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What are your thoughts on the newest episode of Steven Universe, "Mindful Education"? How did you like the song? And did you like the message of the episode?

I loved the episode and I’m still obsessed with that song.

I just love how much more we learned about the characters

Ruby gets so emotional when faced with a problem…she runs away from Sapphire not looking for help..she thinks she has to deal with it by herself

Sapphire lets her problems build up until it becomes too much and swallows her

Connie takes her problems to heart…she becomes so ashamed and closed off

Steven has no butterflies around him because he doesn’t face his problems. He pretends he’s okay.

but he’s not

I related a lot to the characters in this episode. It was pretty emotional for me.

Seeing something like this in the show really meant something to me

you’re okay, just take a deep breath, talk to someone

I’m here


I cleaned up the little comic from the other day, I was really taken aback by how much everyone liked it! 

And I wanted to add a little part two ft. Taiwanese Keith, because I only have a few days left in Taipei and the idea of Keith speaking rapid Mandarin when he’s flustered or nervous is really, really 可愛

(translation: Lance, you were already really cute before, but these scars make you so much hotter, I want to kiss them…bastard, I hate you!)

謝謝幫我翻譯, @sugarleegogo!!

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Any headcanons re: Olympic AU with pharmercy?


  • Switzerland shares a courtyard with the UK and so Lena the track and field athlete quickly befriends Angela the badminton player

  • Lena the Gay Enabler sends Angela a bunch of texts one day like 
    Women’s basketball game right now 
    I’m gay
    Have I told you that yet?
    You should join me

  • It’s the first year the Egyptian women’s basketball team has ever qualified for the Olympics and rumor has it it’s because of their new captain Fareeha Amari

  • So Angela goes to one of the women’s basketball semi-finals and she doesn’t like Fareeha much at first because she’s the hot shot basketball player every one’s in love with and she wouldn’t admit it but Angela resents that nobody pays any attention to badminton 

  • Maybe it’s her negative bias but Fareeha comes across as a little pompous to her (Or maybe it’s because she’s attracted to her and hates to admit it)

  • Then of course, Lena’s like “did you hear Angie???! We share a courtyard with Egypt!” and Angela decides she needs a glass of wine 

  • The next day in the courtyard Fareeha tries to flirt with Angela (to limited success) and asks her genuine questions about badminton and her training but Angela finds a way to misinterpret it as sarcastic (in a “she’s rubbing it in my face that she’s better than me” sort of way)  

  • Fareeha walks away from the conversation thinking about what she could have done to wrong this woman because for lack of better words she seems to hate her guts

  • Angela finds Fareeha looking at her sometimes and of course she misinterprets this as well and kind of asks Fareeha what her problem is and Fareeha is caught off guard like "what’s my problem? what’s your problem?” and Angela walks away in a huff and Fareeha just kind of mutters “if that’s the way it’s going to be, fine…”

  • At one point Angela finds Fareeha playing basketball in the courtyard and Fareeha kind of smirks when she realizes Angela is not so subtly checking her out. Eventually Fareeha teasingly asks Angela if she wants to play and Angela realizes what she’s been doing and starts defiantly stuttering but she won’t back down from a challenge so of course they start playing a heated game of basketball 

  • Poor Fareeha was kidding and she doesn’t want to like, kill Angela but this smaller woman is angry and surprisingly fast and she ends up not having to go that easy on her

  • The game ends in Angela basically pushing Fareeha against a wall as they’re breathing really heavily and Angela nearly kisses her before she realizes what she’s doing and jogs back to her room like shitshitshit

  • Fareeha doesn’t know what just happened but she thinks she liked it?

  • The Egyptian women’s team wins gold the next day and Fareeha comes to Angela’s door and brings her leftover cake and wine from their gold medal party and kind of starts stumbling through an apology and asks if they can start off on a new foot even though the poor woman still doesn’t know why Angela hates her

  • Luckily for Fareeha, wine is the way to Angela’s heart and so she invites Fareeha in and accepts the gifts and swallows her pride and tells Fareeha it’s really her who should be apologizing because Fareeha did nothing wrong

  • Angela’s bronze medal final is the succeeding day and after she wins Fareeha basically runs out of the stands to hug her and Angela decides she actually quite likes her

  • Their events are both over the first week of the Olympics and so Fareeha invites Angela and Lena to have dinner with her basketball team (Fareeha pays for everyone because she’s a sweetheart of a captain and maybe wants to impress Angela just a little)

  • Lena [whispering] she wants to fuck you, Angie
    Angela [loudly] shut up

  • They go on a cute date in the Olympic village, and that turns into 4 dates, and Angela finally admits that she’s falling for her

  • They end up staying in Rio even after the Olympics because they don’t want to leave each other 

  • idk man they get married at some point and train together for the next olympics and news channels make cute little segments about the “power couple” to play between broadcasts of the olympic events

imagine bitty skyping with Alicia and Bob on a regular basis…and by regular basis I mean every single day because the Zimmermanns love Bitty so much. I want Bitty to be in the Providence apartment and they’re making out and suddenly Bitty pushes Jack off like, “Wait, I just remembered I have to do something first hold on sweetheart” and he literally slides off, pulls his laptop over, and calls Bob to tell him that he passed his French quiz.

(Bob is ecstatic: “ALICIA GUESS WHO PASSED THEIR FRENCH QUIZ, I told you I was helping–oh, hello son!! I heard Eric made pot roast today, you’re lucky–oh right, your mom wants the recipe–”

And then Alicia comes over and she and Bitty talk for forty five minutes, with Bob popping in and out with commentary. Jack passes out on the couch after the first thirty minutes.)


jonghyun bought gifts for the shinee world v chorography team!
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@look_at_hyuno: our shinee god jonghyun. thank you very much for the birthday present and the gifts for everyone. ㅠㅡㅠ #godjonghyun #thebestbirthdaygift #letsgivemorespiritduringtheshineeconcert #thankyou [note: in another instagram post, it appears that the birthday present jonghyun bought him was a gateau.]



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A Chance Encounter

Submitted by @fanboyofallthingsfandom

Alfred sighed as he walked through the Hall of Omegas, his sapphire eyes scanning the various paintings and statutes of Omegas of great influence. He’d broken off from his small group, bored with Mr. Ford’s droning account of the Alphas that made history. Alexander the Great, King Arthur, Czar Nicholas, to name a few. His friend Ludwig was more than interested with the lesson, but Alfred simply wasn’t.

   Truth be told, the young Alpha was bored with the private school life. He hated that his parents had him in a school filled with nothing but Alphas. It was so… boring. Uniforms and wrestling clubs and classes teaching how to tend to and provide for Omegas, none of it was really Alfred’s style.

   Sure, Alfred wanted to be a respectable Alpha, with a cool job like a fireman or a cop or something really awesome like a superhero (despite Mr. Ford’s repeated insistence that superheroes were the work of “trite comic books”). But he also wanted to have friends that weren’t all Alphas. His baby brother Mattie (an Omega) had a Beta friend named Kiku who refused to speak to Alfred on account of his being an Alpha.

   And admittedly, Alfred wanted to know an Omega. To know someone who could at least give him a clue as to what to expect from a future life partner. Mattie wasn’t much help and neither was their mother when it came to Alfred’s wanting to get more knowledge on the subject of Omegas. Whenever he asked his mom, he said it wasn’t something a 7 year old should focus on, which Alfred thought was stupid because it was a matter of his future and adults were always going on and on about how important the future was.

   In his fit of frustration, Alfred was stomping through the hall and ran into someone, falling on top of them.

   “Oh, I’m sorry!” He offered as he got up, trying to find his glasses. His hands groped the floor, only for a soft hand to grab one.

   “Oh, it’s alright…” A timid voice offered, and Alfred’s glasses were placed in his hand. “W-What’re you doing in here? Y-You don’t look like much of an Omega.”

   “I’m not an Omega, I’m an Alp-” Alfred began, only to be cut off as he put his glasses back on, his sapphire eyes widening.

   A soft, concerned face stared back at him, pale blond locks neatly brushed out of eyes that could put emeralds to shame. The boy, who Alfred realized couldn’t have been more than 7, was dressed in a pair of tan khakis, a white button up shirt and a green sweater-vest as well as a matching blazer. Clearly a uniform for a private school. And, judging by the boy’s earlier statement, an Omega school at that.

   “You’re an Alpha?” The boy harshly whispered. “That won’t do, that won’t do at all. You’re not supposed to talk to me and I’m not supposed to talk to you. Go away, now, before someone finds us!”

   “Hey, what’s wrong?” Alfred asked, noticing the smaller boy clearly panicking.

   “My older brother Scott’s an Alpha, and he says Alphas and Omegas from private schools aren’t supposed to meet. It’s highly improper and it could land the both of us in trouble, now please leave.”

   Alfred frowned, adjusting his loosened maroon blazer, black khakis and white button up, a hand flying to his hair in attempt to soothe down the persistent cow lick strand. “What’s wrong with us talking? It’s not like we’re breaking the law or anything. I’m Alfred by the way. Alfred Fitzgerald Jones.” Alfred extended his hand, smiling slightly as the boy shook it.

   “Arthur Kirkland, and as I was saying-” Arthur cut off, his emerald eyes looking at his hand. “Oh dear! Oh dear! We just… I just… Oh the headmistress will have my head for this! Of all the improprieties! Holding hands with an Alpha!” Arthur wailed, his slight form trembling.

   Alfred’s Alpha instincts quickly took over, and without even thinking he quickly pulled the whimpering Omega into a hug.

   Arthur froze slightly, making Alfred worry he’d done something wrong. A second later however, the blond melted into Alfred’s arms and sighed contentedly, his frazzled nerves dying down as he returned the embrace.

   Alfred pulled away, surprised to hear a sound of disappointment from Arthur. Hoping to help ease the Omega’s withdrawal, Alfred wrapped his hand around Arthur’s, the blond returning the gesture with a slight pink tinge on his cheeks.

   “Why did you freak out so much?” Alfred asked as they meandered, looking at the paintings of Omegas long gone.

   Arthur frowned, sighing gently. “Mum always told me that an Omega can’t get far in this world. We’re considered to be little more than an Alpha’s mate and a mother for their children. We have to follow guidelines, if that’s what you’d call them, to ensure we get a mate and we won’t end up alone. Omegas who aren’t mated often don’t live happy lives. And for an Omega to have previous physical contact with an Alpha before mating with another, it’s considered inappropriate and it marks the Omega as somewhat of a pariah. So when you touched me, I-I panicked…”

   Alfred frowned. “Well that seems stupid. Why do Omegas have to follow all these stupid rules? Alphas don’t have to, and my brother’s friend Kiku, he says Beta’s don’t either.”

   “It’s just the way things are. It’s the way thing always have been.” Arthur offered, stopping to look at a painting of an Omega.

   Radiant as the sun, with skin pale from never knowing the harsh rays of the sun. Hair like spun gold and eyes a deep shade of forest green. An Omega, a Queen, in his finest dress, looking regal and lovely and angelic and pure and everything an Omega should aim to be. Around him, his children, all cherubic and perfect and never naughty.

   Arthur looked at the painting and frowned, his subconscious telling him he could never have something like that.

   “That doesn’t seem fair. I wouldn’t give my Omega a bunch of stupid rules to follow. I’d just want them to be happy. I’d be the best Alpha ever for them, I’d work and I’d bring home lots of money so we could have a bunch of kids and live in a huge house and-”

   “Is that what you think all Omegas want?” Arthur asked suddenly, seeming surprised at his own boldness as his brow furrowed. “Some perfect mate who will bring them home fancy trinkets and to wait on hand and foot and serve as a baby factory?”

   Alfred frowned. “No, I’d want them to be happy with what I bring them. I’d bring them gifts to show them how much I love them. And if they wanted kids, I’d be happy, but if they didn’t I’d be happy too. I just want someone who loves me and who I’ll love.”

   Arthur blushed slightly, embarrassed at his outburst. He was breaking a lot of rules and he was no doubt going to break more continuing to talk to the Alpha boy. “Alfred… if your mate wanted to, would you let them work?”

   “I mean, if they wanted to I would. It’s just my mom’s happy at home, he says he’s fine raising me and Mattie. But if my mate wanted to work, I’d be fine with it.” Alfred admitted sheepishly, hoping he wouldn’t offend the Omega further.

Arthur smiled softly. “Y-You would? You really would? You wouldn’t get upset and say that an Omega’s place is in the home and that they don’t belong in the work force?”

Alfred frowned. “Why would I say that? That’s just mean, and my dad told me never to be mean to Omegas, that they’re just as good as Alphas and Betas and they shouldn’t be treated like anything less.”

Alfred was about to ask Arthur what was wrong when the Omega tackled him in a hug. “That’s so perfectly sweet of you!” He exclaimed, his grip like a vice on Alfred.

“N-No problem.” Alfred offered, feeling his face heat up as the Omega remained close to him.

“Y'know, I think you’re the first Alpha I’ve met who treated me as an equal.” Arthur mused.

“Well, I’m a hero, I try to help people.” Alfred offered, grasping at straws for what to say. He mentally groaned at his lack of articulation compared to the Omega.

“You certainly would make a fine hero, Alfred.” Arthur smiled, blushing slightly. “I-I have to go. The other boys will be expecting me, I told them to wait for me…”

Alfred frowned. “But I probably won’t be able to see you again.”

Arthur frowned before perking up with an idea. Pulling out a piece of notebook paper, he quickly looked at Alfred. “What school do you go to?”

“Um, The Upperland Academy for Alphas.”

Arthur smiled. “Oh joy, your school and mine go transfer into the same high school! We’ll be able to see each other then!”

Alfred frowned. “But what about now? Seven years just to see you again?”

Arthur frowned slightly before his cheeks lit up. Before Alfred could ask, a soft pair of lips met his cheek in a chaste kiss. Arthur pulled away, his cheeks glowing pink.

“I-I hope that’s enough to remember me by?” Arthur offered, quickly pressing the slip of paper into Alfred’s hand before he scurried away.

Alfred turned back to the main hallway, seeing his group. As he rejoined the other Alphas, he looked at the paper and smiled at what it said.

Dear Alfred,
Please hold onto this paper for me. When we meet again, if the Fates allow it, show it to me so we might recognize each other. I’m anxious to see the kind of man you become, but I how you don’t change too much, because you’ve already won over an Omega. Seven years may seem long, but I do hope you won’t forget me. Perhaps we might be able to be more than friends at such a time?
Yours sincerely,
Arthur Kirkland.

A/N: I hope you like it, I figured if you wanted something done right, best to do it yourself.

Hey guys!! So I hit 1k two months ago, I think and I have been wanting to do a FF for that but I haven’t been able to… Mostly because I was lazy traveling, and then I got home but school started. :(  But whatever it’s the weekend now, so here’s me showing my love to all of these awesome blogs!! No faves because I love you all! :) Thank you for 1.2k!!!!

Ah, okay just in case~ I follow some awesome blogs from other fandoms (marvel/stevetony) and I decided that I wasn’t going to section that off somewhere else. :) [also bc some spn blogs I follow have marvel URLs and I get so confused lol]

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~ So I ate a lot of biscuits and suddenly erupted into feelings on the subject of Awkward Darcy vs Arrogant Darcy. Ultimately though, if someone interprets a character differently and enjoys their interpretation, well, why not? This is just my interpretation, anything I state as fact is only fact to me. ~


My feelings are that Darcy’s rude and standoffish attitude when in public is not the result of awkwardness or uncertainty in how to behave, but is a deliberate choice on his part. He knows what would constitute polite and pleasant behaviour, and he has the ability to act agreeably if he wanted to. My opinion is that he simply doesn’t want to. 

My impression of Darcy when reading the book is that of someone clever, who usually has a good read on the social situation, and who acts arrogantly because he doesn’t think it worth his while to put effort into pretending to be interested. Bingley is polite and pleasant because he genuinely enjoys the company of those around him and likes balls, talking, pretty women etc. Darcy doesn’t enjoy these things in the same setting as Bingley, so to present that same level of ‘enjoyment’ would require him to pretend and he really can’t be bothered doing that.

His arrogance comes through in that he judges those socially below him as not deserving of his efforts. He can’t see why he should put in that effort and be polite to the people of Meryton who obviously (so he believes) can’t match his high standards of conversation, dress, beauty etc etc. He sees at Meryton “a collection of people in whom there was little beauty and no fashion, for none of whom he had felt the smallest interest”. The people at the Meryton assembly judge him “to be proud, to be above his company, and above being pleased”. Given that that’s just an impression from other characters, that doesn’t necessarily speak to the reason behind him acting aloof. However, Darcy himself refuses to dance as “at such an assembly as this, it would be insupportable”.

Darcy’s rude behaviour in interacting with others wouldn’t seem as arrogant if we didn’t have evidence that he’s quite capable of acting well if he chooses. Bingley and Darcy are good friends, presumably Darcy didn’t secure his friendship by ignoring him and refusing to speak with him. And there’s the Gardiners at Pemberley. For me, there isn’t a sense Darcy’s behaviour is prompted by uncertainty in social situations. Darcy is not wracked with nerves or awkwardness in admiring Elizabeth at the Lucas’, he quite freely admits to Caroline that he is admiring her. Regarding Caroline then teasing him about Elizabeth’s “fine eyes” it’s stated that “he listened to her with perfect indifference”. I find Wickham’s statement interesting, that:

“Mr Darcy can please where he chooses. He does not want abilities. He can be a conversible companion if he thinks it worth his while. Among those who are at all his equals in consequence, he is a very different man from what he is to the less prosperous. His pride never deserts him, but with the rich he is liberal-minded, just, sincere, rational, honourable, and, perhaps, agreeable, - allowing something for fortune and figure.”

Obviously Wickham is at the time engaged in some serious trash talking and has ulterior motives, so it depends on how much credit you as the reader are willing to give him for accuracy. Personally, I’ve never actually disagreed with this description. It fits well with the impression of Darcy gained from the rest of the book at the time and nothing appears to contradict it.

I get the impression that a lot of Darcy’s ‘awkward’ interactions with Elizabeth are the result of him trying to reconcile his attraction to her with the fact that she’s socially inferior, and therefore not usually worthy of his attention in this way. Combined with the fact that she doesn’t respond as he’s no doubt used to from someone of her standing. I do wonder at what stage Darcy decided he would go ahead and propose. He’s not trying very hard to win her over before Rosing, I’d actually say he isn’t trying to be charming at all. He’s feeling drawn towards her but isn’t committed to acting on it. He is described as being pleased when she leaves Netherfield because she attracted him “more than he liked”, and he is worried he might have given her “hope” in his behaviour (Darcy you peanut). So he definitely wasn’t trying to ‘woo’ her. When he proposes the first time he’s not awkward in aggh how do I approach her what do I do does she like me what do I saaaay. He’s like yeah. I know exactly what to say. This will 100% work because I’m socially superior and she will be saying yes for sure. He appears nervous and unsure because he’s proposing to the woman he likes and this is a deeply Unsuitable Woman, but his nerves aren’t stemming from a fear that he’ll mess this up and she’ll say no. Refusal was definitely not on his list of possible outcomes.

I find so much of the romance is in the fact that Elizabeth completely derails him. He’s going along confident in himself, secure in his ideas of society and the world, believing his ability to handle people and social situations is totally fine, and then suddenly Elizabeth is both socially inferior and clever, beautiful, and demanding respect. Shock horror. This works because he is genuinely arrogant and superior and rude. Elizabeth did misjudge him, but it wasn’t simply a case of her discovering the ‘real’ Darcy. The real Darcy was a dick. It was more her prompting him to be a better version of himself, and her realising that he was actually capable of being that better person.

“I have been a selfish being all my life, in practice, though not in principle. As a child I was taught what was right, but I was not taught to correct my temper. I was given good principles, but left to follow them in pride and conceit. …taught me to be selfish and overbearing, to care for none beyond my own family circle, to think meanly of all the rest of the world, to wish at least to think meanly of their sense and worth compared with my own. Such I was, from eight to eight and twenty, and such I might still have been but for you, dearest, loveliest Elizabeth! What I do not owe you! You taught me a lesson, hard indeed at first, but most advantageous. By you, I was properly humbled. I came to you without a doubt of my reception. You showed me how insufficient were all my pretensions please a woman worthy of being pleased.”

So on the one hand, I am not a Hufflepuff. I don’t really believe in having an unyielding loyalty to a person. I believe that people in your lives come and go and that you should stick to your own beliefs, values, and self-care before anyone else. Loyalty just isn’t my strongsuit.

But on the other hand, the president of my college bought me a shirt because she knew how much I loved dogs and I was so moved that I didn’t want to tell her that it was way too small and so just now, I went and found said shirt online and paid the $23.99 plus shipping and handling so that I could wear it and show her how much I love it and my order also apparently paid for a meal for seven different service dogs so that’s good.

It’s time for me to tease you...

With fanfiction that is ;)

This is a little blurb from a Sabriel piece I’ve written, it was inspired by one of the September prompts for the @gabriel-monthly-challenge . (I’m SO EXCITED for the blog the prompts to be posted, I can’t wait to see what you all come up with. It’s less than a week away now! AHHHH!)

(That’s an actual gif of @waterkiss37 @ashiewesker and myself. I’ll let you guys guess who’s who. I’m George.)

The entire thing will be posted September 1st, but I wanted to give you all a sneak peek. This will also fit into my Sabriel In Color series as Blue. (Side Note: I already have Gold written, I’ve started on Black, and I have an idea for Orange but I’m holding them all for appropriate seasons. Yes, I know I’m a horrible person.)

Anyway, without further ado, here is your teaser for Blue!


Sam was never a big car guy, but when he spotted that car even he had done a double take.

“Where did you get this thing?”

“Oh, you know, just something I snapped up along the way.” Gabriel huffed on his fingers and polished them on his chest, making Sam’s eyes roll. “You like?”

Sam stepped closer, bending himself in half to peer in the window. The car sat low and Sam looked like a giant next to it. “Who wouldn’t?”

Gabriel held out the keys, swinging them in looping circles over the tip of his index finger. “Wanna drive?”

Sam stood up to his full height and looked down at the angel. “I don’t think I’ll even fit in this car.”

Gabriel threw the keys, knowing Sam would snatch them out of the air, and he did. He sauntered around to the passenger side and slid in, the heavy metal door clicking shut. He didn’t bother to answer Sam’s concern. Sam would fit in the car, he’d make sure of it, even if he had to snap the car larger, he would.

He smiled when he saw Sam reach out, he heard the metal sound of the handle being pulled and then Sam slid his long frame behind the wheel. His legs bent at awkward angles, contorting their length as they fit the wheel between them, and then his eyebrows raised slightly in surprise. “Not as small as I thought it’d be,” his hands gripped the wheel, running around it before he slid the key in the ignition and turned her over. She purred softly back at Sam.

“Yeah, well, that back seat it pretty much useless. Don’t be planning on ravishing me back there, I don’t think we’ll fit.”

Sam chuckled as he slid the car into first gear and pulled her out on the road. “Shut up, Gabe.

Just to wrap up…I understand you’ve really hit the ground running with filming the second season of Shadowhunters. How are things going, and how do you feel about living abroad in Canada?

I love it! You know, I travel so much for work, and because it’s season two of the show, and we have a lot of our same team back, and the whole cast is so close, it really has become sort of a home away from home for me. I’m very comfortable here in Toronto where we shoot, I love the area I live in. But what’s interesting about season two is that we have made a lot of changes, and we have done a lot of things differently, but it’s all been in a way that really benefits the show, and it really makes it better than it ever has been. So we’ve had the opportunity to take what we’ve learned from season one and grow from it, and change things and refine things, and really improve the show in a very interesting way. And so it’s exciting to be able to share, and you’ll see what season two will bring!

read here for the whole interview

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I was slightly disappointed that we didn't actually see the realm of the gods, and only got an origami version of it, and I wish we could of seen how Sariatu & Hanzo met without the origami and just their actual puppets, but it was still good, just wish we could of more seen and not just heard

Same, I was hoping that sequence would turn from origami to puppets, but it’s still astoundingly beautiful. I suppose there’s only so much time you get for your film, and certain things can’t be accomplished because of that, or they just wanted to keep the origami thene. I would have loved to see actual puppets of Hanzo and Sariatu duking it out!

i was just looking through the folder on my laptop where i saved all the art any of you guys have made for me whether it was for a fic i wrote, a drawing of me, or something random that you thought i’d like. i have all of them and i looked through that folder tonight and felt so many emotions–nostalgia, happiness, longing, humbled, and loads of other feelings i can’t even describe. there are pictures drawn of me and justin as super heroes and some incredibly gorgeous pieces for resistance and paperboy, and really flattering drawings of how you guys see me as a person through my selfies. i kind of want to cry because i love that folder so much and it just reminds me of everything you all have done for me and how i can never even begin to repay you, but i want each and everyone of you to know that i love and appreciate everything you’ve ever drawn or done for me. i can’t even thank you guys enough and i’m just really happy because if it wasn’t for dan and phil i never would have had the chance to talk to you guys and who knows where i would be.

so, thank you everyone, for every drawing you’ve made whether you have submitted it to me, tagged me in it, or even keep it to yourself. just know that i do save them and look at them and love them dearly, moreso than i could ever make anyone understand

Commissioned by my dear friend Kia! 

THE TWO BEST KNIGHTS IN THE WHOLE WORLD Flynn Scifo from Tales of Vesperia and Alisha Diphda from Tales of Zestiria with Alisha teaching Flynn how to dance ♡ฅ(ᐤˊ꒳ฅˋᐤ♪) !!!  I’d been wanting to draw these two together for so long (because who wouldn’t) and Kia has the best taste in things and knows the way to my heart SO I’M SO HAPPY I FINALLY GOT TO.  I’M SO PROUD OF IT especially the pose and it was so much fun, I love Alisha’s palette so much it’s so pretty (especially her hair color o;airg)

Thank you so much again for commissioning me! 

there is something to be said about being in love with you.

being in love with you is learning to be in love with silence.
because sometimes you shut yourself away from everyone and out of nowhere you’ll just stop replying to texts; because it isn’t easy for you to talk about your feelings so you just decide not to talk at all; because you go to sleep much earlier than i do, and i spend hours on end wishing you were awake just so i could spend five more minutes listening to your voice.
but when i realized i was falling in love with something i didn’t expect, i found that i was learning to understand it better. i learned that silence isn’t you trying to hurt me; it’s about you trying to stop yourself from hurting. and silence speaks volumes, and all i can hope is that you have fallen in love with the way i double-text you constantly just to check in.

being in love with you means being in love with impulsiveness. 
because more often than not, you’ll come home from work, sit down for a minute, and then decide that you can’t stay home and we have to go out. because you’ll text me in the middle of the day with plans for the night, leaving me with hours to get ready – and you know an introvert needs as long as they can get to get ready. 
but impulsiveness isn’t always a bad thing, and spontaneity is exciting. being with you means going on a new adventure every chance we get, and sometimes i’m ready and sometimes i’m not, but i know that you’ll hold my hand the entire time. 

being in love with you is being in love with the little things.
because you’re there, and i’m here, and we can’t relish in the simple pleasures of lying in bed together and doing nothing. because hours of silent skype calls don’t compare to hours of being silent in the same room as each other. because i’m here, and you’re there, and it feels like every other couple has it so much easier and we’re the ones fighting just to spend a few moments in the same space. 
but you’re worth it, and we’re worth it. and when we do get to indulge in those simple moments of silence and laying together and waking up together and going to bed together and having breakfast or dinner together, it all means so much more. it doesn’t feel like a little thing; it feels like a big thing. 

being in love with you is learning to be loved. 
because before you, i didn’t know what it was like to be listened to, and understood, and respected. because before you, i didn’t know what it was like to have someone take my feelings and fears seriously. because before you, i didn’t know what it was like to have someone care for me, someone who wants to take care of me.
and sometimes, i don’t know how to react to being loved. sometimes, i don’t know how you can love me as much as you do, and i can’t believe someone like you wants someone like me. but you haven’t given up on me, even when i feel like a lost cause. you continue to love me even though i don’t know how to be loved, and i know you’ll keep loving me even after i learn.

—  on love and you
(cc, 2016)