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Reflection Part 2: Class Reunion

Original Summary: It’s a new semester at the school where Natsu teaches, and he’s in for a surprise once he steps through the doorway to find a familiar face… once that really, really shouldn’t be there. 

a/n: this is the third (well, technically fourth) thing that I’ve posted today! That’s gotta be some sort of record for me, lol. But, I’ve been putting this off for way too long and promised my twin ( lonestorm​ ) forever ago that I would make a part 2 of this and… i finally did it. I hope you guys are ready for some major cheesiness, because how else would I write a nalu reunion(;

I hope you enjoy<3

“Would you stop fidgeting? You look fine.”

Layla frowned, keeping her head down and eyes on the studded heels that her mother had all but forced onto her feet. They were completely impractical for walking on the field- she knew for a fact they would immediately sink into the grass- and she had tried voicing such reason to her mother, but to no avail.

“I’m actually surprised you’re not more into this sort of thing.” Natsu gestured to the line of students behind the bleachers, preparing for the announcer to introduce them one by one. It was homecoming night, and somehow the young blonde had been coerced into participating. “Your mom used to look forward to this stuff all year.”

“Yeah well,” the girl huffed, adjusting the top of her strapless dress that her mother’s assistant Virgo had helped pick out. “I do love clothes and this sort of stuff, but walking out there in front of the entire school in these clothes is another story. Do you see the shoes she’s making me wear?”

Natsu chuckled, reaching out to squeeze the girl’s shoulder before sending her off in the direction of the other kids. “Stop worrying so much. You’ll be fine.”

“Says the guy who gets to watch from the sidelines,” she grumbled, pausing to twirl a piece of blonde hair around her finger that had lost some of its curl.

“Hey now, I’ve served my time. Who do you think walked Luce down the field all four year-“ Natsu stopped, noticing the girl’s shift in body language. While both had grown closer since the first semester, and both were all but certain that he was Layla’s long lost father, the girl had yet to ask for confirmation from her mother.

She didn’t want to get her hopes up, just in case, and Natsu understood that.

It was true that they’d since bonded since the first day of school and Natsu had started to act the slightest bit more paternal, but until they knew the truth, he was still her teacher before anything else. Bringing up Lucy and their previous high school romance was the wrong thing to say in front of the freshman, who was still coming to terms with the fact her favorite teacher could possibly wind up being her previously estranged father of fifteen years.

“Hey,” he said, softening his voice. “Don’t worry, really. You’ll be fine.”


“I promise.”

“Pinky promise?”

“Layla,” he laughed, sending her in the direction of the field once more. “Go already.”

“Don’t trip!” He called after her, smirking when he saw the glare that she shot him over her shoulder.


“That’s Mister Jerk to you!”

“Would you stop fidgeting? You look fine.”

Natsu took a deep breath, running a hand through his hair before checking his watch for the sixth time in the past five minutes. “I’d say de ja vu if I didn’t feel so nauseous.”

Layla wrinkled her nose at him. “That doesn’t even make sense.”

“Yes it- shut up!”

She laughed, enjoying seeing her teacher so flustered. She couldn’t really blame him though, and understanding where his nerves were coming from.

It was parent teacher night.

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Just call me detective unstable because I've been there and done that Benson.

1. Work was so slow today I had time to clean my entire store, learn how to belly dance, take a photo of the view from my mountain side location and avoid eating any food. This should amaze everyone.

2. My son is currently at a pool party with 5 girls and himself and this is so not something I’d usually facilitate but he seems harmless and he brought a veggie tray so what could possibly go wrong.

3. I’m so tempted right now to go to the bar by myself and wear something hot and see if anyone offers to buy me a drink or a sweater to cover my tits but I’m scared to be out alone. at least my nipples don’t look like tube socks. So that’s nice.

4. Someone in my neighborhood woke up to a bear sitting in the back of their truck today and I just can’t even with how that must have looked. He just wants a ride to work tell him to duck down it should work out just fine.

5. I’ve gotten so many 5’s at work on customer surveys the store at the other post asked me to work for them but there’s no pay increase and if I wanted to drive hundreds of miles with nothing to show for it I’d go back to my ex.

Just kidding he’d never take me back I’ll just keep working where I do and maybe one day I’ll fall on to something amazing Like plastic surgery or a nice phallic object that doesn’t resemble a blade of grass.

Marijuana (n.m.)

| Requested by sprdlove: if you can..only if im not annoying you, can you do another like: y/n’s nate girlfriend and shes getting really mad about this “marijuana” thing because she wants the better for nate and then they get into a huge fight in the studio and she storms out there and sam go calm her down and cute stuff?? <3


I was in the studio in LA today with Nate and Sam. This was just like any other day. We went to the studio, watched them record some songs and that was basically it. I wasn’t really bothered since I had fun seeing my boyfriend do what he loves.

As both of the boys came back in from their break, Nate has the usual gross smell around him.


I hated weed. I hated that Nate was smoking weed, but I couldn’t do anything about it since is was his choice of smoking after all.

Whenever I talked with him about weed, he kept cutting my off and changing the subject. But I was so done with it now. I cared about him and his damn health. “Nate,” he looked up at me with confusion. “you okay?” He nodded.

“Yeah, sure.”

“Can we talk?” Sam and Pierre were doing God knows what, so they didn’t hear us.

“Sure.” Nate’s brain was always a little turned off whenever he smoked.

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Young One - Sammy Wilk Imagine (Requested)

You and Sammy had been dating for 3 months now and your relationship was kept a secret from the media and the fans.
Why was it a secret you may ask? Well I was underage and Sammy didn’t want me to get shit for it like Madison Beer did. In fact because of that Madison was jealous as her and Gilinsky had tried to keep their relationship confidential but later the fans found out and it was a big problem and she got heaps of hate.

Later today Sammy and I were going for lunch with Madison, Gilinsky, Johnson, Nate and Swazz.
It was currently 11:45am and we agreed to meet at Nate’s favourite diner at 12:30pm. I really wasn’t looking forward to seeing Madison.
“Sammy?” I called out as he exited our bathroom.
“Yeah babe?”
“Do we have to go today?”
“Babe I know Madison doesn’t like you but it still doesn’t mean we can’t catch up with the boys”.
I just nodded and agreed. I had tried to be friends with Madison but her jealously just stood in the way of what could have been a great friendship. Whatever, her loss, quoted by Sammy.

After getting ready we left for the diner and we were there just in time.
We walked in I gave each of the boys a hug and then I saw Madison. She looked at me up and down then looked away. “Oh well” I thought.
After ordering we sat and talked for sometime then Gilinsky and I got caught up talking. I glanced in Madison’s direction and she was on her phone, probably annoyed.
After we all finished, we said our goodbyes and left the diner.
On the way home, I checked my phone as Sammy was driving and I noticed a million notifications, I just brushed itboff and decided I would look at them when I got home.
As we got home I opened the phone and checked my twitter and it was crazy.
“Sammy is your twitter as messed up as mine?”
“Ahhh, lemme check”
“Okay” I replied back.
After a minute Sammy came back in the living room and said “ah yeah it’s out of whack”.
“Oh ok” I said.
I decided I would find out what was happening then a tweet popped up.

It was from Madison’s account
I read it and it had a blurry picture of me and Gilinsky talking and alongside it she tweeted
“And she’s ment to be with Sammy?”
Well I had enough and I showed it to Sammy.
“Ugh, why did she do this?” He asked me.
“I don’t know, I didn’t anything to her so..”
“It’s alright we’ll figure it out” Sammy said.
Once again I just nodded.
I went back to my room and I kept through the hashtags fans made of me and Sammy.
And it just went on.
As I kept on scrolling I noticed that many fans were supportive and out of 100%, 5 percent of fans didn’t support our relationship.
Then I heard Sammy on the phone and I guessed that he was talking to Gilinsky.
After he had finished talking. He looked back at me and said “Gilinsky told her to take the tweet down, I’m sorry babe”.
“Don’t worry Sammy the fans and media were bound to find out anyway, and when i looked in twitter there were hashtags supporting us and some really cute tweets about us”.
“What so, you didn’t get shit?”
“Well there were a few but that’s only a minority compared to all the others who support us.” I replied.
“Well that good I guess, I just didn’t want you to shit for your age and…”
“Sammy don’t worry, all’s good baby and Madison’s probably even more jealous right now, because her plan completely backfired.”
“Hahaha, yeah probably” he agreed with a smile.
“You wanna cuddle?” I asked.
And of the answer was a yes.

Here you are babes😘
Hope you enjoyed it.

Rose 💖


  1. open all your drafts
  2. turn on this youtuberepeat of mr brightside
  3. do all of your drafts while listening to mr brightside

angst, fluff, smut, anything … you have to keep listening to mr brightside. there is no such thing as “mood music” anymore for inspiring your writing. if you stop listening, you lose. if you’re not humming it to yourself by the time you finish everything, you lose. if you don’t pause every so often to jam out and sing along, you lose. have fun

part 7 of the unnamed pearl/rose fic

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6

“Welcome, counselor.”

As Rose entered the chamber, a gem dressed in blue smiled politely, nodding as she took her seat. The one in yellow, which Pearl knew as Yellow Diamond sat across from Rose’s seat. Pearl, however, was aware that her common name, the one she had before she took the title of counselor, was Citrin.

Against the wall were pearls, each perfectly stoic and serene. Pearl took her place beside them, attempting to mask her anxiety with a similar countenance.

“I see you brought your pearl as well- that’s good because something has come up and we wish to vote on the matter today,” Yellow Diamond was smiling, but the action seemed dangerous. The glint in her eyes set Pearl on edge, though her counterparts either didn’t notice or didn’t mind, “and you may wish to have notes taken.”

Rose sighed softly, but straightened in her seat, “And what issue would that be?”

“An issue that I feel you will find very interesting, Pink Diamond,” she used her title, and Rose’s composure changed to match, “regarding the production of new gems and the procedures for disposal of defects.”

Pearl tensed- this, of course, was noticed by the pearl closest to her- noticed and recorded, for this pearl belonged to Yellow Diamond.

She did her best to relax, and Rose, no, Pink Diamond, glanced at her in a motion that was not ignored by her antagonist.

“Is something that matter, Rose? It seems you wish to say something to your pet.”

Yellow Diamond’s pearl smiled, just barely, just enough that Pearl could notice it, but Rose stared at the gem directly across the table from her, who she outsized by no inconsiderable amount and said, “Pearl. Take notes for tonight’s session. I want every detail.”

“Yes, Pink Diamond, of course.”

Her training over rode her nervousness in that moment as she snapped to attention to answer her Master’s order. She began cataloging all the information she could, from the derisive nature of the pearls besides her to the seating arrangement of the counselors, to the way the sun streamed through the windows that sat far above and scattered light down through the chamber. Pink Diamond (Rose?) could sort through the information later; her gem glowed faintly as she took in the room, and her eyes glazed as she stood by, so as not to catch her own self in the recordings.

Pink Diamond sighed. Pearl recorded it with no contemplation for the action.

“Let us continue, then, and get to the bottom of this issue. Some of us would prefer to be home, rather than surprised with a sudden proceeding with no preparation.”

“Is there a reason you would rather be home today, Rose? Or do you just find your duties tiring?”

“Not tiring, Citrine, just unexpected. As you see, I lacked the foresight to prepare, unlike yourself and Blue Diamond did,” at this, she motioned to the stacks of paperwork the other gems had beside them- Blue Diamond studied the table top, embarrassed, while Yellow Diamond smirked, “and I am now required to vote on an issue that I can not reference or argue the legalities of.”

Pearl recorded, Citrine sat back, cockily, and Blue Diamond cleared her throat uncomfortably, “In any event, we should at least discuss the issue. As you know, gem population growth is in decline- more and more gems are…” she glanced at Pearl, who recorded but didn’t notice, “created with defects. We think it would be wise to dig deeper into the crust, and to use the defects that arise to learn from.”

“Learn from how, exactly?”

“How to find use for them, of course! We wasted resources creating them, why shouldn’t we try and get value from them?” Yellow Diamond leaned forward, calculating.

“Because, firstly, I believe that the mass production of gems is precisely what is causing the issues you claim are happening, combined with diminishing, lower quality resources, and secondly, because life doesn’t need to be valuable to have value.”

“Yes, yes, romanticism aside, do you keep a machine when it no longer functions? Or do you replace it?”

“And of my first point?”

“You would have us decline our numbers? Refrain from growth?”

“Our resources are no longer sufficient to sustain a population growth- I have been doing research and it seems that we have used up most of our planet’s ability to create new life. It would be in our best interest to keep from wasteful consumption.“

"And of the resources our scouts bring back from their trips to other planets?”

“The metals and minerals are nice, but they can not be a long term solution. It is expensive and time consuming to ship these materials back, only for them to be used in one quarter of a cycle.”

“So what you’re saying is that we should move gem production to those planets, as opposed to shipping those resources back to ours?”

Rose opened her mouth, closed it and then looked to Pearl who was straight backed against the wall taking in the scene, “Pearl, please tell me the number of uninhabited planets that have resources consistent with our needs.”

“There are 1,435,896 planets within 1.5 light years that fit that criteria, Pink Diamond.”

Rose’s gaze lingered a little longer on Pearl, who didn’t seem to notice. Yellow Diamond’s pearl, whose gem was perfectly round and smooth, had a look of contempt. “Thank you, Pearl.”

Pearl did not respond, instead remaining still, her pale complexion a stark contrast to the grays of the rounded walls. 

“Pet, how many of those planets are capable of sustaining life?”

“1,823, Master, if life is defined as requiring dihydrogen monoxide and an atmosphere to protect against radiation, as we know is common is most worlds.”

Yellow Diamond’s pearl was definitely smirking now, and Pearl felt flicker of annoyance stir under her affected calm.  

“There are far fewer planets capable of supporting life than there are random balls of rock floating around space, and you know that, Rose.” Rose remained silent, so Citrine continued, “We have known for eons that the planet must have at least a history of life in order to incubate new gems.”

“So, we must vote then. Continue incubating on planet or seek out new worlds for their resources." 

"Between the two, I have no choice but to vote for the latter, under the provision that any planet hosting advanced life forms is spared." 


"And on the second measure? Regarding what to do with gems that you deem…defective?” The word sat in the air between the two gems for a moment, Citrine gloating and Rose disgusted, “You had said we needed to vote on that issue today as well." 

"Perhaps that one can be tabled for another day, since we accomplished so much in such a short period." 


"I look forward to conferencing with you on who is best to head the exploration team. Same time next week?" 

"Sounds lovely." 

Yellow Diamond, who was followed hastily by Blue Diamond and their respective pearls left as quickly as Rose herself had come. 

She glanced at Pearl again, who was still focused on her prescribed task and sighed.

She could help but feel as if she had been played even more than she had thought.

She looked up at the winodws far above and watched the dimming light.
Only time would tell, she supposed.

"Come on, Pearl, it’s time to go home.”

You know, cuddling naked with your other half is supposed to be calming and relaxing. Until it’s 4:30 and the pizza delivery guy fucked up and ended up at your door because he had the wrong room number so you get to stand, covering yourself with a pillow while explaining to him for the ninth time that no, you did not order pizza and no, this isn’t the correct room. Afternoon though, today’s off to a pretty stressful start. But what’s up?

Pairing: Niall/Harry 

w/c: 2.2 k

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anonymous asked:

How would you respond to a close friend losing their patience with you over your mental health? This happened to me for a minute today and I really didn't know how to respond because I was so hurt. I know they were frustrated because they don't want me to be unhappy but I don't think that's an excuse.

I’ve had a friend throw my social anxiety in my face during an argument and honestly it fucking hurt and still does. Regardless of your friend’s intentions, it’s not okay for them to make you feel bad for being mentally ill and if you can, I would recommend telling them that. But then again I didn’t even take my own advice so who knows. I just know that after that I find it hard to trust them anymore.

thesaera asked:

today some kid pasted what i'm 90% sure was your big dumb face in my lobby at work. i pretended not to notice. unfortunately, a boss-type person ripped it off the wall, like, ten minutes later, and had me throw it away because it "wasn't approved" by the school. i was sad to see it go.

My big dumb face! Noooo! What’s the process of getting approved? Let me know and I will have the necessary paperwork drafted up and sent over ~immediately~

some newbie at the salon tried to bleach out his friends hair today and i have no idea why he didn’t bother getting a second opinion on his formulations because he clearly had no idea what the hell he was doing… anyway i guess he mixed the bleach with a 40 volume developer. which is something you can get away with if you’re using low-end hair bleach from sally’s but we use goldwell at the salon and their stuff is scary powerful. like to put it into perspective ive used their bleach with a 20 vol on black hair (like both black as in the color and black as in belonging to a black person) and have gotten it blonde. and if that wasn’t bad enough he STUCK HER UNDER THE DRYER FOR A HALF HOUR… so when he shampooed the bleach out of her hair it just like. disintegrated. like if you touched her hair it would fall right out. and he was still trying to do damage control when i left but omfg that poor lady probably left without any hair at all… who allowed this to happen honestly. who let that boy near bleach

i was practicing driving in a parking lot with my mom today and a cop pulled in and i just casually drove to the other side of the building so we could switch seats and get the hell out of there cause i don’t even have a temporary license yet lol…. but good thing is !! i’m getting a whole lot better with driving, a few months ago I thought it would be years before i could because I had terrible issues with anxiety and OCD that made it not safe for me to be behind the wheel, and those issues aren’t resolved but i feel a lot more confident now and i don’t feel like i’m putting anyone in danger.

I’m also applying for some jobs that i’m nervous about but also super excited for! i emailed three people to ask if i could use them as references (they all said yes!) and i had help from my mom but i used my own email address instead of having my mom completely do it for me like i usually do because i’m too scared. and that sounds super pathetic but is actually a big accomplishment. i’m also going to be a sub next year for the preschool i volunteered in last year which is pretty awesome cause i feel like they take me really seriously there and know that i’m responsible and good with the kids and can do the job. I subbed a few times this year and it was pretty nice to actually get a pay check… but that was just a bonus because I love love love love spending time with those kids it makes me so so happy!!!!! For the first time in a long time i feel encouraged about my future!!! 


Well, no, it’s not quite her birthday yet, but let’s get in the mood for it anyway because I had an idea today!

So, as y’all probably know, Jo will turn 50 this year, and I thought this was just the right time to launch a little video project. Here’s what you have to do to participate:

  • Record a video of yourself singing “Happy Birthday” (does the header start to make sense now?). You can to that by yourself, with a friend or a larger group of people - the more, the better!
  • Send it to me. You can upload it to dropbox or something comparable and send me the link so I can download it, or you could just send me the actual video file. (You can message me on Tumblr, send an e-mail to, and I will happily tell you where to find me on Skype if you message me off anon.)
  • Reblog this post if you want to. I won’t make you, but if you could help me spread this post, that would be awesome!
  • Please try and send in your video until July 25th.

I will use a short clip of each video and put them together so that in the end, we’ll have a laaarge group of Potterheads singing Jo a Happy Birthday. Does that sound like a good idea? I think it kind of does, to be honest. ^^

If there are any more questions, please feel free to ask me - and now go grab a camera, fellow Potterheads! xx

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because I just reached my first thousand whaaaaat

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This scene is so adorable. It reminded me of Teuchi’s chapter from Konoha Hiden.

“Heyo, lad. Do you wanna come over and eat something?”

Teuchi had called out with a smile on his face, but the young boy jolted with a start, his whole body shaking.

It had just passed dinner time, so the shop was empty. Teuchi had noticed the child constantly sneaking glances towards Ichiraku’s as he wandered aimlessly on the streets.

He hadn’t just seen the boy today, either. The kid been wandering around here a lot the past few days, and Teuchi had gotten used to the sight of him. He would always walk hesitantly towards the shop, and then walk away, back and forth without ever actually coming in.

Sooner or later, Teuchi had found himself getting curious about the young boy always wondering around his field of vision.

It was because every time Teuchi saw him, the child was all alone.

Today as well, the boy was hunching his shoulders against the cold weather, sneaking quick peeps inside the store every few minutes. There weren’t any other customers around to deal with anyway, so Teuchi just instinctively called out to him.

The child approached him slowly, trembling with nerves. But Teuchi slid out a bowl of ramen towards the boy, and that tiny, frightened face instantly lit up.

- translation by cacatuasulphureacitrinocristata