Mimikyu made me piss my pants

I need to talk about the Ghost Trial in Pokemon Sun/Moon and how brilliant it is and how freaking terrifying as well.

I went into a haunted abandoned mall armed with my Rotomdex as a camera. Seeing as I already knew about the existence of Ghost Pokemon, Ghastlies and the like didn’t come over as scary. I expected them. But because I could only see them via the camera (Fatal Frame, anyone?), it added a layer of creepiness - I was put into a zone of limited movement and the moment I got a good shot, it attacked me because the moment I saw it, it saw me.

After every battle I saw a Pikachu run off and if you’re like me and didn’t spoil yourself too much, you’re like: why the eff is there a Pikachu here? I started assuming that, just like the Marowak in Pokemon Red/Blue, it’s the ghost of a dead Pikachu.

More of the same happened and then I entered a small room and my camera fired up automatically. Again, not too scary - I assumed this is where I would meet the totem Pokemon.

As I looked through my camera, looking at the creepy children drawings of kids and a Pikachu (which was just scary and depressing as all hell, thanks gamefreak), I kept scanning around for the totem pokemon. Where the hell was it?

What truly scared me shitless was when I realized I could turn my camera FURTHER than normal and that’s when knew:

omfg. it’s behind me.

And I turned 180 degrees

I shit you not, I actually had to look away from my screen and hold my heart for a bit because there was this Mimikyu staring right into the damn screen really really close to me, music going all crazy and it yelling SEEEE MEE like JESUS GAMEFREAK I wanted to run away screaming

Now I did know what Mimikyu is and when I first saw it I thought it was adorable and I wanted to get one and hug it and love it forever. But after the battle when Acerola told me that I could go back in and catch whatever I wanted, all I could think was NOPE. I’M LEAVING

A million kudos to Gamefreak for making me absolutely terrified of Mimikyu. Perfect execution, not coming near it ever.

EDIT: Someone told me that you can see Mimikyu looking at you when Acerola walks away. NOT COOL MIMIKYU ARGHHH

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6. What makes this fic special or different from all your other fics?

*laughing nervously* haha well it’s kind of … my only one … but I guess I can speak to what makes it unique in general? Idk, the fact that it’s narrated by a ten-year-old OC is kinda different. Also, one of the things I really try to push in the story is the specific detail of the Opera House. I want to make the reader feel like they’re there, too, because idk why but I am honestly obsessed with it. And I guess that’s something I haven’t seen very often. As for other things that are gonna make it special, well–you’ll just have to wait and SEEEE

9: Already answered! :)

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