cultwitch asked:

I'm sorry I " stole " ur gifs, I made that set a long time ago and yeah I used those gifs??? Take credit Idk I just used those four bc I liked them and I couldn't get my gifs to work. I don't think I did anything wron I just put the gifs together

okay, first of all these are not my gifs i’m just speaking on the behalf of someone who doesn’t have a blog anymore. second of all, it doesn’t matter if you use one, two or four gifs. they are still not yours! lastly, if you seriously don’t think you’ve done something wrong imagine sitting down, capping and photoshopping for hours sometimes and then someone else just taking your work and getting all the credit for it. stealing (and you don’t have to put it in “” because it is stealing) someone elses work is not a nice thing and it discredits the original source. find a way to make your gifs work, ask people if you can’t find one, but don’t steal someone elses please.