Things I really love about Emmerdale right now.

Robert still being in love with Aaron but not pushing anything because he knows Aaron needs time to heal before they can even think about sorting out their shit.

DINGLE DEFENCE SQUAD. I was happy to have Robert, Chas, Cain, Paddy and Adam being Aaron’s support but the fact that they got literally EVERY Dingle (except Zak) involved and that they all care so much about Aaron is beautiful.

That glorious Detective Man who wasn’t taking any of Gordon’s shit.


Cain’s revenge plot against Gordon that was so complex and ridiculous he was basically a Bond villain.

The fact that they remembered that Aaron and Adam are supposed to be the best friends ever and had that lovely hug scene.

Adam and Robert’s Aaron-based truce.

No Jai scenes.



Alright. Not sure if anyone is going to be interested in this or not.

I’m freaking out a little bit because it just hit me how many reviews/followers I have on my stories. Not sure if anyone’s going to care about this, but I’m beyond happy and I needed to share my joy with someone. (I’m actually letting it all sink in right now…absolutely mental). 

This is going to be a horridly long post, please bear with me.

I’ll start with the most to the least number of reviews and have a mini description of each story in case anyone wants to read them/check them out etc. I never thought I’d get to this point and the mere fact that people like my stories at all is beyond mind boggling to me still.

Fall Through Time - 196 reviews, 469 followers, 109k+ words. (I’M GOBSMACKED AT HOW CLOSE TO 200 REVIEWS THIS IS…WHAT?) Also NB. I’m a bit stuck for what to do next for FTT, mainly because I’ve been immersed in the angst that is IWHGH for practically the whole new year that I’m not quite sure how to write my version of the Marauders right? I want to have some Slytherin conflict…I think I may make this a separate post and ask @hogwartsaheadcanon for a little help.

Rating: M


Description: “In the last twenty four hours, Draco Malfoy’s life was flipped upside down. Not only was everything he’d ever known gone, but now the only person he had to rely on, hated him with every fibre in her being. Draco Malfoy was stuck in the past with none other than Hermione Jean Granger.” Dramione. Non-canon.

Time Travel? Piece of Cake - 69 reviews, 350 followers, 36k+ words. (Trust me…I giggled at the number too, you are not alone).

Rating: M


Description: What will happen when the Marauders find themselves transported to another time and dimension, which is scarily similar to their own? Landing in the year 1996, smack dab in the middle of a different war than the one they were fighting. Non canon. Dramione friendship. SiriusxHermione pairing. AU from HBP and onwards.

Return of Regulus Black - 43 reviews, 52 followers, 15k+ words.

Rating: M


Description: Known Death Eater Regulus Black was assumed to be dead years ago, especially when they found the disfigured body in the Thames with his house ring on its’ finger. Years later the entire Wizarding World is not only shocked when he returns, but by who he brings with him; Notorious Mass Murderer Sirius Black, and a raven haired, grey eyed eleven year old boy.

It’s also a Wolfstar btw.

It Was Her Ginger Hair - 40 reviews, 42 followers, 89k+ words.

This is my baby that not many people read, but I thoroughly enjoy writing nonetheless!!

Rating: M


Description: The Second Wizarding War has officially started; Harry, Ron and Hermione are off on the hunt for Horcruxes, but the protagonist of this story is Ginevra Weasley. Ginny is in love with Death Eater, Theodore Nott. Will they be able to survive the War when adversity faces them at every turn? Mainly DH compliant. Non-canon. Theo Nott x Ginny Weasley

Promise (on hiatus and I don’t know when I’ll get back around to finishing it…really sorry) - 38 reviews, 248 followers, 66k+ words.

Rating: M


Description: The Second Wizarding War is over, and due to a ruling by the Wizengamot, Harry and his fellow classmates return to Hogwarts to repeat their Seventh Year. The Children of the War work together to heal themselves, create new bonds, strengthen old ones, and deal with the aftermath of the War, as well as trying to promote House Unity. Non-canon. Dramione. On hiatus.

Meant to Be - 12 reviews, 39 followers, 8k+ words.

Rating: M


Description: Hermione obviously a bit confused as to why the three of them were gathered here was getting a bit impatient, she didn’t like not knowing things. “Luna, why are we here?” Triad fic about Hermione Granger, Luna lovegood and Daphne Greengrass. F/F themes, and M/M themes. Mainly light and fluffy, probably won’t always be that way. Non-canon, sporadic updates, maybe a little fun.

Seasons Change - 8 reviews, 5 favourites, 3k+ words. Short series and complete.

Rating: T


Description: A short series that moves throughout the seasons that focuses on Fifth year Luna Lovegood, and Sixth year Theodore Nott. “Oranges, reds, yellows. Fall. Luna loves Fall. The air is crisp, and even though it rains often, she still goes outside barefoot.” Non-canon, just for fun. Luna Lovegood x Theodore Nott. My love for these two is immense.

Neighbours - 4 reviews, 37 favourites, 3k+ words. One shot, complete.

Rating: T


Description: “Hermione Granger had always been a stickler for rules, and having a certain amount of order in her life, so the day he moved in she decided to make a specific set of rules just for him.” Draco Malfoy becomes Hermione’s neighbour and she makes a set of rules knowing if she doesn’t she’ll end up breaking them. One Shot, non canon. Dramione.

My other stories are my drabble compilations and I wasn’t sure about adding them in here so I didn’t.
I hope this doesn’t come off as arrogant or silly or weird. I’m just freaking out and I needed to let it out or I was going to explode.
There are 4 reviews before FTT hits 200 reviews………………WHAT?!? This is crazy.

hazel-the-space-ace asked:

i am on the mass effect wiki because i feel the need to do RESEARCH and i'm doing this as i listen to the soundtrack TO GET A BETTER SENSE OF ATMOSPHERE. you are too good at au posts no one person should have this much power.

Thank you so much! How are you liking it so far? It makes me happy knowing you’re researching this, you can’t see it but I’m smiling so hugely right now

Harry’ smile through the years

Or also known as : the smile that can save the world!

Because since the very first time we saw him, he has dazzled us with his beautiful smile.

And let’s not talk about his dimples, LET’S NOT!!

Whenever you see his smile, you just want to hug him and never let go.

( I won’t say anything about him holding thousands of things with just his two big hands )

And because we all need some happy Harry in our dash right now…

( here, a cute boyfriends’ picture <3)

It’s not the right time to talk about his earrings but PLEASE.

Cute little frog 🐸

When he fully smiles, it’s like the sun radiates from his face.

And because he is so beautiful when he smiles, it instantly makes us smile as well.

The way his eyes CRINKLE when he smiles. 💔

Look at him, teasing us with his little tongue, HE KNOWS VERY WELL WHAT IT DOES TO US.

In conclusion : when Harry Styles is happy, the world is happy.

( credit to Em for the pictures and thanks to all my twitter followers for sending me all these beautiful pictures )


i cannot count the amount of times i have seen nice character gifsets with poetry overlaid, only to recognise the author of the poem and see that they have not been sourced. this is a post for anyone who makes those sorts of edits because you guys have been pulling some shit on the poetry community for a while now and it’s arrogant and needs to stop

NB: this mainly refers to poets who have originated online and don’t have the protection of instant name recognition like established poets do

  • the first thing that needs to happen is asking permission. what makes you think you have the right to co-opt someone’s else’s work for your own gain without permission? 

  • most of the poets i know are perfectly happy for their words to be used so long as they’re credited for them, but it’s still common courtesy to ask because you don’t know that they might not want their words used until that point.

  • if you ask someone permission and they say no, don’t do it. flat out, do not make the edit. 

  • there could be any number of reasons someone doesn’t want their work used (you could be editing for a fandom they hate, you could be using a queer poem for a straight ship, it could be a deeply personal poem) but the thing is, it doesn’t really matter what the reason is because it’s not your work and you don’t have any right to it. 

  • if you’re not going to ask permission, you at least need to source the poem. this is just basic respect tbh but the amount of times i have come across people just leaving the credit off is shockingly high and i’m over it.

  • if you’ve seen the words originally on another graphic that didn’t source it, don’t just link back to that edit with “insp” as your source; that just results in perpetuating the lack of source, because the next person who wants to create a similar gifset will link it back to yours instead. 

  • nine times out of ten, the author can be found by googling the first line of the poem and putting “tumblr” after it. it’s not hard. 

The thing is, asexuals need more representation in media. I get that. And I want stories that don’t just focus on discovering that they’re ace, and having their coming out stories, and basically stuff that just reduces them from people to their sexuality. I want background ace characters and I want just normal people like me going through struggles that everyone else goes through while being ace.

But sometimes, like right now, I really just need more of the first. And that’s a lot to ask for, because there is a fine line to cross between making it too much of one and not enough of the other. But I really need a story about how someone feels about being ace. I need a story about someone discovering who they are, about coming out, about the nerves and the tears and the happiness and the sadness and everything. The self actualization and (depending) maybe a little bit of denial in there; I know I felt that. I need that sexuality struggle, but I need them to be people too. I need them to have lives and live and forget about their identity struggle sometimes and for them to be creative and smart and sad and angry and stressed sometimes about something not having to do with it.

And, currently, I really need a story about ace people falling in love. I need a story about crushes and awkwardness and happiness and love with and ace where they don’t do the whole “asexuals can have sex” thing. I want falling in love with no sex, and I want happiness.

And the thing is, I really have a hard time finding ace literature that can cover a lot of these bases. And I’m never sure if what I’m going to find actually will invoke the feeling I want, you know? I want complex characters, I want love, I want no sex, and I want to read something that I can identify with really well.

Just had to get some of my own feelings off my chest. (disclaimer: nothing bad meant  to the ace people who do have sex, or who don’t want love stories, or who disagree with the parameters I want in a story. These are just my personal feelings.)

Hearts all around

I’m rewatching the episode right now but I needed to pause to talk about this thing.

Harold had just had heart replacement(correction here) surgery, Arthur had “a broken heart” and they assumed Mildred would be the next one because of her atrial fibrilation. What all those have in common is that their vulnerability was their heart, so why was Dean vulnerable then?

Because of matters of the heart of course. There is an extraneous force calling for his heart, making him feel an attraction that scares him and that he doesn’t want. And when he confided this on someone close to his heart, he was told that it may be a good thing they could use to their advantage, instead of receiving the support and understanding he expected. There’s also the fact that unbeknownst to him he just confesed all his intimate fears to an enemy who will no doubt take advantage of that knowledge and unscrupulously use it to further his own goals. There is our Dean’s very vulnerable heart at the moment.

It’s also interesting to see how he was paralleled to the other three vulnerable hearted people this episode.

Stealing Harold’s viagra (just like he had stolen it from other people before) is yet another symbolic nod to Dean getting old. When Dean says “Maybe we oughta make a reservation” when they’re arriving to the retirement home, the camera very blatantly pans down to focus on the picture of the old happy couple staring out at the sea.

Arthur’s broken heart is due to his emoji-loving wife having just left him, and not returning his calls. He also would like to have sent her the heart, tell her how he really feels, but he can’t help being rougher than that to her. Now, I don’t know why, but this kinda reminds me of someone who has just left and isn’t giving any signs of life, and who Dean has some trouble showing his appreciation to¿? I’m just saying, maybe Cas said yes because Dean keeps sending poop emojis when actually he meant to send the heart.

[gif source]

And then we have Mildred, who told him to follow his heart, and was able to see that there’s someone else he’s pining for.

Now, knowing all those very interesting things about Dean’s heart, I would say his vulnerablity is as much about Amara as it is about his pining for Cas and his worry for whatever is going on with him, and even in a foreboding sense, the fact that he exposed his heart to a dangerous enemy and he doesn’t even know it yet.

Dear Lydia & Malia...

I’m extremely happy Jeff and the writers did that scene between Lydia and Malia because most teen shows will allow the women to take the backseat by either fighting each other over a boy or always needing a boy to save them. Even though I ship Stydia, I don’t give a you know what about my otp right now because i’m all about girl power and embracing strong female characters and if you really mad over the lack of Stydia or Stalia in this episode then you shouldn’t be watching Teen Wolf because Teen Wolf is more than Stydia and Stalia it’s about FRIENDSHIP!

Let’s all embrace Malydia!

Once again I think the writers are (subtly) driving home the point that Zoom’s ultimate ‘get’ would be Iris.

When he was talking about Iris being hurt he said, “Iris could have died tonight…[she’s okay] this time, but the fact is she is hurt right now, because of me. I wasn’t fast enough to protect Iris from just a meta-human tonight. When Zoom attacks again I need all of my speed and then some. I can’t lose anyone else.”

For the last few weeks it’s been drilled into our heads that Zoom is going to go after the one that Barry loves the most. He did it to Harry and I have no doubt that if ‘the gang’ is successful in getting Jessie Q. away from Zoom he’s not going to be a happy camper. We think he’s scary now…

I think that next couple of episodes are going to be used to jumpstart Westallen again. This week could have certainly done it more than it did but I think focusing on WA in any sense would have taken away from the Iris/Wally relationship and right now that needs to be in the forefront.

I think the writers are busy setting up the idea episode after episode that ultimately Barry is going to underestimate how truly vicious Zoom is and he will be completely devastated if/when Zoom takes Iris. The whole Patty thing was nothing but a red herring. It planted the seed in the audience’s mind that Zoom would use the person that Barry loves the most against him. That wasn’t Patty which is is why her ass is chillin’ in Midway City right now.

And again it was brought up yet again, but this time in reference to Iris. Not being able to protect Iris terrifies Barry. I’m sure losing any of his love ones scares Barry but in the episode the focus was on Iris. The mental jump that he took from ‘just’ a meta-human to Zoom was made with Iris on his mind. He needs to be at his strongest and then some to save Iris. That was deliberate IMO. Zoom wants him at his fastest and strongest when he steals his speed, and here Barry is talking about he needs to be at his strongest to keep the ones he loves (especially Iris) safe.

Coincidence? I think not. Barry is playing right into Zoom’s hands and I believe by season’s end he will end up paying the ultimate price.

1.26.15 /  Day 2: A photo of your study space: I have this cute little desk in the far corner of my room, right by the window because it keeps Linnea (my succulent) happy. It’s a little cluttered right now because I’m a hoarder and feel the need to justify why everything is on my desk. Oh well. Time to review my flashcards!

queenofgungi asked:

Hello! Do you know by any chance where could i order the yona issue with the schedule book?:) I live in Panama and a site based in the states would be great. Thank you!!

Hi! I just had a look around, but I haven’t found a listing for that issue of HanaYume yet - it might take a bit more time for it to appear on the sites most people use to order the magazine. I’ll keep a lookout though and let you know when it does appear :) For your own notes, you’ll be looking for issue 6, to be released on February 20th; for some reason though it’ll likely be listed as the March 5th issue (Hana to Yume’s system is kind of weird this way)

As for sites based in the States, I’m afraid I’ll be of little help here. I’ve always ordered HanaYume from CDJapan (based in Japan) and because I don’t live in the States myself I’m incredibly clueless when it comes to American sites and methods of ordering that best suit that side of the world ;__; Sorry!

EXO React when they hear about you sad past [warning:trigger]

So this request can bring sad memories or be difficult for some people. If you had a sad past, troubles or so and you could feel hurt, offended, etc please don’t continue. I wanted to write this to support the girl who sent this, so please don’t misunderstand.

Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

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Drew some health related sigils on my leg because I have a doctor’s appointment today and am no less terrified that it’s my gallbladder than I was before. Hopefully this appointment bears good news, and if it ends up being my gallbladder hopefully that will be a surgery that’s done and overwith quickly… “Sigil for Health, Happiness, and Love” by @pomegranateandivy “I am free of pain” by @thesigilwitch “I heal quickly and completely” by @sigilathenaeum And “I recover quickly from my injuries and ailments”, also by @thesigilwitch Thank you for allowing us to use your beautiful sigil work you guys, I definitely need all the help I can get right now.

At the end of a long day, take a nap. Sleep off the bad vibes for as long as you need to, and don’t you dare worry about writing that 5 page essay. When you feel lost and out of touch with the world, go for a nature walk. Watch the clouds swim around in the sky, feel the wind blow wisps by your ear, listen to what nature is trying to tell you. Leave your phone at home. And when it feels like everything is falling apart, go to your happy place and stay there for a few hours. Spend time listening to your heart. Ignore everything else. What I’m try to say, baby girl, is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking care of yourself; there is no shame in putting your needs first. I’m telling you that it’s okay to love yourself. Love yourself to death. Love yourself so much that it makes it hard to breathe. That’s the best thing you can do for yourself right now. Because no one can love you more than you can love yourself

Excerpt from a book I’ll never write. #107