So, I talked with my psychiatrist for a long time and she was like “wow you’re more complicated than I thought at first this is going to be tricky” lmao. So that was actually very validating because I KNOW I’m complicated as fuck but people always minimize these kinds of issues. Anyways she diagnosed me as ocd which does go hand in hand with ADHD a lot of the time but she says there’s more to it than that. This is actually really awesome. Nobody has ever gotten this far with me before. I’m on adderall xr now and I’ve gotta say it’s actually making me feel human. So much better than Vyvanse. 


man this is the 2nd time a counselor has fucked me over like now i have a year to just not do shit and it’s really getting on me because I feel like I failed or something but I didn’t fail. I’ve actually gotten so much better at school than ever before because I’m finally doing a major that I like but I just keep comparing myself to my friends who are all graduating next year and I probably still have 1-2 years. it doesn’t help that my mom wants to retire cause she’s getting old so I feel like a burden for being an accident child when my mom wasn’t expecting to have more kids like bruh i am stressed!!!!!!!!

but another part of me knows that this is the universe telling me to use this year break to apply to better schools, to gain more responsibility, and work experience. I’ve already had an opportunity to showcase my writing (if I win lmao it’s a writing competition but ykno still an opportunity!!!). I know at the end of the day my family will support me no matter what and i think it’s just up to me to not let negativity get to me about this. Instead of seeing this as a setback I should look at it as an opportunity to build myself stronger but im so overwhelmed bruh help please anyone

company || sarah & avery

She didn’t know when she had gotten so attached to James. If you had asked her a day ago, she would have said he was a nice guy that she was considering claiming. But for some reason finding out he was gone was a blow. She couldn’t explain it. Actually, she might’ve been able to but she didn’t want to,because it required dwelling on things she’d rather not acknowledge.

She called the cells to ask the guard to send her a slave. Any slave. She remembered how much Better James had made her feel after Simon, perhaps another slave could do the same. At the very least, she could make them listen to her. Someone to talk to would be nice. 

When she heard the knock at the door, she had just changed into a T shirt and small boxer shorts and gotten out of the shower. With her hair in blonde waves, darkened and curled by the dampness, and in her pajamas, she looked considerably less formidable than she usually did. Gone were the biker’s boots, leather jacket and tough expression, and in her place was a girl who looked simply lonely and miserable. She opened the door to see what they had sent her.

“Avery,” she said, looking at the slave in mild surprise. “Hey.” She shook her head as if to clear it of cobwebs and stepped back, holding the door. “Come on in.” 


  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: Why does the Sword Art Online fandom get so much hate just because it's popular? Half the hatred comes from uneducated viewers who can't even support their opinions with actual evidence. The other half probably comes from people who have hardly gotten into the series and have nothing better to do with their lives than make hate posts. Sword Art Online is a gem with great plot and characters and should be treated as such.

Im going through the reblogs on that post and many of you should be deeply ashamed of yourselves.

It’s not okay to call someone a “f***cking idiot”, tell them that karma is coming for them, tell them that they have no business owning pets, and that you hope something bad happens to them because of a mistake.

Sure, sunflwrbird made a mistake. Sure, she could have handled it better. But so many of you handled this so, SO much worse than she did and honestly, I’m pretty disgusted with what a lot of you said.

It’s one thing to be blunt and tell someone about their mistake, and I can understand being frustrated when someone doesn’t want to listen, but so many of you took it way, way too far.

Since when has saying “it’s actually a ______ you fucking idiot please die” ever gotten anyone to change their minds on anything?

Calling someone out is one thing, being hateful is another.

I do not endorse any of that behavior and if you’re going to act like that, you need to get off of my blog.