couldn’t decide which one i liked better so y’all can have both

might post a close-up of vax’s armor later ( ᐛ)

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i remember when i re-read the first chapters of the first draft of my project one day and i just.... i had to drink actual water and look away from my screen every two seconds because of the cringe

YEAH EXACTLY IM STRUGGLING SO HARD and writing every word is like pulling teeth out at this point the writing is basic, and clumsy and poorly thought out i need to go for like a 10 mile run god

jim moriarty headcanons, go!
  • uses too many emojis and in the wrong situations
  • memes. all the memes.
  • walks around the house wrapped in a blanket because it’s cold but he doesn’t want to put on pants
  • will stick his cold toes against sherlock’s bare leg just to laugh as the detective scrambles to the other side of the couch
  • vague tweeter. tweets very odd and sometimes cryptic things
  • loves fish (loves watching them at the aquarium, loves reading about them)
  • breaks into observatories just to picnic and look at the stars (loser)
  • sighs a lot
  • has a cabinet full of medication but it doesn’t help
  • it never helps
  • major sweet tooth
  • refuses to watch sad movies
  • watches trashy conspiracy shows instead and calls up sherlock at 2 in the morning to rant about aliens
  • when sherlock comes over, it’s always with a cheesecake
  • jim doesn’t cry, he stares into space
  • still has glow in the dark stars from his childhood (still sticks them to his ceiling)
  • his books are full of scribbles and annotated, penciled in questions and corrections
  • coaxes sherlock to watch carl sagan’s cosmos with him and curls up next to the detective
  • sherlock watches jim’s face light up and allows jim to force his “space propaganda” on him for once (for always)
  • irene is the only one who can pull him from his bed when he’s in a bad state
  • she takes him to museums and plots to steal artwork until he smiles
  • he sends cat pictures to irene mostly of random cats he sees on the streets
  • she sends back silly jokes and coaxes him to go see movies with her

these came in the mail today

my body is so ready

haven’t touched markers for probably close to 8 or 9 years now, but it’s one of the first mediums i’ve worked with and to be honest i kinda really miss coloring traditionally since these last few years i’ve been learning how to do everything digitally. i remember when in high school id just come home and draw pencil to paper till like 5 am in the morning and while my work looked like utter shit back then, it’s still one of my fondest memories of being an artist. you just get so into it you don’t even notice the time passing and sleep is just nothing but an obstacle to what you’re doing.

this is basically my workstation/battlestation/playstation. i wish i had a bigger desk (or a drafting table because drawing on a 180 degree surface tends to skew my perspective a little #shortpeopleproblems) but it’ll do for now.

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What the hell is the “red letter media test”?

It’s from his amazing take-down of the SW Prequels. It’s basically a test to see how well-rounded/fleshed out a character is:

Describe a character without saying what they look like, what kind of costume they are wearing, what their profession is, or what their role in the narrative is, and pretend you’re describing this character to a friend who hasn’t seen whatever you’re talking about. (paraphrasing)

So it mostly gets at like…personality and such.

I guess I felt that Suki fell a little flat? She is fairly opaque to us in the proper ATLA narrative. She’s fine, you know? She’s fine. But then the comparison to Opal I was going to make was probably about how dynamic a character she felt, for what felt like a similar amount of screen-time?