Before I go to lunch, some proof for @ecaflipscoin that I have in fact been working on this, some outlines for the start of the idle animation.

I’ve been…unexpectedly really busy lately so I haven’t had much time or energy to draw at ALL lately, but with the exception of D&D tomorrow and having to bullshit an entire rough draft for my English paper, I should be able to get significantly more done this weekend, which is nice.

Main takeaway: ideation-storyboard-material/place-use of vine/tripod-record-step by step…this video makes it sound so fricken easy to make stop motion granted its probably because it’s on mobile…does stop motion animation count as video or is it a bunch of still images complied together but isn’t that what a video is…

sidesidenote: 24 vs. 30 FPS, 24: cinematic feel, 30: tv aesthetics/sitcom