*Woman breast feeds her baby* 
Men: that nasty b*tch, you know she a hoe
*woman switches breast feeding her baby to bottles with using formula*
Not realizing breast feeding strengthens the baby’s jaw, strengthen immune system, creates a bond & so much more. Baby lacks those things & has possible complications because of it down the line. 
Men: we don’t give a damn. If she ain’t playing with her titties for us then put them up. You b*tches need to understand. Titties are for men & pleasing. I don’t want to hear that bullsh*t.

Alright, I’ve been bearing this story on my shoulders not talking to anyone about it, and boy, it weighs me down. I’ll keep it as concise as possible because all these events will all take place in a span of a year.

It all began when there was a new exchange student in our class, she was from Germany and seemed kind of awkward at first glance, but not that bad. We’ll call her H. Now H has the tendency to laugh loudly and abruptly without any reason and talk about her fanfics a lot, and that of course leaves people weirded out, I know I felt weirded out by that and I really try to not think negatively about people. Me and the people I hang out with didn’t get the greatest first impression from her but we still tried to reach out to her since she was a new exchange student.

Me and my group saw H sitting alone at lunch and so we decided to get to know her more so we joined her table. Now keep in mind that we were around 16-17 and she was like 15 but looked a bit older than us. She has red hair, shes like 5'7 or so, pale (some acne) and a bit chubby (just painting a picture).
We’re from Sweden and she knew absolutely no swedish (nothing wrong with that) but she tried really hard to talk to us in the broken, rusty swedish she knew. None of us knew wtf she was saying so we awkwardly tried to speak to her in English.
“Where are you from?” “Do you like it here?” “Why Sweden?”
We asked her a lot of generic questions to let her know that, hey, we’re chill and we’d like to know you since she was new and all.
Big mistake.
She immediately started telling us about how she disliked us because we either “looked” mean or had the same name as her middleschool bullies or someshit like that. After that incident many of us didn’t talk that much to her and if we did we kept it short and cold.

Fast forward to P.E class. We were 10 minutes into the lesson and our teacher was somewhere else looking for some keys so H saw this as the perfect oppurtunity to impress us. She started doing some backflips and some basic acrobatic tricks, when she was done with the whole spiel she made a split infront of us and grinned widely looking us all in the eyes. It didn’t look pretty since her clothes were too tight on her and her muffintop got exposed. We had a great view of everything part of her body that could jiggle. We tried to avoid her more at this point.

Outside our school there are two bus stations and both of them are facing each other. Me and a friend take the same bus home and H took the bus going the other direction, so she’s standing infront of us. While me and my friend were waiting for our bus, H suddenly started dancing with her whole body. People gave her weird looks but she was in a different world, she was doing some weird shit.
It looked awkward. It looked really weird. We were dying of secondhand embarrassment. We promised each other to not talk to her.

I broke that promise a week later. We were outside of our biology class and our teacher took 2-3 people in to test them. H and I were the only ones standing outside after our biology teacher took everyone else in. She was typing away on her Ipad and curiosity got the best of me so I looked over my shoulder to see what she was typing.
A Harry Potter fanfic.
I’m not that into Harry Potter but I have seen the movies, so I’m kind of familiar with the characters
I started a conversation with her and after a while we talked about her interests. I mentioned that I often saw her writing alone in a corner and she explained that she had a huge interest in writing fanfics, which is fine tbh. I asked her about the story she was writing right then.
“It’s Harry Potter’s daughter that’s popular, really pretty and really smart. She can see into the future because she was born with a curse. She’s basically the most powerful witch in her school but she wants to be a muggle.”
Fuck. Me.

Back then I used to play games a lot, and so did she, so sometimes we’d talk about that. I felt a bit bad for her because all my friends didn’t like her and she often sat alone. I’d start some smalltalk with her or just talk about games with her now and then. She’s awkward, but not a bad person.
At the end of the year she had us write in her notebook so she could keep it as her “memories of Sweden”, whatever that meant. She didn’t interact with many people so we wondered what she meant by “memories”. We signed her notebook nonetheless with messages like

“we will miss you! Have fun in Germany and visit us in Sweden soon! :) <3”

shit like that yknow because we felt bad if we said no. She didn’t talk with a lot of people here, she mostly just skyped with her german friends in a corner.

Anyways, at the end of our schoolyear she told me she’d buy me some gifts, specifically some games. I told her that she didn’t have to (I felt too guilty because I also, disliked her a little bit), but she insisted. I then went out and bhought her a Hogwarts scarf (since she talked about Harry Potter a lot) as a return gift so that I wouldn’t feel too guilty about it.
Our class had a small ceremony since our schoolyear ended and we sat in a fucking circle and ate some cookies. H then put her gifts out and proceeded to give them to me while I (embarrassed) gave her my gift. It most likely looked weird as fuck because we were the only ones that bhought each other gifts so we looked gay as shit. People thought we were buddybuddies and H thought we had become friends.

What have I done.

Me and my friends planned to have a barbecue party after school as a way to celebrate another schoolyear, and H decided to tag along.
“Where are you guys going?”
“Oh hahah, we’re just having a barbecue party”
“Sounds like fun”
“Yeah it will be”
I talked to her as if she wouldn’t be at the barbecue party, and the reason H talked to me was to get an invitation from me. I didn’t invite her.
“I’m… I’m also coming. X invited me.”

I felt like such an asshole.

After she left our school for good and was back in Germany we added each other on skype. I don’t know why I gave her my skype or why I thought skyping with her would be a good idea but I did it anyways. I’m a bit of an idiot.
While skyping I felt incredibly awkward, H has this habit of laughing loudly out of nowhere without any reason whatsoever and I naturally got more and more annoyed. She played Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and made me watch her TV screen while she played. I couldn’t even take 1 minute of it

“Hey H, I need to go :) I have some things to take care of, ok? Bye!”

Since then I’ve avoided her on all social platforms. There are more awkward incidents with her but I just picked the ones I remembered. All these events took place like 3 years ago.

Kids, when you feel like someone is weird do not proceed to talk to them. They might think of you as their friend and you’ll get stuck.

Sorry it got so long!

long stories aren’t chores to read, they’re epic poems

One of the things I love most about Sasuke’s relationship with Naruto is that he’s always adapted to Naruto being slow on the uptake without a problem. Everybody sort of facepalms whenever Naruto doesn’t get something quick, but Sasuke accepts it, maybe/possibly because Sasuke’s mind works so fast around things he sort of needs Naruto to slow down his thought process. They complement each other even then.

And if that’s not love, then I don’t know what is…

Imagine if Yoonmin switched bodies…. 

  • Initial confusion
  • Rest of the members’ confusion
  • “How do we get back?”
  • “I heard something that if you kiss, you switch back” 
  • Yoongi totally checking out Jimin’s body in the mirror
  • Jimin being too shy to even pee because he can’t possibly look at his hyung’s private parts oh gosh
  • “Yoongi why did you just call Jimin hyung?”
  • Checking out their own body through the other’s eyes 
  • “Huh, didn’t know I had a freckle on my ass cheek”
  • “I did, it’s cute”
  • Dance practice crisis aka dancing their own parts when they’re supposed to dance the other’s parts and everyone else getting really mad/confused
  • Suddenly Jimin can rap and Yoongi can’t?????
  • Also Yoongi can sing and Jimin’s nigh notes sound a little off
  • “Dude what are your lines?” “Well you wrote the song, Yoongi, you should know” “bITCH JUST FUCKING TELL ME”
  • Jimin having the time of his life ordering his hyungs around and Yoongi hating his new status as dongsaeng (and especially being told what to do by Jimin)
  • “When I get my body back I am whippin your ass for this, Jimin”
Me...With Someone I Love...
  • Me:You can't pay your rent? Here's $5,000.
  • Me:You have a cold? I'm sending you cold meds.
  • Me:Your back is out? I'm sending you a heating pad.
  • Me:You need a new phone? It's on it's way. Here's some cookies, here's tickets to a singer we like. Here's a sweatshirt...Here's everything in the world you could possibly need because I love you!
  • Him:Cynthia, please stop. It's too much. I can't do this. You are suffocating me. I have a girlfriend. I can't breathe. I don't like you like that!
Day Two:  In Denial

This was not happening.


Absolutely not.

“Welcome home, ma éclair!”

Her eyes flit between the two persons in the front of the bakery.  One, she expected.  She saw him every day and to her, his second home was the bakery.  Well, possibly because he did live there with her.

“As I was saying, you can come in whenever you like.  You don’t have to wait outside in the cold.”

The other, she had not expected in this setting ever.  There was no akuma.  No danger. Well, maybe a little danger.

“That’s very kind of you to offer, Monsieur Dupain-Cheng, but—”

The danger of her sanity.

“I told you to call me Tom, my boy.”

Maybe she needed to go to her room.  That was it. This was a weird dream.

“Ah!  I a-paw-logize, Tom.”

Nope.  This was a nightmare.  Maybe—

“No knead to be sorry, my boy.”

She did not need to see his leather clad face break into one of the silliest grins she had ever seen. She did not need to see her father’s mustache twitch in pure amusement.  She did not need to acknowledge the fact that Chat would probably come by the bakery now if only to have pun wars with her father.

She escaped to her room if only to fully embrace her denial.

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Hi Gabi! I've been lurking in the 1D/Larry fandoms for a while, low key at first and then more closely this year. Because I haven't been following Larry from the beginning and most of what I know is from masterposts and videos, it makes me wonder if I only see Larry as a possibility because I'm looking for it to be there. Has anyone ever tried to find "evidence" of a relationship between L or H & one of the other boys, just to see if you could fabricate a different narrative?

Hi love!! Oh i am sure they TRIED to find but never really succeeded. Ot4 are close friends but they don’t show anything romantic apart from LouisandHarry. Nothing can explain the treatment of Larry: from a PR standpoint it is a disaster that the narrative is that they hate each other. This shit is normally hidden and you only hear about it years after a band dissolves. When there’s hate they usually overcompensate. When there’s friendship they don’t hide it to an extent that we haven’t seen them out offstage for years!!! Why why why. And then you analyze the looks the fond the touches the difference in body language the tattoos the aligning mia times and realize they ARE indeed together.

All the ships were pushed and encouraged by 1dhq but LouisandHarry. Just look at the numbers. Larry had that ONE interview alone. Larry is hidden and denied for six years. If you go to my page/masterposts and search for the ENEMIES LOVERS FRIENDS masterpost somewhere in the end there is a chart about the pairings in interviews for the last x years and Larry is basically non-existent… compared.

Just saw someone on insta say ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ is a myth. That’s not actually true - you should eat as soon as you wake up (if possible) because it helps rev your metabolism, which is important. Also…. Why go hungry

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Bless you, seriously you're the only realistic person, I mean when I read that article I was like that's exactly why they're asking you because YOU'RE the writers and if you don't know what happens with your characters then who knows, and I agree too with the fact that they've been giving random couples TLK, for example Zelena and Hades, it shouldn't even be possible because TLK is supposed to be "the purest magic" and well they're both villains, but obviously they didn't care about that.

OMG I KNOW! don’t even get me started on that TLK shit lol. sometimes i feel as though my love for CS is such a weakness cause it’s the reason i can’t ever escape this show which pisses me off so damn much. 

Rui’s opinions after playing Moshikami

I notice that there are many users who say that Moshikami is クソウゲ or kusoge* a.k.a the worst game.

Then let me ask the people who think so these questions;

  1. What makes you think Moshikami is the worst game?
  2. Have you actually played the game?

Feel free to answers these two questions under reply , and of course, I will read them. (and I would prefer if you answer them before you read my opinions)

My opinions will be under the cuts since I don’t know whether this will offend some users. Also, I’ll try not to spoil the game as much as possible because these are just merely my opinions. (*ΘェΘ)ノ。・:*:・゜★,。・:*:・゜

I am so ready being hated.

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What do you think about Luna's pain of Derrick being a possible parallel to Bellamy's feeling if/when he thinks Clarke is dead or stuck in the CoL? I think it's possible because there was no real reason for Luna to have a significant other (unless to foreshadow/parallel)?

Honestly, I think it’s more related to C/L. This was a romantic relationship. She was threatened, he ended up taking the hit for her. C/L, not Bellarke. 

Derek gives us a chance to see how much she had on that oil rig, her people, those kids, a partner. She had what Clarke and Bellamy want. 

But this war came knocking at her door. To be honest, if she had even LISTENED to what Clarke had had to say and realized that she couldn’t just pull the covers over her head and pretend the rest of the world didn’t exist, this wouldn’t have happened. She would already have been aware of the situation and prepared for it. But she wanted to forget the world she came from. And it came calling.

Sooner or later, ALIE would have found her. She would have chipped SOME ONE who knew where Luna was hiding. And she was most definitely after the last nightblood. Clarke brought ALIE sooner, but Clarke did not create the danger.

Oh yeah, other random Legends thought: I’m super happy Len and Mick are back on good terms but I really really really wish we’d gotten to see all the development.

Because you can’t possibly tell me that after all the character stuff both of them have gone through, between all this ‘hero’ business, Chronos, all the distrust for those couple episodes, that there wasn’t this entire period where their relationship (whether you take it as romantic of platonic, either way) had to grow back, scarred and different and new but also stronger, in a way? You can’t tell me there weren’t these hesitant times when maybe Len might want to banter and reference old heists, just like old times, but stops himself because he doesn’t know if Mick trusts him enough yet? Or when he might treat Mick the way he used to, but then realizes again that this Mick isn’t the same? Or some points when Mick remembers the way things were and misses his partner, but also knows things aren’t the way they were? Or just flat out awkward moments where neither of them know what to do around the other?

You can’t tell me there wasn’t that one moment where maybe someone said something stupidly lame and corny, but if breaks the ice (pun not intended) and there’s this silent agreement to try and make things okay. To let there be this hesitancy as they figure things out. To explore this whole things because there are some things that are the same and other things that are different now, but the bond is still there and it’s stronger now because of what’s happened, not just despite it.

You can’t possibly tell me that it took maybe 1 episode for them to get over distrust and betrayal and brainwashing and hopelessness so that everything is all good and its like nothing happened.

Because that’s totally denying all the amazing potential for development there, and actually just undermines the whole thing. To make their relationship exactly as it was before is to pretend like none of this happened, like none of it was important. And that’s so far from the truth.

Hey guys, I’m about to go see Cap, so you may wanna block me/unfollow me for a bit. I’ll tag everything “ca: cw” for you to blacklist for at least a week but I know a lot of you are on mobile all the time. I won’t be mad. I’m literally going to the earliest possible showing because I have zero self restraint and I’m horrible at staying off media sites that will spoil me.

Plus Americans are assholes who spoil crap willy nilly. Movie’s been out for a week and I haven’t heard a peep, but I guarantee if I went on FB, by 9:30 I’d know the whole plot to the movie. I need to unfollow some people of my own, it seems.

5 days of Dollanganger:

Hi guys, I’ve been wanting to put together a small Dollanganger graphic/gif meme for a while now. I’ve kept this as general as possible because the fandom isn’t that big anymore but graphics are always pretty to look at. I haven’t set a date for this as I’m unsure about how many people will join in but if you’d like to join me, then people feel free :-).

  • 1. Favourite character?
  • 2. Favourite movie?
  • 3. Favourite quote?
  • 4. Favourite relationship?
  • 5. Favourite scene?

That awkward fucking moment when you’re healthy and eat mostly organic but Costco has a recall on their organic frozen vegetables because of a possible organism contamination that weakens the immune system and has killed 2 people that have consumed it. Sooper✌🏽️

I’ve come up with a plan for the MCU to solve the problems

so first marvel studios and fox are gonna get their shit together and cut the pissing contest. they will work together. obviously it’s possible because they got their shit together for fucking spidey

Wanda will find out she did not in fact get her powers from experiments–the experiments were just to activate them. she’s a mutant, and she and her twin brother were adopted by the family who raised them
in the comics, Wanda resets the universe a few times, so I don’t care what reason they use, but she resets the universe.

most things are the same except
-xmen are here. all the xmen movies that have happened are in this universe basically. tweak as needed
-Clint’s bullshit wife was never born
-pietro isn’t dead obviously

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Do you think that Lydia will go inside Sherrif's mind like she and Scott did? And that's when she'll the flashback?

I would totally love that, and I really like that theory! I think it’s a real possibility, because the actress who plays Claudia was on set a few weeks ago. 


“Honestly,” Poe says, “I’m starting to feel a little self-conscious here.”

“Deal with it, Dameron,” Chief Organa says. “It’s for a good cause.”

“I save people from burning buildings for a living,” Poe says. Rey from makeup is dabbing at his stomach with a brush; it tickles. “My entire life is dedicated to a good cause.”

“This is a particularly good cause,” Chief Organa says, and that’s when the puppy is brought in. 

The puppy is a fluffy bundle of rust-colored fur and floppy ears. It looks adorably tiny in the muscled arms of the man holding it. Poe’s chest feels like it might cave in. “Oh my god,” he says, reaching for the puppy.

“You’re Poe, right?” the man says.

“Right,” Poe says. He looks up. The man holding the puppy is… very attractive. There’s a very attractive man standing in front of Poe, holding a puppy. This is light years beyond what Poe had imagined when Chief Organa mentioned in passing that there was going to be some sort of photo shoot today.

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