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In case you didn’t know: I like drawing stuff.

All kinds of it. Weird stuff, creepy stuff, fanart stuff, nice humans stuff, kind stuff - you get it. The quickest thing I can draw without any drafts is owls and all kinds of fluffy things; they look cute and kind, so from time to time I share them at my office or at the cafés where I hang out.

Trust me, the most FUN THING about sharing small images with cute things in them is NOT letting people know who’s the author. [Basically, that is why I love Internet: people here are honest at their likes/dislikes, because your personality doesn’t affect them; they might have no idea of what a creepy weirdo you are, but they still might like what you do just because they find it good, regardless of any other factors.] If you share such small pieces of something with people you don’t know (and who don’t know you), it’s… well. It’s awesome))) It’s that wholly different kind of appreciation you can’t get at any professional exhibition - knowing that you’ve just made someone’s day a tiny bit better, that you’ve just made someone smile.

So I decided to spread this thing further this year.

I’ve bought a pack of craft sheets (small square ones, like on the 2nd image), and I always carry a bunch of markers or liners in my handbag. My plan is to fill the places I go to with such small drawings; and I suggest you, People Of Tumblr Who Can Draw Cute Stuff, do the same.

We might put them into the books we like, when we’re in the bookshops. We might leave them with a tip to the waiters whom we like (or who just looks sad). We might stick them to the doors of the colleagues who are feeling too tired. We can do pretty much ANYTHING.

Think upon it. Do it. People around us really need something kind and cute in their everyday routine - and it’s very special, when they don’t see that coming.

If you’re with me, use the tag #SuddenArt here on tumblr or on twitter. Let’s make someone smile)))

P.S.: Captions for the images…
[contains wordplay; the original joke is different, so I preserved the wordplay part] “DID YOU TAKE SOMETHING TODAY?” - “YES. I TRIED TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD”.

jim moriarty headcanons, go!
  • uses too many emojis and in the wrong situations
  • memes. all the memes.
  • walks around the house wrapped in a blanket because it’s cold but he doesn’t want to put on pants
  • will stick his cold toes against sherlock’s bare leg just to laugh as the detective scrambles to the other side of the couch
  • vague tweeter. tweets very odd and sometimes cryptic things
  • loves fish (loves watching them at the aquarium, loves reading about them)
  • breaks into observatories just to picnic and look at the stars (loser)
  • sighs a lot
  • has a cabinet full of medication but it doesn’t help
  • it never helps
  • major sweet tooth
  • refuses to watch sad movies
  • watches trashy conspiracy shows instead and calls up sherlock at 2 in the morning to rant about aliens
  • when sherlock comes over, it’s always with a cheesecake
  • jim doesn’t cry, he stares into space
  • still has glow in the dark stars from his childhood (still sticks them to his ceiling)
  • his books are full of scribbles and annotated, penciled in questions and corrections
  • coaxes sherlock to watch carl sagan’s cosmos with him and curls up next to the detective
  • sherlock watches jim’s face light up and allows jim to force his “space propaganda” on him for once (for always)
  • irene is the only one who can pull him from his bed when he’s in a bad state
  • she takes him to museums and plots to steal artwork until he smiles
  • he sends cat pictures to irene mostly of random cats he sees on the streets
  • she sends back silly jokes and coaxes him to go see movies with her

I’m gonna get cocky today and make TWO posts about my tapestry 8D

Basically, this is an overview of the work done so far. The part that is visible at any given time is only the part that hasn’t been scrolled to the back yet. It’s really scary to anticipate what the whole thing is gonna look like together, because you never really know until you’re done and you take it off the loom. No matter how much you try to follow the draft (which I really don’t even do, to be honest, because I want to make my work better and I see no point in simply striving to repeat a painted draft in yarn), the accents may end up being off, the color may end up not working out as a whole, and the composition may end up falling apart. Let’s just hope this doesn’t happen and the sum ends up being more than just its parts put together one after the other.

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What the hell is the “red letter media test”?

It’s from his amazing take-down of the SW Prequels. It’s basically a test to see how well-rounded/fleshed out a character is:

Describe a character without saying what they look like, what kind of costume they are wearing, what their profession is, or what their role in the narrative is, and pretend you’re describing this character to a friend who hasn’t seen whatever you’re talking about. (paraphrasing)

So it mostly gets at like…personality and such.

I guess I felt that Suki fell a little flat? She is fairly opaque to us in the proper ATLA narrative. She’s fine, you know? She’s fine. But then the comparison to Opal I was going to make was probably about how dynamic a character she felt, for what felt like a similar amount of screen-time?

ageekyreader  asked:

For the writers ask: #13 & #50

Whoot, more questions! Thanks, sis!

13.)  What’s your favorite writing quote?
“I’m writing a first draft and reminding myself that I’m simply shoveling sand into a box so that later I can build castles.” - Shannon Hale. I haven’t read anything by her yet, but that quote resonates with me so well because a first draft always feels like such a basic framework- a lumpy pile of sand. (Truth be told, I’m always a little envious of people like my husband who can have a first draft that looks pretty, but that’s not how I write. I throw words at the screen and see what sticks. Most don’t, so my second draft is always just throwing different words at the screen in the hope that more stick, lol.)

50.)  If you could live in any fictional world, which would it be?
I’ve wanted to live in Middle Earth since I was about six and my dad read me The Hobbit for the first time- my location of choice would be Mirkwood. (This is also likely when and how I developed a huge fear of spiders, lol.) I’ve always felt a connection to that forest, long before the movies came out.

But honestly? Can I live in the world I’m creating? I absolutely would love to live in Concordia where I could do magic with my art (I bet I’d have textile magic with my crochet hook as my magical focus) or do my flow/circus arts tricks and join a carnival troupe. :D

(These questions are from here. Feel free to ask me more if any of you guys want to. These are fun!) :)