i had once a fevered dream in which unreleased radiohead songs were hostages in a basement and every once in a while one of thom goes down to get one of them and the remaining songs are always under tension because they never know if the ones that left are coming back or being released forever

then it came the day for TLW to get out and that gave Cut a Hole, Big Boots and Lift hope because they heard that TLW got official status and so Lift (that has a sweet melancholic personality) went all “So, does that mean that we will leave here soon, Mr Yorke?” and Thom just laughed at first and went all “Oh, you… You are gonna stay here /forever/” *evil laughter*

cute stuff to think about:
  • Athena giving Janey self defence lessons because her girlfriend is a gentle puppy who sees way too much good in people 
  • Janey telling Athena to use her inside voice when she gets angry
  • Athena wearing the “If found, return to Janey Springs” shirt, and Janey wearing the “I am Janey Springs” shirt
  • Janey sitting on Athena’s back while she does pushups  
  • Athena searching through a list of pet-names because Atlas never taught her about terms of endearment, and she wants to find the perfect ones for Janey 
  • Janey catching Athena trying on her headband
  • Athena listening patiently while Janey gushes about mechanics and how things work because wow her girlfriend looks cute when she’s excited
  • Janey leaving 101 “For when…” recordings on Athena’s echo, including: “…you can’t sleep”, “…you’ve had a bad day”, “…you’re coming home”, “…we’re fighting”, and “…you’re horny as fuck”
  • Athena trying not to laugh while teaching Janey how to throw punches
  • Janey feeling safer curled under Athena’s left arm and not knowing why till Athena points out that its her shield arm 
And things were good for a while, until of course, they weren’t.
And it was this constant cycle of “I’m sorry I fucked up,”
And I don’t think I can do this anymore.
I think the best thing for both of us to do, is just to live our lives as if we hadn’t even met one another.
Because no matter what, you’ll come crawling back,
But this time,
For the best of both of us,
My silence will be the answer you never expected to receive,
And maybe this time you’ll leave and stay away.
And maybe one day, when everything’s all said and done,
We would see each other,
As if in another lifetime, and smile, because we both turned out alright,
But no thanks to one another.
—  N.E.W.,  We Both Deserve Better Anyway 

The Day Has Come – Nate Maloley imagine

I put a name in for your best friend I’m sorry!

I was currently pregnant with my ex fiancé’s baby, it was a girl, her name is going to be Kaydence Marie Maloley and I already had one boy his name is Aiden Maloley he is only 2 months,  Nate doesn’t know about the one on the way because before I was able to tell him he broke off the engagement. We never saw each other since he was always traveling. Yeah he would come home occasionally but then he’d always get called to leave so he just ended it. Our wedding was only 2 months away but it was probably better for us to split up.

I was laying in my bed and I scrolled though twitter and Nate tweeted he was in town with the Jacks and Sammy. “Great, the day I’m going out with my Cassie and Aiden, the boys are back, oh well I can’t cancel on Cassie. Did I mention she is dating Sammy?

I rolled out of bed got in the shower, I washed my hair washed my body and got out before Aiden woke up.I went to my closet, got a white dress, with a vest that had lace sleeves and my tan boots with white knee high socks.

When I finished getting dressed I went to my vanity to do my makeup, as I sat down I looked at the little tiffany box that had my ring from Nate on it

I didn’t keep it to because I was selfish I didn’t even want to keep it but Nate didnt want it back so I kept it. I held back my tears because honestly it just wasn’t worth it anymore. I did a little bit more makeup than I usually do because 1. I was going out with my best friend and with her it’s not just a little while it’s an all-day thing, and 2. Nate was in town and if I run into him I don’t want to look like shit.

I’m surprised Aiden is still asleep with all the noise I’m making, anyways I finished my makeup, outfit and I just straightened my hair.  As I finished up I got up and started getting Aiden ready, I put on one of his outfits Nate’s mother got him at his baby shower.

 My phone starts ringing

Cassie; Hey Y/N can we take your car Sammy came back last night and he took the car this morning with the rest of the boys.

Me; Sure, I’ll be there in 15!

I put Aiden in his car seat and I strapped him in the car, I got in the front and put my purse in the passenger.

I pulled up to Cassie and Sammy’s House Sammy was outside with Nate and the Jacks, thankfully you got a new car and your windows were tinted very dark so no one was able to see inside. Cassie hurried and got in before the boys even looked back.

Y/n I’m sorry I didn’t expect them or well him to be here when you got here, I know it’s hard for you.

“No, no I’m fine, he’s happy and they’re career is taking off how they wanted, at least he broke up with me instead of cheating or something you know?”

Cassie just nodded her head.

“So where to first?” I asked “why don’t we go get coffee first?” she replied.

I drove to Starbucks while Cassie and I just talked about the baby that was on the way and her life and stuff.

When we got there Cassie got down and ordered then came back to the car. We left and went to the mall.

When Cassie and I walked in we noticed the boys, My heart sank when I saw Nate, he was with a new girl, a much prettier one, she was blonde, and had perfect skin and a perfect body, big breast and Ass just like how Nate loved, yeah I had that but then I got pregnant and well I kind of lost it.

Cassie and I went in the direction to Victoria’s Secret ignoring the boys, but unfortunately Sammy noticed Cassie. Before Sammy was able to call Cassie we went inside of the store fast.

“Cassie! I know you heard me calling you!” Sammy said “oh hey babe, and no I didn’t its loud in the mall I could barely hear y/n”  “Hey y/n” “Hi Sammy”

“Cass I’m going to leave you and Sam to do your thing if you need me I will be at the sprays and lotions”

I walked to the sprays and stuff over hearing Nate and his new girlfriend. “anything you want babygirl get it” then you hear them kiss. You just moved on to what you were doing.

While you were at the sprays you heard a familiar voice talking to one of the employees asking what sprays and lotions are the best as a gift for your girlfriend. They came over to the section you were at, you tried to ignore and just go on and leave but before you were able to leave someone grabbed your arm.


“Hello Nate. “

“Wow Aiden looks so handsome just like I remember him”

“well yeah he does take after his father”

“ & you have another wow y/n you move fast”

“actually Nate I didn’t, this child inside of me belongs to the same man as Aiden”



Jarbie Appreciation Week: [Day 6] → Favorite happy scene
2.10 || The Fall

-Are you having second thoughts? 
-Not about leaving. No.
-About what?
-We met because of the dome. And we never really talked about
you and me out in the world.
-Julia. Hey. I want you in my life
whether we end up in Zenith or wherever.
That's a promise that I can keep.

No, nothing helps

We won’t stop right now

We did it on our own

Nobody else.
It’s because of you I’m standing here with you

I’ve got bad days,

so caught up in my mind

and I’m not really sure who I am

Nothing seems to go my way at all

But then I hit the stage and remember why I’m here

I’ll be the voice to those who don’t have one

and never forget the road back

It’s because of you we finally came this far

It thanks to all of you that I could find my own way

Any longer and I’ll know each and every day, every show

gotta give my best with innocence

There are things I always remember forever

I’m by myself

stuck inside my throat, the words they won’t come out

Oh, what the hell?!

Why don’t I just leave, give up and let it all go away?

But then I see your face and remember why I’m here

All what I can do for you,

All what you will want me to,

All what you can see me through,

Will someday come

♫ ONE OK ROCK - Nothing Helps ♫

We used to be strangers back then. Until we met each other and became friends. I never knew that it’s not yet the end of everything. I fall in love with you, as you fell in love with me. We were so happy that time. And you are the only person that comes out in my mind. I love you so so much. Not knowing that one day…

You’ll change. You’ve changed a lot.

The person whom I thought will be mine forever is now happy with someone else.

I was still hoping that time, that love will lead us back. But I was wrong. Because you already fall out of love. I did my best to win you back but you leave me no choice, but to let you go and never hold on anymore.

From strangers, to friends, then lovers. And now? We’re back to strangers again.


I love how you show up at my doorstep unannounced in the middle of the night. How you always cook for me because you’re much better at it than I am. How you turn of all the alarms when I’m too drunkenly sleepy to do it myself. How you fetch me clothes when we spend the night out and I have absolutely nothing to wear the next day. How you always bring me food, especially the ones you know I will like. How you sing to me. How you bring me home and make me part of your wonderful family. How you always come back for me even after furiously walking out. How you can never leave me no matter how livid or hurt you get. How you always hold me after a fight. How you trek the streets just to be with me at three in the morning. How everything takes a backseat when it comes to me. How you hold me cocooned in you when we sleep. How you wait until I get home. How you give everything I ask. How you make me laugh. How you automatically respond when I pull you closer. How you always say that you hate my attitude but then still love me so much. How you can face every hurdle so long as we’re together. How strong you are. How intense your love is. How kind you are. How good you are at everything. How completely adorable you are. How safe I am with you. How I wake up first and find you hugging me tightly in your slumber. How you never let go of me in your sleep for the entire night. And maybe there are things that I don’t particularly like about you. Your temper. Your logic. Your tantrums. The way you freak out on me.  How difficult it is to get something through you. And there are times that these things overshadow the things that I love about you. But then there’s always something that redeems you. Something that reminds me why you are amazing. Something you do to make up for it. And I come undone and fall for you over and over and over again. And I want to keep on falling in love with you for years and years to come.

I genuinely just think of all these stupid things that could happen, like one day you’ll just message me on snapchat and say “I miss you”
Or you’ll come back, and we’ll be happy

But then I realise that this is real life. You made me forget about everything bad in my life, you made me happy; and it’s all fucking too much. I miss you too much
I just don’t want you to forget
Because I never will.
Fuck life.

dudeitsbaconhills replied to your post: OK but real talk here guys:

why are you going to stopping 3A, just curious? OH and please tell me I have a problem. I’ve rewatched the series three times since the summer of 2014. What’s wrong with me? Why do I do this?

Because 3A is my favorite season, and I would’ve done anything for the show to stay on that theme. We had amazing Sterek dynamic/development. Cora fucking Hale. Scott and Allison destined to get back together one day. Isaac aka Baby Wolf. Derek and Scott finally becoming real wolf bros. The show’s main focus was still on werewolves and fullmoon episodes were cool af.

I have my own ideas of what happened after 3A, and it’s more or less canon in my head at this point because I love them so much. For one, the Hale siblings never leave Beacon Hills, or at least come back rather soon. Jackson comes back from London and isn’t a douche anymore (because that’s where his arc was heading if he’d stayed for 3A). Isaac moves back into the loft with Derek and Cora. Isaac and Cora receives Derek’s blessing. Lydia and Jackson have a healthy, badass relationship. Allison and Scott gets Chris’ blessing. Stiles becomes the pack’s emissary.

Derek and Stiles fall in love.

I’m telling you, i won’t wait for your come back. I won’t expect that you’ll find me. I will never wait. But for now, you’re leaving and i won’t stop you because i know it’s meant to happen. We will live our own life. We will meet a lot of people as time passes by. I know one day we’ll see each other. Because i know if the right time comes, we’ll bump into each other and that would be the right time for us to love each other.