A WIP. Sliiiiiight preview of my Future!verse ABO AU (as I am currently too preoccupied working on Inferno to do a proper first post).

Will do an organized synopsis post later, but for now let’s just say this is 6 years post YOI season 1, Minami is 23, Yuuri is 29, Yurio is 21. Victor and Yuuri skate competitively for two more years before retiring together. Immediately after, the duo co-coach Yurio in Russia, which makes Ice Tiger very happy. Then, due to certain circumstances *cough*children*cough* Yuuri temporarily takes time off from full-time coaching. Now, he fully intends to return and Yurio expects Yuuri to give him his undivided professional attention alongside Victor once again, when Minami suddenly appears with a request. He’s now the same age Yuuri was that fateful year, and doesn’t have too many years of competitive skating left. Yurio is not pleased.

Naruto the Luddite
  • Boruto: Dad, why can't I use the kote in the exam?
  • Naruto: Your mother and I sent you to ninja school in order to learn how to kill other children with your bare hands, magic spells, and genetic superpowers! Not with TECHNOLOGY!
  • Boruto: I just don't get it dad! It's a tool, like a kunai or a puppet!
  • Naruto: Son, if I had relied on some kind of fancy dancy thingamajig like that, do you think I would have been able to bring your Uncle Sasuke back to the village?
  • Boruto: ...but Uncle Sasuke is never in the village dattebasa...
  • Naruto: Don't get smart with me dattebayo!
  • Boruto: ...and didn't you have the unfair advantage of a massive external chakra reservoir, which is not really conceptually all that different from an external jutsu-storing device--
young punks (get off my lawn)

january 18 | “on holiday” – vacation / time off

Title: young punks (get off my lawn)
Fandom: Overwatch
Pairing: Gabriel Reyes (Reaper) / Jack Morrison (Soldier: 76)
Rating: T+
Warnings: language
Word Count: 625 (excerpt)
Notes: Here’s some more unrepentant fluff for Day 4 of Reaper76 Week. I didn’t have time to write a full fic, so I’ve just included the overview and an excerpt.


Obligatory undercover mission fic with unrequited love that’s actually not unrequited in the slightest. Overwatch sends two bitter old men on a long-overdue vacation disguised as a low-stakes mission. The objective? Convince the world they’ve retired, gotten hitched, and settled down.

Featuring grumpy dads, sassy Overwatch kiddos, I’m Too Old for This ShitTM one-liners, nosy neighbors, kittens in beanies, tons of pining, and disgustingly cute domesticity. They bicker over everything but are total saps, so everyone completely buys the “old married couple” act.


“This is bullshit,” Jack grumbles. “I’m old, not dead.”

“B-39…” But when the little old lady huddled at the front of the auditorium announces the next number in a croaky voice, Jack’s hand darts forward. He quickly scans the fourteen bingo cards splayed before him, his gaze turning calculative as he stamps a few of them furiously.

Gabriel snorts and lazily marks off a square on his only bingo card. “You’re going to rip the paper.”

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This is it! Make it count and kick ass! :)
T.D. Remy

Kitten; Part Three

Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Jon Moxley[Dean Ambrose]/Unnamed OFC

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: *calls in orbital smut strike* Thirst Party Saturday! This is blatant, gratuitous hurt/comfort. Tagging @tox-ambrose and @hardcorewwetrash as is my custom. Enjoy!

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Happy Daddy!DeanCas Monday, everybody!

I’ve decided to make Mondays on my blog all about Dean and Cas being dads. Quite frankly I need all the domestic Destiel feels I can get. 

To share in the festivities or watch my meltdowns about Dean and Cas changing diapers and making tutu’s from YouTube videos, tag posts or track #daddydeancasmonday.