aight listen

im not entirely sure the extent of this thing going on but listen-

grandma chat is lit.

we are however, not lit enough to get your panties in a twist.

we are not. a big. deal. 

this is the safest space i have come to find ever, and if you guys want to make us feel guilty for not having room to add more people, okay. we’re gonna keep movin’ on. 

make your own chat, babes. post about how much you love your chat. 

don’t get psyched out because you saw one chat on your dash that’s mildly well known because three of us have more than 1000 followers. most of us are lower than 500. 

we are not elite by any means. maybe 3 people are sending hate anons, maybe 50 are, idek. we ain’t even worth your time, yo. yell about elycia, theyre prettier and a lot more entertaining. 

a lot of us feel really shitty right now that like 3 people are making this a big deal. we made MOODBOARDS and posted them for our friends to see! its okay!! okay!! 

all you gotta do is make a post and say, hey come join this groupchat i made! and people will!! you gotta try yo!! and you can’t give up! reblog it from yourself until someone replies, aight? i beleaf in you

in the name of Captain Eliza and Lesbian Queen Alycia, 

amen, go in peace

The reason I dislike Alimor is because they never really understood each other, as Ohtaka herself said. And after basically a century, it would make sense for Ali to have only drifted further away from Mor. And for all she knew, Ali was dead. So basically, it’s hanging on to the last thread of a ship that was never really substantial in the first place.

Meanwhile, with Hakumor, Morgiana is Hakuryuu’s emotional support. She understands him on more levels than you can count. She’s seen his dark side and knows his weaknesses, but she still believed in him, the first man who ever truly loved her. He loved her because he wanted to, because he did love her. But Alibaba had to be told to love Morgiana before he did.

I love Alibaba and Morgiana as characters, but they really don’t know each other all too well. Meanwhile, Alibaba saw how Kougyoku suffered, and he saw every tear that fell. He was there for her and believed in her when even she didn’t believe in herself.

I haven’t read Magi 315 yet, but where did Alakou come from? First of all, Aladdin is younger than Kougyoku. I don’t have issues with age gaps, but the fact is he’s underage. He’s never had any real interaction with Kougyoku- he doesn’t know anything beyond what she looks like.

I just wish Ohtaka would stop pairing such total strangers together and wasting hundreds of chapters for ships that she’ll just sink eventually.

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Hello, long time fan here and I am so happy to see you have joined tumblr. Actually finding that you had joined tumblr was a quirky happenstance as I had just finished rereading the first parts of Werehunter when I saw your reblog from another of my tumblr friends. It was a very cool coincidence anyway. I did want to ask if you think you might ever revisit the Shipscat universe because I for one would love to read more adventures of SKitty, Scat, and Dick White. Thanks for your time, Marns.

Actually there are only two reasons why I would stop doing a particular series. They weren’t willing to pay me as much as they had been, or the books weren’t popular enough. The former is the 500 Kingdoms series, the latter is Diana Tregarde, Dead Reckoning and Ther Shadow Grail.

Ship’s cat is because I have not had any invitations to appropriate anthologies.

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Hadn't seen much of my man last week due to us both working so much, when we first saw each other at the weekend we were so inseparable and couldn't keep our hands off each other and all we wanted to do was cuddle n which films and it's made me so fucking happy, already can't wait until my next day off just so i can see his pretty face again (isn't it really sad that i can't even tell my best friends this type of stuff because they just don't give a shit)

OMG BUT I’M SURE IT IS JUST FIR NOW YOU GUYS WILL GET TO SEE EACH OTHER MORE OFTEN AGAIN, and what kind of best friend is that? That’s not a bestfriend tbh

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Heya, saw your PDTA play through and I wanted to say something in regards to the pissy comments section. Some people, like me, watch your videos not for "get in get out" play through, but for the steps you take to figure something out, and for your learning/development. Even though you miss things sometimes that even I question sometimes, I always smile after those videos, because it reminds me even more how wonderfully human you are. You are very appreciated! ^_^

Thank you :D That comment section got a bit hairy today

I suck at writing poetry, but I still pour myself into a cracked vase. You wanted to read something about me, something that others haven’t asked for.

Well, here it is.

I am the first time I saw my father smoke crack from a pipe. I sat next to him and smiled. I smiled because I was beside my greatest fear. A man more broken than the earth. A man with more regrets than any poem could ever hold. A man with four broken families. A man that could never truly be happy. A man that has lost his way. A man that was home to me on some days when I wanted a father, but he was not around. A man that means the world to me, he is nothing but a stranger drifting from town to town. A man suffering from early dementia because maybe he wanted to be loved so bad, that even his body decided it was time for him to leave this world. A man that loved his sons, but now like how they wanted him to love. A man that held my infancy inside of his hands. A man that I’m afraid of. A man that I could become one day.

I am the first time I saw my mother get her beautiful dark hair shaved by an abusive boyfriend. I hid underneath the blankets as he broke through her fish tanks and god knows what else. I never knew. Always too afraid to run downstairs. Baby, stay upstairs! Mama, I should have been a man at the age of five. I’m sorry that I’m 23 and still nothing but your favorite smile. Do you see my eyes or my father’s? A woman on the verge of a break. She slipped the other day while I was at work. I should’ve been there, because who knows, next time she might not just get a simple knee injury. I should be next to her and rubbing her back and massaging her feet, but instead, I’m on this website writing my wasted words.

They say that a man owns up to his mistakes. I don’t know what I am or why I am or who I am or when I was ever anything more than a coward or where I was mentally when I saw my mother get beat by an ex-boyfriend.

I’m a faded human. My favorite color used to be red, but I no longer know about passion and love. I write about a subject that I never understood. I write about it like I’ve met it.

But have I really?

Is this love or just a simple crush?

I fall for people too quickly.

I’ve been told that romanticizing people is terrifying. I’ve been told that poets immortalize their lovers in an effort to make forever and always a real thing. I’ve been told that Shakespeare smoked while writing Romeo and Juliet. I’ve been told that Edgar used to cut himself on the razor edges of the cemetery. I’ve been told that modern day poets–

They write a dead legacy.

I’m not a poet. I’m not a writer.
I’m not poetry. I’m not a poem.

I’m just a man. I’m just human.
I’m wasted. I’m fucked up.
I’m my addiction to my selfish ways.

I’m not a book. I’m not a library.
I’m not a bridge. I’m not burning.

I’m just a fake smile. I’m just sad.
I’m depressing to be around.

I’m not anything special.
I’m not anything wonderful.

I’m just a man finally accepting
the forgotten parts of himself.

—  A typo in the poem
  • Jimmy Fallon:First, I want to say happy birthday because I saw on Instagram. You have a good one?
  • Chris Colfer:I did. You know, the older I get, the more wisdom and water I retain.
  • Jimmy Fallon:The picture I'm going to show, I don't quite know how to set it up. When you have parties, you ask your friends, don't bring presents...
  • Chris Colfer:...just dress up! I love costume parties because they're always such a great icebreaker. Everyone has fun, because we all look ridiculous. But every year, my friends always complain about having to dress up, so this year I made it really simple and I only invited cardboard guests.
  • Jimmy Fallon:Yeah, so here's you. It's you, the Queen, Hillary Clinton, and...
  • Chris Colfer:...the Rock, yeah.
  • Jimmy Fallon:The Rock, there you go. That's a good birthday.
  • Chris Colfer:It was good. It was very calm, very relaxing.
  • Jimmy Fallon:They're very calm. They're good guests.
  • Chris Colfer:Yeah, no one talked back. It was great.
Olicity: All-Seeing Eyes

tinybluefishy: ok tumblr won’t let me send asks, but for your prompt request, oliver and felicity getting caught but the members of team arrow, (including lance)

“Okay, so that was…”


“It wasn’t that-”

“It was mortifying, Oliver. And let me tell you, I know all about mortifying. I practically invented it.”

“Well, that’s not exactly true.”

“Oliver! My mom saw your ass!”

“Everyone saw my ass.”

“You’re not helping.”

“Why are you so grumpy? They hardly saw anything of you.”

“Because you were blocking me.”


“Because you were inside me, Oliver! We were having sex.”

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Gunga Gin & Tonic

Hey @millicentthecat! I’ve spent a few days trying to suss out what exactly you were trying to get across in your response to @seankayos re: this post (I’m going to link here rather than reblog because you seem to prefer it?).

I was avoiding posting a response but as I saw you were feeling confident in your analysis enough to merit multiple posts and explanations I figured what the hell–I’ll throw my two cents in.

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more jackson fluff for anon😊 thanks for being so kind ♡

i’m all for fluffy jackson. it’s the best thing. so he’s all soft for you and the boys don’t really see that soft side, so when they saw him upset because of a dream… they didn’t really know what to do. except for BamBam… who just kinda… yea. aha😅

message me or send me an ask if you want anything specific!

🍃have a great day!

- admin e

Street Fighters doing Jojo poses, In Sprite Form! Click on it for the real size. At first I only did Ryu, Dan, and Ken, but then I decided Chun Li should be in there…then decided Part 3 and 5 should be represented as well, THEN figured Rose and Guile should be in there because they owe their existence to Jojo. Then finally I decided to add a Dio rep. Since Gill and Urien may or may not have been inspired by the Pillar Men, I chose Gill instead of Bison.

The Background was also inspired by an existing Jojo Wallpaper I saw once. Even though I was working with existing assets, this still took awhile to do. Still had to customize ALOT of stuff. Also I found out that Alex is 195cm, just like the Joestar Men! Dang

Follow me for more sprites and make a request if you want!

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I just watched GM Ski Lodge Part 1 and there's one thing that I don't get it: Why the writers didn't want to film this episode with a live audience?I saw the episode and I didn't see anything big or kinda of a plot twist(nothing like texas).Why do you think that the writers want to make this episode a secret?

There are 2 probable reasons:

1: Production was more complicated and they couldn’t swing a live audience for it.

2: There is a plethora of meta moments in this episode that very clearly point to certain things happening in the future of the show, many of which directly conflict with what happens in Ski Lodge 2. Because Jacobs is quoted as saying “We knew there would be spoilers, we were counting on it”, I would assume this is most likely the number one reason he didn’t let an audience in, because he knew that those who see where the story is eventually going, would be able to leak those meta points to the fandom and immediately discount everything that happens in 2. So although there weren’t immediate canon plot twists in 1, there are in fact, future meta ones. 

I do have to say, I think that they shouldn’t have filmed Ski Lodge 1 or 2. If everything had been a complete surprise to the audience, the two episodes would be much more satisfying. 

I can't be the only one who thinks this

I remember being so happy when I first made a tumblr and saw how much everyone appreciated the struggles of marginalized groups. It was amazing seeing how people loved the idea of more diverse casts and more inclusion and the celebration of LGTB.

But now…it’s disgusting, I don’t even rejoice when I see an alternate version of a famous character. I’m no longer happy that they done things like made a superhero a black women because it’s empowering woman’ or some shit like that or made someone a trans gender Native American gender fluid blah blah blah and it’s not because of those labels specifically. It’s just because those characters with have no personality beyond archetypes and labels. Their entire identity will just be their skin/Gentiles and that’s all they will be.

Bloggers between the ages of 12 to 25 with their flower crowns and passive agressive bitchy attitude. Totally disregard the opinions of others and block people, asking theme selves why no one beloved their ‘identity’ when all they do is flip shit once someone disagrees.Honestly you all know what I’m talking about already.

That’s nothing special now it’s just made to please angry sjws and racist people who justify their idiocy because 'waaah waaah systemic rascim hurts my feewings’ or 'you said the wrong pronoun that’s transphobic waaaah’, or 'TFW TAG! IT TRIGGER WARNING PLEASE’ or 'you said stupid I’m offended you ablism scum waaaah discrimination’….oh wait what about “THEYRE GAAAAAY HOw DARE YOU HETEROPHY MY BABIES YOU SHITLORD MY HEAD CANNONS” or the “YOU CANT DRAW THEM LIKE THAT KILL YOURSELF :)”…….what a fucking joke.

Honestly I don’t even see why tumblr is still called a place of equality. Grow a pair of balls, you’re not an activist because you run a blog and go to some bullshit rally or whatever go and fuck yourself. People who use lgtb and skin color and mental illness for attention are the worst.

From a gay interracial 18 year old whose sick of your shit


This [starting the first improv classes] was when I was twelve. She was an incredible teacher, she had this, I don’t want to even call it acting school because it was so much more than that. She had been teaching for decades, she was this very energetic, eccentric, very clever, Irish Jewish woman. She would have a class of sixty and there was like a four year wait to get into her class which costed nothing. You would go after school and she had the every day class, but if she thought that acting was really for you, you were invited to a different class. That class was to her, the students that she really saw potential in and I got into that. We never looked at scripts and we would come into class and look at the board and there would always be a word of the day. This word was always a word that she could create a discussion around it was about the learning experience and being with people you wouldn’t normally know and of course it was about the improv also. I would go twice a week and for about six hours a week I would improvise. When I left, when I was about seventeen.

it’s weird to me that I saw someone say “I ship pearlmethyst, but I want them to have more development first” like? it’s right there in front of you

amethyst comforted/listened to pearl during the sardonyx bomb (also she defended pearl when garnet found out about her lies)

amethyst roots for pearl in Back to The Barn (a definite change compared to Steven the Sword Fighter, where she roots for holo pearl)

when needing something strong to pick up the drill head, amethyst shapeshifts and pearl acknowledges that she’s got the right idea, but that they should go bigger (and their fusion dance.. so important omg)

amethyst dances like pearl. and this is important if you think back to Giant Woman and pearl shows how fusion works through controlling the sand and ame retorts, “except I don’t dance like that”

not to mention in the episode before, pearl was dancing like amethyst (and with her, mind you)

in Too Far, pearl makes amethyst smile despite her feelings being hurt (and her mood immediately drops when her attention turns to peridot)

hit the diamond, amethyst uses her gem powers when running around the bases and pearl doesn’t scold her she gives a celebratory “nice!” and that’s such a drastic change to season 1

their relationship has DEFINITELY developed and improved over the course of the show, and it makes me sad to see some people discrediting that

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I think what other anon might be referring to is that someone made a long post about how Yahoo has a history of buying websites for too much and then shutting them down when they can't make a profit. Yahoo recently said that Tumblr has been losing worth so someone's speculating that Tumblr may end up eventually shut down by Yahoo because it won't be worth it for them to keep it up. Someone added a comment mentioning y'alls project being a possible next place to go if it happens.

I have seen that now, and I can’t speculate on how accurate it is re: Tumblr being shut down. We did initially want to create Pillowfort because we saw Tumblr going down a similar route that LiveJournal did in terms of getting bought out, introducing intrusive advertising, etc. But as far as what Yahoo’s actual plan is for Tumblr, we don’t know any more than the rest of you. For now though, I don’t think people need to panic.

Why Sinbad isn´t as bad as you think he is...

Since I saw and heard many people claiming Sinbad to be the new Antagonist (together with Arba) and really start to hate on him. I want to write down my point of view. 

This will be a shit ass long post so make sure you read this with concentration or you will maybe not understand me. Also I apologize for any possible mistakes concerning my English. 

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