You know what’s kind of exciting? Since gemstones are pretty much just elements and minerals compressed by gravity and and heat (and gravity and heat and those same elements exist pretty much throughout the known universe) it’s very likely that alien races, no matter how different their biology is from us, are going to encounter more or less the same gems and gemstones we have. So a planet of beings we could scarcely comprehend and that could scarcely comprehend us could watch a marriage proposal and still understand that a grand gesture of emotion is being made because, wouldn’t ya know, they exchange those same hyper compressed nuggets of carbon to express their affection too? What a wacky coincidence!

And then maybe there’s life in other places where the composition of their planet is vastly different and almost exclusively corundum and they have enormous mountains of emerald and sapphire and its their favorite building material because its so common and pretty and then they come to our planet and they’re like look! look at what those humans are wearing! and its emeralds and sapphires and they realize how highly we value and adore the basic building blocks of their home planet and their entire species just swells up with pride because those little squishy pink and brown aliens think their world is just as beautiful as they do.

And we all achieve a greater understanding and appreciation for each other because no matter how differently we may function or behave we all have a special appreciation for these colorful little lumps of pressure and heat that goes beyond our vastly different biology.

Diamonds are a sentient beings best friend!

I have wildly diverse interests XD

You guys have no idea how excited I was to get these beauties from @brenna-ivy and @granpappy-winchester today!

I haven’t even used up a quarter of the last notebook I bought, but I have a weak spot for stationary-related items, especially with art from some of my favourite artists. I need to learn to appreciate hand writing fic more.

Indicators of Depression

I was walking home yesterday with Scarlett and I was thinking about a lot of the messages that I get regarding people saying that for example ‘my Pluto in the 12th house is the worst placement ever possible in the history of astrology, this is the worst’ and that this seems ingressive, to compartmentualize parts of yourself, it’s just a natural reaction though. we want to exclude them because we want to find an element that can be held responsible for pain, traumas or internal conflicts, or destructive relationships, you know, so on

and i was thinking whenever i did mental health nursing we were always encouraged to develop and identify ‘resilience factors’. you may have heard of his because its pretty universal. So resiliency factors they say are like an adaptation to confront tragedy. These can be things like family support, education, intelligence, good self esteem, problem solving abilities, managing powerful impulses, and so on

I thought that it seems as though more of these ‘resiliency’ qualities are demonstrated through the chart. Like with Pluto in the 12th is the unconscious mastery, the profound empathy and remedial powers, the knowledge of guiding transcendence, I mean if you really wanted you could say the 12th house Pluto (for example) was  going to be singularly excluded to attribute to depression. But then I think, wait, the lord of the underworld, the LORD OF THE UNDERWORLD like the most prophetic, magic, wise, divine, the creator of destiny is your face in the 12th house, do you see your strength? Who better to walk alongside you? and that is you? this is your resiliency. you have all the energy of the underworld to blow fire in the face of sickness.

I think its natural to look to astrology for causation especially in the early days of study. its searching for a cause to the pain because maybe this will soften it, but it doesn’t. it doesn’t make the rain or the hurricanes stop. it reminds you that you are the storm


Boys want the pretty girls
they say
but who are those pretty girls?

The ones with long nails
and clothes made from magazines

the ones with straight hair
pretty, long, straight hair
hair that goes through fingers
as smooth as compliments from boys lips
because its just so pretty

Are pretty girls the ones
with a size like the dolls
in store windows
when you pass them late at night
and the only light you see
is the sparkling dress
on a petite, lifeless body

or are they the ones
with bright blue eyes
and a smile as bright
as the sunlight
or lips made from the most
luscious colour of pink

are they the ones with flawless skin
and long lashes
and rosy cheeks
and jewellery as exquisite
as the purest river on earth

pretty girls have curves and boobs
and every other part of their body
is made for the hands of boys only
every inch fitted perfectly
for hungry fingers
to sink in and do themselves a favour

pretty girls are tall
and well shaped
and sexy
and touchable
and fuckable

pretty girls
are what boys dream about at night
when loneliness lingers
in the pit of their stomach

pretty girls are like deer
in a cage of wolves
who gets them first
will tear them down
and feed from them
until their soul feels full again

but what about the other girls
the ones who are made
as an image of mother nature

with hair as thick as the branches
and eyes as colourful as the deepest forest
with shapes like the strongest trees
and skin as rough as the ground
you wish you could walk on to feel safe

who decided what was pretty
who decided that this entire landscape
of amazingly beautiful women
is living in the shadows

why cant every girl be pretty
not all flowers look the same

but until my hair grows long
and my boobs get bigger
and my eyes bluer
and my body fuller
and my skin clearer
and my smile brighter
and my
oh my

until I am pretty
i want to grow
so i can love my
and absolutely beautiful
brothers and sister
for what they are
not as a body
but as a soul


Pretty Girls

Love yourself, you are a goddess, no matter what.


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In Vampire Savior/ Darkstalkers 3 if you’re able to beat the first 3 opponents without losing both your bat emblems (A.K.A not losing a round) and finish off the opponent with a super move you’ll meet your rival for a duel. You also have a little chat with your rival before the fight so because its actually pretty rare I decided to post the rival dialogue for Lord Raptor and Hsien-Ko.  Its quite…uh…. romantic.

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henlo.... i'm like becoming obsessed with jimin... slowly but surely.... so i wanna ask a favor lol if you could possibly like link me some videos to watch (like of him dancing or him being cute and a dork and interacting with the others of BTS) i would loveeeee that!! also if u follow any cool jimin/bts blogs i want to get more into the fandom ☺️

welcome! so i’m not sure if i know a specific video but here is a playlist of all (or at least most) of the bangtan bombs and that’s a good place to start but tbh when i first discovered them all i did was randomly search youtube lol

i had to add this video because its so beautiful 

i’m pretty new to bts and i don’t follow that many people but here are a few that i could think of and i know i missed a ton:

@btsjimln @jiminsoftgf @jiminrolls @pawjimin @95sclub @cowjimin @kimdaily @sweaterpawsjimin @yoonmin @chimperfections @socialily @jeonnings @mewchim @yahjiminie

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best headcannon: Alex likes to wash Maggie's hair in the shower because its just so long and pretty. Maggie enjoys the head massage and the break from having to condition all of it herself


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Hello! I love your blog so much, your posts never fail to brighten up my day. I was wondering if you had any pictures of JK that you liked the most? Like your absolute favorites? I know it's hard because he's so pretty haha but I'm just curious! Thanks so much for such a great blog!

anon adjflasgridfjk this is so late im so sorry!! but thank you so much,, it makes me so so so happy to hear that my blog brightens your day. i honestly can’t pick my absolute favourite pictures of him bc i have a lot… and this post will get super long so i’ll just put a few that i really like from bst era!

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