I created the ayakashi and taught them words. I wanted to talk to them.

I ! am ! finally ! done ! This was one of those were you go, eh, I’ll start it, I’ll doubt I’ll finish it, but whatever. So here’s Anders, kudos to @timesorceror again, for making this a thing.

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Hi! Do you have any coloring tutorials or anything similar? Your work is amazing and I'm very curious about how you achieve that kind of lightning and color! :D TYSM! <3

hello ! I only have this short little thing in my faq, but I’ll see if I could make a tutorial or something soon <:
here’s a little process gif thing that didn’t get too butchered !

Its coming along well. The only problem is I have no idea what sort of dress to draw for Marco. 


i know a lot about fear. you asked me if i’ve ever been scared on the battlefield. well, i was. when i was on the front line at one point, we were losing more men than we could bury. seeing things like that, it does something to your mind, fear takes over. one night it got so bad, i left. i got five miles away, then i realised what i was doing and i came back. no one ever knew. why did you come back? my men. my friends… however bad it gets you keep going for them… you don’t give up. fear has no power over you.

get to know me meme: 10/10 male characters ~ porthos (the musketeers)

Slytherin + Hufflepuff friendship would include...

  • both being very protective of their friend in different ways
  • “Do not touch my friend if you ever want to see the light of day again.”
  • sneaking the other one into the dorm at night to have a sleepover
  • “You shouldn’t do that.”
  • the hufflepuff always baking / cooking for the slytherin and bringing it over, the slytherin shutting anyone down who dares to try and make a comment about it
  • sitting together in silence without getting bored
  • wearing each others scarves
  • the hufflepuff standing up for their slytherin friend, no matter how many rude comments they get from other houses
  • “I made you a knitter.” - “Please tell me you’re joking.” - “No, but you don’t have to wear it if you don’t want to.” - “Give it to me.”
  • the slytherin dragging their friend outside because they stayed up in their room for days, snuggled up into layers of blankets
  • the slytherin having to hold back the hufflepuff because once they get mad they’re scary as hell
  • “Do you want me to beat them up?” - “…” - “Is that a no?” - “Maybe just a little.”
  • the hufflepuff introducing the slytherin to all their other friends, so they can all hang out together
  • staying up late together and starting to talk about weird shit
  • “Do you want me to talk to him for you?” - “NOOO!”
  • endlessly loyal to each other
  • the hufflepuff always laughing at the slytherins sarcastic retorts
  • knowing all the family members and embarrassing family stories of the other one and having met them all at least once
  • the hufflepuff always singing along to horrible songs and the slytherin just silently putting up with it
Gif tutorial

Since some people asked me a tutorial on how I color my gifs and make color palette gifsets/multicolor gifs, I’ve finally decided to do it.

We’ll go from this:

to this:

and finally to this:

and this:

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I found it fascinating how the Famethyst seemed to have no problems with letting The Rebels™ escape with the two humans most recently brought in. And the entire reason for it seemed to be Amethyst. She was one of them, therefore they were on her side. No questions asked. 

It really makes Peridot’s statement that Quartzes are huge, loyal soldiers all the more interesting. Because it adds this layer of just who the Quartzes are most loyal too. It seems like, given the pack mentality Quartzes seem to have, that they are loyal to their “pack” first and foremost. Amethyst is from Prime, she is part of the pack. Hell, they even mentioned how they were waiting for Amethyst to pop out. Its that important to them. 

Holly Blue being an abusive ass to them probably aided them in their decision to go “fuck it, let them go” as much as Amethyst being one of the rebels did. 

It was great to see Amethyst connect with that. To find others like her and to learn that they are just as happy to see her as she was to see them. 

And if that’s a trait that applies to all Quartzes, even if Skinny joked that Amethyst’s were so clicky, then the Betas would be happy to see Jasper aswell. She is part of their pack. 

Its also a bit saddening to remember that that is what Jasper has lived her life without. She is without her pack and probably thinks they are all dead. Most likely all alone with an Agate supervisor who was verbally and physically abusive (Jasper’s self-hatred didn’t come from nowhere).