The difference between Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Worship

And I’ll keep the Catholic stuff to a minimum here.

The Obama administration is trying to argue that there is a “Freedom of Worship”

“Big Deal” you may say.  “That won’t effect me.”

Long story short, that means religion can only be practiced in your house.

Kosher delis will have to serve ham.

Hijabs can not be worn in public.

Sikhs can no longer wear turbans.

Orthodox Jews can no longer wear the Torah bound to them. 

All religious run charities? they must close down.

All holidays with religious basis?  Completely secularized or taken out of the calender. 

Any mention of religion?  Gone.

This is obviously a worst case scenario, but it will get there.  Several Catholic charities have had to close down because they could not comply with government orders because it goes against their faith.   Churches could get shut down because their faith goes against the law. Priests could get arrested, because they disagree with something.

Freedom of Religion means you can practice your faith anywhere.  Freedom of Worship means you can only talk about it in your church.