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Dedicated to @honeywonu !! Merry Christmas, loves~ With everything going on, I wanted to write this up for you and for everyone out there. Stay strong, okay? Merry Christmas! :)

Title: One of Those Days (Wonwoo)
Genre: Angst, fluff, comfort??????
Words: 1K
A/N: This is the last of my Christmas presents. Yay! Enjoy!

Wonwoo was concerned when he didn’t receive any texts from you today. He had thought you were sick when he woke up beside you this morning. You were silently sleeping and you didn’t even move to bid him goodbye. But, you usually texted him during your sick days and now, you hadn’t even texted him anything. His phone was unusually quiet and it had made him antsy.

“Do you wanna go and check on her?” Seungcheol walked beside Wonwoo. The leader took in the creased eyebrows and pursed lips of Wonwoo. He knew Wonwoo wanted to check on you.

“Don’t we have practice or anything?” Wonwoo grumbled, too consumed with refreshing and refreshing his phone and wondering if he should text you. He berated himself for even wondering that but he wanted you to not think he was being clingy. He didn’t want you to feel suffocated.

“It’s nothing much,” Seungcheol said. There were new choreographies to practice and new lyrics to talk about. “Just go, Wonwoo.”

Wonwoo finally looked up at his phone. He looked at the genuine big eyes of the rapper and gave a soft smile, “Thanks, Seungcheol.”

“No problem, tell us how she is, okay?”

“Yeah, sure.” Wonwoo took his bag and went off.

When Wonwoo didn’t hear the usual blaring of Christmas music from your apartment, he knew something was terribly terribly wrong. He opened the door and saw that nothing in your apartment had moved or had been touched. The breakfast he lay on your table was cold and was still covered in plastic wrapping.

Wonwoo slowly inched towards your room and found you leaning against the headboard, wrapped in a bundle of comforters like a sushi roll.

You were staring vacantly ahead of you, there were tear streaks on your face and your eyes were red-rimmed. You sigh desolately when Wonwoo sat beside you.

“Go away, Wonwoo. You’ve got a lot to do today,” you say, your words were a whisper. You were too sad to say anything louder than a whisper. You just felt like everything was too much.

“Seungcheol won’t let me in so it’s pointless,” Wonwoo says, looking at you and waiting for a snarky reply. You don’t say anything but turn around and face the window near your room.

“Y/N…” Wonwoo placed a hand on your shoulder. “Tell me what’s going on.”

“I…” you sigh, not knowing what to say. “I just feel sad…heavy. It’s pointless. I feel tired. I don’t want to do anything.”

“Like those lazy days, huh?” Wonwoo smiled. He knew well what you meant but he knew that dwelling on it could depress you more and he didn’t want that. He wanted to see you smile and jump and dance and do absolutely anything.

“Yeah, lazy day.” you nodded.

Wonwoo took a deep breath and exhaled and you finally looked at him. He was smiling but you knew he was just doing it for you. He had been there through your ups and downs and you felt lucky enough to have him by your side.

“Well, I love lazy days but this is the month of Christmas and that’s a no-no.” Wonwoo stood up and went through your drawer of clothes. He rummaged, looking for something simple.

“What are you doing?” you say, suddenly alarmed at the sight of him rummaging through your clothes. You watched him look at some blouses after he picked a pair of jeans.

“I’m getting into the spirit of Christmas, darling.” Wonwoo glanced at you, offering a grin. You had already unwrapped the rolls of comforters and you were intently watching him.

“I thought you hated Christmas and all the shenanigans of it.”

“Change of heart, Y/N. Change of heart,” he said and you laughed. Wonwoo smiled to himself as he picked a sweater and a trench coat. Your first laugh today.

Wonwoo turned around and lay the clothes he had picked out for you. “Change up, and let’s go have some Christmas shopping and some fun around the city.”

You stared at the clothes.

“Wonwoo, you don’t have to do this.” you quietly say.

Wonwoo shrugs off the sad and shy look on your face. He had to make your smile last more than a little longer. You were his love, and he didn’t like it when you felt tormented inside. He wanted you to be happy and peaceful and pleased.

“What, you want me to dress you?” He smirked; a bubble of laughter leaves your lips.

“Oh my god! You pervert! Fine!” you smile as you pushed yourself up. “Wait outside and I’ll be out.”

Wonwoo hummed and headed for the door but before he could step out, he remembered something. He suddenly turned around and walked towards you and swiftly placing a kiss on your cheek.

I’ll always be here, Y/N. Never forget,” he whispered. You smiled, muttering a thank you, and squeezed his hand before pushing him towards the door. Wonwoo was right, he was always there–especially when you had one of those days; when things seemed to get tough. And it would be impossible for you to ever forget the presence of him. You loved his comforting presence that brought solitude.

“Oh yeah, why didn’t you eat the food I prepared for you?” Wonwoo opened the door again. Not so much solitude though, you thought.

You roll your eyes, “Because I don’t trust your cooking, silly!”

“Touché,” Wonwoo feigned a hurt expression and you laughed, pushing the door close again.

You smile to yourself as you locked the door. You loved Wonwoo. You truly did. Grinning, you quickly undressing and putting on the outfit he had prepared for you–excited for a day filled Christmas spirit with Jeon Wonwoo.

also s/o to jason isaacs who played that really well, at first i was kinda put off by his kind of, lack of feeling into it, didn’t seem like he was trying? but as the episodes went on, and we saw more of the man, the fact that he was just like, average joe made him so much scarier? I believed, he believed, in what he was doing, and that he did think he was working with them and not using them like rats. I can’t even put a finger on what it was i found so disturbing that he was doing, and i know it was an acting choice because none of this other characters, nor isaacs, have ever creeped me out before. 

like, dude, A+ performance. I fucking hated your guts and want to see you suffer now. 

Do not read this if you ship ronmione. You have been warned.

To all those ronmione shippers I hope you realize that Ron never really cared for hermione because she was hermione.
He embarrassed her all throughout 1st year and only put up with her later because she hung out with his best friend and she lent him notes. Let’s keep in mind that harry is also an 11 year old boy ok. Atleast he has the decency to be nice to people he just met whereas Ron started going on her case from the start.
He didn’t even consider asking her to the ball until he had no choice and even then he assumed she would say yes and and degraded her by telling everyone that she couldn’t possibly have a date. How is he better than malfoy in that category ? In the ball he made her cry when no one else did so he is even worse then malfoy cuz atleast malfoy acdepted that she can be beautiful and let her be. OH and in deathly hallows he did NOT fall for her . As harry so rightly put it, dating opportunities were pretty much thin on the ground… so that whole bonding while on the run was just a combination of the fact that she was the only girl there so male hormones, him being jelous of harry like he has been forever about his fame, broomstick etc ( again how is this different from draco) so this is just another thing he can take self pity on and thus be jelous of harry, and that hermione actually thinks he is paying attention to her after all these years so she welcomes him with open arms.
The kiss? Ha! He said it was because it was now or never. So he is basically saying that she is so pathetic that she has no choice but to wait around for him all these years so she should basically be glad that he chose her now? What a douche.
Also after the battle of hogwarts, he only married her because lavender died. I’m pretty sure if she lived he would have run off to find her and ditched hermione as always because she should be used to it by now.
That Cannon proof fueled with all the fanfics I read in which Ron is absolutely horrid and it actually fits so well with his character is why I will never ship ronmione.

i do plan on answering lore asks, etc tomorrow night probably after i get home from 4th of july festivities.

tonight, however. iโ€™m gonna show off all my single dragons that have art and little lore snippets with em.


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Maybe Yugioh is being rewritten somewhere, you never know. Maybe Jou is getting hitched to someone. Same hAppening to Anzu, Ryou, Otogi, Honda, Kaiba, Rebecca, Mokuba, MaRik, Mai, Miho, YuGi & Atem...

I just want you to know that I read this at first as they were ALL getting hitched to Jounouchi. And honestly, I approve.