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honestly doing zen's route as my first one was such a big mistake, bc now im on day 7 of yoosung's and just suffering my ass off from holding back to flirt with zen rip i love him. like, he could be a bit less jealous and the narcissism in the beginning was annoying but he's such a fucking sweetheart im ded i miss him. motherfucker's cute.

I ended up doing his route first because I was unaware I had to unlock Deep Story to do Luciel. I was bitter about it so Zen is bittersweet to me lololol

It’s why I pick on him so much. I love him, but he was not meant to be the first.

The Team Players - Amanda Abbington and Rupert Graves

These are some rough notes I took during the talk with Amanda and Rupert. They are mostly new facts we haven’t heard about. Feel free to add more if I missed any! Most notes are Rupert-centred

Lestrade has been alone for far too long, although he does spend time with other people (I think he was hinting towards him sleeping around a lot)

Everyone looks thick next to Sherlock, so being ‘The best of a bad lot’ doesn’t mean much.

Amanda: I got the part because I was sleeping about with one of the cast members.

Rupert: So was I…. NOT REALLY (Yes, he actually shouted that)

Lestrade is mostly based on Rupert himself. He says he basically plays himself

On the difference between Victorian and modern: It was interesting to put your character in a different time/culture, and having to try to reimagine your character was quite interesting. He also believed Victorian Lestrade was of a higher class than modern Lestrade

The muttonchops made it quite hard to laugh. One odd facial movement, and they would come off.

Rupert basically forgets the script as soon as filming is over.

Amanda loves the ‘I believe Sherlock Holmes is a great man…’ quote. Rupert wasn’t able to recite it.

Rupert doesn’t particularly like being in detective shows; he just likes the scripts.

At one point, the microphone started to give a loud feedback noise. Rupert blamed it on his b-flat charisma

Life philosophy: ‘Be nice’ - Amanda

‘Have fun, and enjoy it. So many people want you to bend you to their will. Don’t let them do it.’ - Rupert

Rupert and Martin say nasty things to Una. Like really foul things. She gets all flustered about it.

Lestrade doesn’t really have an opinion of Mycroft. He probably thinks he’s a bit of a ponce. ‘Everyone hates Mycroft’. Lestrade loves Sherlock for his mind - and body (added in a filthy tone), but he feels he gets in the way of him and Mycroft. 

Lestrade himself is surprised he feels attracted to Molly. It came really unexpected. Deep down he really fancies here but he’s really confused about it.

Side by side.

I actually met my GI at a 5k race today. Yes, you heard right.


We talked a bit and laughed together about the fact that we’re both runners…

It was kind of weird (because last time I saw him was while having a scope) but also great and so much fun!

We ran the first two or three minutes side by side, then he went on faster than I could.
We met again after the race, he actually cheered for me when I hit the finish line and we had some water afterwards while talking about running again.

It was like he understood a little bit more about me and my life and I finally stopped “missing” my old GI-doctor.

@mynewnormaluc goals, right? 😅

i really don’t know how to handle this. i miss my grandfather so much. i don’t want to think about it because when i don’t think about it it’s almost as if everything is normal, like he’s here. i miss him so much. i can’t allow myself to deal with it, to grieve. it’s too hard. 


“so dogs do have breakfast.” -cas probably

(inspired by cas taking crowley’s words relating to a dog’s breakfast quite literally like the precious cinnamon bun that he is)

  • he’s tol af
  • black hair
  • comes up like someone intimidating but is actually a dork
  • he jokes around but know when to back off and if he realize he went too far apologize right away
  • his horrible laugh
  • he wants to make nekomata’s dream true, he respect his coach so much
  • HIS ARMS !!!!!!! !!!!
  • when kenma is lost in his games and get missed he goes and search for him himself // light novel, during the trip to miyagi before playing agianst karasuno
  • biggest meme
  • he helps kenma with his studies 
  • he’s in prep college class and is also captain so he has plenty of responsabilities already
  • he’s in prep college class and how awesome is that!!! !!!!¡¡¡¡
  • he wants to fight people he doesn’t like 24/7
  • he also helps people that is not from his team *coughtcought||tsukki||coughtcouht*
  • HIS BACK DAMN !!!11!!1!
  • his provocation comments are on point
  • he knows exactly what to say and how to say it for encouring people to do better and try
  • he’s one of the most reliable characters imo 
  • his smile is so adorable it makes me cry
  • he says he is kind as a joke but he actually is, he’s probably not aware of how great of a person he is and makes me want to hug him
  • he sleeps on his stomach while pressing two pillows onto both his ears and his hair and it makes me want to hug him too
  • his leadership skills are unquestionable
  • silly comebacks like “for someone who is so clearly lacking in docosahexaenoix acid, I dont think your opinions have much validity”
  • has grudge on people for silly things “coughtcought||chapter200||coughtcought||yaku||coughcough*
  • he was so into volleyball as a kid that he used to tried out the techniques he watched being used in matches on tv.
  • he has the taste of an old man for food, pls save him
  • his current concern is that he can’t get rid of his bedhead hair, after all this years
  • he’s very skilled at shuffling cards. (light novel) @ furudate let me know how much time he spends playing card games and with who
  • he’s passionate af and works hard to achieve his goals
  • he’s cute af but also hot af
  • he gets as excited as yamamoto sometimes and it’s beautiful
  • he confuses himself when trying to say something intelligent
  • he’s so supportive, it makes me cry
  • don’t take shit from people who can’t be objective in their view and doesn’t stay unspoken either

“Heaven, hell—I don’t care who wins. I just want it to be over. This isn’t about a war. This is about two brothers that loved each other, and betrayed each other.”

reasons i love kim taehyung ♡
  • such a sweetheart
  • always himself regardless of what others think
  • cares so much about the other members
  • he looks up to and admires the other members
  • very humble about his talents
  • cares deeply about his family
  • posts the cutest convos with his mom and dad online
  • not afraid to have fun and act silly
  • knows when to be serious
  • extremely hardworking
  • his singing voice is the most beautiful thing
  • getting more actively involved in bangtan’s song making
  • i don’t think he’d ever intentionally try to hurt someone
  • he’s always there for the other members when they need him
  • very intelligent
  • his box smile that is as bright as the sun itself
  • that cute little freckle on his nose
  • and the freckles on his eye and lip
  • puts his all into every performance
  • stage presence
  • extreme love of animals and small children
  • can pull off any hair colour and still look gorgeous
  • how much he loves and cares about the fans
  • he’s so positive
  • hasn’t let the negativity of the world make him cynical
  • very free spirited
  • his almost childlike sense of innocence and wonder
  • always encourages the other members
  • told jimin that health was more important than dieting
  • just his relationship with jimin in general
  • how he’s always down to be silly with jeongguk and indulge him
  • how he cuts up his shirts
  • baggy clothing style
  • cares about fashion but keeps it unique to him
  • his beyond gorgeous eyes
  • cutest ears ever
  • isn’t afraid to post predebut pictures of himself and laugh at himself
  • huge fanboy of other kpop groups
  • makes friends in bathrooms
  • acting ability
  • isn’t afraid to make silly faces
  • shamelessly does aegyo all the time
  • sensitive and caring 
  • his underrated dancing
  • amazing song covers
  • always wants to improve himself
  • his sweet and encouraging posts on the fancafe and twitter
  • his signature blurry selfies
  • lots of cute selfies in general
  • all of his song recommendations
  • large (and beautiful) hands
  • amazing eyebrows and forehead
  • sweet interactions with fans at fansigns
  • he seems like a very non judgemental person
  • his deep talking voice
  • amazingly adorable laugh
  • cutest eye smile
  • love of food
  • how shy he can get
  • how outgoing he normally is
  • very cuddly
  • wears rings that make his gorgeous hands even more gorgeous
  • nice legs
  • the cutest tummy
  • his “V” in-ear
  • literally the most perfectly shaped lips
  • very active online
  • loves to connect with fans
  • his ear piercings
  • amazing jawline
  • gorgeous skin tone
  • his front tooth that’s just a tiny bit crooked
  • how amazing he does at photoshoots
  • can never keep his tongue in his mouth
  • his confidence in his looks
  • a lot of twitter/fancafe videos
  • calls the fans his “pretties”
  • how proud he is of hold me tight
  • love of all bangtan’s cyphers
  • isn’t afraid to point out his flaws
  • how cute he looks in masks
  • his halloween costumes are always amazing
  • very expressive face
  • can dance (amazingly well) in high heels and wasn’t embarrassed about that fact at all
  • he’s literally just unreal gorgeous
  • how hard he tries to speak english and communicate with international fans
  • he credits the other bangtan members as the reason he got to debut with them
  • was kept a secret until right before debut
  • asked a piece of seaweed what its name was
  • how much he loved and admired iris on ahl
  • rocked that lady bug dress/outfit on rookie king
  • how cute and nervous he was for the legendary vhope kiss
  • his love of sandals even though a lot of people hate them
  • always wears long sleeved shirts
  • isn’t afraid to be different
  • how much he loves his dad
  • looks amazing with heavy eyeliner
  • super long eyelashes
  • that one baggy grey sweater
  • can switch from cute to sinfully hot in seconds
  • his growly voice in a lot of bangtan’s songs
  • that cute closed-mouth smile he does sometimes
  • his “blank” face
  • pouty lips
  • makes an elephant from the freckles on his arm
  • always seems energetic and happy throughout busy schedules
  • gorgeous side profile
  • airport fashion
  • how happy he makes me

so these are just a few reasons why i love taehyung, of course there are probably more and he’ll probably continue to do more and more things to make my love for him even stronger but i thought i’d just share some of the reasons why he’s the light of my life ♡


“terra’s way too trusting around obviously evil people i mean who else does that”



Here’s to Yuzuru’s positively golden 2013-2014 season! It hasn’t been easy, but with hard work and determination, you have won three of the biggest figure skating championships and have truly defined yourself as one of the world’s greatest skaters. Here’s to Parisienne Walkways, one of the greatest short programs of all time, and to Romeo and Juliet, a true testament to your growth these past years since your senior debut. A chapter of your life has come to a close, but a new one has already begun. It’s been an absolute pleasure to watch you perform. Rest up and come back next season with more brilliant programs. 

*Slides Dreamworks 5 dollars* ahem so

  • I need Allura and Coran dancing around and laughing in the rain on Earth because they’ve never seen it.
  • I need Keith meeting Lance’s family and getting flustered and shy because he’s always been alone. And I need Lance’s family nudging him and pointing to Keith and saying, “so where’s the ring?” and him swatting them away. 
  • I need Keith bouncing Lance’s sleepy siblings and cousins on his knees while Lance looks on with a dorky smile on his face. 
  • I need Pidge’s mom to pick them up and spin them around and hold them close because she missed them. I need Pidge’s mom to say, “oh, you cut your hair! I love it! You’ve grown up so much!”
  • I need a little kid pointing to Shiro’s arm when he’s walking on the sidewalk and going, “cool! Can I get a picture with it?”
  • I need Shiro getting a big fluffy service dog to help him with his PTSD. 
  • I need Hunk showing Shay a whole bunch of stuff on Earth because she’s never been free.
  • I need a welcome-back-to-Earth party with the whole gang.