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Hi SDJ! First off I want to say I love your blog. I've been doing research on becoming a sugar baby and the sugar bowl itself. I wanted to ask if you thought I would have a problem finding a POT or SD because I have pixie cut hair. I'm in the process of growing it out again but it'll take a while to get back to old length. I'm also pretty tiny but I do have curves. Thank you so much!

Pictures!  Pictures! Send me pictures!  

You want to know why I am begging you for photographs, sugar?  Based on your short description of yourself, you sound really cute, attractive and adorable and I wanna seeee you!

Now, what does that tell you?  Well, since we can’t go “back and forth” and have a conversation, let me just answer that question for you:  if I am interested in your look, if I find it alluring, then other sugar daddies will too!

I think there is this perception that all sugar babies are supposed to have long hair.  I don’t know where that came from!  It’s simply not true!  There are a lot of guys who like girls with short hair, long hair and everything in between!  So, don’t worry about that!

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Rock your cut girl!! I bet its hella cute!

Short haired anon here, thank you for answering my ask and the motivational speech! I don’t even know why I got insecure about my hair. Also to the fellow short haired anon, you’re the realest mvp. I fuckin’ love y'all. <3