I work in client servicing at a reputable international advertising agency in the Middle East. One day, we had to evacuate because there was a fairly major fire in our building. This is the conversation I had with a long-time client when I called to tell him.  

Me: Hi! I’m sorry, but we’ve had a fire emergency in our tower and we had to vacate the premises. I apologize, but I will not be able to send you the designs today.

Client: Oh no! Can’t you just email it?

Me: Sorry no. The designer was finishing it when we had to leave, and it isn’t finished.

Client: Can’t he just access his email, download it and finish it?

Me: Sorry, it was on his desktop and, since it was quite a large file, he couldn’t upload it anywhere before evacuating.

Client: Can he go back to the office and send it now?

Me: Are you asking me to send him back to a burning building so he can finish a little more quickly?

Client: Oh, I guess that isn’t possible, is it?

Me: No. We’re all okay, by the way.

Client: What?

Me: Nothing.

> Want to know if freelancing is for you?

161020 Kyungsoo fanaccounts

@0124dks: Yesterday I visited a yogurt place in Samcheong-dong and its manager told me Kyungsoo had been there TT He went after filming ended and told the manager he really likes yogurt and eats it often.. He said he wanted to visit the store because the stylist? or staff kept wondering about it ㅋㅋ cute
He had one jar of [earl gray] yogurt in the store and bought a box of that and one [with mango and blueberry topping] to give to the staff.. there isn’t another angel like him TTT

@churrokingtruck: At midnight, we ran a support event. We were requested to not have any identifiers, so we went in our plain form. We were asked by the person who loves us the most, so it’s sad we can’t reveal who it was. You have our sincere thanks today too 🙇 To everyone who has to work hard in this chilly weather, we offer our warm churros and coffee. Good night 😋

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Today I finished my MA dissertation, and although I haven’t handed it in yet, I came home to find that my mother had put this on our front door

‘Smoo’ is her childhood nickname for me, short for 'Smoochikins’, because she thought it was hilarious and twee and stupid

That is a photo of me milking a plastic cow which was full of dirty rainwater that came out of the teat

I don’t know how I turned out even relatively normal

Subtle Bedding Set

I had it set to be released yesterday. But when I wanted to make screenshots something was wrong because the bedding wasn’t showing properly. After more then an hour work I said screw it and fixed it today. There are 6 differnt subtle patterns in 7 colours. Sheets and pillows are seperate so you can mix and match :)

- You need the original mesh found here (Bed Blanket Plain & Bed Pillows Plain)
- 42 recolours

With Dean at Ikea

A short, silly drabble I came up with today!
Hope you enjoy it!

Imagine going to Ikea with Dean

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Length: 417 Words

Warnings: fluff

Originally posted by supernatural-is-my-entire-life


“Why did you drag me here again?”, Dean asked as he was standing between dozens of chairs in the seating aisle of the nearest Ikea.
You were just looking at a particular comfy looking chair and answered without even looking at him: “Because we needed new furniture.”
When you turned around again, scribbling down the number and name of the chair you had just decided you wanted, he was looking quite miserable: “No, we don´t. The one we have has been in the bunker for hundreds of years, maybe more. It will be fine.”
You shook your head but smiled at his exhausted expression: “It may be that the stuff we have will be okay for a while longer, doesn´t mean I like it.”
You made your way towards the couches and Dean followed you with a sigh: “You don´t have to like it, you just have to sit on it. If we would be home right now, I could show you how well you can sit on our furniture.”
You didn´t reply to his comment and instead sat down on a blue couch that you had immediately liked.
Dean awkwardly stood in front of it and was passed by a few moms who were running after their kids, telling them not to break stuff.
It was a hilarious sight and you grinned.
“What?”, he asked and made a face, which made you laugh even more.
He sighed: “Even if you wanted to come here, why couldn´t you just come here with Cas again?”
The memory of the angel wandering around the aisles, liking each and every thing he laid eyes on, while constantly asking while people would take so many pencils out of the boxes, made you laugh: “We tried that, remember? At the end he wanted me to buy three closets, six different pairs of sheets and sixteen mirrors because he wanted to cover a wall with them just like it was done in here.
He´s way into the whole decorate your home stuff.”
Dean cracked a small smile too: “Right.”
With a quick grab of his arm, you pulled him on the couch beside you and he sat down with an: “Uff.”
“Well?”, you asked and smiled at him, “wouldn´t it be nice to cuddle up here and watch some movies together?”
He wiggled his butt and pretended to be thinking before pressing a small kiss on your lips: “Your right of course. It´s a really nice couch.”
You stole another kiss: “Told you.”  

And once again Aaron Dingle proves that he is the most selfless and loving person on the face of the planet! Never before have I heard fear like I did in Aaron’s voice today. He was beyond terrified and his only thought was to tell Robert that he had to leave because he couldn’t be responsible for his death. Then he uses his last breath to tell Robert he loves him. Aaron Dingle deserves all the love and happiness the world has to offer and when he wakes up Robert is going to make damn sure he gets it.


GUESS WHO HAS NO CHILL AND GOT ANOTHER BELLARKE SHIRT (and so now has two shirts with only one couple from episode from one show it’s fiNE) 




(wow so much guessing hope you can figure it out)

Love you fam!!!! Tag me in those selfies if you want 😊

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DAY 3126

Jalsa, Mumbai            Oct 20/21,  2016              Thu/Fri  1:26 am

It is late again and there is guilty written all over my face .. more because now I shall rush the matter and simply ply with you with pictures and depart .. but what can be done ..?

So .. 

A bit of shaded Sarkar 3 and then -

another prize from the MAMI film fest at its inauguration at the Royal Opera House, that had been in tatters but now restored today to its final glory and, a condition that was demonstrated by me at an event which discusses the future of Mumbai .. and I had suggested that the Royal Opera House  which was in an abandoned condition, dilapidated and shorn and worn of all its glory, lying ignored and broken .. to have had it restored to its original glory ..

And they did it .. andits a wonder now .. of immense joy and pleasure ..

Then the film PINK is being released of the Tv channel STAR, on the 23 rd and they have undertaken a massive marketing campaign, which included flushing Jalsa with the color pink ..

And before I get into that state when I shall forget what I write and think .. let me take leave of absence from all ..

Looking happily at some of the worst case scenarios ..

And then :

Amitabh Bachchan


if that’s not a reason for me to continue maining genji i don’t know what else could be

ok so today my friend pointed at my arm and asked me what happened because she thought i had a scab but what really happened was that i laid on a piece of chocolate that i was eating in bed earlier and i had it on my elbow all day. if that doesn’t describe me idk what does

rap monster’s wings review on v app

jungkook was supposed to write the lyrics for begins, but he had a hard time so he came to rap monster for help

rap monster said that he wrote the lyrics based on things that jungkook had said to him

so like apparently one time, jungkook started to cry in front of rap monster (bts?) and so rap monster asked him if anything was wrong and if he was going through a hard time. jungkook said no, nothing is wrong but he literally talked about how when he first came to bts he had nothing and couldn’t do anything but because of his members (his hyungs) he was able to become who he is today.


I just thought of this. For awhile now, Emmerdale has had Aaron question Robert’s feelings for him. Everything from Lawrence’s warnings to Aaron’s jealousy with Rebecca. I mean it makes sense that he questions Robert’s feelings because a.) of how they first got together and how fucking shady Robert was back then and b.) the fact that Aaron has incredibly low self-esteem and doesn’t feel he is worthy of love. But after today’s episode, when Aaron makes it out okay (and he better) he’s gonna know that Robert loves him completely and truly. Robert saved his life. Adam even tells Aaron “Don’t worry! Robert saved you, mate! You’re gonna be all right!” and it has so many meanings. Ugh. I love Aaron and Robert so much.


161020 M Countdown.

Today finally after almost 2 years I’ve met Hyungwon. By an accident… Actually because of my work I can’t go to music shows, so I was supposed to meet my friend who had some laptop problem at the MCD location, and just chill with her. But when I was arriving I noticed that people were leaving so I figured that the live is over. And then I just saw them. Monsta X were going across the square to shoot smth at another building. And… I just went for it. I’ve called CHAE! HYUNG! WON! and he kinda glanced back and then he stopped completely, turned 180 degrees bowed to me, waved, tilted his head on a side and said annyeoonnnnng~

And then hour later I saw them on their way out and I called for him again and he looked at me ;~; And I’ve got an eye-contact from him before I called even… Ah…………. dreams come true…. truly….

Did I really just spend an entire evening with Ben Ebbrell??

So I went for a meet up with Ben today in Delhi. For the first time ever being in India was a blessing because only 6 people showed up out of which 3 left pretty early. The rest of us talked to ben about everything from cooking to school to London to YouTube.  I spent a good amount of time talking to him about Rhett and Link. He loves them :) He talked about why he admired them so much. He told me he liked their sense of commitment of doing a show every day. And that’s something he related to. He also said how nice Rhett and Links office was:) and he asked me if I watched buddy system! He added how creative and fun to hang out with they are ❤️

Then we took Ben out for dinner which he tweeted about :) overall it was an incredible out of this world evening and Ben is such a cutie, I kinda love him now 😊😊

First workout since Saturday of last weekend before we left for vacation! Jordan and I spent a few days in downtown Portland, Maine and it was incredible. We packed gym clothes and didn’t go to the gym once because we were way too busy eating and enjoying ourselves. I can feel that I put on about 5lbs, but I don’t even care. Vacation was amazing and it was so worth it. And we walked a ton – one day we did about 10 miles between shopping around and finding different places to eat. I had gelato for dessert THREE NIGHTS IN A ROW (because there was an incredible place directly next to our hotel), amazing Maine potato donuts at the Holy Donut (we got a dozen and ate them all between the two of us in three days). I had so much fun that I honestly didn’t want to come home.


Anyway, today I worked and got home at around 7. Jordan is still on vacation from work until Saturday so I asked him to wait for me to hit the gym until tonight. I did a quick shoulder day and about 45 minutes of cardio. It’ll probably take me a week or two to get back to feeling less fluffy, but I actually enjoyed myself at the gym tonight.

P.S. – if you guys want to check out a few photos of our trip, I posted a bunch on IG. My username there is thackeryybinxx 😎

October 20, 2016 - Continued

This is gonna be lengthy, I’m sorry.

I’ve collected myself after finishing today’s episode. It was truly incredible. The stories were all intriguing, brought together in an organic way that didn’t seemed forced, and had a truly edge-of-your-seat climax. Let’s talk about my favorite things about this “event” and how well it was executed.

1.) First of all, I’ve loved every episode this week. As I said in an earlier post, the Robron episode was my favorite, because duh. But everything from the cinematography to the directing to the fantastic performances while still maintaining the feeling of Emmerdale was phenomenal. The subtle uses of imagery and symbolism throughout this week were wonderful. It felt so cinematic and heightened but I knew I was still watching Emmerdale. It was Emmerdale taken to the next level. So. fucking. good. Kudos to all involved, everyone was at the top of their game.


- a.) I’ve actually been a fan of the whole Rhona/Paddy/Pierce storyline as opposed to others I’ve seen around Tumblr because I really like Rhona and Paddy as characters. Although I’m sick of affairs on the show, and Paddy has become rather unlikable in his inability to accept responsibility for his HUGE mistakes, I will always love Dominic Brunt and Paddy and Marlon together always makes me smile. I care about Paddy a lot, even when I want to punch him for being so stupid. I like Rhona too, because she’s interesting and the actress who plays her is fantastic. Pierce, although handsome as fuck, has always made me uneasy but he has flashes of likability and it’s clear he truly does love Rhona. I just like this storyline because I’m really interested to see where it goes and where the characters end up.

- b.) The Emma/James storyline is AWESOME. I’ve always hated Emma because she’s crazy and hurts people I like (CHAS) but at the same time, she’s such an interesting, complex villain. She shows genuine moments of likability and relatability, which makes the idea of her as a villain so terrifying. It’s just waiting for her to snap that was great, and dear god was it great when she finally went over the edge. As soon as I realized she was Misery-ing James, I got so excited to where her character was going. That actress who plays Emma (I don’t know her name) better win Best Villain in the upcoming awards. She was fantastic. Dressing James up in a suit and her dressing in her old wedding gown, killing that chicken and having the little bit of blood splattered on the front of her dress (James’ reaction to that was priceless), stapling the note to James’ tie - all spectacular crazy villain stuff that I just eat up. The fact that she, when it comes down to it, was the one who caused the crash(es), even though it seems to have been more or less accidentally, just makes her an even more terrifying presence on the show. I fucking love the Emma storyline, and this just made everything about her more intriguing. When she gets the news that James is alive at the end, I was like “YES!” and loved seeing her reaction. I hope she gets whats coming to her for all the terrible things she’s done, but I still absolutely love her as an all-out crazy-ass soap villain. Sorry, I really ranted talking about this, but apart from Robron, this was my second favorite storyline leading up to the crash.

- c.) CAN WE TALK ABOUT ASHLEY PLEASE?! Oh my god how heartbreaking. Such wonderful performances by everyone involved (Ashley, Laurel, Arthur, etc.) The way his “point-of-view” story played out in today’s episode was incredible. From having the jump cuts to show you what he goes through when he forgets to the symbolism of the blinking clock in his room to reflect what he was going through was so well done. I was so terrified for him (still am, from the way the episode ended) and I want to know right NOW what’s going to happen to him.

3.) Robron gets it’s own category. A lot of what I was gonna to say, I know all Robron fans feel. This was a great “event” to step up their relationship. From having Aaron finally tell Robert “I love you” (since they got back together, I mean) to Robert wanting to propose to Aaron, it was all things I wanted to see and thought it was really well executed. But of course, they had to throw a wrench into things to really mess up their fates. At least the show didn’t go down a route I didn’t want it to go, like one of them cheating on the other or some kind of dumb misunderstanding. They went with them being involved in the crash, which I wasn’t expecting because I don’t read spoilers, and at the end of the day, I’m okay that they did that. BUT it was incredibly painful for me to watch. The way Aaron’s voice sounded when he woke up in the car…literally my heart hurt. When he was panicking about being trapped and when he told Robert “I love you” before going underwater….I was not okay. I also loved that Aaron immediately mentioned Lachlan when he came to, showing that Aaron, although sometimes dumb, is not without compassion. (If anything felt forced story-wise this week, it was Aaron kidnapping Lachlan.) Part of me knows Aaron will be okay, because Emmerdale does not want an audience revolt on their hands, which would absolutely happen if Aaron died, but I really doubt they would kill him off. I mean, especially after Paul died on EastEnders, Emmerdale knows we would not stand for anything like that. But seeing Robert do everything he can to save Aaron and seeing Adam cry over him in the ambulance and call Chas, I was happy with the drama this storyline produced. It’s a compelling, intriguing storyline and I’ve loved watching it. And, of course, Danny Miller and Ryan Hawley are fantastic.

Thank you for indulging me about this week’s episodes. I just absolutely loved it. I really did mean it in my last post when I said today’s episode is one of my favorite episodes of Emmerdale ever. What could have been another generic ratings-desperate soap event was instead a heart-breaking, pulse-pounding, emotional batch of episodes that were not only well-acted, but incredibly well-written and well-directed cinematic-level episodes.

If Emmerdale doesn’t win Best Soap at the next award shows, I’ll cry foul.

P.S. Also Emmerdale, thanks for having Finn be involved at the end. They really made him a hero, which was great. I love Finn and I want him in a lot more episodes, and this was a good start.

Today started off well and just went to crap. I am sick of being bullied by healthcare professionals. Today I had two appointments, one for my oncologist and one for my primary physician. Both treated me like complete garbage. I was asking for refills on several medications that I no longer have refills for and it was this huge hassle. I’ve already been dealing with a bad cold for the last two weeks and I just wanted my refills and antibiotics.  I was told I was “really fat” for my age and that although my mental health was improving my weight was suffering because of it. I just could not deal. I asked about a vaccine that I needed before coverage would be taken away from me and again my primary said I needed to go to a specialist yet made no referral. I cannot go to a specialist without a fucking referral. It isn’t allowed by my insurance. Whatever, I left, with my prescriptions to my antibiotics and none for my refills and headed to the pharmacy. They couldn’t read the script, were on hold for fifteen minutes and told me to come back tomorrow. I am home, I removed those two doctors from my insurance and now am on the waiting list for two new ones. I am fucking done. I am going to go smoke, then nap and when I wake up, shuffle some Tarot cards. I just can’t with today.

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Full speech delivered by Roger Federer on the Official Opening of Rafa Nadal Academy

I’m really here to honour the great man, Rafa. I think it’s wonderful that he’s taken this journey on to give the kids something back. I’ve been around the game 17 years. I’ve seen a lot of hard workers and inspiring players, but you’ve been the one in my opinion who has been the most inspiring, and most influential and made me the player I am today. Because you’re left-handed, because of your spin, because of the intensity you bring to the court, I had to re-invent and re-work my game entirely. And that’s because of the person you are and how much you’ve trained. I’ve seen you prepare for tournaments and practises the same way, which I can’t do, because my mind doesn’t allow me to. I can’t prepare for matches and practises this long. We’re completely different when it comes to this. I admire everything and how you do it, and I hope you can still do it for many more years to come. I really wish you good health. I think it’s of the utmost importance. 

I’m going through my first big injury now. It’s been fairly easy for me. I’ve enjoyed my time at home. I’ve enjoyed seeing my family, practice has been easy. But I don’t know how it’s going to be when I come back. You’ve done it a million times, so there again I can be inspired by you. How easily you always came back. I know it’s not easy but you made it look easy! You were always right away back in the Top 10, Top 5, World No. 1. That’s something I’m going to be thinking about when I come back to the tour in January.

When we saw each other in India last year, I heard of the Academy and I knew that you were building something big in your home village. I thought it was wonderful but I didn’t know exactly what it was gonna be like and I told you, if you want me to come around, I would be very happy because I was on vacation a month earlier, with Mirka, my wife. And I thought, What if I built an academy, what I would wish for my biggest rival, Rafa. I would wish he’d pick up the phone and say, “I’ll come to your home, play an exo with you, or do something for you.” So I say, okay, I don’t have an academy, so let me go to Rafa and offer my day. And he’s like - it’s okay, don’t worry, I’m fine, I don’t want to bother you and all that. Never heard anything from Rafa for months. So I guess he’s fine and all that. Then we did a video in Monaco. I reminded the friends, the team - It’s still open, I’m happy to come! I want to come! Of course I want to come see it. And when he told me he’s building 20 plus courts, and a hotel, a museum, everything, I was like, my god! This is such a huge undertaking that, I really don’t want to miss it. So finally I did get the call and he says, please come in October. I say,I’m ready. Now I get plenty of time. 

I am super happy to be here, I just want to let you know. I hope the kids are going to learn from this great man. He’s one of the greatest we’ve ever had. His attitude speaks for itself. Thanks for the invitation, Rafa I wish you all the best.I hope it’s going to be a wonderful academy. One thing’s for sure, I know where I’m gonna send my kids if they want to learn tennis. I’m going to send them right here!    

Rafa’s speech to Roger

13 Nights of Halloween: Magic

Turning thirteen was a big deal for most kids, but in the Irwin house turning thirteen meant more than just the start of the prepubescent teen years. In the Irwin house, turning thirteen meant reaching your full magical potential as a wizard by getting a unique wand. And today was a very special day in the Irwin house because today was Jack’s, Ashton’s eldest child, thirteenth birthday

You were busy in the kitchen cooking Jack’s favorite dish while your youngest, Frankie observed you. Ashton had yet to come in from the garage with Jack’s gift causing you to prolong your breakfast. You didn’t want to call Jack down without Ashton – unfortunately, Jack had other plans. 

“It’s my birthday!” Jack thundered down the stairs, nearly missing the last two steps. “Mom, guess what? It’s my birthday!” 

“Happy Birthday Jack.” You kissed his forehead before offering him his favorite breakfast, pumpkin pancakes. “You better wish your brother happy birthday, Frankie.” 

“Happy birthday,” Frankie mumbled through a mouth full of pancakes. 

“There’s my birthday boy! My first full wizard!” Ashton kissed the mop of hair on Jack’s head before placing a rectangle box in front of him. 

“Is that my wand?” 

“You’ll just have to open it and see.” Ashton winked, motioning for Jack to open the present. 

Jack did as any thirteen year old boy would, he tore through the paper letting the scraps fly all around the table. Once the paper was gone, Jack yanked at the table before cautiously pulling back the edges.

Inside was a wand, the most magnificent wand Jack had ever seen. 

The handle was made of an elegant wood with Jack’s initials carved into the divots  in the handle. The whole thing was stained black giving it a sheik appearance. It was everything Jack wanted and so much more. 

“I love it!“ Jack leaped out of his chair, grabbing both Ashton and you into a hug – Frankie joined in too. 

“We’re so glad you like it,” you said. 

“What do you say we test it out?” Ashton asked. 

“Can we?” Jack shouted. 

“Of course!” Ashton smiled. “How else are your mom and I supposed to know whose wizarding genes you inherited!”