This is going to be long and boring (and hopefully helpful) so let’s goooo!!

1. Things to keep in your backpack

  • One or more binders for handouts and such
  • 4 notebooks (or how many ever classes you’re taking - in Canada, it’s 4 per semester) 
  • A large pencil case; lots of people will tell you that you only need a few supplies, but I’d agree to disagree (see below)
  • Makeup kit (see below)
  • A planner; I recommend because it’s just too cute
  • A laptop; some teachers talk so fast you need to type what they’re saying
  • Plastic folders; okay, these saved my life. Some teachers dislike this because they’re boring and annoying (haha) but many love them! Spice up your project or just multiple homework pages by sticking them in a folder
  • Phone + charger
  • Calculator
  • Money; you never know when you’ll need that $$$

2. Things to keep in your pencil case 

  • At least 4 pens; (I have 6 however - 3 black, 2 blue, and one red) Muji is excellent, I personally find them very smooth to write with
  • 5-10 pencils; that might sound like a lot but thEY JUST DISAPPEAR
  • Some type of fine liners; I’m not artistically inclined by any means but I use my Staedler Triplus fine liners to make my notes pop and doodle some bad (but colourful) diagrams
  • At least 4 highlighters; I recommend the Muji double ended highlighters because the clear tip lets me see what I’m highlighting and where to stop as well as it has a marker on the back which I’m obsessed with using in my planner
  • A black sharpie; some surfaces aren’t easy to write on with pen or pencil or even highlighter markers so keep a Sharpie in case you need to do some labelling!
  • An eraser; sorry homie, you can’t be perfect all the time
  • Sticky notes + page flags; I don’t actually see how it’s possible to not use these in high school. I have a pack of 500-page flags that I am fanatic about. Guys!! You’ll read more below but I cannot stress how important it is to mark up important pages in your notes, textbook, or lit book!!
  • Flash cards; you may not be a flash card person but I recommend still carrying them, because if you can spare 5 minutes to write some important key terms and definitions, flashcards are much easier to tote around for on-the-go studying than a notebook
  • Graph paper sticky notes; so useful!! bc what’s more annoying than having to always keep our graphs on a seperate piece of paper - oh yeah! nothing.
  • Muji weekly stickies; these. are. amazing. it’s a very small weekly spread with adhesive on the back. You’re probably like “why would you need that if you have a planner???” WELL - what I like to do is to stick this on the front of my planner (I change it every week and write only the quizzes or tests I have. That’s it. Nothing else. No assignments or homework or clubs blah blah blah. Only tests. My monthly planner spread can get super busy or overwhelming so keeping track of my tests is beyond easy with those stickies
  • A mini stapler; it sounds really unnecessary but I find myself using this on the go SO MUCH. I really recommend you get one!

3. Things to keep in your makeup kit

Obviously, this is only for those who want to wear makeup to school; I am in no way implying that you need to because tbh I’m fresh faced most of the time!

  • Lip balm; your lips can be hydrated and sleek whenever, super important!
  • Mascara; my lashes are soooooo short so I like to keep a mascara to touch up at lunch
  • Nail brush (to clean under nails); ok guys be honest with yourselves; if you’re not wearing nail polish, it’s really easy to see any dirt or food that gets stuck under your nail (I know it’s gross but just use the nail brush and deal with it!)
  • Ibuprofen; cramps? headache? any form of pain? A low dosage of ibuprofen is super helpful. Sometimes my cramps are intolerable but I can’t let that get in the way of my education!
  • Pads/tampons; ladies. just keep some. there’s nothing worse than the panic of not having one or having to ask a bunch of people for one
  • Hair spray (or product); this one might be more just for me because my hair is curly and big so I need to put some shine spray or product to calm it down (I pray for whoever sits behind me sometimes)

4. How to take good notes

Note taking is a crucial part of student life here are some tips!

  • Write EVERYTHING; often teachers put stuff on the board and I’m like “yeah that’s common sense” but it’s really not and later on, I wish I had that to refer to
  • Highlight, don’t colour; the way I see highlighting, you should be able to look at what you’ve highlighted and understand the concept without knowing examples and details about it
  • Develop a highlighting key; BRO DON’T USE TOO MANY COLOURS - your key should be able to be memorised with ease, I suggest 3 colours maximum (example: pink = important dates, yellow = key info, blue = term, followed by definition)
  • Make sure your titles/headings are bold and noticeable
  • Date your notes; yeah, take them out to dinner lmao. No but seriously, whether or not your notes are already in perfect order (if you’re using a notebook), you still need to know when you took what note for later reference
  • Leave space between different concepts; don’t squish all your info together, it’s much better for our brains to be able to identify one piece of information at a time!
  • Make them pretty IF YOU HAVE THE TIME; I can’t stress this one enough. Yes, making your notes pretty motivates you. Yes, it could be easier to remember the info. But, if you have limited time and are spending it trying to make your notes aesthetically pleasing, NO. Remember why you’re doing what you’re doing
  • When taking notes out of a textbook, never copy a definition 100%; the first thing you should do, is write your own definition. This is so important because looking back at past years, the definitions that stick out to me the most are the ones I wrote myself. Textbooks try to make definitions a lot of complicated like it’s not that deep boo

5. Bumping that GPA. I mean, by a lot.

You guys want to know a secret? I’m not an A student. I know I can be but I have not been working myself to my full potential. So take it from one average person to another, bumping your GPA is absolutely do-able. Here’s how:

  • Cut out all social media, except one. If you quit social media cold turkey, you’ll want it more. Leave yourself an app to go to for fun, but you will have to make lots of sacrifices to get to where you deserve to be
  • GO TO CLASS; I ditched a ton of days last year and you know where that got me? Behind.
  • Don’t rely on others’ notes; okay, if they’re your best friend, I get it, but you need to have faith in yourself. You can take awesome notes.
  • Do your frickin homework; If I had a dollar for every test question that was pulled straight from the homework, I’d be rich. Why wouldn’t you do your homework? Want to watch that TV show? Well I guarantee you, it’s not worth it
  • With that being said, also give yourself credit and time; there is no immediate improvement. It’s a lot of work. Respect yourself and your body during the process
  • Know what you want; make a life plan. A lot of people would say that a life plan can stress you out too much but it’s so much easier to motivate yourself if you know what you want. It’s okay not to know, just jot out a small plan! 
  • Ask for help; this is absolutely my greatest weakness. I need to learn to ask for help when I need it. After a year and a half, I’m never seeing these people again. Who cares if it was a “dumb question”, it’s better to know than to not. So let’s make a deal friends! You ask questions when you need to and I will too!

6. First day of classes

  • Eat a healthy breakfast. Smell nice. Be early.
  • As soon as I get my schedule, I use the app Phonto to list my classes in order and which room they’re in. Then, I save it and set it as my lock screen so all I have to do is turn my phone on to see where I have to go! (I swear by this)
  • SIT AT THE FRONT; oh my gosh. I sat at the back this year because my friend lured me there and I regretted it so much. Everyone talked, I couldn’t hear, I had trouble taking notes, etc. JUST SIT AT THE FRONT. Being so close to the teacher will prevent you from slacking or going on your phone. Also, you’ll hear them clearly and they’re more prone to like you. ALSO: if you are nervous about asking questions; while the class is working you can simply lean forward and ask your teacher a question! 
  • Bitches get stitches, not good grades; okay lol this is my dumb made up motto, but it’s true. If someone is focusing all their energy on you, let them! Focus your energy on school and grades. They can bitch and spread rumours all they want, but you’ll have excellent grades and be able to get as far away from them as you want. High school drama is childish
  • Befriend some people in your classes if you don’t already know them; get some phone numbers in case you’re sick. You need notes and info and all that so find someone trustworthy and make a lil pact about notes
  • Be nice to your teacher; teachers are human and therefore can’t help being swayed by kind actions. No, you can’t smile your way into getting an A+ but for example, my English teacher and I became friends sort of and at the end of the year, she offered me an assignment that nobody else was doing to bump my mark and it did! Yes, it’s unfair to others but kindness pays off!
  • Don’t use your locker; everyone probably is shook right now haha but if your stuff isn’t too heavy, you should just bring it with you at all times. It’s so easy to forget things in your locker at the end of the day. Just do yourselves a favour and carry your stuff

7. How to stay motivated

  • Remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing
  • Think of yourself in 10 years
  • Make sure to give yourself study breaks that you can look forward to
  • Study/do homework in different environments; it’s easy to become stir crazy or lazy if you’re always working in the same spot
  • If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a cold shower or splash your face with cold water
  • *IMPORTANT* As a woman of colour, I fully understand that women like me have struggled in the past to even be allowed to get an education and I know that there are places in the world now where that’s still not allowed. I need to remind myself that going to school is not a chore, it’s a privilege that many would kill for
  • Have a non-reliant study buddy; have someone to help motivate you to study but don’t rely on them or else you’ll only want to work with them
  • Imagine how happy your parents will look to see their child succeed 

8. How to properly use a planner

Every planner comes with a monthly view and a daily view. Here’s the way I organise my stuff:

Monthly view

  • Tests/quizzes
  • Assignment due dates
  • Volunteering
  • Spirit days
  • Cardio classes
  • Fun days w/ friends
  • Clubs, councils, etc.

Daily view

  • All the stuff from the monthly view but written smaller
  • Homework
  • To-do lists
  • Time management
  • TV shows
  • Countdown to _______

9. How to get involved

I’m not sure how other countries have it but in Canada, we need to complete 40 hours of community service to graduate. More hours = better scholarship opportunities! Here are some places to volunteer:

  • Hospital
  • Your own schools/nearby schools
  • Fairs/carnivals
  • Libraries
  • City events (downtown)
  • Retirement home
  • Zoos/aquariums
  • And many more, ask any of your local places if you can volunteer!

Also, clubs are super important! Here are some easy/fun clubs for those busy bees to join:

  • Environment club; ayyyy - I’m in that
  • Gay-straight alliance
  • Free the children
  • Student government
  • Debate team
  • Drama council
  • Robotics

10. Should you get a job?

My parents and I have different views on this and after a lot of talking about it, I’m comfortable with my position. I don’t think getting a part time job before senior year is beneficial. Yes, you learn the value of money and dealing with others but work schedules tend to be unpredictable, and so much of that time working can be spent bettering yourself and your academic standing. Also, I put volunteering before working because volunteering is a selfless act and universities are more impressed by the selfless amount of hours you put in versus a job you have. However, summer jobs are excellent and also really good to put on university applications! Work during the summer and (in my opinion) once you’ve applied to university because from that point onwards, it’s about maintaining your grades. If you feel you can’t do it, quit your job. If you can work towards a scholarship, you’d save more money than you’d make having a job.

11. Study Music!!!!

Studying while listening to music is a big debate. It works for some, is awful for others; but I personally prefer doing one or the other depending on the subject. You need to find your own music balance - here’s mine:

Music: subjects like history, geography, biology, and law

Music: subjects like math, physics, chemistry, English

Here is a playlist of study music with vocals and here is a playlist of instrumental study music; I hope you all like it!

Well, that concludes my grossly long post. To those who actually read the whole thing, wow thanks! I hope it was helpful :)
Obama in Louisiana: 'I Don’t Worry Too Much About Politics'
The president, facing criticism that he remained on vacation during the historic flooding, toured some of the worst-hit areas on Tuesday.
By Marina Koren

President Obama visited Louisiana Tuesday, the site of recent historic flooding that has displaced tens of thousands of people, damaged scores more homes, and is blamed for the death of 17 people.

The president arrived in Baton Rouge, the state capital, amid criticism for not cutting short his annual vacation to travel to affected areas and see the damage firsthand; when the flooding was at its worst last week, Obama and the first family were in Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. They returned to Washington on Sunday. (Governor John Bel Edwards, a Democrat, had said he’d prefer Obama to wait a “week or two” to visit because of the resources that would need to be diverted for a presidential visit.)

Obama met with emergency workers and state and local officials Tuesday. He also toured affected neighborhoods and met with residents.

“I was just speaking to a young woman whose husband died shortly after the birth of her second child. She was talking about how her daughter was trying to gather all of the keepsakes that she had in her bedroom that reminded her of her father,” he said in a press conference in the afternoon, the damage to residents’ homes visible behind him. “That gives you some sense that this is not just about property damage. This is about people’s roots.”

For a week starting August 10, nearly 30 inches of rain fell in southern Louisiana. As The Washington Postpointed out, the storm produced three times as much as rain in the state as Hurricane Katrina. The scale of the flooding—which, to some observers, took too long to reach a national audience through news coverage—has drawn parallels to the devastating 2005 storm. Back then, George W. Bush faced fierce backlash for being on vacation at his Texas ranch as Katrina, predicted to cause severe damage, made landfall.

The president waved away criticism of his visit at Tuesday’s conference.

“First of all, one of the benefits of being five months short of leaving here is I don’t worry too much about politics,” he said, referring to his exit from the White House. “The second thing I have seen historically is that when a disaster does strike, it is one of the few times when Washington tends to not get political. I guarantee you nobody on this block, none of these first responders, nobody gives a hoot whether you’re Democrat or Republican.”

Obama declared a disaster in the state of Louisiana on August 14, a designation that allows Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to help fund local and state disaster relief efforts. FEMA administrator Craig Fugate traveled to Louisiana last week, and Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson followed two days later. Obama said Tuesday more than 100,000 people have applied for FEMA assistance so far, and that federal aid has reached $127 million. White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Tuesday residents can use federal aid to, among other things, buy groceries and pay for home repairs.

Bel Edwards has defended the federal government’s response to the disaster. He said last week he spoke with the White House daily while Obama was on vacation.

I can’t even begin to express how frustrated I am right now with the school that I’m newly hired at.

I can’t seem to get a straight answer as to where I can find textbooks

My classes seem to be changing on the daily

And the latest change has me teaching two more classes then there are actual class periods

So no Prep period? That better not be the case otherwise I might just quit.

This is seriously ridiculous

YT rant thingy.txt

Hey SMii7Y, 

(Small rant, just so you know. Because some people need more than a simple ‘stop it’ to stop, I’ll just present a whole essay. Nobody would bother to read this, most-likely, but who knows.)

Thank you (again) for putting the effort you do into your videos, because it makes them a million times funnier. I agree with the idea of variation on a channel, because then it can be appealing to a larger range of viewers and also be more fun for the content creator. There’s nothing wrong with doing something you enjoy, and there’s also absolutely nothing wrong with changing things.

There’s nothing wrong with taking a break from content creation either. It’s a job that not just involves recording things and simply slapping it on Youtube, it can also be very time-consuming. You can miss out on dates, events, sleep… (I’ve been forgetting to eat and drink at times when working on a big project.) Not to say those things apply to every content maker, but some have experienced this. (Maybe this is too dramatic, but still. I mean, I’m not the Youtuber, how should I know, I can only say what I see.) 

Now for the rude ones:

For those rude commenters reading this (if there are any here at all), imagine getting up at something o’fucking-clock and feeling dead (or not even sleeping at all) to be met with the sight of, “This is a really dumb video because it’s boring.” or, “This is utterly shit and you should play more of _______ instead of _______.” Often it’s not even individuals above the age of 15 who say this, and those who still do… I have reason to believe that you don’t know about some of the downsides to being a content creator and how your choice of words affects the person they’re directed toward. (In the case you do know, congratulations. *sarcasm* )

You wouldn’t know until you started doing it yourself and you’re left with a small stain of negativity in your comments. I’m a content creator as well, and while my form of content creation might not be videos, I’ve still been met with some amounts of non-constructive criticism in my life. I simply ignore it because I know what I’m doing is good and that the majority like it and I’m happy with it.

Unsurprising, considering that this is the internet, inappropriate and inconsiderate commentary reigns above all proper speech in certain parts. 

Like Life.


I won’t go into setting down concrete “standards” or however you may put it for viewers, but I will say these things… 

  1. Everyone is deserving of rest.
  2. Taking care of themselves first before anything else, AKA ensuring their own happiness.
  3. How emotionally-well the content creator is strongly ties into the quality of the content they produce.
  4. And knowing that people read the goddamn comments of their videos and that the content of said comments can either give the creator a negative hit or a positive vibe.

But yeah… I’m done here. This applies to a lot of other Youtubers as well, and it pisses me the fuck off to see the way some ‘fans’ react to there not being a recent video uploaded. If you want content so bad, make your own and see how things are (though you probably won’t). Otherwise don’t start throwing bullshit at people who have worked hard to get to where they’re at today.

Leave some more pleasantly worded comments of support instead, if you can. Like their videos. Make them fan art to bring up the bad mood or to let them know we care for them nonetheless.

Okay, now I’m done. /rant

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Okay but like,, I see these memes everywhere about sea bass everywhere and honestly?? I can't relate. I've maybe caught 5 sea bass in my entire time of having the game (more than a year now) and people are always complaining and it's almost frustrating. Then when I say that I don't have any people are like don't complain you're so lucky but y'know still! I'm glad I don't but it feels weird

I think it’s because people get their hopes up of catching large valuable fish when they see that shape in the water but more often than not it’s a sea bass.

It’s worse when there’s a storm, and you stand a chance at catching a coelacanth and end up with five million sea bass during your efforts.

It depends how long you spend fishing I guess. And how badly you need the Bells (since they aren’t worth much).

OOC. | Important PSA!

I’d like to express something that has been bugging me a lot as of late, I don’t want to sound like an ass, I tried my best to keep calm and quiet, but if I do, I’ll just go through a lot of unnecessary stress.

If you see this on your dash please read. For all my followers/RP partners.

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Okay, at this point I think we can all agree that something is up between gg and cp, and I'm not saying one of them likes the other or whatever, but everything that has been happening lately has been??????? I have said this before and I will say it again. I just cp to find a great guy because I really can't believe she is still single, mostly I want this to happen because she deserves it but a small part of me really wants to see how gg handles that.

I think the people that are still saying ain’t nothing happening is reaching more than we is. I guess it’s different when you not paying attention but a lot of stuff is suspect to me. 

And I want CP to get a boyfriend as well. Even tho I am still ship Grandice there is no need for her to be single imo. And as I’ve said before if GG get a lil jealous that’s a bonus. 

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Do you feel like Killian is still sassy and snarky? I've seen people constantly say that him being with Emma took that side of him away but I still see it.

I feel like he’s lost a bit of his snarky side for sure, but that’s because that was his armor against the world that had screwed him over more times than anybody should be. He used that to deflect away from the personal, painful stuff he didn’t want to delve into. The longer he’s with Emma, and the more he becomes a part of the family and has people who love him for who he is, the less he needs to be sassy and snarky. It’s certainly still there. It’s not a part of him that will ever go away completely. His wit is a part of his personality. But he doesn’t need it as a shield to hide away anymore. Which is awesome, of course, but it means we get a lot less sassy remarks from him, which is a downside.

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tocdfw you wanna read more about socd but every source you come across specifically calls it hocd and feels the need to use the term "homosexual" again and again, and like it's just so incredibly uncomfortable to see that word because of the way people have used it to refer to you/other gay people in this like gross clinical sense. this doesn't even seem like a topic that would be so hard for something to discuss in more neutral terms, but it's all about straight people and it's just exhausting

This whole blog is just fuel for an entire au where they all make vines that the majority of people in the world watch.

Like honestly just think about it.

Kimiko and Rai run personals and one for the Wu hunts (and stuff with Clay and Omi), Jack has one that is also surprisingly popular and Wuya is actually more than happy to help him make vines because she thinks that they are actually pretty fun to make???

The monks also always revine the videos bystanders catch when they see Jack and/or the monks doing shit and it’s just great omg I’m sorry I just needed to type this out, please add onto this, social media aus are my lifeblood


For my tiny number of followers.

Does anyone know where I can find numbers to back up and/or discredit a statement I’ve seen a lot over the past couple years, which is “women dominate the production of transformative fandom works such as fanart and fanfiction and always have.”

Because I see this restated so often as an accepted truth that nobody sees the need to provide numbers, and that’s fair… but I am inherently distrustful of “X thing is dominated by Y demographic.” Because it is often wrong. It’s like when people describe gaming as a “male-dominated” hobby, which is wrong based on pure numbers. Or certain professions that are thought to be either male or female dominated, or levels of educational attainment (before the MRA mouth-breathers seized on “more women graduate college than men” as a way to claim oppression it was hard to get dudes to believe that) or etc.

I don’t know who is producing most fanart or fanfiction or the numbers involved in the gender ratios. I am assuming that someone, somewhere, did a sufficiently rigorous study that the notion that it is mostly women doing it can be treated as a received truth, but I don’t actually know that. Does anyone have links, numbers?

Not sure how to tag this. Fanfiction I guess?

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haha i dont know if you knew this or not but "rule 63" is really transphobic and could tick of some people maybe if youre gong to draw stuff like that tag it or something idk it's just a suggestion since i personally dont like seeing things like that as a trans person

As I understand it, rule 63 started out of a frustration that there weren’t any quality woman/girl characters. I’ve spoken before about growing up an ocean cartoons/ comics/ movies/ etc.  that had the one token female character.
I put off this request because I didn’t see the need for more male characters.
So for me, this was really more of a feminist/ representation issue with rule 63.
I understand that “gender’ is a behavior taught & learned in a culture (most often based upon the biological sex assigned at birth) and that these rules are entirely made up and can be broken if the person wishes to. 

As an artist i have learned that there are certain typical/stereotypical traits that can be emphasized or deemphasized in figure drawing to make the figure appear more “masculine” or “feminine”. 

Help me understand why this rule is considered transphobic. I tried to research it and the results were not clear. Can you (or anyone) explain for me?

What should I tag it as? How should something like this be tagged? 

Am I the only MTV Scream fan that wants to see more of the real Keiran?? Not the boring, trying to blend in, 21 jump street snitch that he pretended to be during seasons 1 and 2. Who didn’t say anything interesting because he didn’t want people to suspect him I wanna see manipulative, sneaky, doing whatever he can to make sure HE gets out alive Keiran. I wanna see flash backs of how and when he met Piper and how she taught him to kill his mom and step dad so he could go to Lakewood. I need a character to love/hate lol and he was so interesting as soon as he was revealed to be the killer his whole persona did a 180!!

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Maybe for an idea the ultimate Caterer, often wearing a simple suit and maybe an apron, when working with clients often is agreeable and tries to please them, in the kitchen however takes on a slightly more aggressive personality as they try to keep all the orders precise and on time, much to he annoyance of the other staff.

I kind of see their talent as an ability to cook well for large numbers of people and manage some kitchen staff in order to get it done. A bit of an opposite to Hanamura’s personal, small-scale cooking. I think they would absolutely need to be more aggressive in the kitchen because catering needs many people helping. I wonder if maybe the Ultimate Caterer would end up making lunch for the whole school with a team of Reserve Course students, and then get increasingly annoyed at them because they are average at best!


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[only I know this] my friend has been wanting to die for some time now. in as much as I don't want her to die because there's much more to life than sadness and her family and i will be devastated, i feel like if she goes i may go too because she's my only true friend and I love her so much. if the only way to see her again is to go too, I will. but I really don't want her to go nor anyone I love to die. she's a beautiful person, I think people don't see it. how can I help her?

you need to use love, hope, wisdom and strength. she is being plagued by a sense of loneliness, despair, & a growing infatuation with death & this can only be defeated by proving to her there are other answers. you can’t save her, but you can definitely show her how to save herself. you have to sacrifice & control your urges to also want to die. you can’t tell her if she goes, you go too, because you’re her only backbone & it’s even more killing to know even in death you’re breaking someone else. you have to reach out to her family, or at least one other close person, to let them know she’s battling a serious ailment, as well as touchingly making them aware of the gravity of the situation in order to avoid her being stigamtized; through this all, she’ll start feeling clean love all over again & discard the idea of leaving. you HAVE to, at all costs, keep preaching about hope & the beauty of this whole struggle. to defeat melancholy, you must go through it, it can’t be ignored or forgotten - she has to feel but you have to make sure she does not drown in the midst of feeling. tell her, “pain is real, but so is hope”. tell her, “without suffering we cannot have compassion.” tell her, “just like how your joy was temporary, so is your sadness. the only permanent component is love and i have it all for you”. introduce joy in her life through the littlest things, be it simple conversation, or funny videos, and even introduce sth she can invest herself in akin to the way i place my comfort in writing, such as art, sports, maths. i know how she feels & i know how you feel, it’s utter helplessness but it won’t overcome you, i promise. it’s a phase. anon, if she does die, which i know in my heart she won’t, you can’t leave as well. it won’t fix what has already happened. come off anon & let’s talk, please. also, never ever, give up. remind her that just because people may not see beauty, it does not mean it does not exist. she’s been able through her life to touch your soul and that is enough. she may not have touched the world but she touched your world, your own personal self. she sounds very beautiful to me. stay strong.

I love being horribly straightforward. I love sending reckless text messages (because how reckless can a form of digitized communication be?) and telling people I love them and telling people they are absolutely magical humans and I cannot believe they really exist. I love saying, Kiss me harder, and You’re a good person, and, You brighten my day. I live my life as straight-forward as possible.
Because one day, I might get hit by a bus.

Maybe it’s weird. Maybe it’s scary. Maybe it seems downright impossible to just be—to just let people know you want them, need them, feel like, in this very moment, you will die if you do not see them, hold them, touch them in some way whether its your feet on their thighs on the couch or your tongue in their mouth or your heart in their hands.

But there is nothing more beautiful than being desperate.

And there is nothing more risky than pretending not to care.

We are young and we are human and we are beautiful and we are not as in control as we think we are. We never know who needs us back. We never know the magic that can arise between ourselves and other humans.

We never know when the bus is coming.

—  Rachel C. LewisTell The People You Love That You Love Them.

The scene in the Wonder Woman trailer of Diana climbing out of the trench has the potential to become one of the most iconic scenes in superhero movie history.

They took something we’re all familiar with, trench warfare, and placed a superhero in the middle of it. We’ve seen many World War I movies with scenes of trench warfare. The scenes of soldiers rushing out of the trenches, running to their deaths. Those scenes are always heartbreaking and tragic. You just wish it wasn’t happening, that they could be protected.

To put a superhero in those circumstances is an incredibly moving decision. Our hearts have always broken for the soldiers who rushed from the trenches onto the battlefield and were shot dead or blown up. Now we’re seeing a superhero come out of the trenches with them, coming out of the trenches to protect them. The very thought of that makes me want to cry, because few people in history needed a superhero more than the soldiers in trenches in World War I.

Steven Universe‘s decision to unpack the ways in which queer relationships, like all relationships, can take a turn for the worse and traumatize people in the process is an important one. Despite the fact that the show has a fairly large cult following of adults, it’s still squarely aimed at young kids.

As more and more children come into their sexualities and gender identities at a younger age, there’s a growing need for the types of experiences they’re bound to have to be acknowledged and addressed in the media that they consume. We push for representation of healthy LGBT relationships because we want people to see that their feelings are valid and deserving of respect, but there is something to be said for a show speaking frankly about abuse.

Mom asks for shirt for her daughter with autism—and the internet provides 150 replicas

On August 7, Deborah Skouson was desperate. Her daughter Cami, who has autism, loves to wear just one shirt—a pink flowered top from Target. But the shirt had become faded and unwearable. Skouson was able to find a few duplicates on eBay, but she needed more, so she turned to Facebook.

Skouson told the Daily Dot via email that she has since received over 150 shirts. “We were hoping for 4–5 shirts to use as backups so we wouldn’t have to keep washing and mending the same shirt over and over,” she said. “At first, my daughter was a little confused to see more than one of her ‘pink flower shirts.’ I explained to her that people gave them to her because they loved her.”

Skouson says that even though they have more shirts than they need, the offers keep coming and Target also contacted her with an extraordinary proposal.