love drawing and I don’t want it to become a chore so. Cliche, but I want to do something to help people, like be a therapist or psychiatrist.

WHAT AM I WEARING RIGHT NOW: Grey tank top and Coca Cola lounge pants

WHEN DID YOU CREATE YOUR BLOG: Apparently June 2013. Wow.


WHAT DO YOU POST ABOUT: Kuja being a bitchqueen basically.

DO YOU HAVE ANY OTHER BLOGS: Main, Art, and Kimbley are the ones I’m most active on



WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO GET A TUMBLR: DeviantART became terrible and I needed somewhere to put my art, so tumblr it became.

DO YOU GET ASKS ON A DAILY BASIS: Nah. On days where I’m really active, I might get an influx, but it’s not daily.

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL: Based on Kuja’s manikin name, “Capricious Reaper.” I just really like the sound of it, so I just kinda tinkered with it and made it all snooty-sounding

Tagging: anyone I don’t know, and you should tag me if you do it so we can change that uvu


tagged by @ttachibana (I don’t deserve this but thank you~ ( /)u(\ )

   I have absolutely no idea what to put so, here we go.
1) I am actually doing a Karma Akabane cosplay from Assassination Classroom for a convention, its my first one so I hope it looks decent.. 

2) I have never known anything about pop culture and probably never will. XD Movies, new music, tv shows, I will probably not know of them. But ask me about the latest episode of an anime and I got chu covered. 

3) I am always willing to talk about food. Always. I may not eat much, but I appreciate food. Food is good. Most of my friends I made because of food. 

4) I like hugs ^_^ I really do. I get sad when I see someone and I can’t hug them because it would be too awkward. 

5) My whole life is  awkward, literally yesterday I was talking to a friend and there was a hair on the desk so we started flicking it back and forth and then it disappeared. So I pretended to pull one out, when my friend couldn’t find it I said “ Don’t worry I checked before I pulled out” It doesn’t get more awkward than that. Also the day before that some people were stuck behind a closed door and I kept staring at them wondering if they wanted me to open the door or not because they weren’t making any attempt of saying open the door, so I stood there for a good 10 seconds until someone else opened the door and I was like oh, they did need the door open. Same story with a teacher I had, except for some reason I thought he was trying to beak into the school. *cringes at whole life*

6)I speak Russian. Yay.

I’ll tag @niamhnotishleen , @ask-the-sexiest-weapon, @frusciantes-lips, @staralaxy , and anyone else who wants to do it . 

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Hey Drew, thanks for the follow! It made me go :O haha! By the way what does okra taste like? Is it like a green bean and chili hybrid? I don't think I have ever had it and that's exactly what it looks like!

Cheers XD  Okra tastes like broccoli and green beans I guess but slimy with seeds.  Its texture is similar to a jalapeño I guess because of the seeds.  It is really good!  One of my favorite vegetables

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hoodie, satellite, festival, mechanic!

Satellite: How would you amuse yourself if you were alone for seven years?
I’d read ALL the books!

Hoodie: Tell me about the most interesting piece of clothing you own.
I don’t think I have them anymore, but I used to have these really funky drop crotch pants that were made of plastic-y material that looked like garbage bags and reminded me of the popcorn pants from the Amanda Show.

Festival: What’s something you’ve always wanted to do, and DO intend to do?
Write a novel XD

Mechanic: Name a useful skill you’d love to have.
Cook good food (because tbh I suck)