• what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: Why does the Sword Art Online fandom get so much hate just because it's popular? Half the hatred comes from uneducated viewers who can't even support their opinions with actual evidence. The other half probably comes from people who have hardly gotten into the series and have nothing better to do with their lives than make hate posts. Sword Art Online is a gem with great plot and characters and should be treated as such.

I’m now just fully against Sousa/Peggy because it reeks so much of Nice Guy Syndrome. If she hooks up with him, it had better be because she has an intense, burning desire to Hit That, because he was nice and polite to her and protected her all the time up until she actually needed him, and then he was leading the charge against her. 

And yes, logic, evidence, blahblahblah, that just makes it clear that he didn’t trust her. I’ve gotten through similar rounds of distrust in ships from the past, but Sousa doesn’t get to go “oh no baby come back I’ll believe you this time I’ll be nice to you again”, nope, sorry, he’s done.

Not that I ever really supported him to begin with…

But yeah. 

20 Weeks

Since the addition of my pregnancy pillow my achy back has gotten a lot better. It’s weird how high she has gotten. I remember first finding her heartbeat on the doppler I had to search so low, now she is up by my belly button.

I can’t believe that we are half way there! It feels like so much time left, but at the same time I also feel like we have so much to do and like, no time.

I’m actually really glad that I created a registry on Amazon while I was TTC, because I think I would be really overwhelmed with where to start. And knowing that I have a few things here and there helps a lot too.

Her room is still down to the studs… like literally there are no walls and no floor right now. 

Ok time to stop thinking about this stuff. It’s just making me feel anxious. 

Im going through the reblogs on that post and many of you should be deeply ashamed of yourselves.

It’s not okay to call someone a “f***cking idiot”, tell them that karma is coming for them, tell them that they have no business owning pets, and that you hope something bad happens to them because of a mistake.

Sure, sunflwrbird made a mistake. Sure, she could have handled it better. But so many of you handled this so, SO much worse than she did and honestly, I’m pretty disgusted with what a lot of you said.

It’s one thing to be blunt and tell someone about their mistake, and I can understand being frustrated when someone doesn’t want to listen, but so many of you took it way, way too far.

Since when has saying “it’s actually a ______ you fucking idiot please die” ever gotten anyone to change their minds on anything?

Calling someone out is one thing, being hateful is another.

I do not endorse any of that behavior and if you’re going to act like that, you need to get off of my blog.