Please don’t say you love me because I might not say it back. But that doesn’t mean my heart doesn’t skip a beat whenever you message me or I see you. And it doesn’t mean I don’t love you. I do love you. I care more then I should. I love you and I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help it. I love you so much.

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I'm so happy to see another fellow jay park fan I love him so much as well he's my big dork he's actually the person that got my into khh all that time ago

lmao omg yes I’m always talking about him, literally I love him so much lmao he’s such A HUGE DORK that I can’t even take his songs seriously half the time because like..jay? rellY? YOU’RE HERE TALKING ABOUT GETTING A GIRL WET BUT THEN YOU DO SHIT LIKE THIS?!?

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but then gotta look like this?

he fucks me up always. but opsodgi;x I’m so happy he got you into khh!!!!! ugh my lovesss, so many amazing artists I’d die to see

chance the rapper was incredible I’m so happy

Wishing a VERY happy birthday to one of my very best tumblr friends @magic-in-every-book !! Dakota hunny, you have gone through more than the world should ever have asked of you, and you always manage to stay positive and be happy. You are my inspiration every day, and I love you so much. I am so glad I met you!!

Everyone head on over and give Dakota some love, she deserves it 💕

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Yo buddy, thanks SO much for making this site! You’re amazing for working lots to help other people. You’re fucking great! Okay, now to the question. My MC is kind of an idiot, and he falls in love at first sight. The thing is, this is supposed to be a joke at first, but I wanted to develop his crush so it becomes stronger and deeper as the story advances. I wouldn’t like readers hate the romance because of the inicial cliché. What should I have in mind while writing this?

Hehe, thanks! :)

I have a few posts in the master list that deal with this:

Love at First Sight and the Stages of Love
Subtle Signs of Love
Friendship to Love
Using Timelines to Pace Romantic Relationships

I hope that helps! 

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question will not be answered. :)

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The best thing about your blog is how you just keep talking and talking about random things and it just sounds like you're so excited about life and I love it. It's weirdly inspiring and adorable, god.

That’s because….

I very very much so am excited about everything!!! I talk so much because MAN there’s just so much I want to say! I care about basicly everything. I have a lot on my mind at all times, but in a good way? It’s like a happy little train going toot toot around a little grassy valley with some trees all day everyday 

I do talk A LOT, and usually it’s only slightly related to what the person asked, if at all, but I just think so speedy, and I always feel like “GO GO GO GO” and that’s ok, that’s just the way I am! I’m happy that that’s inspiring and you like it!!

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I want you to know that I TOTALLY support your genderfluid headcanon of Yuuri because!!! It's so important and as a genderfluid person myself I support it ☺️ I love your blog btw

thank you!! ah I’ve been getting a lot of messages like this lately and i want to respond to them all but don’t wanna spam people’s dashes at the same time ahaha…. ( ´△`) but trust me it means so much to me to have people’s support..!! 

I know I’m not much, I’ve been reminded many times before. People wonder why I struggle, try so hard, care so much, give it all…it’s because it’s all I am, and again, it’s not much, but it’s all of me…for you…
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Changkyun as a boyfriend
  • Is super shy about holding your hand at first
  • Has to pep talk himself every single time
  • “come on, man. You’ve been dating her for eight months. Just grab it”
  • Him coming over with pizza and movies for a night in since someone decided to catch a cold
  • “I can’t believe we’re missing our amusement park date because you decided to vomit all over” *insert pouting Changkyun*
  • “Oh I’m sorry, I’ll make sure to ask permission to get sick next time”
  • So much cuddling
  • Reassuring him that he is doing a great job and that he deserves his spot in the band
  • “You know sometimes I wonder if the hyeongs resent me still”
  • “Kyun, baby, they love you so so much. Jooheon oppa even calls to check in on you during your breaks”
  • So many weird jokes that you laugh at because you love him not because you get them
  • Shakes nervously the first time you guys sleep together
  • “Kyun, do you want me to undo the button?”
  • “Huh? uh, no. I ah shit, I’m sorry it’s just-”
  • “It’s okay babyboy, take your time”
  • The boys tease all of the time because even after dating for a really long time, he still blushes whenever you kiss him in public
  • “Baby, not in front of the boys”
  • “I haven’t seen in in two days, though.”
  • “Okay, just a small kiss though”

- Admin Jen

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Graphic Content WARNING!

How can you do something like that to an innocent creature? I’m so angry right now.  I’m really fucking pissed!!! 

So as you can see, I’ve been always against animal cruelty since the beginning. Animals are a blessing from the Savior above and they shouldn’t be treated poorly and handle them with stupidity. Everyone talks about equality or human rights, but doesn’t the animals also have their rights? I really wish that animal cruelty should be more acknowledged to the public because it’s important and they deserve “humanity”. The world would be so much brighter if each and everyone of us keeps spreading love and not indifference.


“I have had so much candy today, and so much more sugar on top of that candy that I think this is becoming a real issue, and I need someone to physically stop me from getting more… Because I could totally go for one of those paletas over there. Or twelve. Do you want one?”

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Honestly I'm so thankful that I found your blog because right as I was getting into BTS and was indecisive about my bias and I saw your blog and BAM the lovely & talented Kim Namjoon came into my line of sight and I never looked back. So thank you so much for "showing" me my bias and consequently ending my life. ily 💖

I was not expecting this in the slightest omg thank YOU so much dsigjosjdg I feel so honoured that I am the one that showed you this gateway to self destruction by our beautiful namjoon. like seriously it means so much to me that you didn’t just listen to all the negative stuff people love to throw at him/constantly bringing up mistakes he’s made and you decided to form your own opinion of him and love him;;

you’re actually the cutest bean, thank you so much for following this trash blog :’)

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Ever since I started playing Overwatch, now a grand level 71, I've always thanked the healers; Mercy, Ana, Zenyatta, even Lucio, I always thank them. Why can't we make this a trend where instead of spamming "Need Healing!" everyone just spams "Thank You!"?

THANKING YOUR SUPPORTS IS SO IMPORTANT, it makes them feel so loved and valued and just makes playing them so much more enjoyable when you feel like your team appreciates you!

i’m also in the habit of thanking my teammates when they save my ass when i’m playing support because, damn, a team that’s really good at protecting you is really important too.

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Okay but are you or are you not crying over the fact that Rick thought of "I've never seen your face like that" in HIS flashbacks of Michonne like goddddd he loves her so much?? Like he loves her smile, it is canon, goodbye.


that’s honestly the only scene i could see at first because that is one of my favorite scenes ever and it just confirms the chemistry and flirtatiousness of that scene AHHH!!!!


[Okay, so y’all are super sweet, really. Thank you so, so much. <3 Every time I get an ask in my inbox, I feel so happy and proud that this blog has gotten attention. I love you all. Without you guys, this blog wouldn’t be what it is. I never thought that this blog would really launch out, but you all have boosted my confidence because it has. Again, thank you all so much for being there. I still have a lot of questions to answer–so stay tuned for more!]

As a quick update I gave myself a self imposed time out, had a good lunch, apologized to people for being a moody shit (because even tho it’s amazingly rude they don’t deserve my ire for just saying hi) and then had a great work out.

So day is done, I get to watch TV with my momma and brother and I’ll be a better human tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone who sent me virtual hugs and love, it made this day so much better.

Part 2: Human Nature

So far, so good! I SAID I’D DO IT EVERY DAY AND IT’S 11:43 P.M. SO IT’S STILL TUESDAY. This one’s a bit longer, 900 words just about, but I like it, so hopefully you will too :D

To keep in mind:

1. Cassandra isn’t a weird Murphy-lady in this, because honestly she deserved better and I Love Her.

2. 10k is literally “beating around the bushes” at one point, but it’s figurative too because I am all for those double meanings.

The next time his getting laid comes up, 10k squeezes his eyes shut and clenches his jaw, hoping he can grind out the idea. He doesn’t know why they talk about it so much. He never brings it up.

“I gotta say, I’m impressed, kid,” Doc says jovially, clapping 10k on the back. “Nineteen years and you’re still a virgin. Man, I lost my virginity at fifteen in a school closet.”

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If you're still taking requests, may you do a university au headcanons of the RFA+V? I just love your writing and responses!! Thank you and have a good day lovely^^

Thank you so much anon. I actually love doing the school/college AUs with the RFA. I’m basing this off of college where I go because it’s my only experience I can draw from. I had some pretty good ideas earlier actually at school, but it seemed to have slipped my mind after my nap :/


  • he’s just a natural college student
  • knows all the places to rent used textbooks
  • he’s very conservative with his money and only spends it if he has to
  • is actually really sociable in class?
  • NEVER has his phone out in class
    • because one time his professor caught him texting Zen and held it until the end of the day
  • takes some bullshit classes just for the experience
  • he doesn’t like to talk about Intro to Welding
  • goes to class early to study before the test
  • OVERSTUDIES and panics when he takes the test so he doesn’t do too hot
  • club whore
  • joins whatever club he thinks is cool
    • and whatever gives him free stuff
  • Jaehee invited him to the Honor’s Society but he never shows up
  • spends some of his off time volunteering at an animal shelter 
  • eats lunch in the cafeteria with Seven, Zen, and you
  • lugs around his Medical Terminology and Physiology textbooks 
  • has a ton of physio lab stories to tell
  • can be found taking naps or he’s playing on his DS in the library


  • one of the smartest and most dedicated students
  • her name is always on the dean’s list
  • is VP on the student senate 
  • balances her schedule out perfectly so she at least has time to sleep, practice, and study
  • can be found in the communications lab, on the quad or in the gym
  • asks Yoosung where to rent used textbooks
  • carries her judo gear with her almost everywhere she goes
  • also lugs a GALLON of water with her
  • runs the honor’s society club and is very particular with its members
  • minors in communication
  • is a boss at debate
  • tutors in different subjects and is more accessible than Jumin
  • always knows the answers in class
  • omg she has a cute pencil pouch filled with different pens, midliners, pencils, erasers, and adorable sticky notes. 
  • if you ask, she will let you borrow one of her spare pencils
    • looking at you V
  • sees all of the drama performances Zen is in with you
  • brings power bars or buys the food at the cafeteria
  • because she doesn’t have the time to prepare her own food


  • is THE drama dork
  • openly advertises the plays in season
  • he hangs with all the drama kids at the theater
  • if he’s not there, he’s in class or being tutored by MC and Jaehee
    • because he REFUSED to be tutored by Jumin
  • eats with Seven, Yoosung, and you but he mainly talks about himself or has them rehearse lines with them
  • most of the time he stays quiet during the lecture
  • but he starts to fall asleep or gets incredibly bored
  • so he will have his phone in class and be on snapchat
  • sends about thirty selfies to the group chat before class ends
  • if he thinks he’s going to get caught, he whips out his small mirror to look at himself oh god zen
  • that guy who rides his motorcycle to school >.>
  • waits once every few weeks for the guy who sells fish shaped bread on campus
  • he’s in an improv group that performs every Friday
  • doesn’t really buy textbooks since he knows he’s not going to use it
  • HATES online homework and quizzes
    • will not let him progress until he gets it right so he calls you to vent and ask for help


  • the business major guy
  • this donut buys all of his textbooks NEW from the bookstore
  • why??????
  • is the know-it-all some people hate
  • wears suits every day
  • he can’t count how many times he was mistaken for a professor
  • brings food from home that is calculated to give him the exact energy he needs
  • like Jaehee he’s also on the dean’s list and in the Honor’s Society
  • is the president of the student senate
    • poor Jaehee
  • he’s the best tutor but he’s very particular with who his pupils are
    • you were lucky enough to get a slot
    • Jaehee gets all the rejects ;-;
  • hangs out with V and Jaehee in the study lab, or stays in his chem lab
  • coordinates schedules with V so they have some of the same classes
  • calls home to check up on Elizabeth 3rd
  • she’s okay??? okay good


  • drives his sports car to school
  • mainly takes afternoon classes since waking up in the morning could be a bitch
  • always has food in class and munches on his chips as quietly as he can
  • that guy with the witty one-liners in class
  • occasionally falls asleep when the content gets pretty dry and not as engaging
  • textbooks??? PFFFTTT
  • he just downloads bootleg versions online
    • sends the files to whoever asks him for it 
  • mastered the pen spin
  • can be found in the computer lab, in the library with his laptop, or in his Computer Science class
  • hangs out with Yoosung, Zen, and you at the cafeteria
    • talks about the D&D session at his place on Saturday
    • they tease Zen’s lack of interest 
    • gets incredibly offended and considers joining out of spite
  • makes programming jokes only he knows
  • he’s in the Programming club and the Astronomy club
  • spends some late nights on campus doing some stargazing with some club members


  • where Zen is a drama dork, V is a total art nerd
  • he ALWAYS has his camera with him
  • of course, he’s majoring in photography
  • he can afford to buy the textbooks new, but he prefers to rent used books
    • likes the feeling that someone else used the book to study from
    • plus they sometimes leave important notes
  • isn’t on the dean’s list but is on the honor roll
  • writes in pen all the time and always has to ask for a pencil from someone if he needs one
  • asks the most profound questions in class
  • is filled with much sagely wisdom
  • takes classes that he’s interested in like Astronomy with Seven or Environmental Science with you
  • can be found all around campus taking photos to add to his portfolio
  • knows all the secret spots on campus
  • he occasionally hangs out in the garden for some needed alone time with nature