an earth moon’s heart is full, but she is hard like a forest floor. yet, every single day, new things grow in the forest, and form treetops and flora. it gives a home to forest animals and humans that dare to adventure into it. it’s alive and thriving, and so are earth moons.

an air moon’s heart is empty, but only because she is up in the clouds, running, dreaming, flying. she’s breathing in new experiences and emotions that don’t even exist yet. she’s found peter and she’s on her way to neverland as we speak, she doesn’t ever want to come down.

a fire moon’s heart is overflowing, you cannot keep her contained. she needs release, spirit, adventure. she’s sprinting through cities and setting everyone and everything in her way ablaze with stories, emotions and life. she’s reaching for the clouds and burning the planet to it’s core. she’s everywhere, everything and more.

a water moon’s heart is waiting at the bottom of the ocean. she’s seen everything the world has to offer and she’s not done yet. she’s catapulting into space. she’s created the oceans. she’s filled herself to the brim and she’s filling others too. she has so much to offer that her own tiny body cannot contain it all.

Angel Prompts

Angel Prompts for Anon!! I hope you like them!!

- A and B are both Angels and they tickle each other’s wings

- A and B stretch out their wings to see who has the bigger set

- Angels are assigned to each human, and when the human comes of age they get to meet their angel, and A is B’s Angel and A is a sarcastic asshole, and B isn’t even surprised because they are a sarcastic asshole as well, so they both get along great

- A and B are both angels and they have races to see who can fly faster which usually ends up with one of them flying into a wall

- A is a fallen angel who has been stripped of their wings and B is a human who finds them and brings them back to their house to try and heal their wounds, and when A wakes up, A starts to swear as they are back on earth and they hated this place, and B just nods and says ‘Yeah, this place sucks’

- A and B are trying to see who can fly higher, and when they get as high as they can go, they look down and see how small everything is below them

- A tells B to tone down their white light because they are trying to sleep

- A and B are inspecting one another’s wings and A can’t help but comment how soft B’s wings are

- A and B are messing around and A get’s their halo bent by accident

- A is watching over B and A shake their head at the poor life decisions B is making

A word on zines, fan collaborations, and cynicism

This has to do with the McHanzo zine that was announced, and might already be in trouble thanks to some rather negative people. I have been thinking about it since yesterday, and some things have been bothering me about the whole thing. These are my two cents, take them how you will.

On the subject of how participants are chosen:

This is going to sound harsh, but the reality of the situation is some people are not going to be chosen. I saw one anon state, “I get that you’re trying to treat everyone equal, but in the end the result is the same: Many artists/ariters will get denied because the judges picked someone else’s work over theirs.” And you know what, that’s true, but probably not for the reasons anon is so worried about.

What that anon, and everyone who submits work to any selection process, needs to know is that art is subjective. Art is subjective, and we all have our biases. It’s *hard* to be objective about something with no measuring stick. I saw earlier someone ask what the “criteria” was for being chosen. That’s not how it works. You don’t say “Okay, the art must have these specific components, must have these bullet points checked off” in order to be chosen. It’s not a standardized test. Art is subjective, and anyone who creates art needs to understand that any given group of people are not going to agree on what is “best” or what is “appropriate” or what is right for a given publication. You’re submitting work for these judges to chose what they think is write for their publication. They are not saying you cannot create work for the fandom, they’re not saying you can’t post it, they’re not saying you don’t have rights to your submissions, they’re not saying you can’t publish it in any other fashion. All they’re saying is they will choose what is the right collection for this particular zine at this particular time.

I’m not involved in the process. I’m one of the people that applied. I don’t expect to be chosen. That’s because I have been submitting my work to things for years, and sometimes you just don’t get chosen. That’s the way of it. I might make what I think is the best piece of art I have ever made, and it was not chosen for a particular publication or show. I don’t go into any selection process EXPECTING to be chosen. That is setting yourself up for disappointment.

Here is an example from real life: I once submitted a collection for consideration to get a scholarship. It was some of the best work I had ever done. I was rejected, and when it was discussed it turns out my rejection was based on the fact that they had already had multiple people submit with similar subjects (in this particular instance it was a landscape collection). It’s not that my art wasn’t good enough; it was that they had too much good thing in that one category. A scholarship went to someone who, at the time, I thought didn’t deserve it, because their work was different enough to be attention grabbing. I learned a lot from that experience, that you can be good enough and still not get what you want, and that it doesn’t make you less.

Let’s say, the judges are presented with 40 people who mainly do busts/waist-high portraits. They’re all wonderful, they’re all well done, but it’s also 40 busts/waist-high portraits. Then over here we have 2 people who drew characters in a fully-fleshed out environment. Someone might not get chosen from the busts/waist-high portrait group simply because there are just too many similar pieces like that, and they want the book to have some variety. Maybe two people are dead-set on writing the same AU, which wouldn’t make sense in a book with such a broad topic. This is just one possible example that might come into play, from things I have seen in the past working with selection processes. Sometimes you can be very very good, but you’re just not what is needed at that moment.

40 slots are open, and if more than 40 people submit, then people are going to get rejected. It’s not a bad thing. Rejection isn’t the end. There will always be another opportunity. We can’t all get every opportunity presented to us.

More importantly for anon, I want them to consider this: You are already doubting whatever choices the judges and the admins for @mchanzine​ are going to make, despite the fact that no decisions have been made. You claim that the only people that will be chosen are those that are “popular.” First, no, that’s not “how it works” all the time. Some people actually do well based on their merits, not how many followers are in their sidebar. Second, how about we actually give them a chance to succeed before setting them up to fail. You can’t accuse someone of favoritism when a contest has not even begun. If push comes to shove and the only people that get chosen are wildly popular, then sure, get angry if you want. But it won’t really matter, because they aren’t the only people that can make zines out there, it’s not the end of the world.

And finally, if you aren’t happy with the people chosen for the final work, think hard about why your opinion on who should and shouldn’t be chosen is so much better than anyone else’s. Their opinions are just as valid as your own. Out of all the people that apply for this zine, if they were each given their way as to who was in and who was out, you wouldn’t get a zine with the same 40 people. You could get hundreds of variations. The difference being, these people are the ones making the zine, not you. That’s all. They’re the ones putting in the work to organize and produce this work. Nothing is stopping you, anons of the world, from doing the same thing.

As for the admins possibly sending a copy to the voice actors, it was just a thought that they put forth to the community. A good number of people said they were not comfortable with it, so they offered you two solutions: either they would make a second edited copy for the VA’s containing only those people who were comfortable with it, or they wouldn’t send one at all. At that point, its up to the artists that are chosen to make the decision. They gave you two reasonable alternatives, one of which is exactly what you asked for. It’s a non-issue from there on out. To continue bringing it up is to beat a dead horse.

To the people that keep trying to attack the project before it is even off the ground, I want you to consider what an opportunity this is for some people out there. This is an open publication that anyone can contribute to, regardless of age. This could be a project that, to the people who get accepted, could add a valuable piece to their portfolio, the chance to say they were in a publication that was circulated, that could lead to help with scholarships, college applications, job applications. A fan zine can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. Please don’t try to shut something down for your own petty hateful reasons, and possibly take opportunities from people who need it.

I hope the zine happens, even if I don’t get accepted. These are good things. These are things that can grow a community, if you let it. I look forward to reading it, and seeing artists and writers I may have never encountered otherwise. And I know there will be others, and that it isn’t the end-all-be-all of my endeavors.

Just try. Just try, put yourself out there, and take a risk. You might not make it, but you’ll have made something. Don’t be so cynical that you think everyone is out to stop you before you even begin.

Thank you.

Discover the Magic of Wardrobes and Start Your Day with a Nice Brawl in Ereda Island!

Heya adventurers! Get ready to stretch those gaming fingers and make sure that you’re very comfortable in your seats because we have tons of stuff coming in this week just for you! Fashionistas, say you want to wear something for the stats but it’s just not quite your style, what do you do? Why not wear that fashionable costume on top of that not-so-stylish but totally OP set? I see you shaking in excitement but hold on to your girdles for now because this update doesn’t come out until tomorrow! PVPers, this one’s for you. We’ve made some awesome improvements in Ereda Island that we want you to check out, so don’t forget to queue up and start a fight tomorrow! Also, if you’re planning to create a new character, tomorrow’s the perfect time to do so. Newly created characters will get awesome rewards when they reach Ruben to start their journey. And as always, there’s plenty of amazing stuff at the Item Mall that you wouldn’t want to pass up tomorrow so don’t forget to take a peek!

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a day after my brother was buried, we were told our dad’s ashes were ready for collection.
so we go there and they say “I’m sorry the ashes are in F’s name he has to pick them up” so i reply “but you buried him yesterday how the hell is he going to pick them up?
"then when you get the death certificate come back and get both”
long story short, my brother’s death certificate isn’t here yet, so both sets of ashes are still at the funeral house….

yesterday was my dad’s birthday but no candles or flowers were put next to his ashes because WE DON’T FKN HAVE THEM…..


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i don't think the first ark is bad or anything, i just feel like it does a bad job representing hxh as a whole. i had a lot of issues with the first half of the chimera ant ark, but i kept going because at that point i was already invested. but when you're just starting and don't know anything about hxh the first ark can really put you off because you think this is all hxh has to offer

oh, totally. the first arc is so different from the rest of hxh for a lot of reasons. one is that we have no understanding of nen, it kind of comes off as some other shounen shows where people can do really outrageously cool/magical things for seemingly no good reason? (”oh, of course hisoka can just magically generate playing cards, okay. that’s just the way it is i suppose.”) but i guess in order to break tropes you need to set them up to begin with and i would reason that’s why the first arc is necessary the way it is. also, we’re able to focus on character introductions because we’re not focusing on learning the magic system.

anyway, a BIG disappointment in the first arc for me was the lack of female characters and how the few that existed were treated. it definitely doesn’t give you a good sense of how the rest of the series is going to be.

Okay okay okay, so if the phan moving theory came true, pls tell me the r/r didn’t actually sleep with each other theory will come true!

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I have absolutely no idea how it should happen, but I can't forget the drawing with Touka in a black dress. You said in one ask 'what if there will be another king who is not the main male protag'. Maybe this sounds absolutely dumb, but Ishida himself said both of them come as a set. And after thinking about her hair style which exactly covers "one eye". What if Kaneki and Touka switch roles? I know when he talked about the OEK she found it uninteresting, but I just wonder if it's possible.

Ohh Ishida giving Touka this hair style because of this reason would be really something I never expected :’D. I don’t know if you theory has a chance, but I admit I still wonder about that ominous drawing in a black dress and if it foreshadowes something which will happen later. 

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I'm having trouble organizing my subjects to make a study timetable. I never know which ones to put when and how to schedule breaks. Any advice?

Hi! If you’ve got quite a flexible schedule you can either just do it randomly or by priority (like this exam is coming up first). I would do mine generally in order of their exam dates, just because it gives me a plan. Try to set subjects across the week rather than having a single day for a single subject. For breaks, I would use a pomodoro timer (like the Forest app) so work for 25-30 minutes blocks with a 5 to 10 minute break. I usually will have an hour break over lunch time when I’m studying throughout a full day. It is important to schedule large breaks - like doing things with friends or doing your hobby - throughout the week so you aren’t only focusing on study. Try not to think about your schedule too much in the sense of making it ‘perfect’. If you’re struggling which subject to pick first, maybe pull a subject out of a hat hah! xx

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First things first: a degree.
Second: a TESOL/TEFL
Third: Recruiting agency
Fourth: …. is there a fourth…?

These are the steps I took. The degree took me 5 years, the TESOL 1 month (thought I was gonna die tbh), and the recruiting agency was a simple Google search. ¯\(ツ)/¯ it’s super simple, really. There’s just a lot of steps once you get into the recruiting part.

And, as always, only teach in Korea if that’s what you actually want to do. Don’t come to Korea as a teacher because you love Kpop and that’s really all you know. You’re only setting yourself, and your kids, up for failure.

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id love to know about fe, because ive only ever played fire emblem heros and the story is a bit confusing to me...

yeah! basically fe started on the nes in like. 1990, with the first game, which was japan only. it was rly primitive but it set up the basic formula for the series. Next came Gaiden, which is being remade and it comes out next month in america, which introduced a lot of new mechanics like class changing, a world map, and visiting towns. The next one was Mystery of the Emblem, which didn’t change a whole lot, but it was the first on the super famicom. The fourth game, Genealogy of the Holy War, was the first to take place in a new world, and introduced the weapon triangle, which has become a staple of the series, giving the 3 main weapons, swords, lances, and axes advantages over one, and a disadvantage to the other. It also was the first game to introduce the mechanics of pairing certain units to get child units, which was later reused in awakening. The fifth game was Thraccia 776, which takes place in the same world as the fourth game, and is generally known as the hardest fire emblem game. The 6th one, Binding Blade, featured Roy, who appeared in Smash Bros Melee, before his game was even released. It was also the first on the game boy advance. The 7th game, Blazing Blade, also known as Rekka No Ken, was the first game to come out in the West, and served as a prequel to Binding Blade. The 8th game was Sacred Stones, which was the third game on the GBA, and, although not introducing too many new mechanics, brought back the world map, only seen in Gaiden before, and perfected on the mechanics of the past games. The 9th game was Path of Radiance, which featured Ike, who was in Smash Bros Brawl, and came out on the Gamecube. It was the first game to feature fully animated cutscenes, 3d models on the overhead and battle view, and introduced a new race, the Laguz, which are people that can transform into different animals depending on their species. The 10th game, Radiant Dawn was on the Wii a sequel to Path of Radiance, taking place several years later, and featured two different stories, one from Ike’s perspective, and one from the eyes of The Dawn Brigade, which were freedom fighters who seek to liberate Daien, the opposing country in the first game, from the rule of Begnion, the country given rule after Ike defeated the former king of Daein. The 11th game was a remake of the original, but now on the Nintendo DS. It added a player character, as well as an updated story to fit todays standards. The 12th game was New Mystery of the Emblem, which was a remake of the third game, also on the DS, but it only ever came out in Japan. The 13th game was Awakening, on the 3DS, and was intended to be the last game in the series if it didn’t sell well. To try and lure in buyers, they added a more fleshed out player character, support conversations between many of the units which would lead to them having kids, and, although casual mode, which allows characters to come back after they fall in battle, was first in New Mystery of the Emblem, most people attribute it to Awakening. I won’t talk a whole lot about Fates because it’s a mess, but the mobile game came out, which is just a dumbed down fire emblem game, but with units from many different games. There’s also the remake of Gaiden coming out soon, which updates it for a modern audience, by adding in new characters, support conversations, and an altered story, but retaining many things from the original, such as the lack of a weapon triangle. There’s also Fire Emblem Warriors planned for this fall, which is a Fire Emblem game in the mystery of dynasty warriors, as well as a switch game planned for 2018. I’m sorry this took super long to write out and its messy but i hope it helps distract u!

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omg no like before the season started there were bts pics of some bloody gauze and a bed set up on the floor next to like a hospital cot and because we, as a fandom, are extra af, it is now a theory that bellman’s gonna get shot or injured during the big fight coming up and clarke will freak out and stuff. 

but its probably like fucking riley falling on his dumb ass and breaking a leg or some shit.

The Vibe I Get From The Signs

aries: try hard and badass. wants people to like them and think of them but deep down all they need is themselves. very outspoken and controversial. they don’t go with the flow, they dig their toes into the rocky sand and walk against the current. they’re the person in class who is always on edge, waiting for something to happen and jump in and save everyone. they thirst for adventure and never settle for less than terrifying. the feeling of security and excitement follows them, they never stay still and never stop for anyone. they make you feel as if you’re running through a forest with only a flash light to guide you in the dark, like fear and adrenaline are their drug of choice with you.

taurus: laid back, always calm. the quiet kid in class who has mad jokes and can roast everyone in seconds. they never try to make anything uncomfortable, but they’ll talk with you about anything if you bring it up. they’re an open book but their pages don’t turn themselves. a feeling of sheer joy and calmness. when you’re with them the world feels simpler, like all complications faded away and color has returned for good.

gemini: sarcastic beyond belief. very reserved but outgoing. naturally mean sometimes when they don’t try to be, they have trouble thinking of others feelings when it comes to certain topics. always want what’s best for you even when that may not be something you want, but they always know the right path and never wander too far from it. a feeling of desire to stay in their presence is always there. a cool autumn night and you’re sitting next to a speeding train, unafraid and ready.

cancer: smart, not afraid to be themselves. give off the feeling of a rebellious school kid that the teachers love but no one knows why. always know how to make you smile even when you’re at your worst. doesn’t seek trouble but somehow it finds them. they always find a way to keep a cool head and strategically problem solve. the feeling they give is a cool breeze, never too harsh and never too rough. they feel like when you dig your feet into the sand while water slowly pours in, pulling you in calmly.

leo: very outwardly, not afraid of anyone or anything. that person who always entertains you even when you’re not communicating. very extroverted but is really introverted when they’re not around people they know. loves to take care of people when they need to take care of themselves first. they wrap a warm feeling around you and make sure you feel safe always. they feel like the steepest roller coaster ride, that feeling that hits when you’re about to drop, then the pleasure and joy that comes when you fall.

virgo: ahead of the game. always seems to be two steps ahead, goes over all the possible things you could say and calculated their response. try’s to not be a know-it-all but can’t help it. give off the feeling of assurance. they do their best and are very hard on themselves, but they can also be unforgiving. the feeling you get when you get a question right in math class and you can’t help but smile. imagine sitting under a great oak, taking in the spring air, the feeling of the breeze hugging you and brushing through your hair.

libra: beautiful and unique. the kid who’s in theatre and puts everything they have into the performance. makes the dirtiest jokes and turns everything into sexual innuendos. they make you feel whole and happy inside, like everything is good in the world. they always seem busy, maybe come off as superficial because of their busy ways. but if it’s important enough to them, they will make time even if they have to stop the earth from turning. they love hard and they break easy, but their recovery is quick and they always bounce back. you feel like you’re on an island with them, watching the waves gush in and roll away.

scorpio: secretive. very dark-humor but very sweet. they’re like a fishing line and you’re the fish, you get stuck on them and they feel you in and you’re caught. the way they talk makes it seem like they have a dark past and chests full of secrets. they feel like the riptide in the ocean but more gentle, they care too much and they get hurt a lot because of that. you feel safe yet always on edge with them, like a storm is coming but you’re in the eye, safe from it all.

sagittarius: risk-taker. loves new challenges but hates heart break. always somehow leave you stunned and intrigued. they love confrontation and love the quiet. think of the kid in class that sasses the teacher but gets away with it. wear their heart on their sleeve and gets dangerous when people play with it. they set an earthy tone, like a ferris wheel ride and you’re stuck at the top admiring the city lights.

capricorn: emotionless when threatened. complicated but beautiful. they never live a dull moment and always grab life by the horns. aren’t afraid of judgement but still hate being judged. a calm sea wraps them up, smooth and strong, but also wicked and rough. they don’t like being told no or that things they do are wrong. they take care of their friends and love endlessly. like curling up in a wool blanket on a wicked winter night, the snow tapping at the windows and the weight and comfort of them keeping you safe.

aquarius: unpredictable. always has the right words and never will hide their true colors. will be mean as hell or as sweet as sugar, depending on the people they involve themselves with. loves to be loved. like the cute kid in class who can do anything and it’d be considered art. very creative and very influential. they vibe with almost everything and anyone, they understand deep emotions and always question the universe. the feeling of insecureness comes with being around them, but only because their speak is so beautiful and sophisticated you feel behind somehow. always reassure you that you’re perfect the way you are. like a stormy day, dark thunder clouds and dime-sized rain drops, electrifying but alluring.

pisces: likable and kind. kind of quiet but has a loud mind. has a deep need to be loved and can get very emotional when hurt. they absolutely hate feeling useless and are always asking to help. they make use out of everything they see and are very inventive. no matter what the problem is, they find a solution. sometimes get taken for granted, but never do the same to others. think of the kid in class who is just like everyone else, so it seems, until you see them when no one is watching, how collected they are, how eager to help. they are lured in by kindness and give all they have. they feel like a hot and humid summer day while you dive into a cool pool of water and your worries and issues seem to slip off into the blue and disappear.

“Don’t be scared, I’m right here~”

Some University!AU (maybe?) MarkJin to get rid of art block ♡

a friend of mine won a raffle at work

her and another boy at work

won tickets for the rugby tonight in the hospitality lounge

she’s just posted a post about how she’s just met met Princess Anne

it made me think of zimbits

  • Bitty won tickets to go to a falcs game in the nice box
  • totally random
  • and he’s DYING
  • because thats ALICIA ZIMMERMAN
  • and he’s with Lardo
  • who is being super chill and keeping him from puking
  • and for some reason, he gets into a heated argument over pie with some celebrity tv chef he dislikes over their insistence that it always has to be the bEST stuff
  • and he’s like
  • screw you, do you know how much it costs? to be good? and get good things? I live in a FRAT HOUSE you pompous ass and I bet I could bake circles around you with one hand tied behind my back AND a murder stop and shop run
  • and Bob is like.
  • this
  • this is the one
  • I want this one.
  • Alicia.
  • Please
  • and shes pepper potts
  • No
  • But Jack will love him, I know it!!
  • No
  • Please!!
  • No.
  • *Don’t even pull that elitist crap with me, I learned how to cook like generation before me at the KNEE OF MY MOTHER and I don’t need to go all the way to FRANCE to know that you don’t freeze the damn butter*
  • Alicia is like… well shit. Bobs got heart eyes, no one is watching the hockey and everyone misses Jack getting the winning goal because Lardo has started filming it
  • so jacks a lil pissed with bitty
  • bitty is soaring on righteous fury
  • Bob is trying to convince Lardo he needs a copy of this video
  • and Alicia is wondering if she can spin this into a cooking show for her new network
  • (she can. Bitty hosts a bargain bin / student budget cooking show that is a HUGE hit because he’s super passive agressive about EVERYTHING he uses)
  • *If, like MOST OF AMERICA you live in a place where hand picked olives from Tuscany are not on sale, then store bought is FINE*
  • 50 uses for hot sauce your housemates got while couponing without your guidance.
  • how to make a three course meal for your girlfriend when you can’t cook and you promised her before checking that the oven was even working CHRIS CHOW, using a toaster, a microwave and an inventive use of the spin setting on your washer.
  • when giant canadian hockey butts slander your FOUR TIME COUNTY FAIR WINNING MAPLE CRUSTED PIES and you have to PROVE THEM WRONG. for beginners!
  • *bright smile*
  • When Hockey Butt uses the last of the milk and you’re about to go live on air.
  • when HB admits that he’s not feeling so great and you need to make your mamma’s chicken soup but can’t afford chicken
  • when you are at your wits end because a cute HB is coming over for dinner and you had class all morning and didn’t have time to prep all the food - meet my sous chef Dex!
  • The meal that I served to HB’s parents! First meeting food for the soul - the budget will shock you!
  • and people are like
  • is this the same HB? who was a dick?
  • and now they are dating?! 

I may or may not have spent the past day trying to map out the Bunker.

This may have involved watching every scene in the bunker since season 8 up till current. Yes, within the last 24 hours.

I may have come to the conclusion that this is impossible.

Sam’s bedroom keeps moving where it is in the bunker. Doors appear and disappear. Doors are placed in walls where they can’t logically go anywhere. Directions are given to rooms that don’t exist. (There aren’t four doors on the left down that hall Sam I counted there just aren’t.) One room may be four separate and distinct locations. There doesn’t seem to be anything on the top of the map, yet I know of three rooms that have to be there. There’s at least one basement and one upper floor. I can’t find the stairs.

Don’t ever try to make sense of the Bunker. Save yourselves.

Jeff gets jealous after the two of you play spin the bottle

Originally posted by bluerangerpower

Request: “could u do a jeff atkins imagine where u guys are at a party w everyone else and he’s really cute w u and everyones playing spin the bottle and it lands on someone else, u can take it from there!“ 

You and Hannah were at Jessica’s party. Hannah decided she wanted to come because Clay invited her. Although it took some encouraging on your part for her to finally give in. You’ve been trying to set Hannah up with Clay since what seems like forever but she’s stubborn most of the times, claiming he "doesn’t like her that way”. 

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I would accept “It’s so boring” as a reason to dislike S4 if someone could explain to me in what way 3x01 was so much more exciting than 4x01. As far as I remember it really wasn’t. They literally set up Isak’s struggle and introduced his love interest. Which is exactly what they did with Sana. I also reject the whole “I just can’t relate to Sana.” Really? So you’ve never felt lonely, isolated or like you don’t fit into your own friend group. I call bullshit. If you could relate to Isak, Noora or Eva then you should be able to relate to Sana because she’s feeling a lot of them same feelings as the other three mains, it’s just her struggle comes from a different place. Pain is pain. Hurt is hurt. Loneliness is loneliness. Struggle is struggle. And if you can’t relate to that on a very basic human level, then how the hell did you end up loving any of the other three seasons of SKAM? Miss me with the bs and do better.