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do you have any suggestions/ routines for getting shit done? trying to increase my productivity and you seem to really have it down.

I mean, I pretty much get by on being as busy as possible because if there’s any time for me to procrastinate I will. But I do have a couple tricks I use instead of actually developing real self-control:

  • To do lists. I carry around a notebook everywhere. It is exclusively for to-do lists, which I write and rewrite and cross off things on and draw arrows all over and put deadlines next to. I’ve tried keeping it electronically (google calendar has a checklist function) but honestly?nothing beats writing it all down in blue ink.
    • Though this kind of bleeds into another point, which is, Put everything on your calendar/list. Everything. Dumb stuff, like “shower” or “text mom about next weekend”. Important stuff, like “pay utilities” and “write essay.” Don’t expect it to be pretty, or in a specific order, the point is to free up time and brainspace so you can do those things. And it’s easier when you make a habit of putting everything down, and the little successes can spur you into the big ones.
  • Get out of bed, and get dressed. Geography and routine have a real effect on your brain, and while doing the thing curled up in your bed, or in your pajamas at the kitchen table, sounds really nice, it’s not the best way to be productive. Wear real clothes, go to the library or a coffee shop; you’ll get more done that way.
  • If at all possible, get away from the computer. Unless your to-do list has “base jump from kilimanjaro” or “scuba with whalefish” on it, there is nothing in your life as interesting as the internet. If you want to get stuff done, leave the laptop closed, turn off your data, unplug the router, whatever. I’ve drafted emails on notebook paper because I didn’t trust myself to get it done once I actually opened my email.
  • Know thyself. For example, I compulsively have to begin and finish an entire project in one sitting. Anything that can’t be accomplished that way—like long fics, cleaning the apartment, or dissertations—I have to reformulate in my head until it’s a string of smaller assignments. Like sports, work is 95% psychological, and understanding how you come at it is understanding how you’re going to play your best game.

I’ve done setting the mood, I’ve done carrot-and-stick type stuff (the fastest I ever wrote a paper was when I refused to eat until it was finished) but really it comes down to having a plan and just goddamn sticking to it. Refusing to let yourself get sidetracked by netflix, or messages from friends, or your own disinterest.

The hardest part is overcoming that initial inertia—after that, so long as you stick to your plan you should be fine.
12 Latinxs Celebrate Gloria Anzaldúa by Describing Life on their Own 'Borderlands'
Happy birthday, Gloria Anzaldúa! While the queer Chicana feminist, who would have turned 74 years old today, is no longer with us, her work as a theorist, writer and activist continues to impact generations of Latinas living on the borderlands, both geo-politically and metaphorically.

“I discovered Anzaldúa’s work when I was a junior in college. At the time, I was struggling to come to terms with my place in the world and in the academy. Was I too brown to survive in such a white-dominated world? Was I too mestiza, too much of a crossbreed, to fit inside disciplinary borders and boxes? Was I too much of an insider to be a “good” scholar? When I found “Borderlands,” I suddenly found the vocabulary and the ideas I so desperately needed to answer these questions. 

Anzaldúa taught me that living in multiple worlds is not an impairment but a possibility. Because of my multiple identities, I have a unique perspective on the world, la facultad, which allows me to see what others cannot, what lies in the dark, what is hidden just beneath the surface. Because of “Borderlands,” I pursued the PhD degree Anzaldúa was only granted posthumously. Because of “Borderlands,” I am now in a graduate program where I refuse to tame my wild tongue. Because of “Borderlands,” I wake up every day determined to affirm my multiple identities and preserve my mestiza consciousness. Because Gloria inhabited an often hostile academic world and made it work for her – and her communities – I do the same. Because of her, I fight to break down borders, too.” -Barbara Sostaita

Leg Room

@dragonanne you requested some Sabine and Zeb joking around? I admit it’s a little more serious, but it’s got a little bit of teasing in it!!!

This takes place right after the y-wings get inside the carrier, and it’s from Sabine’s perspective…cause you know…I have a lot more experience writing from her perspective xD

Fic below because of spoilers…

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Danganronpa 3

Here comes my weird feeling, side:hope has that name possibly because we are about to see a showdown of hopes to see which one is the true hope.

Naegi and his natural Hope

Kamukura/Hinata and the artificial Hope that was put on him as part of the kamukura project

Mitarai and his brainwashing hope.

and possibly Nagito and his despairing hope

It will be a free for all, make your bets everybody, hopebowl is possibly coming.

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My boss has been hounding me for using up six cases of ingredients last week.I know that this is by no means possible because last week I only worked 4 hours and the restaurant wasn't busy. She has also been training me for maintenance even though I was hired to cook, never on my application did i specify wanting to work maintenance. They already hardly give me hours but to make things worse they send me home early everyday.
Self-Censorship | School Library Journal
In honor of #bannedbooksweek #bbw16, our colleagues at School Library Journal have posted a slew of materials related to SLJ’s 2016 Controversial Books Survey, addressing self-censorship among school librarians

Sadly, the SLJ survey found that More than nine out of ten elementary and middle school librarians have not bought a book recently because of the potential for controversy. Tumblarians, have you hesitated to purchase a title because its possible controversial subject matter?

Captain Boomerang finding out you’re pregnant would include:

Originally posted by fuckyeaheroes

Requested by Anon. 

Request: Daddy boomer head canon? Like how he reacted to the reader being pregnant and how he is as a father? Please and thank you! I love your writings!😁

Warning: Fluff.

A/N:  Thank you honey ♥ Your words mean the world to me! The part of Digger acting like a father is pretty short because I just made HC about ‘being his daughter.’ You can find it HERE.

  • You being very nervous to tell Digger about the pregnancy.
    • Not because there’s the possibility that he’d run away, but because you know he always wanted to be a better dad than his own father was to him. 
      • “Digger? I am pregnant.” 
      • “Hello, Pregnant. I’m Digger.”
      • You slapping him lightly for this response. 
  • Digger being very happy about the pregnancy.
    • Him hugging you, swirling you around, kissing you passionetely, touching/rubbing/kissing your belly. 
    • Him even calling the squad to tell them about the baby.
    • The squad thinking Digger is wasted because him behaving like that is very uncharacteristic for him.
  • Then, the doubts starts.
    • “What if I’m a failure? What if I’m gonna be a bad dad?”
    • “Stop saying that, honey. You always told yourself you’re gonna be the best dad ever, and you know what? You’re already the best dad because you’re here. With me and the little one.” 
  • Him stopping his heists for a time being because he’s afraid they put him away again. 
  • During the whole pregnancy you’re not allowed to do things that could possibly hurt you. 
    • Him being very stubborn about it. 
    • Digger doing everything for you.
    • Him giving you massages.
    • You both bathing and showering together because of the baby.
  • After giving birth to your child, Digger always keeps an eyes on both of you. 
  • Him always holding the baby.
  • Him talking to the baby. 
  • When the baby’s crying he pulls out Pinky or his boomerangs.
  • Digger and the baby having a special bond.
    • You smilling because Digger is truly the best father in the whole universe.

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Number seven! *Throws confetti*

”Why are you stealing my clothes?” (BBRae prompt, as per request)

Raven woke up to the rustling of a certain green changeling rummaging through her closet. She rubbed at her tired eyes in an effort to remove the still clinging sleep from them and, potentially the illusion that Beast Boy had actually snuck into her room without her knowledge. Surely, she’d been dreaming it because he couldn’t possibly have been that stupid after the events of Nevermore.

Yet, even when her vision cleared, she could still make out his lanky but lean figure in the darkness of her room, his hands digging through her chest of drawers like a hound with a scent. 

Perplexed and still somewhat groggy from sleep, Raven settled for spending a few spare moments to merely observing his strange actions. 

He was muttering under his breath with a disconcerting look drawn upon his features, and seemed to otherwise not notice her narrowed stare. She couldn’t understand what it was he was looking for, but it appeared that whatever it was, he couldn’t exactly find it in her clothing drawers or closet.

Only when he had opened the top, smaller drawer of her old, dark, oaken dresser, did Raven begin to mildly panic.

She fumbled awake the minute he’d picked out a pair of tiny, black, lacy underwear, and stared at them curiously while they dangled from between his fingers. She saw the way his jade green eyes bulged, and his long, elf like ears twitch as he came to realize exactly what it was he was holding.

His cheeks burned and, upon finally catching Raven’s accusatory glare, he was quick to tuck them in the back of his pant’s waistband before he thought she’d notice.

The powerful half demon girl was absolutely furious, and it took all of her restraint to reign in the turbulent emotions of rage and pride. 

“Beast Boy,” she hissed through gritted teeth as she threw her covers off of her, “why are you stealing my clothes?”

Her bare feet dangled over the edge of her bed, but her hands were tight fists at her sides. It took her a moment to embarrassingly realize that she was only in her printed pajama shorts and plain tank top, her short, violet hair most likely unruly and haphazard on her head. It was a good thing there was a far more pressing matter to contend with than her physical disarray. 

Much to Beast Boy’s chagrin, it had not escaped her that he was currently trying to make away with a pair of her fancier panties. 

“I swear, Rae, it’s not what you think!” The changeling protested frantically, slowly inching backwards towards her door. 

“Oh? So what exactly are you going to do with a pair of my underwear, you pervert!” She screeched, levitating towards him as some of her more delicate objects came clattering to the ground.

“I’m not a pervert!” He denied. “I-I was just trying to figure out what your size was…” His voice trailed on softly, and he’d effectively backed himself up against her wall.

Raven felt her emotions settle, overtaken by curiosity and maybe a small touch of guilt. Items in her room ceased to move, settling back into their silent places. 

“My size?” She echoed, uncertain. 

Beast Boy nodded. “Valentine’s Day is coming up, so I figured I’d get everyone a little something, you know, to keep spirits up for all us single folk. Starfire said that you liked…wearing soft, silky underthings, so…I suppose in hindsight, this was probably a bad idea and I can get why you’d think I’m some sort of sick, panty snatching pervert, but I-I swear, my intentions were good…,” Beast Boy stammered hesitantly.

Raven raised an expressive brow. “Were you…going to buy me underwear?”

Beast Boy grinned sheepishly at her, pulling out the pair of suggestive panties he’d tucked away, and offering them back to her in shy apology. Raven stared at the offensive item like it didn’t belong to her. 

Then, she shook her head, and couldn’t help the smile that tugged at the corners of her mouth. “I like purple,” she confessed, hastily grabbing the silky cloth from his hands in a flash. 

He watched her like a fish out of water.

She put the item back into her dresser and added, “If you so much as make a peep about this to any of the others, I’m telling Robin you broke into my room to sniff my underwear. Got it?” 

Beast Boy gulped, but nodded vigorously his assent. 

It was good that he was quick to make his exit, otherwise he may have caught the faint, abnormal blush that had colored the otherwise pale empath’s cheeks. 

I’m starting a pro-sheith protection squad. I would like to concentrate my current efforts on making sure I provide @shirolover69 with every bit of support possible. Because they work fast, they called some people out before I even knew what was going on. 👏👏👏

Let’s go. I’m ready. I’ve been waiting for this. They speak the absolute truth, anti-sheith is all about calling people out. It’s our turn.

Hit me up if you ever get hate or shit for shipping, be it on anon or otherwise.
That goes for everyone.

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If you don't, I will (or at least I'll try with my limited time). So naturally Kylo wants to spend as much time with Hux as possible because it gets excruciating for Hux and Kylo hates to watch him suffer (he's made him suffer enough) but he's not allowed to and he's so angry and frustrated, he feels the Dark grabbing him again but he can't fight it.

Even if I do, you should too! ✨

Oh fuck. Hux would have such a painful pregnancy. He’d be so uncomfortable anyway but the Resistance insist on keeping him in a cell like a prisoner, only allowing him out for scans to check the baby’s health.

Ben wishes so much that this had happened months ago.

He imagines himself–Kylo–sitting with Hux in their quarters whilst Hux is in the bath trying to alleviate some of the discomfort in his back. They’d sit for hours and talk about names and where they’d raise their baby…but Ben has taken that life away from both of them.

The Dark is calling him back, taunting him with the possibility of getting that life back, of running away from the Resistance, from his mother, from the Light, and finding Hux a safe place to give birth to their baby and building a home together away from those who mean to do them harm. He feels passion, lust, rage, and he line between Ben Solo and Kylo Ren becomes incredibly blurred.

Strange Bedfellows

Or: Relationships born and strengthened in the Hogwarts Hospital Wing through the eyes of Madame Petra Ral.Hogwarts AU.

I’ve been doing this thing lately where, when I want to write but don’t know what to write, I default to the Hogwarts AU. Admittedly, this is probably my favourite AU to write because the possibilities are literally endless. This started off as a stupid aruani week entry based off a headcanon by @annieleonhardt and @askladarmin but, also this has grown so big in my head now that it needs a little fanfic series of it’s own.

This is the third part in The Primrose Path series, and it references other things that have happened in the previous parts, so if you’re curious at all OR would like to read more Hogwarts AU, please feel free to check out The Marriage of True Minds and Asses are Made for Bearing (and so are you).



Strange Bedfellows


Petra took the job years ago.

She’d been working at Saint Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries at the time, and back then, when she’d worked on the Fourth Floor in Spell Damage, she thought she’d seen it all. She had treated everything from rogue stunning spells to incorrectly applied charms to unfortunate muggles who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. She’d even picked up a few shifts in Potions and Plant Injuries every now and when a witch was admitted with mushrooms sprouting from her nostrils because she’d tried to bewitch leek soup to taste like mushroom soup and got it terribly wrong, Petra was convinced that nothing would surprise her ever again.

Until a friend, Levi Ackerman, a Professor from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, approached her with a job offer.

“Isabel is moving,” he’d told her as she handed him a mug of tea. “We need a new healer at the school, and when Erwin asked if I knew anyone who might be interested, I came to you.”

“It’s lovely to know you still think of me,” Petra had joked. “Although I can’t say I’m flattered that you’d like me to resign from Saint Mungo’s to come and fix minor wounds at the school.”

Levi had actually snorted into his tea. “Believe me, if it were just minor wounds, I wouldn’t have asked. We need someone good. Someone professional – someone who can handle the most ridiculous of injuries without batting an eyelash. You know what kids are like, Petra, don’t you remember the shit we got into when we were at school?”

Petra did, a somewhat sardonic smile tugging at her lips, but she had let out a sigh and set down her cup. “I really don’t know if helping out at the school is worth giving up my career.”

“Six months then,” Levi had offered. “You’ve been at Saint Mungo’s long enough that they’ll let you have that without resigning. We need you, Petra – at least until we can find another healer with your skillset.”

“Hm.” Petra had smiled at that. Levi had never been one to ask so politely, and long ago, when they were closer friends, she would have said yes before she’d even thought about it. Perhaps it was time, then, to at least give it a go. “Fine,” she’d said. “Six months. Then we’ll see. It’ll probably be a good break from Saint Mungo’s anyhow – and heaven knows, I could use a break.”

It was not much of a break.

At all.

Six months had come and gone, and it’s been years now and Petra is still here. Thinking back, she thinks it’s hilarious that she ever thought working at Hogwarts would be easier than working at Saint Mungo’s. No, kids are idiots, to be frank, and Petra knows now – better than anyone – that the surprises in the Hospital Wing of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry never, ever stop.

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The Night Before The Day

My flight is tomorrow. Leading up to going, I have tried to prepare everything in advance as much as possible but so many things have blocked my way, paperwork and money and repairs and scams and people not doing their jobs so I have to chase them and this thing won’t fit because it was made wrong – life gets in life’s way. It has been good, in a way, to have so many things to fuss over, so I can panic about that instead of holy shit I am really leaving, but it’s been taking time away from my sister and nephew who I really should be with every possible second because holy shit I am really leaving.

Today she drove me to Round Top Drive, which might be the highest point you can drive to on island, where all the rich people houses are, and these breathtaking views over the whole island. It’s hard to understand how tiny this island is when you’re living on it, so busy and noisy, little ants all scrabbling around against each other fighting and laughing and eating and building and honking down at the bottom, so when you get up top and look down and you can really actually see half the fucking island just from where you stand, it’s a little humbling and I hate saying shit like that. The whole drive was just beautiful. I love driving with my sister. It’s been one of those things we’ve done together since she got her license.

It’s hard to say much about going. I have a hard time sharing feelings in person and often doing so over a keyboard makes things come out that I’m less proud of later. I have a small family. We got smaller this year. I’m not sure what going will accomplish, maybe nothing. I need to know some things and Hawaii can’t teach me any more. It taught me a lot and I’ll probably talk about all that later. Right now I just care about how much I’m going to miss my sister, my brother, and that delicious little kid of theirs. As small as my family is right now, I’m determined that distance won’t make it any smaller. It didn’t do it for my dad, who doesn’t feel any less like my dad from Cleveland as he did when he was just a room away, and it won’t change a thing for me either.

I will say that it’s not easy. It hasn’t been since the day I made up my mind to go, it hasn’t been every time someone told me this was the brave thing to do, and it isn’t easy right now in the room that my mom spent most of her last days, in my sister’s house, wishing I knew a better way to change.

Here’s to long drives, new beginnings, and keeping your loved ones close, any way you can.

Not as much written today as yesterday, possibly because I watched a frankly absurd amount of Star Wars even by my standards (five eps of TCW, the new Rebels ep, and the last hour of RotJ on TNT – which means I’ve seen the first third and the last third lately, but not the middle).  I think – I hope – I’ve ironed out what was wrong with Backbone, which is proceeding apace, or at least it’s proceeding, which is more than I could say a month ago.

Snippet from Hera 49.

“We do business with Free Ryloth from time to time,” she said. “Cham Syndulla is an elitist bastard who believes in the superiority of Twi’leks above all, but he always pays well.”

“We’re in agreement on the former,” Hera said.  “The Syndulla and I don’t get along.”

“I see,” said Viest politely.  She eyed Kanan and Hera again, her gaze veiled, though Hera had the impression that they were being evaluated like cuts of nerf steak in the market.

Kanan clasped his hands together on top of his knees and leaned forward, radiating earnestness. “Listen,” he said, “we don’t want any trouble.  If you call the Empire, then they’ll come in here guns blazing. They’ll take this whole place no matter what kind of bargains you’ve made with them, because the guys showing up here won’t be whatever sector officers you’ve made deals with.  Trust me, Captain Viest – you don’t want to meet them.”

“Because you’re an Imperial deserter?” she inquired.

Kanan quirked a grin. “Just my winning personality, sweetheart.”

Frenching (Predatorshipping defense)

Friendly reminder that healthy and mutually caring Predatorshipping is very possible, because the discourse they are getting is becoming really astonishing. Like, a post talking shit of them just because their fuckin’ shipping name. Chill.

So I can’t believe I’m doing this, but I’m gonna write a shipping defense.

Look, I don’t really mind too much if you don’t ship it because of reasonable motives, but if you use the “that’s an abusive relationship” card, then you’re crossing the line. Because I struggle to remember similar criticism to similar or even worse (often gay) ships.

And since we’re there, let me give you two little reasons of why I actually and completely honestly think Predatorshipping is the healthier relationship Yuri can have:

  1. Selena’s personality is probably one of the few that would allow someone to both put up with his shit and going head-to-head with him and even the balance. Anyone else would eventually break or snap or give up on him.
  2. Most importantly, Selena is almost certainly the only person who lived through something similar to Yuri, hence she is the one who can sympathize and relate with him the most.

And the first point (and actually anything that sics the aforementioned accuse) is not even considering the very likely possibility of Yuri’s redemption. I will actually laugh in triumph very loudly if Selena ends up being the catalyst of that redemption.

So don’t try to give me some thinly-veiled abuse BS because if you do you’re not only denying them a chance that countless other hateships get, but you’re also automatically disqualifying any other possible relationship for Yuri.

So hyped for all the Clintonites to say that we live in a conservative country after the election (even if Clinton wins which I still think is a strong possibility) because they ran a shit candidate

Now running Android 7.0 Nougat. Hopefully theming will be possible soon because I prefer white on black/grey. I have noticed a speed increase and I love the multi app feature! I haven’t ran for long enough to say much about the battery life. Doze seems to be improved.

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Might be an unpopular opinion but after this last movie I do think they're truly building something with Koumi and Takari. Maybe they'll add them to the epilogue? The Koumi thing was sweet, Mimi went to check up on him looking concerned. The Takari thing was more obvious though. Hikari blushed noticing changes in Takeru(signifying she may have a crush on him) and it's obvious Takeru likes her, he blushed as well. Both couples can happen.

Anything’s possible!  TBH, I’m trying to keep myself out of the shipping stuff as much as possible, partially because these are minors going through so much right now…  But moooostly because I know Toei is ship baiting to appeal to fans, since shipping is so popular.  And I’m not saying that’s a bad thing!  I’m just saying that it’s not really for me at this moment.