Shit Anna Kendrick Has Said Meme. ( PART ONE. )
  • "I'm the person who wouldn't send back my food even if I got steak when I'd ordered fish."
  • "I don't care for physical activity. I'm not sporty. I'm not very coordinated."
  • "Nobody pulls a prank like George Clooney."
  • "Sometimes the best part of my day is imagining what I'm gonna eat when I get off work."
  • "Yes, but maybe if I HAD these tiny whimsical bowls I WOULD throw dinner parties..."
  • "Can we drop the pretense of "President's Day" and just call it "I needed a long weekend because Valentine's Day is garbage"
  • "I'm done being embarrassed about my boring taste in sushi. If it looks like it killed Nemo's mom, I'm not eating it."
  • "What if I'm a sleepwalker, except I'm so lazy that even when I sleepwalk I just lie in bed?"
  • “I like my men like I like my coffee. Silent.”
  • "It's cute how I used to think this 'barely holding it together' feeling was temporary."
  • "I'm so humble it's crazy. I'm like the Kanye West of humility."
  • "Sometimes I think, I need to think before I speak. And then other times I think, I shouldn't leave the house or interact with people ever."
  • "Yes of course I got your text - I'm just ignoring it. Don't make it weird."
  • "I like to think of myself less like "an adult" and more like a "former fetus."
  • "It still blows my mind that I'm at an age where if I got pregnant people would be happy for me."
  • "I don't get why girls paint the "Chanel" symbol on their nails... I could tattoo it on my ass but it don't mean I'm fancy."
  • "So, there's NO existing service that rents puppies to people with hangovers? America, you have failed me."

jordan parrish is not allowed to date anybody because he is an authority figure.

He’s a deputy and he can’t have any romantic attractions ever, it’s illegal.

he’s not even permitted to say the word love.

and he’s not allowed to wake up on valentines day

he can never date anybody

because he’s an authority figure

sorry man guess that’s your fault for becoming a deputy

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150820 Lay’s Weibo Update
单身汪别郁闷 我们也可以单身旺嘛 今年的七夕情人节 因在为大家准备惊喜 所以特别甜蜜快乐 发张秘密照片 给你们 期待么 请期待!
Those who are single, don’t be upset. We can also be prosperous while being single! For this year’s Valentine’s Day, because I’ve ben preparing a surprise for everyone, that’s why it’s particularly sweet and joyful. Here’s a secret photo for everyone. Are you anticipating? Please anticipate! (t/n: August 20th is Chinese Valentine’s Day)

trans: fy-exo | source: lay’s weibo
please take out with credits.

Hot Stuff (Leo Valdez X Chubby!Reader)

Fandom: Heroes of Olympus
Pairing: Leo Valdez X Chubby!Reader
Word Count: 971 
Prompt Given: The reader is feeling down in the dumps on Valentine’s Day. Pretty accustomed to not getting any Valentines, kinda self loathing, until Leo comes along and cheers her up.
Author’s Note: Takes place at Camp Half-Blood, though I can’t remember if that’s right?? We’re just pretending that like all the demigods are at Camp Half-Blood for Valentine’s Day because why the heck not  <33

You sighed, resting your chin on your palm as you looked around you. Almost every single demigod had someone to share the day with, and they were all giggling and exchanging valentines.

It made your heart hurt.

You had never been the most popular girl in school, but even when you went to regular school, you could count on one of your best friends to buy you a cheesy valentine and a little box of chocolate. Here, you had no one. You weren’t really friends with any of the other campers, sure, you talked to some of them occasionally, but not often, and not enough to actually consider them friends. Well, there was one person that you considered a friend, but you hadn’t seen them around yet today.

You were just going to stand up and hide in your cabin, maybe read a book while your brothers and sisters were off with their dates, when you heard the step creak as someone sat beside you.

You turned to look at the person, raising an eyebrow at Leo Valdez, one of the sons of Hephaestus and your only friend at camp. “What are you doing here?”

“What are you doing all alone?” Leo questioned back, and you shrugged.

“Don’t have a valentine. Don’t really have any friends, either.”

Leo pressed a hand to his heart and pretended to be offended. “Excuse me, but I think you’re forgetting someone.” When all you did was look at him blankly, he pointed to himself with both hands. “Me! We’re friends.” He was silent for half a second. “Right?”

You smiled slightly. “‘Course we are, Leo. You’re just the only one, really. No one talks to me here.”

“Again, I talk to you all the time. And aren’t you and Nico like, creepy creature of the night buddies or something?”

You rolled your eyes fondly at the joke. “Actually, yes, but he’s not even at camp right now. He’s on some mission for his dad, I think.”

Leo frowned. “Well, that sucks.” He gave you a pointed look. “You need to make more friends.”

“Gee, yeah, sounds really easy when you say it like that. This is me we’re talking about, Leo. It took me a month to actually respond when you tried to talk to me. I’m not the best with conversation.”

“That’s because you don’t practice enough. Why don’t you talk to Piper or Jason?" 

You looked at Leo as if he were crazy (though really, he kind of was). "Oh yeah, because I can totally talk to Piper, who looks like a goddess, or Jason, who looks like a god, when I look like…” You sighed. “Neither of those things. That would end well.”

Leo raised an eyebrow at you. “Who says you don’t look like a goddess? From every angle I’ve seen you at, you look like a goddess to me.”

You blushed and buried your face in your hands. “You’re my friend! You have to say that! It doesn’t mean you actually think it.”

Leo’s eyebrows knitted together; he was even more confused now. “Just because I’m your friend doesn’t mean I’d lie to you.” Leo pulled your head away from your palms, but kept a gentle grip on your chin. “You really are stunning, __y/n__.”

You tried to look away, but Leo wouldn’t let you. “I mean it. I don’t know why you can’t see it.”

You pointed down to your stomach, a lot more pudgy than you’d like. “That certainly doesn’t help. I don’t look like Piper, or Annabeth, or anyone, really. They’re all skinny and athletic and I…” You sighed again. “I’m chubby and hate exercise with a burning, fiery passion.”

Leo was looking at you in desperate confusion. “You do know that chubby and ugly don’t correlate, right? Just because you’re chubby doesn’t mean you’re unattractive, and you’re not. Same with being skinny. I’m the scrawniest person ever, and most girls won’t look at me twice.”

“That’s because they’re stupid.” You said simply. “You’re hot, Leo. Literally and physically. I thought you knew that?”

He smiled, a little self-deprecatingly, and it broke your heart. “I like to act like I am. Ya know, fake it 'til you make it? But it’s hard to believe it when no one’s ever shown the slightest interest in me.”

Without thinking about it, without even really meaning to do it, you leaned forward and pressed your lips to Leo’s, kissing him sweetly. Leo didn’t respond, and when you pulled away, his eyes were wide.

“What was that for?” Leo asked after he finally found his voice.

“I like you. I just never knew when the right time to tell you was.” You smiled softly at him. “Now seemed like a good a time as any.”

Leo blinked once, then twice in surprise before surging forwards and capturing your lips with his in a warm, fierce kiss. Your hands came up to rest on his neck, lightly twirling the dark hairs at the base between your fingers as you kissed him back. One of Leo’s hands dipped down to your waist, his fingers squeezing your hip softly.

Leo reluctantly broke the kiss after a moment, his breath coming in harsh pants as you grinned at him. “We are quite the pair, aren’t we, Leo?”

Leo nodded, a bright, brilliant smile on his face. “We are.” His lips found yours again for a brief moment. “I hope you know that I am going to do everything I can to show you how beautiful you are.”

“I hope you know that I am going to do the same thing with you.” You responded easily, a hand moving down to his cheek and running your thumb along the bone.

Let’s just say that it was quite a good Valentine’s Day for both of you.

End.  <3

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:oo!!! are you and your girlfriend engaged???

daw this is a sweet question but noooooooo

i’m just excited about thinking getting married (especially to her)

i never used to think getting married was something to look forward to, i just thought it was another thing people did but sometimes me and sam talk about it and she’s so cute with her ideas and she makes me so happy

we’ll have been together a whole year on august 24! (best friends for like way longer) and i think that’s soooooo sweet!!!


We only have one story of heartbreak in our culture
it is inked in broken red hearts
and divorce papers,
of lovers losing soulmates
but I,
I still love my first kiss.
I’ve never written a break up poem
because I’ve never had to.

My heartbreak
comes in falling outs
and lost frienships,
in tension and embitterment
and distance and inconvenience,

and let me say,
broken friendships fucking blow.
it’s break up calls
ringing from the mouths of mutual friends,
butting heads at other events,
but most of all,
it’s instant regret,
when you both know you’re wishing for back then
like you miss being close.

it’s being sad on Valentine’s day,
not because you don’t have someone to be with,
but because you just fucked up a friendship
and it’s all you can think about.

it’s an avalanche of guilt
and doubt
and rage
and resolution
promising them
no forgiveness

I used to believe that I had a high bar for friendship
Because I considered most people my acquaintances
I am realizing now that
it’s not unreasonable to want a friend
who wants to talk to you too,
who wants to work on being close,

and I guess this poem isn’t without an agenda
and I guess I’m trying to convince myself that that’s okay,
I thought we were close.
I thought you liked being around me.
I thought you were a beautiful listener,
I thought you had my back like I had yours.
You were always steady, cool,
stepback and empathy,
you are always so steady, cool,
stepback, but i don’t know about empathy.

I never knew how actions could get so toxic
I am learning the perks of disconnect
I am learning what I want in a friendship
I am learning of double standards and unreasonable expectations

I am always so steady, cool, stepback,
but I don’t know about empathy
A mirror, of someone who hurt me
almost spiteful in my bitterness
I have always thought of myself as the heartbroken
but I never looked behind me.


They were born March 14th, so I stuck to the same numerical day and tried to stay away from months with spend-holidays or where I know I’d be spending money anyways. So March was off the table because that’s their birth month, August because of school costs, December because Christmas, etc etc.

Noah’s Day is in Sept, and Valentin’s Day is on Valentine’s Day (Feb 14th). This year we did the circus for Valentin’s Day, but I’m not sure what Noah-based activity (that they’d both get something out of) we’re going to do.

Edit: We do give cards for the day, though! Not gifts, but definitely cards. :)

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When's dat anniversary coming up? You guys have been together for like forever

Not until Valentine’s day (because von is a silly romantic dork).

tbh we flirted for like a million years before we actually got together

i think we were seducing each other for like….six months??? it was an eternity

Why Valentine’s Day?

You know, a dear friend was talking to me today and the conversation turned to holidays and they asked me what my favorite holiday is and I said, Valentine’s Day; and like everyone does, they looked at me confused and asked me why it’s Valentine’s Day. 

Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday because it’s literally a holiday dedicated to telling the people around you (Friends, Family, Loves, Mentors, etc.) that you think the world is a brighter place because they exist in it with words or gifts. I love it because it’s so wonderful to share, and to appreciate love and the thousands of forms it takes and the people in your life while they’re here and also when they’ve moved on. Celebrating love of all kinds fills me with a joy that is hard to put into words. 

I hope you all find people in your life that fill you with that kind of joy.

Take Care Of Yourself Out There <3

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Do you think you could do M!Robin and Lucina headcanons? Thank you so much for this blog, I check it every day!

  • Robin does the laundry. And the cooking. In fact, he does most of the household chores.
  • Lucina still tries to help Kamui in any way she can, but always ends up messing something up.
  • Robin can’t so no when Lucina wants them wear matching sweaters together.
  • Robin tears up over sad novels at times, and Lucina often walks in on him doing that.
  • Robin always cooks Lucina’s favorite meals on Valentine’s Day.
  • Lucina loves celebrating Christmas, because she never got to do it much in her original home.
  • Robin starts to build blanket forts after Morgan is born.