A beautiful love story

One day there was a really pretty girl with triple d breasts. She had no friends. All the really mean girls were cheerleaders and they were really jealous of her beauty and boobs, but they were also really mean to her. Then along came a mafia gang leader/millionaire who was also really attractive and all the cheerleaders wanted him. And he liked girls a lot. And he and the really pretty girl got off on the wrong foot because the really pretty girl is hard headed and strong willed and had really nice boobs, and the mafia guy was a womanizer and she didn’t like that because she’s a strong feminist with morals. Eventually because the mafia guy was so smoking hot he was able to seduce her because she had a good sex drive. Then he dumped her after he got sex. And she was really sad. But then he realized that he liked her for more than sex, but it was too late. She had closed her heart of to men completely and became a lesbian. After hours of wooing however he convinced her to like men again and then got her to fall in love with him again. But because he was part of the mafia he had to kill people and sell drugs and he sold drugs to her dad by accident and then murdered her sister (also by accident) so then she got really mad. And then he wooed her again, but she was smart this time and found a better man. So he killed the better man because he was jealous and wanted to be the better man. Then this went on for a few years, him killing all her boyfriends, making her very sad :(. Eventually he came to her house and beat her into submission and forced her to be with him. He sewed her face into a permanent smile so she would forever be happy with him. She was never allowed to leave the house and he drugged her regularly so she couldn’t fight back. Eventually the evil cheerleaders (who were really dumb) got jealous because they wanted the mafia guy and kidnapped her and sent her far away (to her great joy). The mafia guy was furious with the cheerleaders and slaughtered them all to death. They were really super duper dead. The girl meanwhile killed herself. And then the mafia guy was alone forever :(. He wandered the earth forever trying to figure out what he had done wrong.