I quite enjoyed 4x21, the Glee season 4 finale. Mercedes and Kurt got some great stuff, there was a lovely Kurt, Burt and Carole scene, Rachel was cute, we got to see Mike again, and the choir room stuff was kinda fun though i could have done with a song from Unique. If only Santana had been around for the season finale, it would have been even better. Did you guys all enjoy the season 4 finale, Wonder-ful?

Happy Daddy!DeanCas Monday, everybody!

I’ve decided to make Mondays on my blog all about Dean and Cas being dads. Quite frankly I need all the domestic Destiel feels I can get. 

To share in the festivities or watch my meltdowns about Dean and Cas changing diapers and making tutu’s from YouTube videos, tag posts or track #daddydeancasmonday.