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Hey Alan! I just saw a post about different types of allistics on my dash... one of them was "The 'Ally'™". I'm allistic and I want to know how I can be a good ally, so I thought I'd ask about certain things mentioned in the post so i can avoid doing them! What are person first language and functioning labels and what can I do as an allistic to be an actual ally (not an “Ally"™)? Thanks so much!

okay, first of all, I’m going to assume that you meant [this post]. If not, sorry. Second, I’m not going to get this perfect. I’m viewing this as a bit of a first draft, which (note to self) I will edit at some point.

definitions: person-first language is “person with autism” as opposed to “autistic person”. Please use “autistic person”. I dealt with functioning labels later in this disorganized hell-post. 

So here’s my stab at allistic ally 101

1) You follow the same rules as if you were an ally for any other group: [Here’s a pretty good ally 101 article], but it’s not the end-all-be-all. Keep listening to autistic voices, and if we contradict the rules hold our voices higher. 

Also, above all, rule #1 of allyship is don’t be a shithead–come to conversations with the intention to listen and learn first and treat us like human beings (this is particularly critical with disability rights)

2) Our voices are the important ones: this is important with being an ally to any group, but autistic people often struggle to communicate or express ourselves. Be patient. Ask people how they’d like to communicate and be prepared to be a bit flexible.

Some autistic people use AAC (Alternative or Assistive Communication), and their voices matter just as much as verbal people’s. You don’t have to learn ASL or anything, but don’t assume that because someone’s not communicating verbally they’re less intelligent or competent. And, even if someone can’t communicate using language (or communicate at all) don’t assume that they don’t have thoughts, feelings, and needs.

3) Nothing about us without us: knowing an autistic person doesn’t make you an expert on autism. BEING an autistic person makes you an expert on autism. If you see anything claiming to help autistic people that doesn’t prominently feature Actual Autistic People, don’t support it (unless Actual Autistic People are telling you to support it, see #2)

This goes double for any charitable organization focused on autism which leads me into point number 4 (also from here on out things are a bit smaller-scope, that doesn’t make them less important):

4) Autism Speaks is trash: [and] [here] [are] [some] [sources

If you want to support charities try ASAN and The Autism Women’s Network

5) Please don’t try to “cure” us: I’m dealing with some internalized ableism with this one, so let me turn you over to  Anya Ustaszewski who in [this article] writes:

My autism is part of who I am. It is not something “extra” that can be taken away from me to suit the agenda of an intolerant society. My abilities, challenges and perception of the world all go hand in hand. If I were to be “cured” of my autism, the person that I am would cease to exist.

so yeah cure = bad, acceptance and accommodation = good

6) Celebrate the things that make autistics unique: lately, tumblr has gotten a lot more stim-positive, but stimming isn’t solely a pretty, paint-mixing or slime video (in fact, stimboards are rarely tagged and can overstimulate the SHIT out of me). 

A lot of time, stimming is viewed as ugly, distracting, loud, disgusting, or socially unacceptable. Support your local autistics, don’t expect people to stop stimming and try not to stare or comment (many autistic people have to work very hard to reclaim stimming after childhoods of expecting to suppress it entirely).

Also, try your best to support different cognitive styles and processing issues. Try to keep your websites accessible, provide image transcripts, try not to make posts that are entirely text in images (like screenshots of twitter posts), and help to subtitle videos if you can. <- these things also help d/Deaf people and anyone who accesses the internet via a screenreader

7) steer clear of stereotypes: I’m not rain man or that dude on the big bang theory or your cousin’s dentist’s sister’s younger brother’s son. The ‘idiot savant’ stereotype is almost never true and puts unreasonable expectations on autistic people. Also, not all of us are good at math or science, have incredible memories, etc. Fitting or not fitting stereotypes don’t change the fact that every autistic person is human and deserves rights and respect.

8) functioning labels are fake: never listen to anyone who describes autism as “high” or “low functioning”. Every autistic person has struggles, and putting labels on functioning basically sorts people into “can be ignored” and “subhuman”. [here’s about a million posts about why they suck because if I put it all here this post would be five times as long]

9) ABA is trash: this is trigger territory for a huge number of autistic people, so [here] and I’m not going to say anything else just take my word on this one

10) If it has puzzle pieces on it, run: if you’re looking to see if a group is okay, look for the rainbow infinity sign. The puzzle piece is a huge red flag. Please don’t support anything with puzzle pieces on it. Please. I’m begging you.

Okay that was WAAY longer than I meant it to get, sorry. Also, I’ve missed a bunch of things, but I’ve been working on this for an hour and I don’t have the energy to add more. I’ll throw this in #actuallyautistic and hopefully someone else can add anything important I missed.

does whatever a spider can [troy/abed]

“Troy is Spiderman now,” Abed says, just like they agreed, on their first Monday back at Greendale. Troy grins at him; he’s never understood the point in not telling people about your super powers. 

“Sure he is, Abed,” Jeff says, rolling his eyes. “Now who wants to study–" 

It’s pretty satisfying, Troy thinks, watching words dry up in Jeff Winger’s throat. The edge of his webbing is caught around Jeff’s Cryptology textbook, and he tugs on it lightly. It’s not lightly enough, though, because he’s only been a superhero for three days; Abed says he doesn’t know his own strength. Abed says he’ll learn. 

Abed probably should have warned him not to pull on stuff in rooms with glass windows, though. Troy winces when the book flies over his shoulder; then he flips backwards over the chair without even thinking about it, grabbing the accidental missile before it can break anything. Windows are like, a hundred dollars to replace. Troy has super powers now, but that doesn’t mean he’s rolling in dough.

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For Fandom Bingo, Square 4-4: Apocalypse AU

Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn and Harry Potter crossover

Warnings: Blood, gore, mentioned character deaths

Summary: They called it the Radiance. When the world lit up. Seventeen years later, in a world hostile to humans, hunter and scavenger Harry Potter just wants to make his way home.

Something is watching him. But then, the Wastelands are never really empty. Just emptier than the rest of the world.

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And about the prompts, maybe 7th year, Lily and James are friends, she doesn't know he likes her, one day, for some reason they argue and start shouting and he accidentally slips that he ''bloody loves Evans'' ahahah I'd love that <3

Well, this is months after you sent this, but I was struck with inspiration today so here you are.

Lily missed when they used to fight about him missing lights out, or master minding some elaborate prank or her being ‘too soft’ on Slytherins or not showing enough house pride at Quidditch games. When their arguments were mostly banter and people would watch because it was entertaining. He got under her skin of course, and she drove him up the wall, but it was all in good fun, neither one of them were actually angry with the other. Beyond annoyed, sure, but never angry.

It was different now, though everything was, and everyone was just so tense. The war was looming and not so far in the distance anymore. They were graduating next term and then they would be entering a world that was being torn apart at the seams. Families were dying, turning on one another, or going into hiding, the treatment of muggle borns had become terrible. Thanks to legislature pushed through by Voldemort’s men it was nearly impossible for a muggle born to get a job working at the ministry any more, and with the passing of that bill dashed Lily’s hopes of becoming an Auror and fighting for her place in this world. She was no longer allowed to be an Auror. And if she wasn’t allowed to be an Auror, then how was she going to fight? How was she going to protect all of the men and women who were standing up for her right to be there, who were risking their lives to give her a chance. It wasn’t right and it wasn’t fair and James Potter just didn’t seem to get it.

“You’ve never sounded more ignorant than you do right now, Potter.” She snapped, dropping her book bag onto the floor. They were on the seventh floor, not far from the Gryffindor common room and they were supposed to be doing rounds. But James had brought up the mornings Prophet and they had gotten to talking about it and then Lily had blown up, and then James had blown up and it didn’t make a whole lot of sense because they were both on the same side of the war, it was just that Lily was a muggle born and James was a pure blood and neither of them could really see the other’s point of view because they were too busy looking at their own.

“I’ve never sounded- Are you even hearing yourself?” He said, throwing his own bag on the ground next to hers.

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  • Me: *takes doggo back into apartment* Come on, Doggo. Tell me what your issue with that guy was. Did his suit scare you?
  • Me: But it is my concern, you're my Doggo after all!
  • Me: Doggo, you know I won't listen to that sort of stuff anymore. *cellphone rings*
  • Me: I wonder who it could be? *places Doggo down and answers phone*
  • Me: Yes, this is she. No, I'm her only family. ...oh. Okay. Well, thank you for informing me. Yes. Goodbye. *hangs up*
  • Doggo: BAD NEWS?
  • Me: Yeah. My mom died. In a car wreck.
  • *elsewhere in the world*
  • Worker 1: I think I'm done. I'm quitting.
  • Worker 2: Already?
  • Worker 1: I knew I'd see some grizzly shit taking this job, but that wreck... there were actual dead bodies there.
  • Worker 2: It's part of the job. You get used to it after a while.
  • Worker 1: How can you possibly get used to mangled bodies?
  • Worker 2: It's called desensitization. Like I said, you just get used to it after a while. It's terrible, but life is terrible.
  • Worker 1: I don't want to get desensitized. I enjoy my humanity. I don't know how you could sit around and willingly lose yours.
  • Worker 2: You're a whiny kid. Someone's gotta do our job. Besides, if being desensitized means losing your humanity, I guess I lost mine a long time ago.
  • Worker 1: Is this leading to one of your stories? I don't feel like hearing one right now.
  • Worker 2: Well, I'm driving the truck. Sounds like you've got no choice.
  • Worker 1: Dammit.
  • Worker 2: Did I ever tell you that my dad killed my mom right in front of me?
  • Worker 1: In passing, yeah. It was weird that you just casually dropped that in conversation now that I think about it.
  • Worker 2: Well, 40 years after the fact, the whole situation seems casual. I was eight and my dad took mom and I on a camping trip. They argued, but it was nothing out of the ordinary. Then, one night my dad crawled out of tent for a while, returned with a huge-ass rock and smashed my mom's face in right beside me. I was awake for the whole thing. It was because of the crickets. They sounded gigantic. Wouldn't shut the fuck up.
  • Worker 1: Jesus, that sounds awful. Seeing your mom get killed by your own dad like that, not the crickets.
  • Worker 2: No, the crickets were just as bad. A lot of what I saw I managed to blot out, but the sound of those crickets is still fresh in my mind. I fucking hate it. Anyway, it didn't end there. My dad made me ride with him and my dead mother all the way to grandparents', on my mom's side, house. He dumped the body on their lawn and then we rode around for what felt like hours while he cried. I never saw my dad cry before that day. The police showed up eventually.
  • Worker 1: Mmm...
  • Worker 2: ...
  • Worker 1: ...
  • Worker 2: ...
  • Worker 1: ...
  • Worker 2: ...
  • Worker 1: Well, that was fucked up.
  • Worker 2: Like I said before, life is fucked up.
  • Worker 1: You said life is terrible.
  • Worker 2: Same difference. Continuing on, my grandparents, on my mom's side, raised from that point on. They coddled me, but it didn't matter. I was a broken child. I could go on forever about what a fuck up I was up into my twenties, but that's a whole story in and of itself. Just know that through this all, I wanted to see my dad. I loved my old man, despite everything. He pleaded guilty. Was doing life without parole. My grandparents wouldn't let me see him once while I was under their watch. Which was understandable. As soon as I was old enough to die for my country, I sought him out.
  • Worker 1: Was he crazy?
  • Worker 2: No, he wasn't crazy, asshole. He was a normal guy. Okay, maybe being in prison for so long made him kind of weird, but I think prison will do that to anyone. He was happy to see me. Surprised by how much I had grown. Said that I looked just like my grandfather, on his side. He liked fishing. Said it was the one thing he missed the most about being free. He read a lot of fishing magazines in prison.
  • Worker 1: What'd he have to say about, y'know, killing your mom?
  • Worker 2: We only talked about mom twice. The first was on the day I had first seen him again. Broke down crying. He apologized to me for an hour straight. Wasted our entire meeting time. The second time was some years afterward. One of the last times I spoke to him.
  • Worker 1: Mmm...
  • Worker 2: ...
  • Worker 1: ...
  • Worker 2: ...
  • Worker 1: What'd he say?
  • Worker 2: He told me about what drove him to murder my mom.
  • Worker 1: Mmm...
  • Worker 2: ...
  • Worker 1: ...
  • Worker 2: ...
  • Worker 1: Why'd he murder your mom?
  • Worker 2: My dad was a laid back guy. You'd be hard pressed to think he was doing life in prison for murdering his wife, but on the day he decided to tell me everything, he was deadly serious. He loved my mom so much. Yeah, they argued, but it was just your typical marital spats. He'd do anything for that woman, but that night out in the woods he saw something strange.
  • Worker 1: Mmm...
  • Worker 2: ...
  • Worker 1: What'd he-
  • Worker 2: It was a wolf. Not a normal wolf. A big ass wolf. Its jaw was drooping open. Teeth as white as the apocalypse. Fur was gray like the hair of some terrible hawk of an old woman. Tongue lolling out like the thing was dead... it had three eyes. One big, nasty, human looking eye was smack dab on its forehead. He told me when he saw it, it nodded its head to the side, looking all curious. It wasn't a vicious wolf. Just curious one.
  • Worker 1: Mmm...
  • Worker 2: Then it spoke to him. Telling him a bunch of things that were on his mind. A bunch of terrible, shitty things that he thought. Things he'd never do, but he wanted to do if he could. He didn't talk back to it. He didn't think he was allowed to. Said he felt like the wolf was better than him. So, it was a one sided conversation. Wolf just told my dad things he already knew. Then it walked off into the woods. Dad found a big rock, crawled into our tent, and smashed mom's face in. That was that.
  • Worker 1: Mmm...
  • Worker 2: ...
  • Worker 1: ...
  • Worker 2: ...
  • Worker 1: So the wolf made your dad kill your mom, right?
  • Worker 2: Yes, son, I suppose so.
  • Worker 1: What do you think the wolf was?
  • Worker 2: I don't know.
  • Worker 1: What did your dad think it was?
  • Worker 2: I don't know. Just a wolf.
  • Worker 1: You think it's still out there?
  • Worker 2: I don't know. I didn't see the thing.
  • Worker 1: How many people did you tell that story to?
  • Worker 2: Just two. You, and my wife.
  • Worker 1: Seriously, does this make me special?
  • Worker 2: No, kid. You're not special. I just like to talk.

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I'd love to here more about your motel it sounds lovely. Is there any chance Cecil and Carlos have ended up at the motel?

Oh, gosh! Sorry this took me so long to respond to. And thank you for taking an interest in my Night Vale Motel! (∩˃o˂∩)♡ It means so much when people ask about it. 

But enough chat! Here are the headcanons:

  • Yes, Carlos has been there! Carlos spent his first few days staying at the motel with his science crew. They stayed in two rooms - guys in one, gals in the other - but occasionally they’d wake up in the wrong room. One night Carlos would be going to sleep next to one of his male colleagues (in a platonic way - he’s super close friends with all of his crew, or at least that’s what I headcanon) and he’d wake up next to a female one. They’d simply just switch back to their original room whenever this happened. The science crew was happy to leave the place when they got their lab situated, but Carlos seemed unfazed by the whole thing.
  • When Michelle Nguyen was in her mid-teens, she ran away from home because her parents “like, totally didn’t get what Beethoven’s Second to Last Rock-Remix Album meant to her”, and she suddenly found herself in the Night Vale Motel parking lot, just as the sun was beginning to go down. When she walked into her room, her favorite song from Beethoven’s Second to Last Rock-Remix was playing and she promptly decided she hated the whole album because it was now popular enough to be heard on the radio. She left her motel room in disgust and somehow found herself standing on her back porch, similar to how she just appeared in the parking lot. 
  • When Dana needs to get away from the stress of being mayor, she just takes a walk and finds herself in the motel parking lot. The creature behind the counter even knows her by name now, and screeches “HI DANA” at inhuman volumes when it sees her. She is always given the same room, which is furnished with super comfy pillows, her favorite snacks, and a television that always plays her favorite shows, even the ones that were cancelled. She stays for a few hours, then returns her key to the creature, which screams “BYE DANA.” After she’s out of the front desk building, she appears back at her office and it seems as if no time has passed. 
  • The Faceless Old Woman volunteers as a housekeeper there. She often gets bored just watching us live our lives, and she owes Front Desk Creature a favor, so she’s taken it up as almost a hobby. Her favorite part of the room to clean is behind the bed frames. She meets the most interesting creepy-crawlys there. 
  • Steve Carlsberg accidentally locked himself out of his house once. Abby and Janice had already gone to sleep, and he didn’t want to wake them by banging on the door. Just as he was about to go to sleep on the porch, he found himself sitting in a plastic chair, inside the motel’s front desk area. When the creature handed him the key, he realized it was his house key. When he walked out of the front desk building, he found himself back on his porch and was able to get inside the house. 
  • Intern Maureen stayed there with a bunch of friends once just for the hell of it. She tried the bottle in the bathroom titled “RUB” but refuses to tell anyone about the experience. 
  • The Erikas are friends with Front Desk Creature, and Old Woman Josie will send them with a batch of lemon squares or corn muffins whenever they go to visit it. 
  • The Smiling God and Front Desk Creature are distant cousins. They hate each other. 
  • The Apache Tracker (remember him?) was homeless for a while, after he disappeared then suddenly reappeared as an actual Native American (that could only speak Russian), and he ended up practically living at the motel for a while. Every morning he’d wake up, he’d find a feather missing from his fake headress, as if someone was slowly trying to get rid of the racist thing. (It was the Front Desk Creature.)
  • Hiram McDaniels used to frequent the place quite a bit, especially when the weather was bad and he couldn’t just find a spot to sleep outside. The Night Vale Motel surprisingly has dragon-sized rooms, with dragon-sized furniture and accommodations.
  • The Hooded Figures and Front Desk Creature have a long-standing feud, and neither of them will talk to each other. 
  • Tamika Flynn and her army of children used the place as a hide out during the revolution against Strex. Every room they occupied had a well-stocked bookshelf, some normal paper and pens just to draw or write with, and a chest full of weapons. Also, there were mini-fridges with tons of snacks so they could keep their stamina after they trained in the Sand Wastes all day. 
  • Kevin is the only person to ever have seen it when just passing by, and could give someone directions if they asked. 
  • Cecil doesn’t believe the motel exists.

Well, that’s about it! I do have a few more, about other aspects and such (my headcanons are endless), but I think I’ve dragged this on enough for one night. Again, thank you for taking an interest in the Night Vale Motel!

Night Vale Motel general headcanons: X

Post that started it all: X

kit purrson headcanons

Because Kent parson is a “crazy cat lady” and i’m all about that. (A bunch of these are variations on my own life with my cat so if it seems unlikely….you’d be surprised. Cats are WEIRD, man.) Using gender neutral pronouns bc idr kit’s canon sex, if they have one, although the name isn’t exactly canon either, so there’s that. Unless it is. (”kit purrson is confirmed for he/him, a friend asked n at a con” - anon)

Ok, so anyway:

  • Kit LOVES protein shakes/”muscle milk”/etc, which Kent found out by accident when trying to show him that he wouldn’t like it, and will totally magically appear within seconds of hearing him crack open a bottle, even if they were on opposite sides of Kent’s place of residence, no matter how quiet he tries to be about it. Kent is pretty sure it’s not healthy for cats, so he compromises by letting him lick the bottle cap. Sometimes he tries to drink from the bottle simultaneously with Kent, which never works, but Kit gets points for trying, right? Right???? Sorry, little buddy.
  • Zero interest in other “people food,” though, despite Kent’s mother’s best efforts.
  • Kent has gotten into the habit of keeping mouthwash and a cup by his bed at home because apparently Kit hates his morning breath and on more than one occasion he’s been rudely awakened by a cat trying to clean his teeth/nose, which is kind of cute? But also dear God no.
  • Kit hates it when Kent bathes with the bathroom door closed, and will sob outside the door if he does. He doesn’t actually come in when Kent opens the door, though. Unless he’s taking a soak in the tub, in which case Kit will come in for a drink of bathwater and then leave him to his ablutions. Sometimes when Kent is drying off, Kit will help by licking the water off his ankles, which scared the crap out of Kent the first time he did it. You just don’t expect the rasp of a cat’s tongue on the back of your calf, really. He’s gotten used to it, though (just not on the face, please).
  • Kit “taught” Kent to play fetch by dropping a bottle cap on his laptop keyboard while he was checking his email. His instagram account has more than a few videos of Kit’s midair contortions when trying to catch the cap.
  • Kent walks his cat, with a harness/leash combo. One time he tweeted a selfie of himself crouching next to Kit, who lounged regally on the sidewalk, with the caption “#walkingthecat involves a lot of me standing around and looking pretty” and one of his teammates replied with “dw parser you’ll get the hang of “looking pretty” eventually #practicemakesperfect”. 
  • Kent mentions in an article/interview that he misses his cat cuddles when he’s on the road since they aren’t exactly allowed to bring pets with them to away games [or are they? Logistics seem like they’d be a nightmare], so one of his fans knitted/crocheted him a stuffed animal duplicate of Kit, complete with a tiny #90 jersey, and gave it to him at a signing. He was so touched by this that he donated $50k to a local animal shelter in her name. 
  • (Kent made sure, in no uncertain terms, that his team is fully aware that Purrse Jr is off-limits re:the usual prank wars, and is to be considered part of his pre-game ritual/superstitions/whatever. No touchy!!)(one of the rookies tried to commission a duplicate so he could fake a hostage situation, but word of the plan got back to Parse and the retribution was swift and hilarious)(but they all know better now)
  • One of the Aces’ PR interns helps run the kit_purrson instagram account and is in charge of cute cat pics (and Skype sessions)(seriously) and checking in on Kit while Kent is out of town. There were rumors that they were secretly dating, which later turned into rumors of a torrid love triangle when the intern was “caught” out on a date with their ACTUAL significant other. Kent and the intern both maintain that they’re just using him for his cat. The intern’s S.O. has no comment.
  • Tumblr user “kitpurrsondefensesquad” is an aggregate media blog with a queue full of images, videos, sound bytes, quotes, article links, etc devoted to Kent’s cat. Kent’s involvement in helping to run it is kind of an open secret since some of the earlier asks were answered using proprietary language (oops, ok look, he just gets really enthusiastic about his cat, ok, and he fixed the posts as fast as he could), and someone made a theory post comparing “mod k's” wording to that of Kent’s various media output, so they have to clear the inbox of frequently invasive questions about his personal life. 
  • At one point Kent briefly toyed with the idea of getting a companion cat for Kit, maybe a black cat he could name “Zimms”, but like…one cat with separation anxiety is bad enough, plus things between him and Jack would have to be WAY less…whatever they are now…for that not to be a terrible idea….

anonymous asked:

What's the deal with the summer drama everyone keeps mentioning? I only really started getting involved with tarot stuff on tumblr for spreadaday3, and while plagiarism and iffy quality are one thing, if AM's done anything actually abusive I'd like to know. (Especially since I benefitted materially from spreadaday3 - I know saying that narrows down IDing me a lot but I also don't want to seem like I'm stirring up shit on anon for no reason.) It feels like I'm missing a huge chunk of the story.

AM basically took advantage of the fact that @starlight-and-promises was having difficulty mailing out a product she’d presold (and the fundraiser for it hadn’t even reached its goal at the time) to those that had purchased it. He claimed that his boyfriend had bought one (a witchy basket, basically a witchy supply care package) and never received it, but there’s no record that his boyfriend ever purchased since Jess has managed to contact every buyer and none of them are AM’s boyfriend.

This past summer that flared up (again actually, I first saw him bang that drum in January with some vagueposts) and also there were pretty much anon hate messages everywhere. Several tarot anon confession/hate/shade blogs were created and loaded with pro-AM messages or fanning the flames. It was a big mess. And a lot of like, social manipulation drama. For instance anytime Jess would try to ascertain who AM’s boyfriend was so she could, you know, refund him if he had such a problem with the delay, AM would claim she was trying to pry at his info and dig up personal stuff on him. Well it can’t be both ways dude, either you have a boyfriend who actually ordered a product, or you don’t. But people would just… go into a frenzy over things, he’d obfuscate stuff, or he’d do very obvious “I love the community so much <3″ stuff when it was obvious he was flinging poo at certain parts of it.

It was some shit. Maybe someone has a good account fo things but basically that’s the sum of it? Am I missing something?

Oh and then a couple months ago @swampseer discovered that there were a bunch of lookalike/namealike blogs (like swamp-seer) registered as placeholders, and the bloggers it had been done to were the ones who’d called AM out before. Not only were there namealike blogs for their main blogs, but also their stores. So for instance @swampseer can’t have @silentseance, the name of her divination store, because some creeper has registered it for no reason. Once this was publicly pointed out, the copycat blogs all went password-protected. AM’s blog was suspended for a bit at the time but he said it was because tumblr staff was examining his account for the namealike blogs, and that he’d been wrongfully accused. I know that sounds confusing, and it is. Basically weird cryptic or dramatic or hassling shit has been going on in the comm for months and AM is usually in the middle of it, or the people he has a history of harassing tend to be the constant focus of the incidents. Hard to put in a clear narrative, but that’s the sum of it.

(Note: I’m one of Jess’s witchy basket customers for the record.)