hi o k I watch a lot of dramas and I wanna know if any of you guys have watched these, currently watching or finished cause I don’t have enough people to talk about these dramas too

School 2015
Kill Me Heal Me
Reply 1988
Sassy Go Go
To the Beautiful You
The Village: Achiria’s Secret

Moorim School
Sweet Savage Family
She Was Pretty (I literally have 3 more episodes to watch it just stressed me out and I never went back)
It’s Okay That’s Love (same deal with She Was Pretty)

Because It’s The First Time
Bromance (Taiwan Drama)
Cheese in The Trap
Reply 1997 / 94

if you have any recommendations for me to add to my planning to watch list please tell me I love dramas they make my life way better


1997 Version

“Because I like you. I’m really into you. I’ve been at your side since we were born. We’ve seen each other everyday. I even remember your first period. But I still see you as a woman. The first day of high school was the first time I thought you were pretty. After that day, I always gave you a hint. I liked you. I wanted you to like me. But you didn’t notice. Fine, maybe you had only ever seen me as a friend. So I should confess.  So I told you to meet me after the college entrance exam. I told you to meet me at the school playground at eight. That it was my D-day. But my brother said, ten minutes before.. he told me.. he liked you. What should I do? There are only two people I love.  One is my brother who gave up everything for me. And the other is you. It’s you.. but.. my brother likes you.. A lot. Like I do. What should I do? What do you want me to do? I said what do I do?” – Yoo Yon Jae

1994 Version

“Are you dumb? I.. why do you think I came here? Coming here in a bus for 6 hours, staying here for just 3 hours, then going back for 6 hours in the bus again. Why do you think I did that? I think you know it too.. But this time, I should say it clearly. Since this year is almost over.. I cant do an one sided love for 2 years, you know. I like you. That’s why I came all the way here. I’m not asking you to like me though. I know that you like someone else, and so I’m about not telling you, but what can I do about liking you? I think I will regret it if I don’t say it today I wanted to say it before today ends. 10 seconds left. 8.. 7.. 6.. 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.. Happy New Year!” – Chilbong (First Confession)

“Maybe.. just if.. I don’t know when.. a few years after.. if we should happen to meet again.. and if, at that time, you don’t have anyone by your side.. then.. lets date..” – Chilbong (Second Confession before seperation)

“Na jeong-ah, do you perhaps remember?  “Perhaps someday, we meet again years later, and if no one is next to you at that time, I said let’s date.” Do you remember? Na jeong-ah.. I.. like you.. a lot. I started liking you the first time I saw you. And I still.. even now like you. – Chilbong (After Reunion 6 Years Later)

1988 Version

“Deoksun-ah, I was about to give it (the ring) to you after our graduation. But I will give it to you now. I like you. I said I like you. Do you know what sort of things I did because of you? In order to go to school with you, I waited in front of the gate for an hour. Until you come back from study room, I couldn’t even sleep a blink because I was so worried, “why is she so late?” “has she fallen asleep again?” Hey.. all of my concern was always you. You. When we coincidently met at the bus, when we went to the concert together, and when I received that shirt from you on my birthday, I really.. thought I would go crazy because I was so happy. I wanted to see you a dozen times more a day, and I was just so happy whenever I saw you. I have always wanted to tell you since a long time ago.. I like you so much. I love you.” – Kim Jung Hwan

“ I like all version because each confession gives different feeling. The most innocent one is 1997, the most heart-breaking one is 1988 and the most persistent but also pathetic & tragic one is 1994. Don’t get me wrong, Chilbong is my most favorited but his persistent one sided love for Najung is just not my cup of tea. Now.. I wonder..if maybe..  there’ll be next season, what kind of confession we will get? Do you hear me? If you do, answer me, my … (year)”