Day 10 - Your Favourite Pairing

Some post Ep11 Bumblebee based on this beautiful text post by @luxsp !

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Gabi, I just keep hoping that someone will go to the county clerks office to see for us.

I don’t think it actually matters. If that baby was real they would have been able to prove it. They weren’t. They had months. They weren’t. We asked for an undeniable picture where her face is visible and her bump. They weren’t able to do it. Instead we had a headless bump pic and when we complained they uploaded a pic of the kitchen floorboard. LOL.

So whatever is with that certificate, fake, not fake, unfiled, legit etc… IF Louis Tomlinson has indeed signed it, it was only possible because it is part of the plan he has with NT.

Also, I would like to remind people that Louis Tomlinson is NOT stupid.

So I have this…idea, well, fanfic worthy idea I suppose for the real enemy of Eldarya.

The Oracle. She’s powerful and just because she’s weak doesn’t mean she can’t use the shards that have been ingested by the fairies to send ‘voices’ in their heads, telling them to purge Eldarya of the weak and those with human blood.

No one would suspect the Oracle of doing this and the only one worth killing in this case would be Gardienne because she hasn’t grown up in Eldarya hearing things like ‘protect the crystal’ and ‘the crystal is SUPER IMPORTANT’ so it would be logical to attempt to kill her before she figures everything out.

It also kinda helps that Yvoni has never gone very far from her tree so how would she know that Gardienne is half-human and her name? So the guy in the mask is trying to help Gardienne out as much as possible because finding more crystal means the Oracle gets stronger but what happens when people start to realize that this ‘evil’ grows stronger every time the Oracle gets a piece back and shit hits the fan.

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I am actually so, so, so angry at Jace. Because

1: The only one nipping on Clary’s heels right now is him and

2: Suddenly he gets all protective about Alec when all he did in past episodes was to snap at him and I sure as hell hope he noticed he did something wrong because else the point may come where I’ll flip my shit about Jace and it won’t be fun for anyone.

Also I hope Simon is right and Alec leaves Jace hanging that night (which is possible because we know Malec is going to happen and Alec will probably be busy with spending time with Magnus), because Jace doesn’t deserve Alec being so far up his ass that he’d literally die for him.

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Every time I meditate I can't feel my left leg, numbness more than any part of my body.. What does that mean?

The blood that flows through your leg is not circulating smoothly; possibly because of the way you’re sitting. Please know that the crossed legs position is not for everyone, and sitting with your back straight up on a chair is perfectly fine.

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"IF Louis Tomlinson has indeed signed it, it was only possible because it is part of the plan he has with NT." If the county clerk is issuing copies of this birth certificate that means the State of California recognizes the existence of this child. That means the hospital and various doctors have signed off on the existence of this child. Are you seriously suggesting that either the old team or the new team have somehow convinced the hospital and the doctors to commit felony fraud? ReallY?

Y'all that baby wasn't Wes that baby was her child with Sam! She must've lost the baby when giving birth!

I don’t know if it’s true or not don’t quote me but Annalise did claim it was hard for her and Sam to conceive a child and that baby was possibly him because I thought a remember Annalise saying she would always miscarry now she seemed too far along to miscarry but something had to have happened in order for that baby to have died. But that’s her and sam’s child I swear. Because Wes was the boy playing basketball.

Okay, serious question now…..

I’m considering becoming a organ donor (bone marrow and blood donations have always been something I’m up for, I just have to go a year without getting a new tattoo. Whoop!) because well…. I feel morally obliged to. But the thing is, I am so afraid of feeling pain when I die and I’ll feel them cutting organs out of me and I’ll feel my body laying 6 feet under without any organs that it’s ridiculous. (It’s a part of the Islamic faith and I had a Muslim friend and I started to seriously consider this a possibility because she used to tell me how much it would hurt)

But anyway, I just don’t know…. Can someone give me some words of wisdom?

@regina_hunt: Life before gains :) I used to always look at the girls in the magazines and wish that I could look like them, I tried the whole skinny thing before but because I’m so short, I just looked like a 10 year old boy so that didn’t really work out for me that well. It is difficult to say what is possible because the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow. If you are convinced you cannot succeed… all you really know is that you know nothing. Know that you’re unstoppable. Not because you do not have failures or doubts, but because you continue despite them. #fitness #bodybuilding #bikinifitness #transformationTuesday #transformation #fitspo ❤ Reblog 4 ℱℴℓℓℴω ❤ ◀

Obligatory tiara-wearing, most-of-my-dirty-bed room-cropped-out, birthday selfie… Even though it’s still kinda Kanye Day because, (possibly as a birthday present for me, he decided to add more tracks to the album and release it today instead of yesterday) #shamelessselfie #shutupamy #backtoartsoon

“…Although Weasel doesn’t appear in the original Spiderman comics, Deadpool discovers (once he has accidentally traveled back in time and is disguise as Peter Parker) that Weasel, then going by his real name Jack Hammer, went to school with Peter Parker and was a sort of rival of his. Through Deadpool’s manipulations Weasel started drinking, ruined his future, and has perhaps an unresolved vendetta against Peter Parker.” [X]

wait, say whaaaat. I really need to see Peter meeting Weasel at some point (now possible because of the new Deadpool/Spiderman comic series) because really, they went to school together? Rivals??

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Actually, it's too early to be happy about the disappearing of the bears. the thing is, when you deactivate your twitter account, it doesn't get deleted immediately. If you log in within next 30 days, it will become active again, as if nothing happened. Bears can still come back within the next month.

I really hope this isn’t even a possibility because hopefully they realized how much harm they had done.

I’ve tried to stay out of this for as long as possible because I know some of my followers are die hard on the other ship but I can’t help it…I love Clexa so much.

Do you ever wonder if we’ll ever get a scene where Lexa is laughing wholeheartedly?
Like ( after a very,very, very long time) , there might be this one episode where everybody is happy, smiling and healing in peace and then they just show Lexa laughing alongside Clarke because of some lame joke she just cracked. Clarke stops laughing mid-way and just stares at her with adoration and love , promising herself to make Lexa laugh every time she possibly can because it is just so rare and beautiful.
Dictatorship, American Style
An American dictatorship is now a realistic possibility; 80 years of progressive politics have left us with its key elements embedded in our system of government.

…It’s a lesson progressives should keep in mind as they behold the rise of Donald Trump. An American dictatorship is now a realistic possibility, because 80 years of progressive politics have left us with its vital elements fully contained within our system of government. Since the administrations of Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt, progressive presidents have been loosening the Constitution’s constraints on executive power, Obama most of all. We could soon find that the only things standing between us and the bubble’s bursting are the forbearance and wisdom of Donald Trump.

…There is in the Anglo-American tradition a clear precedent for the executive’s power to suspend the law. Under the royal “prerogative of suspension,” the British monarch could summarily “suspend” the operation of any law at any time. The Glorious Revolution of 1688 did away with that power. And as we know from the records of the Philadelphia Convention, the original Constitution carefully circumscribed the veto precisely in order to ensure that the president would never exercise such a power.

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Hopefully this'll help: There's the series called dragon age. Dragon age is a great series but theres these 2 places for the story in the First game (Dragon age origins) that everyone basically cries over. The first one is the fade. The worst place possible. Because you arent with your squad either, everything is just a whole lot worse (the level still gives me nightmares). The second one is Orzammars deep roads. It will take days to finish it + its really goddamn hard. Hope this helps!

i just looked up a video about it and what. the fuck. the developers must be sadistic to make such a level holy shit.