Babe vs Baby.

Babe sounds like leather jackets and lingering smoke, like old cars and slicked back hair. It sounds like 40s in the alleyway and bloody knuckles over impromptu fistfights and impulsive activities.

Baby sounds like soft hands and gentle fingers brushing the hair out of your face. It sounds like holding hands and slow dancing without any music around simply because you can, of soft smiles and gentle kisses.

Or maybe that’s just me.


Hey guys, so a brazilian channel made a video, dare I say absurd [really. see for yourself.] talking about all the reasons they don’t like Malec. I translated because I think more people need to see it. They’re hardcore book stans so you already know what to expect. You might not notice the arrogance if you don’t understand portuguese but in my opinion they were rude many times. And to be honest, even if you don’t understand portuguese, you can still notice how rude they were sometimes.

[I’ll probably delete this post later]

I am gonna upload this picture of Vince mom from queer as folk uk. Because more young people like me need to see straight parental role models that support lgbtqa.

Calling for ALL lgbtqa grown ups ready to support us. We need you. <3

Please share this. It’s important. Thank you.


Because more people need to see this


So Jeffrey Marsh, if you haven’t heard of them, is a content creator on vine, and posts the most positive and supportive and emotional-helping vines in the world.
They’re so beautiful, and that eyeshadow is on point.
Jeffrey is such an amazing person and posts things that people need to here. If you’re anxious, depressed, or just plain sad, Jeffrey Marsh’s vine account is the place to go.
I’m not being asked to post this, I just wanna talk about them so bad because more people need to see their work.
It’s just so great for a little support and a person to just be there for all their viewers.

Check them out. Trust me. It’s a must.

themortuarydiaries  asked:

To that pathetic anon who told you to kill yourself: Hi hello, I'm your friendly neighborhood mortician, here to remind you that A: I am a friend of bundyspooks and DO like them so you're wrong and B: You might want to think bout what you say to people, being you are a big reason why I have had to bury over 100 teens in the last 4 months from SUICIDE. And I am NOT exaggerating. That's a bit over a suicide every other day. What you just told my dear friend makes me want to cry. You're pathetic


<3 thank you, and i’m posting this because more people need to see this kind of message regarding suicide