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are you proud or angry at doyle right now


I’m proud because he took initiative, sent reinforcements to both Carolina and Kimball, and got to the key before Felix did.

I’m angry because he panicked and screwed up at a critical moment, and said screw-up wasn’t catastrophic only because the key is still locked to Doyle. I’m angry, but I’m not furious, because that critical moment was also freaking terrifying and I think that his self-preserving reaction was understandable. Not good, but understandable. He’s got some character development left to do, obviously, and because he got lucky, it seems he’ll live to do it.

On top of everything else, it looks a bit like he might have tried to throw the key off the cliff entirely, but was either torn or too scared to throw properly and just kind of biffed it.

I know you didn’t ask this part, but I’m sure someone will (and this is in my queue so I won’t be around to answer the inevitable follow-up), so:

Given the end result of Doyle’s actions (i.e., Felix getting the key and escaping), I also see why Kimball freaked out. To her, given the very human biases of hindsight, abstract distance, and not actually being there, Doyle threw the key into the air in an act that indicated that he was willing to sacrifice all of Chorus for his skin, and then apologize profusely as everyone else cleaned up his mess, if they even could…and then he got lucky. What a horrifying prospect! Certainly one that looms much larger in the mind than the good he did (those human biases again). She went over the line when she berated him, yes, but again: understandable. Not good, but understandable.

The conflict between Kimball and Doyle is one of my favorites this season because I think they’re both shaping up to be interesting characters with interesting flaws and development. I think that once they learn how to work together (and they will!), they will be exactly the team that Chorus needs.

A Delena July - Day 4: Favourite Fireworks Moment

When I read this, three scenes crossed my mind, 3x08, 3x09 and this; and I was completely torn. Their eye contact in 3x09 was heated with passion and sexual tension, an almost kiss hanging in the air and the silence only broken by a phonecall; in 3x08, it was understanding; she was telling him how he would be the one to save Stefan, and all he could see in her eyes was the fact that more than any one in the world, she understood him; so he breaks eye contact, because he loves her and its killing him because she’s not his. 

And then there was this.  Season 6, Episode 11. That one line that echoed throughout their relationship, I’ve never seen you more alive, In death you’re the one who made me feel most alive, when you died he was the only one who could make you feel alive again … I’ve never felt more alive”

She didn’t remember Damon. She didn’t remember him making her feel alive and she didn’t know what the significance of her words were. But she wants him to tell her he loves her, because it makes her feel warm inside. She wants to take his hand, because it makes her feel safe. And she wants to stare into his eyes because she sees in him, exactly what she sees in herself.

And then she can feel it; she was on the brink of death and yet she feels alive. And Ric’s asking her if she’s okay, but she can’t break eye contact as if looking away would break the small perfection shes experiencing. He’s not scared to look her in the eye, because he sees the same thing she sees, and he loves her. 

And that’s why I chose this scene out of the three. Because they’re not fighting their feelings like 3x09, and looking at her isn’t making him fall apart like 3x08. They look at each other and feel like they’re home. Whatever they both had been missing these past few months was right there, and it was beautiful. 

“I also came back for you.” IM TORN. Should I feel sorry for Theo or be suspicious of him???

WTF. What kind of dad goes to work that late at night and leaves his sick daughter all alone?!?!

“Because you trust everyone!” OOH HE SAID IT

AWWW. Scott taking away Stiles’ pain. Its like their relationship of always being there for each other :’)

I was worried for Parrish for a moment when Tracy pulled a “the ring girl”


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this sounds weird, but i love how heartbroken rigby was when eileen "dumped" him, even though he knew it was not for reals. his face was so torn apart and it shows how much he values his relationship with her now. also, looking forward to no hopefully no more mordecai drama and at least happy rigleen relationship moments in the new season OvO

Me too! My heart broke at his sad little face because a small part of him must have been seriously terrified. :_(

But I agree, that shows how important he thinks their relationship is now. *impatiently awaits new season where we will get to see a bunch more canon rigleen dating shenanigans* 


Gender Log #1

I identify as bigender.
Why? I’m not too sure. I’m torn between it being because I truly am a boy and a girl at the same time, and I’m just afraid to let go of the past.
My pronouns are unknown right now.
Some days I feel a stronger male influence and others a stronger female influence. I’ve tried using she/her and he/him on their respective days, but… I guess they don’t work? Both of them are too solid for me at the moment.
I’m thinking “they”.
But… Will people change? Will people see me any different? I’m not so sure about that part yet…
I’m scared.
I’m scared to be who I really am. Even if I know it’s what would cure the aching in my chest and all my dysphoria, I’m still fucking terrified.
So, what’s the point of this?
This log is to help keep track of my thoughts.

My name is Ro.
I was sexually, physically, and emotionally abused.
I am 14.
I am bigendered.
And, I need help.

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Okay but then theres the problem with the internet, everyone loves to assume one thing or the other. If I say I find trans men as an example incredibly sexy, people assume I am fetishizing, even though I may not be??? I have seen people on Tumblr who say that they find black women attractive torn to SHREDS for objectifying. It can come down to damned if you do damned if you don't. "I could never be with ___ people" is offensive but so is "___ people are so pretty!"

That is always going to be an issue, I think. It’s easier for people to jump in with judgment and anger before taking a moment to digest what someone has said, what they mean, and where they’re coming from. 

I try to stay away from statements like that, mostly because I know all too well how easily people can distort them or misinterpret them. Also, if you don’t find a certain type of person attractive, or you can’t handle being in, say, a relationship with an aseuxal… That’s just how it is. That’s their personal taste, and as long as they are upfront, respectful, and tactful about it, I don’t think it should be cause for hate. 

But generally, I avoid commenting on my personal tastes, because for one, i’m not even sure I have any specifics, and for another: you’re all very attractive. 

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talk 2 me babe, whats your fav lawlu au?

Don’t call me babe.

Also my favourite AU is the SnK one where Law watches Corazon get eaten alive by a Titan during an expedition with the Survey Corps so he vows revenge and he climbs all the way to the top and at some point meets this new recruit Luffy who at this point has watched most of his friends get eaten and killed in the most horrid ways imaginable after Wall Maria fell (he can still remember Usopp’s screams as his legs were torn off his body and Nami’s sobbing right before the Titan’s teeth severed her head) and I kind of forgot how the Lawlu is supposed to factor in here.

It would be a sudden decision, I think, the moment there’s the slightest hint of attraction because they can’t afford to waste time. Wild nights they don’t talk about where the sex is always desperate because they have no idea if they’ll survive tomorrow and this could be their last chance to feel human and not like an empty shell that’s just being sacrificed to the wolves.

Imagine they go on an expedition that goes horribly wrong thanks to titan shifter!Doffy, and they barely manage to escape. When they get back to the Wall the blame of the massacre is put on Law since he is the Commander and ultimately responsible so the nobles order his execution. Haha, imagine that. Being executed by the same people you’ve given up everything to protect.

Imagine Luffy having to watch them hang him at the gallows.

That, anon, is my favourite Lawlu AU :)

Midnight Random Ramblings

I like being able to think back to SOME my past relationships and not have to be like, “WHY DID I DATE HIM” or “I HATE HIS GUTS.”

Like, I can think back to some of my happy times with a guy I have dated and not be sad that I’m not with that person anymore and still have the full nostalgic effect of that moment. Being almost 20, I can remember how stupid I was with my emotions back not even 4 years ago.

I’m so serious about being stupid. I remember being torn up about a guy who treated me like crap when I was 16. I was in my sophomore english class, sitting there wondering what is wrong with me because he left me for another girl. I know it’s so traumatic and I can see why someone older with more experience might belittle this situation for 16 year old me. I’ll go a head and defend 16 year old me for a second! I had dated that jerk for a year. 


It had been a few weeks, I had gotten better about hiding being upset, I was trying to laugh and enjoy my friends. There’s this guy, Jake. At that moment I had known of him for 5 years and never thought much, I didn’t know much, it was our first time having a class together. We had started talking a lot and joking around because of the seating arrangement. A couple of us were teasing him about how he doesn’t notice anything, he was of course trying to defend himself. 

I knew the perfect plan to prove him wrong, My eyes are considered a form of hazel, they are the outcome of a mutation of my mom’s brown eyes and my dad’s blue ones. The majority of the time I think they’re greenish, I have seen them blue multiple times, I’ve been told brown a few times by other people, I’ve seen them grey in pictures. I was being mean, I knew there was no way that this kid was gonna say hazel if I asked him what color my eyes were. I covered my eyes and said, “Tell me what color they are if you’re so observant.” 

What he said next literally gave me back almost all the confidence I thought I had lost. He said, “They’re like emeralds.” 

Was he right? Technically no.  Do I remember that and smile to this day ? yes.

I wish I could say that me and Jake ended up together and are currently talking about moving in together after college just so this story could have a cool hollywood movie ending, but that’s a lie.

We did date, for a year and half. It didn’t work. We both moved on and I could tell you some wild stories from during and even after that relationship ended…Okay our “romantic relationship” ended. Jake and I are still friends. We have made it clear to each other we don’t regret each other and even still catch up here and there. He is a good person and I’m glad I can call him a friend.

I just hope everyone could still look back at those kind of memories and be happy and still be happy about where you all are now, 

To the boy in love with his wanderlust

Take me,
I’ll be yours,
But why do you keep
Pushing me away?
Don’t you know
I’d go with you
As far as far away
You pressed
Your body
Onto mine
Like you were afraid
I might just
Slip away
So I stayed
And kissed you back
Just as fiercely
As all our clothes
Were torn away
As we hid ourselves
From your mother
And the pounding rain
Those moments
Were stolen yesterday
Borrowed perfection
We can’t hang on to
Because you’re
Pushing me
Away today
Even though
I know
You want me
You don’t know how
To stay in one place
So it’s easier
To forget yesterday
Was perfect
Shake off dreams of
Better tomorrow’s
And just ignore me
Altogether today
I know you’re leaving
But I’d go with you
For forever far away

It’s all rotting moments
Collecting dust on the shelf
It’s growing mold with age
And the smell of smoke is almost palpable
But I still catch myself reliving those minutes
And my heart catches in my throat
Because that piece of torn wrapping paper should mean nothing, but it makes my eye twitch
And that old necklace should be irrelevant by now, but it makes my bones shake

I thought it was because I missed you
Turns out, it was fear

—  Day Ten.
I'm happier, stronger and wiser.

After almost a year and a half of dealing with the trauma and sadness of having my family torn apart by this governments inability to fix it’s immigration system, my family has reunited and my father has finally come back to us. Thank you everyone who showed support and thank you Tumblr friends and Interpals for bringing a smile to my face in the darkest moment in my life. I’ve become a refined man after this whole ordeal and now want to dedicated my life to support children and others affected who also went through my situation because what I went through and what I witnessed is something that shouldn’t be happening in the U.S and anywhere else. Please raise awareness to our immigration crisis and hopefully one day families will never be torn apart and ruined. Thank you to everyone and especially vaccinatedreptilian for being there when I had no one, thank you so much fauxgarino for your Interpol drawings that always made me laugh. I can’t forget my love… Interpol. I started falling in love with this band right after I lost my dad and since than that band has always brought some tranquility to my mind and it became one of the few bands that broke me down into tears of joy and sadness. Love you all. Thank you. “Bad things happen to good people to make them into better, stronger, happier people” - unknown

It took him a few moments to process her comment, blinking at Amelia
 several times before his gaze tracked hers downward to where a small
 trail of blood had accompanied him into her cabin. Carefully removing his
 hand from where it had been holding against the torn fabric of his waistcoat,
 on his left-side just below his ribs, his eyes widened at the sight of an
 alarming amount of blood.


 And he’d thought it just a scratch… or at least it had felt like a scratch only a
 few moments before, although now it was stinging in concert with the rest of
 the bruising he’d sustained, including a rapidly blackening right eye and a split
 lip. Plus, along with the dizziness that was making it even more difficult than
 usual to stand upright without swaying, Jack knew that this wasn’t good.

 But he refused to admit that it was anything he couldn’t handle himself.

     “I said it’s nothing, luv. I’m fine.”

                                              “ Shit… ”

                 Her eyes widen as well, the injury obviously more serious that she had previously expected. And before she knew it, she was bustling over to him, forcing him to sit on her bed. “ Stop fussin’ and let me look! Take off your shirt. Now. ” 

                 As he works on that, she rushes to gather supplies. Some strong thread specifically used for stitching people up and a needle. She also grabs some alcohol, both for cleaning purposes, and because she is sure that Jack in going to ask for it sooner rather than later. “ What the fuck happened to you? ” 

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Fuck, I know, right? I’m actually pretty torn up about this one, because while the Rose/Greg relationship stuff was great and cute (and addressed a lot of what I didn’t like in “Story for Steven”)… man. Poor Pearl can’t catch a break this week.

Honestly, I don’t know what tomorrow holds but for my own sake I hope we get at least some semblance of a happy moment for her before the show goes back on hiatus, because Jesus, it’s honestly tearing me up to see a character I relate to so much get beaten up over and over again. You feel me?

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For a torn ACL doctor's office but ice should help. Get a knee brace because that should help it heal faster.

Yeah the doctor gave me a pretty sturdy knee brace so I’m wearing that at the moment. 

six random facts about me

tagged by ohnoitsthebat

1. i’m fiercely determined. when something gets in my head by god you bet that i’m gonna’ do it and prove everyone wrong. 

2. i don’t drink, smoke or do drugs. i’m straight edge. i do this not because i’m trying to be ‘cool’ or to degrade anyone who does those things as i have been accused of before. i’m straight edge because i have seen and been part of families that have been torn apart because of them. 

3. wrestling is my life. it helps me relax, and although at the moment i’m teaching myself simple move sets and trying to get myself into better shape, i plan to one day take it further. 

4. music is also my life. i love the emotions it makes me feel, whether happy or sad, i love it. 

5. this year i lost the most important person in my life. 

6. blood means nothing to me. i may have ‘family’ that is blood related, but those i consider family are more often than not, not related by blood. 

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Okay so I was tagged by thewytchess and scratch-my-name-on-your-arm to do the 6 favourite albums atm and I sorta stole two of hers but only because they were too good to leave off.

1. Drenge - Undertow: I only heard this Saturday after constantly hearing singles and now I am in awe of them, their singles from this album were so much fun and their album was just the best, I noted down so many songs from this.

2. Arctic Monkeys - Favourite Worst Nightmare: oKAY SO HOLD UP, this is one of my favourite albums EVER let alone at the moment and I will love it forever, it’s just fun, I was so torn between choosing this and Humbug cos I’ve listened to that a lot recently too.

3. Interpol - El Pintor: This is far too good for words, I loved their album Antics and was sceptical that this would live up to my expectations but it most certainly did.

4. New Order - Singles: Obviously this is a compilation of singles but I still count it because I listen to this so often it’s a crime.

5. David Bowie - The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars: Holy shit why is the album name so long is all I have to say really, other than the fact it’s a classic so pls listen to it.

6. Big Black - Atomizer: Well I’ve always been punk trash and I guess I always will be. Big Black hold a special place in my heart because I feel like one of their gang, their music is so grotty and I’ll love it forever <3

Obviously I have soooo many more favourites but these are the ones I am pretty hyped about atm (despite having some since about 3 years ago) <3

I tag: sun–ra hotcatjazz operationmantis junkie-princesss and watchout-theworldsbehindyou because I thought I’d tag some different people for once :)

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Because I think he could rock them: ♢ Hip piercings

Send me ♢ and a piercing you could imagine my muse having

*Looks down at hips and imagines* …❞

{Yeah man those would definitely look nice on him! Tatara has a LOT of muscle though so I wonder if they would be uncomfortable for him because the skin around his hips and ab area is probably pretty tight. But they look like they are purposely located in a place so they aren’t uncomfortable. Either way, they would look super rad on Tatara and he could totally rock them. Thank you for sending this! <3}


I remember being in my early teens and hearing from my friends that they loved these boys and were official and couldn’t wait to go on all these adventures. They did go on some adventures, they loved for a few days, a few months and a few years. But I noticed that I didn’t really get that awesome love that everyone was experiencing.
Everything changed when I met my first love, he was so unexpected that I didn’t understand how he was changing and shaping me to who I am now. We were young, impatient and immature but I still loved every moment of that first real relationship- I still see him from time to time pop up on Facebook. He’s had a few girlfriends since me and I can still call him a friend but when it first ended it was horrible. I hadn’t felt anything like it. I thought I would die from not being with that person. I felt torn because I’d opened up to him and given him so much of myself.
6 months later I again unexpectedly found my big love, he was different again but in a different way. Total nerd/polar opposite personality to me and had zero confidence with girls after having his own heartbreak just after our friendship started. We were friends and I was okay with that then we slept together once and I was like ‘Okay, that happened. We’re still cool’. Then it kept happening and happening and soon enough I realised I wanted to be more than just friends with benefits. For about a year we would go back and forth with being just friends then we would hook up when we were drunk and just pretend that we weren’t messing with our friendship. I turned 18 all while this was going down he was still screwing other people and would occasionally be in a relationship. It hurt and I couldn’t understand why he didn’t want to date me, was there something wrong with me? Did he not like what I wore? Was it the jokes I told? I kept giving myself to him over and over again only because this question kept playing on my mind.
Eventually we fought all the time, I couldn’t stop myself and even though he’d tell me ‘You’ll regret this in the morning’- I still kiss him and tell him not to worry.
I made a mistake thinking I was doing the right thing and messed with one of his relationships. After doing that he cut ties with me. He told me on the phone while I was at my friends house that he was going to erase me from his life and that he would never talk to me again.
It’s been over a year.
I still haven’t talked to him, he told my Mom a few months ago that he felt like he couldn’t speak to me without fucking up and hurting my feelings. But the thing that hurt most is that through our own selfish desires we lost a great friendship. Creating so many memories and then you have to pretend they didn’t happen. I realised through these two relationship that I’d given so much of myself that I’d lost myself and somehow I’m still trying to find my way back.
I find it hard to be close to people, to open up fully, to let them know my deep dark thoughts, my insecurities and my secrets.

I have these walls, they are like a labyrinth in my head that protects what’s left of myself from being hurt again.

Through the years I’ve learnt to love myself for who I am, flaws and all. And that I can’t change what people think of feel about me so there’s no point yelling or crying about it. Another lesson is that there is no perfect man, no prince charming. Love is so unexpected and comes at the weirdest points in your life and there’s no way of stopping it or telling it to hold on until you’re ready. The final thing I’ve learnt is that time heals all and that your family are this great gift given to you by the universe. They possess this amazing thing called unconditional love, it never changes and will always be there for you when you need it.

I am fortunate enough to have an amazing mother, grandfather, aunties, uncles and cousins that love me unconditionally❤