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So Robert has made his feelings for Aaron clear to Chas +He means to prove it, and that's amazing.. but honestly, I can't wait until Aaron returns and sees how relentlessly Robert is trying to prove his love for him, in both obvious and subtle ways. Can we just have Robert subtly shower Aaron in affection and just being such a love struck fool, but then at some point actually (maybe offhandedly, like it should be obvious) say that Aaron is his Everything. because I need Aaron to hear that too!!!

YES !!! REAL! I need Aaron to hear it as well, oh my gooood that will be such an exciting moment!! Ugh, I can’t wait for him to see how diligently Robert has been working to prove himself. Just!! So beautiful!! 

Damn though, I wonder how Aaron will take it? B/c his feelings are so jumbled right now, oh man. Like I wonder if he’ll still be torn between hitting Robert and kissing him! I can’t fucking wait to find out. I love that Robert is along for this whole journey with Gordon, Sandra, Liv… Robert and Aaron are just such a natural part of each other’s lives… It just fits. Sigh. :’) Beautiful.

Okay just wanted to document this moment because I’m sitting in my favourite cafe in Sheffield. The furniture is all black and grey and torn, and there’s some nice sad/hopeful hipstery folky music playing and the light is shining in prettily on a pretty lady doing some work on her laptop and a Greek looking man looking slightly annoyed with his coffee. I can see the tram going past and peoples accents are dulled enough that I can make believe I’m in Brooklyn.

I’m not sad right now and I’m on top of my work. In this moment things aren’t feeling too difficult.

but bellamy’s voice.

“you should come home to yours.”

trying to keep it neutral, like he’s speaking for all of them and yet being the only one to ask her to make the hard choice, come home, please come home. (we can’t lose clarke.)

he’s been dealt a crippling blow, again. half of pike’s people lost, the resources of the mountain lost, gina who knew he didn’t (couldn’t) love her but loved him anyways, torn away in moments, and he just wants clarke to come home. to not lose one more person tonight, to have her by his side, because they protect each other, it’s what they do. (it just makes sense. i’ll do anything.)

and she says no. 

i’m sorry.” i can’t come back with you, i can’t go back there, my place is here, this is where i have to be. 

the head and the heart. the (broken, crushed, struggling) logic at unceasing war with the (wrecked, drowning, grasping) soul, always at odds, fighting to fit together, fighting to find a breath of clarity together before it’s lost in the chaos again.

clarke rips away his one last shred of hope, nullifying everything he has lost that day, ultimately, for her, with two earnest words.

it’s no wonder that he backs away with a mask of anger, the likes of which we haven’t seen since their first days together, clashing, snarling, fighting for dominance before the pieces clicked together. this is betrayal, going back on who they are, together.

the head and the heart may belong together, may need each other to survive, but it does not mean that they work in concert. the heart wants what it wants, but the head will see the better good and act upon it.

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*waves hands around* ahh sorry ;~; pls don't be sad!! I promise that everything will be ok *hugs* I guess that if you think about it, your phobia really shouldn't exist because if he universe gets torn apart it will just reset, so that's a good thing :3 I guess you shouldn't worry anymore?? Also don't say stuff like that, you'll just make Paparyus (and us) sad. You're a nice skelly that everybody likes so don't feel bad :D

* i… I’m truely sorry, i need a moment to calm down-

The long night.

It doesn’t matter where he is or what he’s doing - Aethir finds himself caught in a looping conversation in his head. His perspective and opinion on the situation changes with each passing moment. He reacts to the city, talking to people as they pass or talk to him - but his mind and thoughts are caught up in the events of last night. “Fuck those guys, what have they done for me anyways?” He’ll say one moment, the next he’ll be doing his best not to burst into tears over what he’s said. “I didn’t mean it, I’m such an asshole - I do t deserve them.” He’s conflicted, torn apart at the thought that he’s essentially burned the only friends he really had because he let his stubborn pride get the best of him. Sure, he’s made it this far in life by doing exactly what he did last night - but for the first time in a long time he was actually happy with where he was, with who he was interacting. But after last night? Who knows if he’ll still have his Job, his friends or anything left at all. Aethir finds himself sitting down, hands gripping the sides of his head as his legs bounce up and down frantically. “…Oh I fucked up. I fucked up. I fucked up…” He would repeat, again and again. Aethir was in store for a rough week.

I‘m sure I’ll see ya there

A shovel full of wet dirt plops down then another. A steady drizzle of rain fell on the grassy hills and mountains of upper Hillsbrad. Dragaur was a mess, and not just because of the rain. He had a full beard of dark hair his dark leathers were muddy, torn, bloody and now soaking wet. A few more shovels full of dirt landed in the large man sized hole which was now about half full. He rested against the shovel for a moment then stuck it in the earth as he fiddled with the wet straps and toggles to remove the jerkin he was wearing. He scowled and threw it into the hole. It was beyond repair and in this rain it made it difficult to move in. He took a deep breath and another shovel full of dirt landed in the hole.
Two or three hours earlier he was dry waiting in the small shack where he knew he would find his quarry. He had tracked him to this point and knew he would show up soon. He leaned against the far wall away from the door. He was wearing the metal skull mask that the people of Lordaeron knew him by…well any that still lived would. The scourge had seen to the deaths or the undeath of most of its citizens.

The door creaked open and Dragaur was already on him with a blade. The fight was quick and bloody both of them getting in several stabs and slashes. The man he had pounced on was his equal in many ways. He was the same size and skill level that was obvious by the counters and blocks each performed. The only thing that made them different was one had experience and one had the strength of youth. After a few seconds of fighting Dragaur broke off and growled behind his metal mask. “I told you I would be back…I already dug your grave.”

The man seemed like he might respond but instead drew a second blade. Dragaur did the same. Dragaur was impatient and struck out too quickly and clumsily earning a shallow stab to his exposed side. The fight was a short bloody dance, each blocking and countering in turn. When they broke apart a second time Dragaur went in for the same blow that left him exposed, but this time it was only a feint and his other blade sunk deep into the man’s exposed side. He twisted the blade and blood ran out over Dragaur’s hand. The man dropped his blades, the fight was over and he knew it. His hands came shakily up and pushed Dragaur’s mask up then off. It clattered to the floor. The man smirked behind his own dark beard and shook his head. “Good work boy, now finish it.”

He looked down at his skull mask and then up to his father. His other blade slipped up to his chest holding it at an angle over his heart. The knife pressed deftly in between his ribs straight to the heart. Dragaur stared into his eyes until they went dark. A moment later he pulled both his blades free and the man fell to the shack’s wooden floor.

He patted the flat side of the shovel on the grave and looked up at the tree he had planted him under. He walked over to the tree and started to carve deep gouges in the old tree. When he stepped back he smirked and then started for Southshore. He would see about getting a room for the night and then head back to Gilneas.

The words on the tree read. “Here lies Jackson Graves Sr. Sent to hell by Jackson Graves Jr.”

The Crucifixion scene in the four Gospels constitutes the moment of truth when the “veil of the Temple” is torn and the Holy of Holies appears. The maximum revelation of God possible in this world occurs in Jesus Crucified, because God is love and the death of Jesus on the Cross is the greatest act of love in all of history. Well then, on the Cardinal’s ring that I will consign in a few moments to the new members of the Sacred College is portrayed precisely the Crucifixion.
This, dear new Cardinal-Brothers, will always be an invitation for you to remember of what King you are servants, on what throne he has been raised and how he has been faithful to the end in overcoming sin and death with the power of divine mercy. Mother Church, Spouse of Christ, gives you this symbol in memory of her Spouse, who loved her and gave himself up for her (cf. Eph 5:25). Thus, wearing the Cardinal’s ring, you are constantly called to give your life for the Church.
—  Pope Benedict XVI, Homily (November 25, 2007)

critical role fanfic with vax and keyleth because at one point Vax stole a flower then kiss and declared his love and didn’t really get a response.

Hands pressed against the smooth white bark of her favorite tree, Keyleth communed with nature, mentally traveling through the labyrinth of roots whispering secrets of the land. Vax watched her for a long moment, torn between not wanting to bother her and needing to get this over with.

“I thought I’d find you here,” he said, stepping from the shadows of the outer wall of the keep.

“Oh, Vax, you startled me.”

He strode across the small manicured lawn outlining Keyleth’s tiny garden. “Can we talk for a minute?”

“Sure.” She released the connection she held with the natural consciousness of the earth and focused wholly on him, obviously puzzled. “What do you need?”

Vax sat down on the white wooden bench beneath her favorite tree. Swan bell flowers dipped and swayed around their heads, and their unique bell shape seemed inquisitive to Vax, as if the tiny flowers dangling from the willowy white branches above wanted to listen in.

The leather in her armor creaked as Keyleth sat beside him, crossing one leg beneath her. Vax wanted to remember her like this, at peace beneath her tree, in her garden. The wind, carrying a brief scent of ash and fire, tugged at her red hair, and the failing sun still turned a few strands to threads of gold. They were about to walk into a land of fire and rubble, and he wanted to hold onto this brief image of healthy greenery and blooming nature.

She looked at him with such questioning innocence that Vax started to doubt coming here. His heart raced inside his chest and he knew he would rather face down a dragon than stare into the emerald pools of her eyes at this moment. He had made a decision, though. There was nothing left but to follow through.

“I wanted to return this to you,” he said. His voice sounded course to him, so he cleared his throat and took a small folded piece of silk from a pocket hidden in his jacket. It was warm from his body heat. He placed it gently in her palm.

“I …umm, what is it?” Keyleth asked, a little too loudly.

Vax rushed on with his confession. “I took it a while back, and I think it helped me get through what I thought of at the time as a rough patch. But the more I hang onto it, the more brittle it becomes. It’s a chore to carry and protect it so it doesn’t fall apart in my fingers. Now that I think on it, it was never within my right to take it in the first place. It’ll never be what it once could have been if I’d left it in your hands to mature and develop. Still, I think it’s best I give this back to you.”

“I still don’t know-” she started to say. “Can I open this?”

Vax ran his hand through his hair, frustrated that he probably wasn’t saying the right words. He just needed to get to heart of it, and be blunt.

“Are we still friends, Keyleth?”

Her eyebrows shot upward. “Of course, Vax!”

“Good. Listen,” he grasped her hands and looked directly in her luminous green eyes. “I want you to know that while, yes, everyone is dealing with some really messed up shit out there, you can come to me. If you need to talk, have a problem or a concern, I’d like to help. I’d like to hear you and be there for you.”

Vax watched the change in her with an intensity that served him well over his hard life. He caught how she subtly pressed her lips together and how her eyes darted and shifted under his gaze.


She sighed. “You say I can come to you when I have a concern because we’re friends?”


She pulled her hands from his and met his gaze. “When I was concerned about Vex hunting down Gilmore’s stolen goods, you went with her anyway, even though I could tell that you agreed with me.”

Vax frowned. He wasn’t used to someone questioning his decisions, and finding the words to explain his actions was strangely difficult. He remembered the moment when he had shrugged off Keyleth’s concern and disappeared from her sight to follow his sister. Someone walking their path alone, like Keyleth, would find it easy to make decisions based solely on whether they thought it was a good idea or not. Oftentimes, Vax didn’t have the luxury to let a loved one walk into a bad situation alone. He only had one.

He put his hand over hers and said as kindly as he could, “There are only two things that trump friendship: Love and Family. You should know better than to ask me to side against my sister on anything.”

Keyleth nodded numbly at him. “I see. There’s a hierarchy.”

“There is. What I’m trying to say is that I’ll always give you whatever spot you want you want. You’re a good friend, Keyleth, and I worried that I messed that up.”

He stood. “I need to go help Vex. I think when you’re done here we’ll be almost ready to go.”

Keyleth nodded and started unwrapping the small, feather-light package she held. “I’ll be there in just a minute. I’m just going to check on-”

She stopped and looked up, but Vax was gone.

“I’m so confused,” Keyleth murmured as she pulled a dried, and flattened swan bell flower from the folds of silk.

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The Infernal Devices

  • Favorite character: This is a tie between Will Herondale and Jem Carstairs idc 
  • Second favorite character: Tessa Gray
  • Least favorite character: Ohh let’s say Nate Gray.
  • The character I’m most like: Tessa for sure.
  • Favorite pairing: I’m equally torn between Will and Tessa and Jem and Tessa.
  • Least favorite pairing: I guess Cecily Herondale and Gabriel Lightwood, but it’s not like I don’t like the pairing. I just like all of the others better.
  • Favorite moment: The train ride from London to York was always a favorite moment because Will, Jem, and Tessa are all together. 
  • Rating out of 10: 10/10

*send a series*

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tales of the abyss!!

Send me series and I’ll tell you my:

Favorite character: The fon Fabres, DON’T MAKE ME PICK ONE

Second favorite character: Torn between Natalia and Tear. I think I’ll go with Nat because I tend to relate to her a bit more.

Least favorite character: Sync or Arietta, maybe?

The character I’m most like: I’m kind of a mix of Natalia and Luke. I am their love child.

Favorite pairing:

Honorable mention for Luke/Tear because I love them almost as much.

Least favorite pairing: Anything involving Sync probably, also Aerietta/Ion or Anise/Ion.

Favorite moment:

Rating out of 10: 1000000000000000/10 A++ would recommend best game right here

You run your fingers along my skin and suddenly the world isn’t screaming so loud but as soon as I press too hard I feel the rock that sits under my flesh begin to harden. Many lovers have pressed hard against me, inching closer and closer making it apparent that skin on skin just doesn’t do it, many lovers have kept me warm but I always failed to stick around. I forgot what it was like to lay with someone and feel perfectly necessary in the world at that moment, watching the room go darker as the sun sinks lower. You are a compilement of words that I am not capable of putting together and explaining, kinda like a painting that tells you everything but nothing at all. I need you in the air around me because somehow my breathe can’t keep up when your gone as if half of me has been torn. All is right on your back porch as the world passes by and you listen to my voice in-between coughs, I never stop talking and you never stop listening. Everything in the day goes fine until I lie down and close my eyes and watch dreams play over showing me everything my conscious mind can’t take.
—  U aren’t her

Cinder, a gifted mechanic, is a cyborg. She’s a second-class citizen with a mysterious past, reviled by her stepmother and blamed for her stepsister’s illness. But when her life becomes intertwined with the handsome Prince Kai’s, she suddenly finds herself at the center of an intergalactic struggle, and a forbidden attraction. Caught between duty and freedom, loyalty and betrayal, she must uncover secrets about her past in order to protect her world’s future.

Just finished. I was unsure how to rate this book, torn between 3 & 4 stars. In the end I settled on 3, for one reason, which I shall explain in a moment. On the whole I really liked this - I loved the premise. At first I wasn’t sure if it was going to be for me but it was actually really cool, and the ending most certainly left me wanting to read the next book. I’m not totally freaking out over it though, because I didn’t feel all too attached to the characters… I don’t know if this is something that will improve in the later books or not. Kai for example, I didn’t feel like I knew one thing about, other than that he enjoys his sarcasm. Cinder was more complex and I did like her character, but I also found a little self-contradictory. At times she was immeasurably socially awkward and then at others she would be the epitome of cool and collected. I loved the futuristic earth in this book, though I would liked to have understood a bit more about it. Just a little more description and background story would have been nice, because it’s such a cool idea and it deserves the attention.

On the whole I did really enjoy this. I feel like it probably has a lot more to offer as a series beyond the first book. I mean the hype has to come from somewhere and I feel left out so, I really hope it does. Aaaaand despite not falling head over heels for the characters, I am intrigued by the overarching plot. 

My mum just reminded me that 6 years ago today, my dad was rushed into the hospital because he had 2/3 major heart attacks in quick succession. It was around this time exactly and i remember it clear as can be!
I was feeling kinda good today~ but now im worried again!!
Even though he’s still alive [and barely breathing], he’s actually in a worse condition and well….in one weeks time-it’ll be the 6th year “anniversary” since he was declared dead and yeahh… i remember how torn apart my mother was and how i didnt really understand what was going on and how a few of people at school teased me a little on it and how i shouted back at them because i was scared

There’s a fair chance that he could stop breathing at any moment and its just scary to think about how close you can be to loosing your rock yknow. Our relationship hasnt been good since the operation and we [mentally] lost him for years after he was sent home~ but he’s still my dad and he’s one of the only persons who didnt reject me as a child -despite the fact that we’re not blood related! I do love him you know, but i think im just scared of getting too close 

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for every 🍂 I get, I’ll reveal one of the most important people in my muse’s life

lmao these have become an excuse for me to just vent my feelings about certain characters and situations am i even answering the meme anymore.

thinking about big boss undoing snake and destroying all of his belief in goodness and love and a higher purpose, mostly by beating the shit out of him. like i mean smashing him into the wall and punching him until the skin of his cheeks is torn and his face is so swollen that he can’t go to miller’s class the next day, because he wakes up and the bruises have swelled up to the point where he cannot see his hand in front of him. this is the guy who beat the shit out of kazuhira in a sauna for daring to… have sexual relationships as a damn adult with autonomy !!!! we have no idea what we did but we know what he’s like.

withholding affection for those very rare moments and cutting snake off from everyone else by telling him that having feelings for comrades is a sin until snake understands that 1) the only one he can ever hope to have a relationship with is big boss and 2) the only affection that snake will ever receive is going to come from big boss. but the rules are made up and the points don’t matter !! there is absolutely no way of analyzing just what he has to do to receive this affection it is completely random !! big boss literally just has good and bad days and decides how to treat snake at any given time on a whim !!!!

this is why he’s so freaked out by venom because the only language he understands by the point that venom gets there is the language of violence !! big boss’s punches are love and every broken bone says “i care about you, i see potential in you, i want you to be stronger, i believe in you” and that is what snake tells himself to get by because god if he didn’t he would have a complete meltdown.

and every good day with big boss just makes it worse because he struggles to figure out just what he did to trigger the affection and the acceptance, but there’s nothing. big boss just feels like it at that moment and soon he won’t feel like it and he’ll go back to either ignoring snake or pummeling him until he can’t move, and the more he likes snake the worse it gets because then he’s really trying to show how much he sees in snake by punching him even more and that’s the way they communicate and it’s so unhealthy !!

he made snake into clay and then he beat him into a shape that resembled him and he takes great pleasure in knowing that the imprint of his knuckles is on snake’s side forever and that a piece of him will always be with snake and snake will never escape that and aAAAAaAaAa.

She wanted to grab a hold of the moment and freeze it forever. She would always keep the reminder of how his apologies rolled off his tongue: “Listen to me please, I’m sorry that you weren’t my first and that I hurt you so many times.” His pleas made no difference to her, her heart had been torn one too many times. She let out an exasperated sigh. “No, no you’re not, you have never been sorry.” Because the feeling of his words against her ears will always soothe her, knowing that for once he cared, even if it was much too late.
—  don’t you ever think that I wanted to walk away from you

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Character: Betilla the Nymph

My apologies for not answering before, I got delayed with my night internships! OTL

  • Why I like them: why you wouldn’t? She’s like a mother figure for Rayman, and is so careful/lovely. ;u;

  • Why I don’t: if I had to name one reason, it would be maybe because of the new design…Not that I dislike it, but I was so used to the first one 8′3

  • Favorite “episode”: I wouldn’t call this an episode, but probably the epic moment where she tries to face Mr Dark by herself in the beginning of Rayman 1-

  • Favorite “game”: I’m torn between Rayman 1 and Rayman Origins, aaaa- but I’m more drawn towards her first design-

  • Favorite line: Let’s admit she doesn’t have a lot of quotes… But her pig latin quotes sound super cute!

  • Favorite outfit: I may prefer R1 Betilla but let’s admit….

Betilla’s new outfit beats it. ♥

  • OTP: Betilla x Mr Dark. Go ahead, shame me I won’t care~

  • Brotp: Hmmmmm- Betilla and R1 magician? They seem to be nice buddies. c:

  • Head Canon: I imagine whenever Rayman would pass by to see her again later on, she would probably take the oportunity to show him back some old photos of the good times when Rayman was still a “recent” creation- only to embarass him along his friends. x) It wouldn’t be her intention, though.
    Oh, other headcanon of mine: Betilla and Mr Dark would have been childhood friends. ♥ A headcanon I share with a lovely french artist on dA!

  • Unpopular opinion: It was already talked about it before in the fandom and I have my own opinion about it, so I prefer to not bring this back~
  • A wish: getting to see her again? She’s so cheerful. ;w;

  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: though not making her as the weak poor fairy in distress who needs to be rescued!!! She’s stronger than that. ;w;’ I mean it’s told she’s one of the strongest fairies of the glade??

  • 5 words to best describe them: Wise, Cheerful, Careful, Beautiful, Powerful. ~

  • My nickname for them: I don’t really have one… And I’m out of ideas for this one, sorry! ;w;

Shout out to Kiri for this - so sorry it took so long

Write your name in song titles:

G[Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying (Do Your Part To Save The Scene And Stop Going To Shows), Fall Out Boy]

A[ll I Do Is Win, DJ Khaled]

B[eautiful Soul, Jessie McCartney]

Y[ou’re Gonna Go Far Kid, The Offspring]

Why did you choose your URL? well one day i was laying in bed with my laptop on my stomach. it was an old mac book pro and it was overheating as den old laptops do. in one of my finest moments i thought - “man, my computer is hot; JUST LIKE ME”. And then i remember thinking “you’re a fucking genius gaby because hotlikethebottomofmycomputer is a BRILLIANT name”. thus here we are

What is your middle name? Maria Jose

If you could be a fictional/fairytale being, what yould you be?

im torn three ways between jedi, x-man or batfam member. But one that’s directly involved with the drama but shit never happens to them except in a comical manner. idek maybe a dragon.

What’s your favorite color? BLUE in all shades

What’s (are) your favorite song(s)?

Here’s my top 10 according to iTunes (not including the stuff mentioned at the top)

  1. Move Bitch Get Out of the Way War Pigs Remix by Ludacris/Black Sabbath
  2. Mr. Brightside by the Killers
  3. Dirty Little Secret by the All American Rejects
  4. How Far We’ve Come by Mathbox Twenty
  5. Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus
  6. Year 300 by Busted
  7. Odds are by Barenaked Ladies
  8. Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran
  9. I’ll Be by Edwin McCain/You & Me by Lifehouse (it was a tie)
  10. Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses

Top four fandoms? Star Wars, the 100, Person of Interest, Comic Books universe (I’LL BE DAMNED IF I SHOULD CHOOSE)

Why do you enjoy tumblr? where else can i bask in the trash i love.  Also those dayum accurate astrological posts and memes

Tag lovely tumblr beings

I tag @techieagnostic, @lookawayfromreality @trashcanpam, @cleod​,  @commanderbroodylexa, @halbarry

And also all my followers ;)

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oh! hannibal for the series thing <3

  • Favorite character: Can I say Chilton? Can I?
  • Second favorite character: Chiyoh
  • Least favorite character: Mason Verger, I mean fuck that guy
  • The character I’m most like: Freddie, i think? Anyway it’s from Hannibal, there is no way to pick a character that is not fucked up.
  • Favorite pairing: Hannigram, is that even a question
  • Least favorite pairing: Hannibal/Alana because honestly? Season 2 Alana was all sex and it bothered me sooooo fucking much.
  • Favorite moment: WHERE DO I START WITH THIS SHOW. LIKE THERE IS SO MAAAANY MOMENTS BETWEEN SO MANY CHARACTERS. Holy hell. I’m torn between the 2x8 where Hannibal tells will that he can help him but he can’t control what he will become. Or Will’s “it’s beautiful” into the season 3 finale because I’ve been crying about it approximately 4359087593 years.
  • Rating out of 10: 10/10

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"I know there is good in you."

                                      meme || not accepting

for a moment he wanted to believe her words. to let them sink in and finally break down the walls he had taken so much time and effort to build. because if he finally allowed SOMEONE in then it would stop——— the pain that is. the pain of watching others die or suffer from his hand. the pain of being torn between doing what was right… or doing what was needed.

                         it would be so easy. wouldn’t it ???

he allows the idea to fester as eyes search hers. finding that WARMTH that had called to him that day upon starkiller base. and it takes such concentration not to reach towards her. not to touch that light that practically ILLUMINATES her skin. 

a breath hitches——— caught within his throat as the thought had begun to take root. his own hand lifting from his side, only to quickly snap away ; as if her very presence hadBURNED him. 

and in a sense, it had brought him back to REALITY. with furrowed brows and a snarl that slips past curled lips. left foot takes a quick, decisive step backwards. brown hues darken once more and jaw tightens with a fast twitch of his head away from her.

          ❝     you seek only to bring forth a being i have DESTROYED long
          ago——— you can’t bring him back. i’ll make sure of that.