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Write your name with song titles

R - Rather Be (Clean Bandit)

A-   Appudeto (Sabao Itakiss LIT OST)

N-  Napa (Miwa)

S- Sorry Sorry (Super Junior)

H-  Happiness (Che’Nelle)

E-  Evanesce (Super Junior)

L-  Lead Me to the Cross (United Hillsong)

L- Like a Star (SNSD Taeyeon & The ONE)

E-  Elastic Heart (Sia)

Why did you choose your URL?

because i’m so creative in the most wrong way imaginable its pretty obvious i just used my nickname..

What’s your middle name?


If you could be any fictional character/being who would it be?

any girl common in Dramaland that ALWAYS get to have the hot guys and be chased by them lol!!

Favorite Song?

there are so many songs on my mind right now, i could not even weigh the level of likeness among them

Top 3 Fandoms?

1. Super Junior ELF(thats not so obvious right?)

2. RomCom, light, Fluffy Dramas

3. Anime and Super Heroes

Why do you like tumblr?

because its where i could share my gifs and express myself freely.. met some wonderful people in here too

i tag awannabereader, seventh-fantasy(i know you’ve been already tag dearie but i will still tag you anyways lol), clover-blossoms, awesomeangels, yfwuhyemmi

People seem to forget that at the time he was drafted, Bucky Barnes had two living parents and three younger sisters.

He was also an excellent student, according to the museum part of CA:TWS.

Bucky was not wealthy. He may not have even been quite middle class. But he was not as poor as Steve. I’m getting really frustrated seeing all these headcanons about how Bucky and Steve had nothing but each other before the war and one was some bullshit about him “dropping out of high school to get a job and earn money for him and Steve.” 

Like??? No??? Bucky and Steve BOTH graduated high school and Bucky did very well and while he definitely considered Steve a brother, that would have made Steve PART of his family, not his whole world or his only family. If Bucky was earning money as a kid, it almost definitely was either his spending money (which, yeah, some of it would have been spent on Steve for like, candy or something to share), or it would have gone to HIS FAMILY that had four kids to support.

Can we learn to appreciate Bucky as his own character and not as half of “Bucky and Steve”, or as a broken helpless shell of the Winter Soldier?

Bucky Barnes was an intelligent, funny, charismatic, compassionate man. Please stop making him into a plot device to romanticize Steve’s poverty and bad health.

“Simmons leaving was because of how much she loved Fitz…” - Liz

“She was able to confess her love for Fitz.” - Liz

“I told you I loved you.” - Iain


a study in shadows || 1.16

living ghosts — [listen]

For the lovers who are okay with living with a ghost and memories because they’re better than nothing. For the the Doctor and Rose who said goodbye as incorporeal, intangible ghosts thanks to the power of a dying sun. For stuff of legend who let themselves believe in a false promise of forever and then were ripped apart by something other than death and became living ghosts to each other, haunting each others memories from a universe away. For believing in that promise and in each other, no matter what.

i. All of the Stars - Ed Sheeran // ii. Mercury - Sleeping At Last // iii. The Sighting - A Fine Frenzy // iv. Skinny Love - Birdy // v. C’est la mort - The Civil Wars // vi. Long & Lost - Florence + The Machine // vii. Only You - Matthew Perryman Jones // viii. Please Don’t Go - Barcelona // ix. The Violet Hour - The Civil Wars // x. Total Eclipse of the Heart - Bonnie Tyler // xi. What The Water Gave Me - Florence + The Machine // xii. Youth - Daughter // xiii. Sad - Maroon 5 // xiv. Last Kiss - Taylor Swift // xv. How - Regina Spektor // xvi. For Everything A Reason - Carina Round // xvii. Homesick - Sleeping At Last // xviii. miles - Christina Perri


Et voilà, biscuits. 

(Well I think they’re meant to be macarons, but they don’t look like no maracon I’ve ever seen before. I’m not telling Jo that though). 

Siren Song || Kylia & {OPEN}


“My heart is pierce by cupid….I distan all glittering gold…" Kylia sang. Her voice floating out across the empty space. My Jolly Sailor Bold was the mermaids favorite song to sing back home, although the song would spell certain death to some, she was sure it wouldn’t hurt anyone in the Cirque. The mermaid let her eyes slip shut, as she kept singing, not noticing the person walking toward the stage. "There is nothing can console me…but my jolly sailor bold." 

on one hand i like how this came out but on the other hand i never want to look at this image again god this took so long

it’s funny because they’re robots and their body shape wouldn’t dictate their gender regardless of whether they were machines or not so how about we stop saying kivoda is the most “feminine” and the PoE is “masculine” and therefore can’t be female.
Body shape does not determine gender. Especially not for robots who look completely goddamn identical to others of their kind (aside from maybe height, in this canon *shrug*). Their gender is whatever they say they are.
And they’re probably not even actually male or female coz they’re robots. He/him and she/her pronouns aren’t necessarily male and female pronouns, but that might be too complicated for what’s essentially a product for kids.
Wait no Steven Universe has canonically agender characters that go by she/her pronouns and also