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[ I WOKE UP AND IT HAD A DISGUSTING AMOUNT OF NOTES. I’m honestly reeling because I posted it on a whim for somebody else and it was this really self indulgent thing I wrote at 4am when I didn’t want to do my graduate work several months ago.  I didn’t plan on it getting noticed. WOW GUYS I’M FLATTERED

Anyway, I’m sorry to say that as far as my plans go now, that particular piece was written to be a one shot.  I’ll certainly add more if I think of something else, but as of right now I have no clear plans.

HOWEVER I absolutely adore that AU and several similar verses I have in my headspace so there’s a decent chance I’ll write within that AU again.  I’m happy to discuss the details of those AUs if folks are interested and I’m hella open to receiving prompts and RP threads that use them. I’ve also archived drabbles on their own page in the past so I can do that here, too. I usually keep a tag scheme for AUs so if I do more I will try to make it super easy to find everything that fits within a given ‘verse. ]

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*Nogi anon* WHAT WHAT WHAT a new episode with decent amounts of Lydia Martin in it + a new fic from you featuring everyone's favourite psychopathic fox?!?!?! IS IT CHRISTMAS??? Gah, I really want Lydia to get a decent storyline this season - here's hoping! Amazing fic, loved the play between the 3 characters. Also Nogitsune so yeah YOU KNOW THE WAY TO MY HEART. Stay awesome!

IT’S PROBABLY SOMEONE’S BIRTHDAY SOMEWHERE lmao and im glad you liked it!!! in my author’s note i complained IF THEY CAN PUT AIDEN IN THEN THEY CAN SURE AS HELL PUT THE NOGITSUNE in because if you think about lydia as a banshee would be a perfect host for a /dormant/ parasitic kitsune, seeing as how he feeds off of people’s negative energy to survive (if i remember correctly) (it’s been a while) and i was hoping since in the “previously on teen wolf” they took the time to show stiles saying he was possessed by an evil spirit that lydia might hallucinate the nogitsune or something

i have a feeling since it’s not /lydia’s/ season this time around she’ll actually get development and significant plot/storylines. they’re doing the flash forwards from her POV which makes me so happy??? like on wolf watch she said (im paraphrasing/summarizing here) that when she’s in eichen house she’s in the present time so when u see them all happy and alive (???no idea whats going on so) that’s flash back

HEY IF YOU WANT TO you should def message me after you see 5x02 w/ your thoughts and stuff you want/need to yell about

because i actually (dare i say it) hAVE HIGH HOPES