Do not read this if you ship ronmione. You have been warned.

To all those ronmione shippers I hope you realize that Ron never really cared for hermione because she was hermione.
He embarrassed her all throughout 1st year and only put up with her later because she hung out with his best friend and she lent him notes. Let’s keep in mind that harry is also an 11 year old boy ok. Atleast he has the decency to be nice to people he just met whereas Ron started going on her case from the start.
He didn’t even consider asking her to the ball until he had no choice and even then he assumed she would say yes and and degraded her by telling everyone that she couldn’t possibly have a date. How is he better than malfoy in that category ? In the ball he made her cry when no one else did so he is even worse then malfoy cuz atleast malfoy acdepted that she can be beautiful and let her be. OH and in deathly hallows he did NOT fall for her . As harry so rightly put it, dating opportunities were pretty much thin on the ground… so that whole bonding while on the run was just a combination of the fact that she was the only girl there so male hormones, him being jelous of harry like he has been forever about his fame, broomstick etc ( again how is this different from draco) so this is just another thing he can take self pity on and thus be jelous of harry, and that hermione actually thinks he is paying attention to her after all these years so she welcomes him with open arms.
The kiss? Ha! He said it was because it was now or never. So he is basically saying that she is so pathetic that she has no choice but to wait around for him all these years so she should basically be glad that he chose her now? What a douche.
Also after the battle of hogwarts, he only married her because lavender died. I’m pretty sure if she lived he would have run off to find her and ditched hermione as always because she should be used to it by now.
That Cannon proof fueled with all the fanfics I read in which Ron is absolutely horrid and it actually fits so well with his character is why I will never ship ronmione.

I’m not saying “why can Cap be Hydra but not bisexual” isn’t a valid argument or anything, but the second you make the leap to “…and moreover he should be with Bucky, and not have kissed Sharon”, you’re kind of toppling off the moral high ground and into the land of I’m Co-Opting An Attempt to Confront Anti-Semitism in Marvel Canon & Fandom For The Sake of My Shipping Agenda.

Which is not, y’know, great.

Honestly, as hilarious as it was, the role reversal in Controlled Demolition brought to light an interesting development in Eiffel’s character: a respect for rules and authority.

I am no way saying that he respects the authority of the Urania crew, because no. He fears and resents them, and certainly does not respect the authority they have over him. What I am saying is the way Eiffel was acting displays a respect for MINKOWSKI and the way SHE does things.

tl;dr: Eiffel unconsciously emulated Minkowski because he respects and admires her and the way she does things.

Alma. Check your battery.

1. Yesterday at work I learned how much of a badass I am when I had to use the cotton from a bottle of diet pills as a tampon because I had nothing else and before you start lecturing me on germs and shit you should know the only thing I ever get sick of is mens bullshit. I’m like a menstruating MacGyver. Can’t stop won’t.  unless I get pulled over. 

2. Tomorrow night I get to go to a comedy show, (I’m on the “list” but considering how well my last “on the list” experience turned out it might just backfire. Screech from Saved by the Bell will be there, and me in all my fat glory will also be there as well. I’m no Kelly K, but I’d like to dust off my diamond. All of this is going over your head I can tell. Google it. just don’t Google me. 

3. I accidentally walked into the mens bathroom today I was in such I hurry since I get exactly .6 seconds to pee and it was filled with Lacrosse players and I’m pretty sure every single one of them was completely disturbed at my presence. Which I get. I am also disturbed at that. I immediately turned around and just peed my pants so I didn’t have to risk the humiliation of entering another bathroom in that monstrosity of a compound. Love my job. LOVE IT. 

4. It was brought to my attention today that since I have a Federal job now, I have 6 months to go back to school, stop deferring my student loans, or get a night job to pay them. I hate the ginger so much at this point in my life. New rule- never give up anything for those who come into your vagina, only those that come out of it. What I’m saying is, I’m doing all of this for my kids. They are my world. 

5. Thanks to all 3 of you who watched my video. I have this great box of questions that I have been dying to answer with a group of friends, but since I don’t have any I’m just going to answer them with you guys. Feel free to get off that train whenever it feels uncomfortable. Just know I will never do that spread my legs thing on this train. It’s just me putting my shit out there and you guys reminding me I’m not a monkey and to please stop flinging my poo. 

I need to go to bed so I can get my booty sleep, (it’s like beauty sleep but if I do it enough maybe someone will sleep WITH me) hahahah Ruth you are a gem, a cubic zirconia if we’re being honest, but a gem none the less. 

The anti Kishimoto sentiment in the fandom does not just come from a dislike of the ending but the believed “fact” that Kishimoto betrayed his fans and sold out.

However this sentiment is common mostly in countries that are part of the West hemisphere.

Fans in the West seem to take Kishimoto’s betrayal personally.

However Kishimoto has stated several times that Naruto is about him, based on his life experience growing up near a town that has history of war.

Naruto is a reflection of him.

When describing why Kishimoto sold out the idea is that he went with the popularity of NaruHina in the West and not his own choice.

But Kishimoto has also expressed surprise to the fact that Naruto is even popular overseas and while he tried to appeal a global audience actually had no idea WHAT the West thought of his manga. He never even expected it to grow as big as it did. How can he betray what he seriously never even realized? How would he worry over popularity when he had no clue what the fan opinion was?

So the idea that he sold out for popularity makes no sense either in Japan were NaruSaku would have been welcomed as it is still a pretty popular ship to the point you can see it on random billboards.

He also says he had the story planned out in his head especially the last scene. So the idea that he was clueless about what he was doing also falls flat.

As someone who did not really care as much as she could have for the ending due to several factors….

I still don’t think it is fair to spread obvious lies and slander a person to the point their character is being called into question just because of their vision for their own story.

I have brought this up MULTIPLE times in the fandom and have been basically mocked “You actually believe everything greedy Kishimoney says when he can say anything in any interview?!”

Do I actually believe the CREATOR’s words about his own story over those who have never met him and can make up whatever they want, post it online and call it fact?

Let me think about that.