Minako setting aside hours at a time to take perfectly posed and shot pictures of herself as Sailor V/Venus.

Minako posting those pictures to her official V-chan Twitter account, which has thousands and thousands of followers.

Minako holding press conferences, photo shoots, and interviews as Sailor V. 

Minako demanding the rights to her image so she can regulate what Sailor V merchandise comes out. She doesn’t give a fuck about the money (which she does get a cut of), she just doesn’t want her image being sullied by subpar merchandise. 

Minako running an official Sailor V blog where she talks with fans and promotes herself.

Minako secretly hiring a PR agent for Sailor V so that her image will remain perfect at all times.

Minako anonymously telling the paparazzi where Sailor V will be and then acting caught off-guard when they show up before flipping her perfectly styled hair and posing for the cameras. 

Minako being Minako because she’s Minako.

Have the raw colors and backgroundless version because I don’t know how to atmosphere colors right

That’s why I don’t try to background, my colors always suffer.

Edit: I know it’s late and stuff but that’s okay, I just edited some things I realized horribly wrong after a few day, don’t worry about it.

Senshi vs Disneyland

Okay so this is a followup from this post I did about the Senshi visiting LA, like there’s so much here that I had to make it into parts.  Anyway, shoutout to azuresquirrel,commas-and-ampersands and keyofnik for starting this.  Most of my knowledge of Disneyland comes from having an annual pass for a year back in high school.  Also, happyhourinkay you much recognize some of these Disneyland stories.

So, Senshi vs Disneyland.

Well the first thing is that the senshi are staying in downtown LA (per the last post) and Disneyland is a pretty long drive away.

So the girls + mamoru get on the road around 9 AM and of COURSE they hit LA traffic going south.

And none of them, NONE OF THEM, realize just how far it is from DTLA to disneyland.  So my about Commerce Casino/The Citadel Outlet Mall Usagi and Minako are bored out of their skulls at the drive to Disneyland and asking if they are there yet.


It’s not though, it’s just a shitty outlet mall.

So the senshi FINALLY get to disneyland around 11 and get their tickets courtesy of Senator Hino’s bribery credit card.

The girls get to main street and of course the first thing Usagi smells is the smell of cinnamon and sugar that they pump in the air and it is just making Usagi hungry and they can’t find it.

So the first thing that Usagi does is rush into the Carnation store and buy a shitload of sweets because she is fucking hungry and the drive was so long and she wanted to stop by that citadel place with the lion statues but Mamo-chan wouldn’t stop there ):

So the senshi are by the statue trying to decide what ride to go on first.

  • Minako wants to go on the Teacups
  • Usagi wants to go on Small World
  • Rei wants to go on Space Mountain
  • Ami wants to fastpass Star Tours and go on something else while they wait.
  • Mako is down for whatever
  • Mamoru wants to go on the train.

So the girls somehow end up in tomorrow land and they look at the lines and decide to fastpass Star Tours and go on Astro Blasters.

Once they see what the ride is like, Minako IMMEDIATELY gloms on to Rei, so when they finally get to the front of the line, the cars end up being Minako & Rei, Mako & Ami, and Usagi & Mamoru.  This will not end well.

So basically as they girls go through Astro Blasters, Mako and Ami are a well-oiled team at shooting the targets.  Usagi and Mamoru do a really decent job as well.

But Rei and Minako though.  Oh man.

Every damn time Rei tries to line up a shot, Minako jerks the car to the left to make her miss, and Minako racks up a pretty high score.  Of course Rei and Minako have the dubious honor of having the biggest score difference between two people in the same car.  BECAUSE MINAKO KEPT MOVING THE CAR EVERY TIME REI TRIED TO SHOOT GOD DAMMIT MINAKO.

And Minako is like “what, I wanted to win.”

So they get out of Astro Blasters and get into the fastpass line for Star Tours and Usagi and Minako are freaking out about all the cool star wars stuff.

They get off and Usagi is just raving about how cool it was that Darth Vader actually force grabbed their space ship and she was so scared and holding on to Mamo-chan the whole time.  They get down to the gift shop and Usagi really really wants to build her own lightsaber and please Mamo-chan pretty pretty please.

Alas, not even the puppydog eyes can get Mamoru to buy Usagi a build-your-own lightsaber because those are like, donut and a notebook expensive.

Next up is space mountain which has a weirdly short standby line so the senshi barely have to wait in line for the rides.

Usagi, of course is hella scared and is holding on to Rei the whole time, having been seated next to her this time and not Mamoru.  Ami and Mako are just fine.

So the senshi keep drifting over, Ami really wants to go on the submarine ride until she sees that it’s all finding nemo themed now, so instead Minako wants to go on Autopia because after all who is the God Driving champion here right now thank you very much.  (Haruka was off on tour with Michiru)

They get on Autopia, and it is the worst ride ever and Minako and Usagi are stuck behind the SLOWEST CAR EVER OH MY GOD THESE ARE THE WORST GO-KARTS EVER.

So they get off Autopia and Minako is grumbling because that was a waste of a ride and oh look it’s the Matterhorn let’s go on that.

Except there’s like a 45 minute wait with no fastpass, what the hell.  So they keep going through Fantasyland and they come across the King Arthur Carousel, which of course Usagi wants to ride.  Luckily there’s like almost no line so they get right on.

Rei and Minako stroll through fantasyland and then Minako spots it.  God help us, Minako found the teacups.  So while they’re waiting for Usagi and Mako to get off the carousel, Minako drags Rei onto the teacups.  Usagi gets off the merry-go-round and her, Mamoru, Ami, and Mako join Rei and Minako in line for the teacups.

They get on and Minako grabs Rei and makes a subtle beeline for the purple teacup.  The ride starts and Minako just makes it spin as fast as possible using her senshi strength.  This lasts until Rei and enough and grabs it to keep Minako from spinning it anymore.  Minako it’s like “But Rei-chan the point is to spin the teacups as much as possible!” and Rei just grumbles and mutters “God you’re such a child Minako.”

They get off the ride and both Rei and Minako are a little bit queasy but neither of them will admit it, obviously.  Of course, the path to the Teacups brought the girls over to It’s A Small World, and Usagi wants to go on it.  The others are about to say no when Ami says she’d like to go on it as well.

So they go on It’s A Small World.  Even though Usagi has a tenuous grip of the English language, she can’t stop singing the lyrics from the Japanese part of the ride.

You can get Rei LOVES that.  And of course, Minako starts singing it with Usagi just to irritate Rei.

In a futile attempt to cool Rei down, Mako suggest that they go to the princess show that’s about to start.

Usagi, Ami and Rei unanimously shoot that one down immediately.  None of them will say anything beyond “it happened before you were a senshi.”  Minako makes a mental note to ask about that later because she HAS TO KNOW.

So the senshi mosey on over to Frontierland and Minako wants to go on Big Thunder Mountain.  Sadly it’s closed for maintenance like it is ALL THE FUCKING TIME.  So they keep going and end up stopping at that place in New Orleans Square for deli sandwiches.  They keep going and decide to check out Tom Sawyer Island.  And run around in the forts and rope bridges and MINAKO STOP ROCKING THE BRIDGE I SWEAR TO GOD YOU’RE SUCH A CHILD.

It’s fun and cool and cute and good way to cool off because it’s the end of September and yet it’s still like fuckin 90 degrees what the hell is with this heat California.

Minako tries to scare the shit of Usagi while in line by saying that the ride is actually haunted and all that shit.  So as they walk in, Usagi is basically clinging to either Rei and Mamoru, but once she sees all the Nightmare Before Christmas stuff, she calms down a little bit, but she’s still a little bit scared because what if there really are ghosts on this ride Rei-chan?  Minako-chan wouldn’t lie about that.

By the end of the ride, Usagi has calmed down a lot and is fine now, but she’s hungry so Mamo buys her a churro to calm her nerves.

It’s Usagi’s first churro.

She is in sugar heaven.

“Oh my god Mako-chan you have to try one of these!”

So Mako takes a bite of Usagi’s churro and it’s eh, a little too sweet for her. Mako doesn’t really have a strong sweet tooth in my headcanon.

But Minako tries a bite of Usagi’s churro and she too, is in sugar heaven.  So she buys one for herself as well.

So the two of them go off onto Tarzan’s treehouse and burn off all that energy.  So they finally come down and Rei hands Usagi and Minako their tickets back, after having taken them to get fastpasses for Pirates of the Caribbean.  Minako convinces Usagi that there’s a fourth Jack Sparrow somewhere that’s really just Johnny Depp in costume messing with everybody.  So of course Usagi is looking all over for him and doesn’t find the fourth Jack Sparrow.

At the huge hill at the end of the ride, Ami tell Minako to get ready for a huge drop at the end of the climb.  So Minako dramatically braces herself for it because somebody as beautiful as Minako Aino can’t go around looking like a wet cat.

When there’s just the tiny drop at the end of the ride, Minako realizes she’s be had.  By Ami.  Nobody ever sees it coming.

Ami and Mako share a little smile having gotten payback for Minako’s earlier pranks.

They get off Pirates of the Caribbean, and Mako really wants to try that restaurant inside the ride, but when they go over to the Blue Bayou, they find out that you basically have to make reservations ahead of time, so that idea goes out the window.

As they get into Adventureland, Ami wants to go on the Jungle Cruise and Usagi and Minako want to go on Indiana Jones.  So they split up, with Rei, Usagi, Minako and Mamoru going on Indiana Jones and Ami and Makoto going on the Jungle Cruise.  Ami and Mako get real cuddly on the Jungle cruise boats.

The other four go on Indiana Jones and of course Minako looks right into the eye of the whatever, and reaches out across the hood to try and pull on the rope that indy is hanging from.

Ami and Mako, having had a shorter line, browse through the gift shop across from the jungle cruise and Indiana Jones, and Mako ends up buying a really cute safari hat.

The rest of the senshi come back from Indiana Jones and meet up with Ami and Mako, so all of them go on Splash Mountain.  Sadly, the boats only seat 5 and so one person has to ride in another boat.  Rei immediately nominates Minako, and Mamoru offers to sit this one out.  Ami is just muttering “apple juice” to no avail, so Mako picks up on the hint and has herself and Ami go in a separate boat. 

Usagi is sitting in the front and just ends up singing “Zippity Dooh Dah” the whole time.  Rei tries to act annoyed but actually is humming along.  When they get to the hill for the big drop, Minako calm Usagi down by saying that it’s just a little drop and that the big drop already happened at the animatronic rhino ass.

Total LIES.  Minako is still laughing about this.

They get off splash mountain and Usagi and Rei are soaked to the bone and Ami somehow didn’t get a drop of water on her what the hell.

it’s getting late and dark so they head over to the rivers of america where there’s already a huge crowd lining up for Fantastmic.

The show is awesome and Usagi loves the SHIT out of it.

The show ends and they have time for ONE MORE RIDE and so they end up on Peter Pan because it’s on the way back and it had the shortest line thank you very much.

Luckily it’s pretty fun and it lets the senshi end on a high note.

Now the park is starting to close up so they all shuffle out and stop for dinner at Downtown Disney before driving back to DTLA, with Usagi lying her head on Rei’s lap, asleep.

one day Minako finds a plushie
  • Jet Wolf:OMG Mike and I just did a whole thing
  • Jet Wolf:With Minako finding herself as a plushie
  • Jet Wolf:and doing a voice for it.
  • Jet Wolf:"Aren't you the cutest, Venus?" "No, you are!"
  • Jet Wolf:"I'm the plushie of love and beauty! Crescent Beeeaammm!" And the Minako throws glitter on Mako.
  • Jet Wolf:"What?? It was the plushie!'
  • Leigh:oh my god
  • Leigh:augh Minako takes the plushie into battle with her
  • Jet Wolf:YES. And positions it to where it looks like the plushie is attacking.
  • Jet Wolf:She love-me chains it to her back other times.
  • Jet Wolf:So it looks like she's giving it a piggy-back ride.
  • Leigh:She's constantly using it to make smartass remarks, too.
  • Leigh:"What! I didn't say it! BLAME THE PLUSHIE"
  • Jet Wolf:Mike: And then when they look at her, she points at the plushie to assign blame.
  • Jet Wolf:EXACTLY
  • Leigh:And of course she's an AWFUL ventriloquist so she doesn't even bother.
  • Jet Wolf:The most she tries is talking out of one side of her mouth. When she remembers.
  • Jet Wolf:And it's all in this super high-pitch, which is pretty impressive given Minako's already high pitch.
  • Leigh:Eventually the other Senshi get really, really annoyed with all of that
  • Leigh:Mako tries to steal the plushie
  • Jet Wolf:Actually manages to succeed. Rei has distracted Minako.
  • Jet Wolf:Thus Minako's quest to find the kidnapper and PUNISH HER.
  • Jet Wolf:But then Mako gets into it.
  • Jet Wolf:Starts sending ransom notes.
  • Leigh:oh my god and Minako just flips her lid
  • Leigh:She suspects EVERYONE
  • Leigh:even Mamoru
  • Jet Wolf:"My ... wait what?"
  • Jet Wolf:"Wait how DO you know?'
  • Leigh:Poor Mamoru keeps waking up with Minako on the windowsill STARING
  • Leigh:like some kind of huge demented bird
  • Leigh:Ami keeps getting weird notes from Minako
  • Jet Wolf:DIES with image of Minako giving Mamo the death stare on the windowsil DIES
  • Jet Wolf:still dying
  • Jet Wolf:can't stop laughing
  • Leigh:face pressed up against the glass
  • Leigh:it's like the ultimate nightmare fuel for Mamoru
  • Leigh:he still can't figure out how she gets the curtains open FROM THE OUTSIDE
  • Leigh:he pulls them shut every night and yet every morning
  • Jet Wolf:stop
  • Jet Wolf:stop i'm dying
  • Jet Wolf:i'm crying omg
  • Leigh:okay okay I'm done :P

/heavy breathing/

BOSOZOKU YUKAMITSU (And some other punks because I got carried away)

Mitsuru has the most blinged out bike out of anybody. Everything is solid gold and leather. Yukari’s bike looks like Io’s cow-throne thingy. They raced once and nobody ever dared to challenge them ever again.



It is so perfect that before Usagi ever even sees Makoto, she’s saved by her. Because they’re all her protectors, but they all have these other roles they use when protecting the princess too. Leader, psychic, brains. Makoto is just 100% fight for and protect Usagi at all costs, like a straight-up bodyguard.

The others are about predicting threats and eliminating them before they ever reach her, but Jupiter was probably the one who always stuck close to the princess. I feel like it her role was the “shield”, she’d be the one to take the hit for the princess when worst comes to worst.