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Rung's new body is so much better than the ugly old man Milne got rid of. Boring old forever alone great uncle is the last thing I'd want for Rung, and that's all his dumb old avatar says. That avatar is too unattractive for Rung. All we need next is to see Megatron's body after they remove the poison from his body. Rung/Megatron = otp4life

I’m kind of torn to be honest, because “boring old man” makes sense for Rung, at least in my opinion. He’s the old man that everybody forgets about. And I personally didn’t find him ugly, he’s just old.

I like the avatar he’s using at the moment a lot, I suppose design wise, it’s a more interesting one, and he’s a lot of fun to draw. I think I prefer the new one too, but for me personally, he looks a bit too young. I think he would’ve looked awesome as a more elderly man like that, maybe with gray or gray-ish hair. But that’s just a minor thing, really, and it’s just my personal opinion :)

I think I like the new avatar better too, but I also think the old one made a bit more sense for Rung. Because yes, I think he’s the cutest guy on the Lost Light and he deserves all the love, but he’s also the guy that people tend to forget the name of and he’s rather unflashy compared to all the huge bots with flames on their chests and guns in their legs. Maybe as a bot, he’s considered kinda boring, too? Except by Whirl, of course.

You go, Whirl.

Also yes, Rung and Megatron are the old man couple and it’s good. So good.

I love looking at people smile. The way their eyes light up when they receive good news and how a simple, genuine smile can touch a torn heart.

I love how contagious a smile can be, how something so simple can give new meaning to such a specific word.

I love catching couples steal a kiss when they think that no one is looking. I love catching that second after their kiss because that’s when the moment really takes place. I love how they share this look topped with passion and a sparkle in their eyes.

I love how honest people are when they’re in love and how their expressions change when they’re having a heartfelt conversation like their perception of the world changes for the better.

I love how a Father plays with his son and looks at his daughter like she’s the most beautiful person that he’s ever laid his eyes on. I love the way he holds her like she’s fragile and too perfect to experience any sort of pain and heartache.

How her eyes remind him of her Mother, even when she’s sleepy. How every smile makes him think of her Mother too. I love watching his chest swell with pride when he makes her laugh from her stomach. I love how protective he is of her, how he’ll protect her no matter the consequences.

I love that special bond that people share that no words can describe, like how they finish each other’s sentences and know what they like to eat or drink; even those looks they share and immediately know what the other person is thinking about.

I love how couples plan their future together. How they choose furniture, paint, towels and everything else that makes a house a home but how they mostly get this look on their faces that their dreams have finally come true, that every morning they get to wake up next to the person who they love unconditionally and that nothing else in the world really matters, not even the color of their walls or their towels.

Ricky had the last of his spending cash riding on this hand. Two pair. Queens and nines and it should be a winning hand. Should double his winnings and let him call his contact tonight so he could head downtown and take care of that itch running at the back of his eyes. He’d chewed the cuticles of his nails raw, red and torn skin because it had been too long and he needed something. This was his ticket. 

Until the person across from him pulled out a straight, laying their cards down on the table. Ricky stared at them for a moment and threw his cards down in anger, running his hands back over his head. “How the fuck do you keep winning?” he growled out, shaking his head because that was it. There’d be no relief from this ache until his next job. Until he got paid. 

“You’re cheating somehow, dude, I know you are,” he said, pointing across the table. “You gotta be. Where you hiding these, you a magician or some shit? Do card tricks for kicks?” 

Wedding Blues.

Sorry if you’re tired of hearing about it, I’m tired of talking about it.
I’m feeling very…moody. I’m just stressed with the wedding so close and these final days are feeling very long leading up to it. Here’s my current dilemma:

I originally didn’t want Julissa or Annelise at the ceremony namely because Juli wouldn’t be able to sit through it quietly and would most likely run up and want me to hold her (because of all the people there). I know that sounds selfish but for one day for just 20 min. I didn’t want to have to be Mom- I just wanted to be in the moment. But now the girl who said she’d watch them during the ceremony is like “wah I suck”. I can’t ask anyone to miss the ceremony to be with them and I’m torn. So now Juli will most likely be with us during the ceremony and I’m just bleh. This sounds like I don’t love her but clearly that’s not the case.

There was a nice moment on my way home from work when Liam poked his head out the window from my lap to take note of a papillon crossing the road just as She’s a Lady began playing.

I’m having a decidedly unladylike moment trying find the most unwhorish way to kill time, unfortunately, due to sit lie ordinances and the hour, ITS A LITTLE HARD. currently sitting on the steps of a bank, listening to a group of white women in gauzy dresses and gladiator sandals with their white male companion describe the Mary’s dancers as “not even artistic. It’s sad.” And I’m torn between wanting to rip them to shreds and just hoping he hurries up because I’m not only early, he is officially late and my timeline on not being harassed is officially over.

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what's your opinion on boromir

I think that Boromir was a noble soul who got torn up trying to defend his home at any cost; he was so easily corrupted by the ring because it represented one of the greatest moments in Gondorian history (the slaying of Sauron) and the potential for Gondor to finally be able to gain back the power to save itself. 

Because of that, and the pressure of his father, and the pressure of worrying about his brother, the Ring had a multitude of easy ways to seduce him and corrupt him, and while what he did to Frodo was wrong, he ultimately was the character that I felt was most complex out of the cast. 

Plus, that death scene. ;w;

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Hey :) For the anon who asked about favourite TFW episodes... I have 3 in season 8: Hunteri heroici (8 x 8) is probably my favourite one, it's fun but also has the Dean/Cas "talk to me" moment in the hotel room and i just ♥ / Torn and frayed (8 x 10) which hurts because of Cas being mind controlled, but Dean and Sam basically spend the whole episode helping Cas / Goodbye Stranger (8 x 17) which is one of my fave Destiel episode (crypt scene) and just hurts sooo good. I loved season 8 so much! xo

These are some of my faves as well. :) Passing it on to the anon!

To top off my ‘weekend’ my keyboard and scanner have stopped working.

I’ve spent the last hour plus, frankenstein-ing this monstrosity of a keyboard and I have no faith in this lasting more than a few hours. My scanner is beyond it for the moment.

All I want to do is type up my scribbles. Why is the world so against me doing this?

I am at the end of my rope. I’m torn between not caring anymore and… I don’t even know.

Only ranting here because I have no one else to tell or turn to, they would just start the whole ‘oh but people have it so much worse then you’ or ‘oh you’re not going on about that depression thing are you? You know that is just in your head right? It’s not a real thing’

So ignore this, I just need to get my, anger? Annoyance? Foul bloody mood and utter spite at the horror show and pain that began on Thursday? One of them, maybe all, out there.

Does nothing but makes me feel better.

To you who promised me “To Infinity and Beyond” but ended up leaving me all alone…

You used to write me letters. Letters that were maybe not that many or too poetic, but enough to make me feel special and that I somehow have a place in your life. Letters I never even expected, letters that just pop up in my bag or in my pocket or in my hands unexpectedly. Unfortunately, those letters became the proof of the pain. Seeing them… no, just by the mere fact that they exist, kept and treasured by me, makes me want to cry all over again. I’m sorry because those letters are probably in some sort of junk site right now, all torn and rip apart by rage and overpowered emotion at a stir of a moment.

But whatever. I just think I owe you one so I am writing this. And you know me, I hate it when I have a debt to someone because it makes me feel that I am not fully entitled to myself, like someone partly owns me. Or maybe not… maybe you do not know that. Which makes me think if we really had been bestfriends. Were we? Because I remember how it all started like a thunder, and I also perfectly remember how it all ended like a thunder, too. I don’t really know what happened there.

I loved you. So much. I mean, not in the way Jacob Black loved Isabella Swan before Renesmee but the way Jacob loved Bella after Renesmee. I almost loved you more than I loved myself. Because you were such a good person, you know? You are so strong and brave, and honest, and such a sweet person. You are responsible and funny and genuine and lovely. You have a great mind and you understood me (or so I think, I guess). You are the kind of person whom I will always adore no matter what. I still do.

I am sorry for everything. For pushing you away too hard that you have been badly hurt, for leaving you hanging, for making you feel like you are stupid, for not trying, for not being good enough and deserving your friendship, for not appreciating you. Believe me though, I do. I just didn’t know how to show it, or how you’d react if I do. Maybe it was because I feel like you’re always there, behind me, never leaving me, that I took you for granted. Maybe it was because you promised that you will never ever leave me and you will stay; to infinity and beyond. Or maybe it was because you hold my hands every time and you said that it was only my hands that is allowed to hold yours. I don’t know what happened. I don’t know where everything went down, where the foundation that was once so strong, broke apart.

Still, I am grateful. Because it’s only once you will encounter a person like you, and I got that privilege. I was comforted, I was understood, I was cherished, I was loved. I learned my lessons, too. Thank you for being there for me, when even me, myself can’t stand my bitchy attitude and moody personality any longer. Thank you for being there me for me when no one else was. Thank you for trying to be my last string. Although our to infinity and beyond didn’t really happen, still.

Lastly- thank you for leaving me and giving up on me. Thank you so much because I realized what I was supposed to realize.

Honestly, though? You leaving me, makes me think that if I can’t even make a bestfriend stay, then what right do I have to make someone, anyone, stay? I would be lying if I will say that I am not hurting any more, or I’m also better off without you. It still hurts when I remember when you said that you’re used to my absence; how you put it that way, and how you said it without any hesitation. What made it even worse is you saying you’re sorry afterwards. Like in a breakup “sorry you’re not good enough anymore”. It still pains me to think that I actually tied my last string of hope to you. Not that I regret it, or blame you for all that has happened because we both know it’s our faults- but I just felt like I already knew this would happen, but I still went on anyways. But this: I am learning to live my life without depending on anyone or their words or promises, including you; is definitely not a lie. I am now my own last string of hope.

I hope you are happy because I am now happy. Not quite, but happy. Please do know that I am not saying goodbye because I don’t think we are worth fighting for, but because I think we are so much better off this way. And you were my bestfriend, and you made life easy to handle. So what’s there to regret? You gave me words that temporarily filled all the gaps and holes of my heart at the moment and you gave me things I never thought I was worthy of- time, love, attention. Now keep that smile, please. The genuine one, I mean. I know people all over the world will love it.

So… I guess this is the destination? Well. It was fun. Tragic, but definitely worth it. Yeah. Goodbye, babe.

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I really really really want the finale to be shocking, like I hope Charles isn't Wren or Ezra or someone like them

Yeah. I’m torn because it would be so great to be shocked but that’s only good for the moment, you know? Then you’re going to wonder why it was them and it’s not going to make sense… I don’t know. I just want it to make sense. And I don’t see how it could make sense with anybody but Wren

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what do you ship in magi?

This is a tough question, because I’ve only watched the anime so far, and nothing immensely shippy has happened yet, except for the Morgiana x Hakuryuu moment, which I liked. ^^

That being said, I’m still torn between Morgiana x Hakuryuu and Morgiana x Alibaba. Because I feel like one of the episodes was heavily hinting Morgiana x Hakuryuu and Alibaba x Kougyoku, and my gut tells me this is actually the direction the series might pursue.

 I’ve heard a few spoilers from friends, and I know there have been a few more Alibaba x Morgiana things that happened, and I look forward to reading those. But right now, where I am in the series, Alibaba seems to see Morgiana as a friend, while Morgiana does kind of like Alibabba, but also admires and is grateful to him for what he had done for her. Plus, there’s the sticky subject of Hakuryuu currently being all evil at the moment, and stuff. ^^’ So, it’s kind of complicated, and likewise, my feelings are also kind of complicated haha.

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2,7,8, and 10 for the mass effect questions :D

crashes in

2. What’s your favorite part of the triology?

→ i’m torn between the ending of me2 when you see the reapers appearing, and the moment in me3 where shep/LI take the time to think about themselves and enjoy little moments where they can (apollo’s w/ ash, for example)

7. Most heartbreaking moment in each part of the triology and why?

→ ha h ah a so many why god

→ me1: virmire, honestly. i hate it because, regardless of whether its ash or kaidan i leave, it feels like im leaving a part of shepard behind

→ me2: shepard waking up, because you know they’re alone

→ me3: the fuckin conduit run i just? ? ?? buries self in moist earth

8. What’s your favorite loyalty mission in ME2?

→ grunt’s mission and tali’s mission are my favourites, bc a) wrex, and b) i’ll do anything for kal’reegar

10. Funniest moments in the triology?

→ there are literally too many for me to list here

→ but “tali, I’m not a lawyer!” literally kills me everytime. exasperated shepard or sarcastic shepard moments tend to stand out for me

Author Appreciation Week: Fic Rec 5

Questions by hineko

This fic is delightful, and adorable! Young!Souji is such a brat in the best way possible. This fic does a great job of keeping Souji in character while making his behavior realistic for a child. In the characterization of young Souji you can see flashes of how he will become the man he does later on, but at the moments it’s all pretty innocence (ok, maybe not totally innocent this is Souji we’re talking about). Souji and Hijikata’s interactions are fantastic, and get me laughing. And Kondo is just trying so hard to be the best older brother figure he can be, and is so charmingly sincere about it. I wish their were more fics from their Shieikan days, because this is wonderful, funny, and heart warming. I sometimes use this fic to help make me feel better after I get my heart torn out by fics that focus on many of the heavier/darker themes of Hakuouki. Sometimes you just need something sweet, to help you feel good. And this fic does that. It’s just really really great.

(I also apologize if this review seems less ‘in depth.’ I have a splitting headache. So putting thoughts into words is a bit difficult at the moment. )

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Name: Steph
Nickname:  none
Birthday: March 8th
Star Sign: Pisces
Gender: cis female
Sexuality: Hetero
Height: 5'2" 
Favorite color: Purple
Time right now: 8:34 p.m.
Average hours of sleep: 5-7
Number of blankets I sleep with:  Depends usually just one actual blanket and a sheet 
Favorite fictional character: So.Many. at the moment  Clara Oswald (shocker I know)
Favorite famous person: Taylor Swift
Favorite book: Looking for Alaska by John Green
Favorite band: Marianas Trench 
Last movie I saw: The Guest and it was AMA-ZING everyone needs to watch that movie
Dream trip:  Go across the southern States since that seems to be where all my friends live (looking at you thenotoriouscow midnight-strong c1araoswa1d)
Dream job: I am torn between wanting to go into culinary arts or going into the film industry Because I have lost all control over my life and choices. 

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Arthur pulled himself to his feet with purpose. He gripped at the front of Arthur's shirt and gave him a shake, "I swear to god you pull that shit again and I'm going to fucking kick your ass to next Sunday. I'm not losing more people because someone feels like they gotta be a hero. Not you, especially." He gave him a shove. That was too fucking close. Too close a call. He slid a hand through his hair and shoved at him again as if to emphasize, "I swear to god."

meme: accepting 

      MAYBE he deserved to be shouted at, scolded for such reckless actions.
      they were nothing but MEMORY now,  faded  from  the  moment and torn
      instead into pictures of the past.  never  before  had  he been so violently
      shaken for reasons of his own WELL BEING. it was a foreign thing; at first
      he expected to be STRUCK across the head for being FOOLISH. but the
      other man merely shouted,   shoved,   and muttered his frustrations.   the
      near fragile agent stood still yet, frozen in an attempt to gather something
      within himself to understand. all he found was anguish and rage. 

      “ PLAY the HERO?? i was trying to save your FUCKING life !! i was trying
      to SAVE the one thing  i  CARE  about.  i  can’t  have  someone  else  DIE
      because of ME again. I CAN’T !! a-and why would you care anyway, huh?
      what almighty FEELING possessed you to CARE  for  me??  YOU,  of  all
      people.  NO  ONE ELSE ever did;  no  one else ever cared and it made it
      EASY to throw myself away for them  –  why do YOU have to??  it makes
      everything so much HARDER know  i’d  leave  you  with  nothing  but  an
      EMPTY feeling. how can you care for ME, a piece of GARBAGE – nothin’
      but a DAMN TRAGEDY !! i am POISON. i will KILL you one day !!

      another  SHOVE,  and  his  arm  throws  itself in front of him in an angered
      sweeping gesture. the chair the man had been sitting on FLEW across the
      room; eyes as that burned a dark mahogany GLISTENED GOLD as he all
      but struggled to keep himself and his adrenaline bottled. emotions seeped
      tenderly through bite of his words, however – he could not fight the power
      that BOILED with it.

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1) I’m sure you all know this already, but I absolutely LOVE William Bradford.

2) My favourite trait is how direct and outspoken he is. You never have to guess what he’s thinking because he just comes right out and says it.

3) My favourite moment with him is right after Washington destroys Lee, then turns to Bradford and asks how far the cavalry is. You’d think Bradford would be upset that his favourite general just got torn a new asshole, but he just looks so done. Like he couldn’t give less of a fuck about the whole situation. Lee looks at him for help, and all he gets is

4) If I could have one of Bradford’s traits, I would want to be as outspoken as he is. I could get a hell of a lot more accomplished if it wasn’t for my frustrating inclination toward subtlety. 

5) I refuse to answer this question on the grounds that the answer may incriminate me.

6) Bradford first captured my attention with the words “Is it treason to speak the facts in this army now?” Because the fact that freedom of speech also extends to views different than your own is something a lot of people seem to forget. And once he had my attention, he kept it, and quickly became one of my favourite characters.

7) I don’t have an OTP here, because we only see him interact with a few characters, and none of them are ones I’d consider OTP material.

(For the Put a character in my ask box thingie)