Reasons Why I Hated The Ending

[Warning: Don’t read if you don’t want to hear my reasons -cough- (Trash Shippers) ]

Chilbong is ruined.. because he’s nice… because apparently the writer thinks that because he is nice, he is able to put aside the past and act all chummy with his first love..the woman who rejected him.

1) Chilbong is lonely. His mother does not contact him a lot, and his father is in the countryside. Even his fridge is lonely without much food, and his house is so empty. Picture frame in his house is only him. He has no closure with his parent while all of the other boarder had a family story! He does not have one.

2) The writer almost made Chilbong loose baseball. His shoulder and herniated disk was preventing him to do well. Not only that, to add more salt on the wound, the writer made Trash his doctor.

3) The writer made Chilbong a joke. They joke around about first love like it is nothing…while in the past episode, it was clearly written that for men, first love is hard to be touched… yet Chilbong is laughing and joking around with his first love.

4) I’ve always wanted Na Jung to give a “No” answer to let him know that she is not interested in him but it took her a long time to do this. What’s even worst is that she thanked him for liking her… and if in the future, if she had children, she would brag to her children that a famous and handsome man like Chilbong had liked her. This is so wrong. This is not what Chilbong wants to hear. Can’t you see that he is so hurt? It’s written all over his face.

5) The 2013 scenes do not match up at all. There are so many loopholes! 1) how did Trash become famous? Don’t tell me he’s a famous neurosurgeon because he treats famous major league like Chilbong. 2) Why did Chilbong get coffee for mom (When clearly, Trash the husband is there!)? Why did Chilbong drank Na Jung’s coffee? Why did he sat on the table with her while everyone else is watching the wedding tape? Why did he tell Na Jung to watch her mouth because she is always cussing and she told him, why? You used to like it. Why did he make a comment about Sook Sook? Just because he is the “Rich Owner Kim” that doesn’t mean he lives there. As far as I know, in 2013, he has a wife and he does not live at the apt. 3) How can that wallet be Trash? Because obviously he had a different wallet. So cool, Trash has two wallet? haha.. 4) How did Chilbong convinced Na Jung to drink her appa’s wine if he is not the husband but rather the “Rich Owner Kim” 5) Why did Chilbong took a nap in a room so casually. 6) When 2 packages came, why did Trash not get the package instead of Na Jung since he’s just literally sitting on the sofa. But why is it only after Chilbong came back from his nap, Na Jung said “Kim Jae Joon, the packages came!” Is Trash oppa that inconsiderate?

6) Why make so many baseball metaphors? Remember Chilbong’s wife, the catcher? And remember the scene where Chilbong threw a ball to Na Jung at the baseball stadium?

7) Why did they make NJ-CB scenes parallel with all the other couples?- The New Year Eve kiss (Parallel with SCP and Yoonjin)
- The Handshake (Parallel with Binggrae and Die-Die Sunbae)
- Falling Snow scene (Parallel with Haitai and Aejung)
- Hospital scene (Parallel with Omma and Appa)

8) Why are there narration about the present and gift if the present meant nothing. Why are there narration about miracles, when obviously miracle do not exist.

9) The wedding picture is completely photoshop. The height is unconsistent..

10) The scoff and the hand motion… that’s the thing that Chilbong ALWAYS do… so I don’t know how he ended up not being the husband.

11) The hospital scene in episode 20. Why give us a whole episode of Chilbong centric to only BREAK HIS HEART even more. It’s like this stupid extension was created to make him hurt even more then he already is.

12) How did Trash get famous? We know that Chilbong is FAMOUS because he plays for the major league.. It was shown that he’s every where on the internet (Haitai and SCP computer scene), he had bodyguards to protect him when he goes out, he has a lot of fans, even the doctors wanted his autographs, and he interviewed on Tv shows. So how exactly did Trash become famous for Shi Won to recognize him. Sorry but I don’t think she’ll remember him from the bus scene or the ring scene. It was obvious that she did not even remember him after the bus scene since at the ring scene, she was casually choosing a ring for him… until he realized that it was her, the hs student on the bus.

13) The Magic eye book! The trailer included the magic eye book.. (where all the boarder chingus were looking at it)… CB and Na Jung had their magic eye moment with the Miracle Book…but it was never revisited.

Characters personality are inconsistent!!

- I do not think Chilbong is able to forget about Na Jung so quickly after spending 6yrs liking her. They made it so unrealistic. On episode 21, he was surprised to see the boarder at his house…he thought only Binggrae will come..and his “surprise” face when all of them walked in… (but he eventually gave in and laughed about it) … and he was all chummy with Na Jung in the present time.

- Na Jung is not the type of person who would say insensitive things to Chilbong. What she said to him after the last hug is very mean. Remember how she didn’t even want to let Chilbong know that she and Trash kissed?

- Trash is a good brother, son, mentor and friend.. but suddenly, he throws out a question like this … “You use to call me Hyung but now you call me sunbae? Why?” That’s quite mean and rude.

- The boarder chingus making fun of Chilbong about first love working out…obviously his first love never worked out…but they are here, laughing at him? How did they forget about his B-day…and they didn’t even call him about it .. but instead they started calling their friends/families about how Chilbong mentioned them on air! Wtf! He’s already LONELY..and now no one remember his B-day.

The fact that the writer/director is more interested in making the viewer confused rather than making an ending that actually fixes all the loopholes. There’s just too many loopholes. The writer threw Chilbong under a bus!! Why only Chilbong?

I had high expectation of the writer because the writer wrote Reply 1997 but I guess it is my fault for beliving in the writer too much. So disappointed.