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when I gave my first blowjob, the guy basically had to jack off the whole time until he was almost done because I couldn't make him cum by myself. I was actually so embarrassed lol

Omg that’s ok it was your first time

(Let’s hope you get the reference from the picture lmao)

Hey so I just hit 600 followers which is un-frickin-believable, thank you all for putting up with me, you’re all fabulous ^.^ 

So I thought that this calls for a ‘follow forever’, because I haven’t done one since I was still on my other blog, when I had 150 followers and it got no notes lmao

(bolded urls mean you’re a real favorite of mine, but tbh you’re all fantastic so no hard feelings ok)


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OK, so getting this to post was the worst struggle of my entire life and I also had to record this like 15 times because I kept saying camel instead of caramel, so I promise I’m not this monotone irl.

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Tagging everyone that hasn’t done this yet, but I feel like you all have lol.


Your name and username.
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Pronounce the following words: Aunt, Roof, Route, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Pajamas, Caught, Naturally, Aluminium, GIF, Tumblr, Crackerjack, Doorknob, Envelope, GPOY.
What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?
What is a bubbly carbonated drink called?
What do you call gym shoes?
What do you call your grandparents?
What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?
What is the thing you change the TV channel with?
Choose a book and read a passage from it.
Do you think you have an accent?
Be a wizard or a vampire?
Do you know anyone on Tumblr in real life?
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boobasnots respondeu ao seu álbum de fotos“I HATE decorating (with a burning passion) buuuut, this kind of turned…”:

i wish my hate for decoration yielded beautiful results like this. I just slap a fridge, bed, and toilet down and i’m like lol ok what else do you want i’m done

Thank you :) Lmao tho you’re funny …I’m usually like that actually. Thing is, I couldn’t find a decorated house that fit in with what I had in mind (because that bedroom is for my ‘story’ and stuff)  so…I was just like:

“I really have to do this…..Fuck it.” and went about downloading everything in sight.

  • me:honestly she's probably my least favorite or or second to least favorite character
  • friend:LMFAO RUDE
  • me:i just hate her because by default she's first in line to marry chrom if no other supports are reached.
  • me:im just angry that she touches my husband before i get to. LOL IM JUST JEALOUS OF A FICTIONAL CHARACTER BECAUSE SHE FLIRTED WITH MY FICTIONAL HUSBAND.
  • friend:and this is why we're friends

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I tried to send in my (terrible lol) ask about your opinion of the twins 'abilities' (when Lau said he was the better lover and Larry said he 'knew how to make love') but I'm not sure if it went through.. (?).. So here I am again lol.

OK, I never got this question yesterday.

I can not answer this question because I would need to have carnal knowledge of them both to properly compare and contrast. 

Based on the extensive sexual research I have done in my life (shut up Annika),  I would be willing to bet both have the ability to transform in the bedroom depending on mood, situation, and most importantly - partner…like ALL good lovers do.  I have no doubts they are pleasers, but relish rising to the occasion and are mind blowing when matched with a formidable partner (or two in Lau’s case).  

Ladies - if you want that GOOD work, YOU have to put in work too.  Amazing things happen when both parties are inspired and have a reason to show off. 

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Well, since I have a cavity in a tooth of mine, and it feels like someone is trying to rip it out, I got a dentist appointment for 2:00 pm central time today….. which to be honest, is my first one ever. (I was and am a stubborn child lol X3 ) So, please wish me luck. I'm more nervous about getting a shot to numb the area, and the chance of it wearing off in the middle of the procedure. But, there's a good chance that i'll be put under, or it'll be a powerful gel instead.. Hope you are doing OK.

honestly it’s probably a root canal if it hurts, because that means it hit a nerve. i’ve had two of those done. the shot is pretty uncomfortable not gonna lie but they put numbing stuff like topical stuff on your gums first before the shot so it doesn’t hurt it’s just odd. i’m pretty sure it wouldn’t wear off because usually after being in the dentist for an hour (thats about how long it took for me) the numb feeling stayed for a while after. I bet you’ll be fine, it’s honestly not so bad!

so i’ve been able to get my marks back for my assignment for a while, the one i’ve had nightmares and panic attacks over and mass anxiety and i haven’t done it because i’m afraid of failing the course (lol)

and yet people are like “don’t worry about it!!!” “you aren’t defined by a mark!!!” “im sure you passed :)” like ok thanks i get that you acknowledge my anxiety is irrational, i am aware of it too but it doesn’t stop me from feeling this way

Getting the kitchen floorboards done today so goodbye icky green vinyl (though it looks ok in the photo -> kinda vintage looking actually). But anyway, because the kitchen is being done, we are confined to front half of the house. It’s sad because I had planned on road-triping today but because the red beast is still at repair, kinda stuck at home with the renovators and the family with no access to the kitchen for food LOL 😂

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i cant reply because post limit smh. so ill just send you an ask instead xD my bday was ok. i saw a movie with ashley and my grandparents so that was nice. and then i was reading the rest of the day and im almost done with A Work In Progress (which is AMAZING btw). so it was good. lol.

That is good :) I had work and school xD

When you want something bad enough you work for it. I have never felt this type of soreness & tightness in my legs before. My 5k really showed me that my legs are not as strong as I thought. So now that I’m training for a Half Marathon I’ve done my research and have found out cross training should be incorporated so squats and lunges it is for my lower body! Because of the MS Fibromyalgia and Neuropathy I had to buy a barbell pad, something to help me with my grip since it’s weak right now and wrist wraps to help me hold on to the bar.

Also #Big5 was having a sale so I had to get an Adidas bag to go with my gear lol! Well I did need something to hold my gun stuff in ok? Lol

Anyway, I’m really going to focus on training because I want to be as strong as I can be to live the best life I can and run as much for as long as I can!

If I can work towards my dreams You can too. Don’t give up cave in our quit!

Remind yourself daily at least 3 times a day - I am more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus!

Peace & Love J
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Ok guys, i probably should have done this earlier but fuck it. S o today me and my parents decided to go out into the wilds for father’s day, so we went over some mountains and played in a lake full of dead people (Lake Tahoe), then went on an amazing hike that made me want to cry and run/fly away because I felt so at home. i would post pics, but i left my phone at home and had to use my dad’s, who is asleep now and i can’t grab the phone. I’ll be sure to post them later though! Anyway, enough story time, i have to go surf Toomblr!

btw, hope everybody is having a good day, and if you aren’t, remember the wise words of Johnny Depp, “It’s a bad day, not a bad life.” c: everything gets better with time, ye just gotta be patient!

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lol ok. I thought his ears looked different during the HungerTV photoshoot but wasn't sure because of the hair. So IF he had anything done, it would have been after filming finished for Humans. My opinion and possibly faulty eyesight of course.

i think it’s his hair, it’s not usually this long/fluffy so it throws off how much we see of his ears. but yeah, it’d be after humans finished if he did. 

tbh i’d be really surprised if he did. bradley like i’m not surprised at all about his nose. but i think colin is a more ‘come as you are’ type of person, who’s more comfortable in his skin. i mean he was naked on stage night after night when he was what, 20? 21?

so yeah, while it’s possible, personally, i believe it’s high improbable that he has.

I’m back and...

You would not believe that a person who considered friend last got a rumor that I was a fake account (twitter) and Mari accused of being fake mine (my friend) did not understand why but she said she had done something bad with friend of hers (she did not even say who it was, but ok) and I had to pay for having this “fake account”. But even accusing me she could not prove her false rumor and said that just because I do not want to make a call on skype was already guilty, however, what happened was: Mari on his good heart but accepted me as soon as Mari showed how this other girl was rude to Mari in the private Sinte me really angry, she said horrible things ((even if he was talking about me)) but she was rude with The MARI was in private with her. I was like “ahh fuck that shit I do not have to prove anything to that stupid bitch” I was really angry because before mess with me than touch my friends. Keeping this happened she was really convinced that he knew the truth and did not stop to spread to all esss rumors. Luckily I have good friends ^^ Jesus blessed me and no time asked for help from them, but they came and stayed with me, trusted me and just having a great time in this horrible situation. And in the end I just felt happy for this whole situation just showed my real friends, those I count on one hand and I discovered I do not need to prove anything to anyone who does not love me or is important to me. Because the truth is that anyone who hates you or is disrespectful to you does not deserve your attention. I want to thank all my friends for existing. And thanks to those who said bad things because I just growing with it. And I confirmed that “Your worst enemy and who was once his friend, knowing their weaknesses”