Stan didn’t know activating the portal would create a potential universe-destroying rift. He didn’t see Ford’s blacklight message in the journal. Dipper did. Dipper knew beyond a shadow of a doubt activating the portal would lead to something horrifically dangerous and life-threatening, if not immediately destroy the universe entirely. Dipper saw the message and he knew about the danger and he knew about all the terrible things Stan had done to get the portal working. He knew and he knew and he knew and he STILL forgave Stan immediately for EVERYTHING because Stan had done it all to save his sibling. Because, despite knowing what the blacklight message says, that the universe could and probably would be destroyed if he goes through with this, Dipper would do the exact same thing to save Mabel.

I just realized that Shepard’s last goodbye was almost a year ago.
It feels like it was yesterday, I still remember our reactions to the video and what that day was like. We all felt touched and moved by it. It was truly special.

And of course, time is passing by quickly but it feels like it’s not going fast enough when it comes to Andromeda. Gotta be more patient, I think. Still, I have a feeling it will all happen in a blink, and soon we won’t remember those months before Andromeda. We’ll be too busy discussing new characters, new missions, new lore pieces. After a while those might be as familiar to us as all the elements of the trilogy.

But first, this new N7 day. I really hope it will be special too, and that next year we’ll remember it like it was yesterday.

Let’s get serious…

Why are people shitting on the writers when Glenn’s death happened in the comics? Why is everyone playing the race game when STEVEN himself said he wanted Glenn and no one else but Glenn to have this iconic moment?

Why are people blaming Daryl for something that was already written YEARS earlier? Why are people saying it’s out of character for Daryl to react the way he did when he loves his family so much he’d do ANYTHING to defend them as anyone would in his place? Especially in a dark moment like that… No one in his place would be able to think straight when you’re seeing your loved ones being fucked with like that.

The one thing I am a bit upset about is them killing Abe to throw a little more suspense into that comic book scene. I get that they wanted to surprise the viewers and I get that Abe had to die eventually (because he does in the comics) but I just wish it was a little more his own? But I am happy he went out like the boss he is.

Both Michael and Steven gave BEAUTIFUL performance’s and I couldn’t be more proud of those two. Same with Jeffrey and Andy… Who were beyond flawless as well! I AM SO READY FOR THE REST OF SEASON 7… EZEKIEL AND SHIVA… I NEED THEM IN MY TV LIFE NOW!!!

happy monthiversary ♥♥

Before I finish up that 707 mini fic, I just wanted to say


I can’t believe it’s already been a month of me writing, obsessing over MM, & making friends !!!! I’m so happy I started this because it’s given me so much joy to fuel the flames of everyone’s mysme needs ♥

I just wanted to tell all 7,758 of you holy shit that’s a lot of followers that I love you guys!!!! And I reallyyyy really mean that, because I wouldn’t be anywhere without all of you. I care about you guys so much!! I basically view us as one big happy family ☺

So really, thank you.

♥ your friend, zens-ponytail ♥

also I need ideas for doing something special since I’ve been at this for a month… If I could draw I would do that but idk what to dooooo HELP

Happy birthday @aroford! I drew some highly important family bonding for you, because most Mabel and Ford bonding art/fic that I see is either angst or sweaters. Listen. There is so much more potential here

"I'll find you Maggie"

this quote means so much to me because like lauren said it means so much more than it was the first thing that came to his head when he was hit. in a way, glenn saying that he’ll find her is a foreshadowing. glenn, maggie, and the whole world knows that they are meant to be together and whether this means that in the next life they are starcrossed lovers or childhood friends who end up together or simply neighbors who fall in love, glenn will find her. he always does.

If I answer any more messages my head is gonna explode. I’ve had over 200 tonight and I can’t keep up right now lol. I admire the passion though, holy shit. 

But seriously, it’s 4.30am in the UK, I have a killer headache, my heart hurts, I feel dramatic and I just need to relax for a bit. I’m staying on tumblr but I won’t be posting. 

Thank you so much for the love and support tonight. I can’t even think straight right now but I’m gonna end up making yet another emotional post tomorrow because I simply can’t express my gratitude towards every single one of you. It means so much to me and tonight was the night I and other Glenn fans needed it the most and good lord did you deliver on that. It’s incredible, amazing, beautiful and a comfort knowing we have our own Team Family. 

Don’t forget though - Glenn will always live on, and I will personally make damn sure of it on this blog ♡ 

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dude i just wanna let u know how much i LOVE dissent i have been reading it since the start and its my absolute favorite webcomic, which is saying a lot because i read a LOT of webcomics lol. but none of them have the same level of intriguing characters and such a compelling plot/concept and such stunning art. just wow. wow. love it so much i check for updates every day even if one was just posted just in case :D

omg do you realize how much this made me sob with pure JOY?!?!?! that is my story you love!!!!! My characters!!! OMG!!!!!!!!! Is this how writers feel when people love their stories?? because this feeling is AMAZINGGGGGG YOU JUST MADE ME SO HAPPY AND I APPRECIATE YOU<333

mekesari  asked:

(I'm gonna get deep. Fight me.) At least for me, I love Ronya because she is who she is, aka you. I love her because she stands for you. Of course not everything is the same but she is meant to be you. I love everything about her because I love you. (No homo but yes homo) And personally I believe people haven't attacked your character and such is for the same reason. We all go through so much, why make it even worse when we're all doing this for fun?

Mek ohmygod…. ;_;

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why are people more upset about glenn's death than abe? Abe also have love ones left behind and he stood his ground and not whimper even miliseconds before his death

I think it’s because Abraham hasn’t been here for 6 years and despite being introduced in season 4, we know more about him than we do Glenn. Which is unfair. 

It’s honestly more down to having known Glenn longer, and you’re right Abraham’s death was upsetting and shouldn’t be ignored but Glenn dying definitely resonated with people more simply down to having him from the beginning. 

One more poem, I guess
and then I’ll go to bed
and then I’ll stop hurting over this
i only said I love you so you’d get why i didn’t want to let go because
yeah it’s true I love you but I wasn’t gonna say anything
i wasn’t gonna be that person, wasn’t gonna tell you how much you meant to me while you were showing me the door and locking it after i left and
now I am that person and it’s not a good look for me
it’s desperation at its worst and I need to stop writing poems on whiteboards in magnets because you aren’t looking for any sign that I miss you
i mean you don’t need even really need to look because
i’m not trying to hide it
i’m just trying to let go.
—  let’s hope you hate me enough to stop reading these because no one wants to be this vulnerable all the time– lily rain
I know it hurts, God I know better than anyone what it’s like to see people come and go more than they should in your life. I know it hurts & you don’t expect it to hurt as much cause it seems like it’s a daily thing for you but it still hurts whenever someone leaves when they promised they wouldn’t. I know you want it to not be true and I know you just wanna wake up from this bad dream you call life and I am so sorry you can’t shake this feeling. I know it hurts because you feel so alone and you don’t know who to be without him and you feel empty inside but my love you were whole before him. You’ll be whole again it just takes time and I know you don’t have that much time because your kindness is growing weaker with everyone person who walks away but please don’t lose that love you have inside you. That fire that seems to never go out but feels like it does whenever this happens. You are so much more than a little ass or a year of I love you’s. I wish you could see that you don’t need love to be complete and you definitely don’t need him. I know you don’t wanna hear this right now but he left. He’s not coming back and I know it hurts cause he promised but sometimes people make promises and break them. It doesn’t mean it’s your fault it just means life is taking its course to try and bring you down. I know it hurts to see him being happy while you’re crying yourself to sleep. I know it hurts to see him happily going on with life when life has paused for you. I know it hurts because now you’re greeted with empty words instead of Goodnights. I know it hurts because you now wake up to a ragging headache and a dry face from crying yourself to sleep instead of a good morning text and I love you. I know it hurts because he’s the first person you wanna tell good news to or talk about your fears but he’s gone. He’s off having fun while you’re drinking 7 shots of vodka just to feel a little less hopeless and it’s anything but fair. Soon he’ll be a faded face, I promise you. Soon his name won’t sting as much and soon you’ll learn to love yourself again. But please all I ask if just don’t give up. Don’t lose that fire that’s inside of you. Don’t become cold because one boy broke your heart, he’s not worth it. Don’t lose that love for painting. Don’t lose your love for finding love. Don’t lose who you are just because he has made you wonder who you are to begin with recently. I know it hurts, God I am so sorry. I know he’s not here to say it’s gonna be okay but I’m here. I’m here & it’s gonna be okay. It has to be okay.

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Head canons for magic in your sighs now that Jungkook came back? I love that story so freaking much it's the best thing I've ever read. :'(


Firstly, I’m really, really glad you enjoyed MIYS that much because it’s one of my favorite things I’ve written, and I never thought I’d ever enjoy writing a merman!au. But now I’m trash.

Secondly….. the headcanons. I’ve had a couple scenarios in my head for a while, but never enough for a full fic. But anyway.

  • In the year they were away from each other, Jimin became less phobic of humans and started observing them from a distance. He’s pretty good at taking acceptable and unacceptable social cues from others, so he’s learned a few more human words.
  • He tells Jungkook, I need you.
  • At first Jungkook is pretty smitten. Then he gets this idea in his head that Jimin had been with someone else (not the most logical conclusion to come to, but Jungkook is actually pretty possessive of Jimin). Honestly, his biggest fear is Jimin forgetting him and finding someone else Out of sight, out of mind vs. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that.
  • But of course, that’s not the case at all. Jimin is incredibly loyal, and Jungkook should have been able to tell by the way Jimin clutches the necklace Jungkook lent him; he protects it like its his child.
  • Anyway, Jungkook gets irritated at first and accuses poor Jimin of cheating on him. Who taught you that? he snaps. Who have you been with, Jimin? 
  • And even though Jimin doesn’t understand what he’s saying, he can tell Jungkook is mad at him over something.
  • And Jimin doesn’t put up with it. He knows Jungkook is in the wrong.
  • So Jimin swims away, leaving Jungkook alone in the darkness of the summer night, by the sorrowful waves of the ocean.
  • Jungkook immediately realizes his mistake and sulks over to the alcove. He half-expects Jimin to be there, but it’s empty.
  • Jungkook lies down and spends the night there, staring into the alcove and hoping. He calls Jimin’s name a few times, and is heartbroken when he gets no response.
  • But Jimin comes back early in the morning–he doesn’t exactly expect Jungkook to have stayed out all night just for him.
  • He pulls leaves around him to make a makeshift blanket. As he’s doing that, Jungkook wakes up, his subconscious already knowing, already pulling into Jimin’s gravity.
  • I’m so sorry, Jungkook whispers. I don’t know if you know what I’m saying, but I’m sorry, Jimin. I’m an idiot. I love you.
  • Jimin sighs. Jungkook may be an idiot, but he doesn’t love him any less. It’s okay, he tells him, and they both smile. Their conversations are slowly, slowly getting there.
  • Jimin murmurs an I love you in his language, and is pleasantly surprised when Jungkook repeats it back.
  • Jungkook, he breathes with passion, letting the human pull Jimin on top of him. The merman holds him with fervor. Jungkook, Jungkook, Jungkook. I need you. I need you.
  • Jimin doesn’t know what else to say (literally), but he’s so happy to say his name again and to have him respond and just be there.
  • And to Jungkook, there’s nothing he wants to hear more than to hear his merman say his name with love.
  • I need you, too.
  • Jungkook finally shuts him up with a kiss, and… well… the rest of the summer is blissful and more or less the same. (I haven’t actually thought this part through, yet, so maybe that’ll change?).
  • But this time, Jungkook keeps an eye out for beach side condos.

“Sometimes you get to spend time with women you love, who know and understand your journey because they are living through theirs, you laugh and reminisce and talk and have a moment, I may not be a Schuyler sister, but two beautiful glorious women @jazzy_joness and @reneeelisegoldsberry are definitely sisters to me!! So much love to you both. @leslieodomjr @nicolettekloe you did good, you bought a family together tonight. Xx” - Cynthia Erivo

It’s a good thing I like the Primrose track so much.  Because, otherwise … It’s OK to get information about Annie and Gale here, and Paylor becoming president, I guess, but you can feel the movie whooshing to a close here and missing its opportunity to sell the love story. This was a missed opportunity dating back to Catching Fire, actually: but the book gave them a very simple way to shortcut this.  Show the initial connection over the plant book and show the reconnection over the memory book.  

And, it’s not just that there is no sex in the last scene - that is to be expected - but there is zero emotion.  That is so weird to me.

I have a stronger bond with you than any of the other friends I’ve made, so I guess the fact that I love you shouldn’t be surprising, except I love you more than you think.
So I guess it the fact that I can’t warm up to her - the girl you love - shouldn’t be surprising either.
I don’t want to be that person, but I know that she can’t love you the way I could if you just gave me a chance.
Here I am, heart in hand, willing to hand it to you if you’d take it - but I know you won’t.
You won’t, because you belong to her, and as much as I despise it, she belongs to you.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Request: loving your best friend but him loving another girl who’s not good enough for him

I love that Killian kept the scissors. Yes, I don’t like the fact that he’s lying to her but the truth is going to come out and she better not be mad at him because she’s kept so many things from him. And Killian is just doing it because he doesn’t want to lose his Swan! You can’t blame someone for keeping something that will keep the love of their life alive! Plus, Killian won’t use them without Emma telling him it’s okay to use them! He just doesn’t want to live without her!! And I love it! And there wasn’t much Captain Swan but I am so happy with the little bit there was! And ugh! This ship is ruining my life!

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Consider the following: an MC who plays roller derby and is constantly covered in bruises from it, which they show to everyone cuz they're proud/they think bruises are pretty. How do you think our guys and gal would react?

 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS ASK!!! I personally love bruises and how they look! They’re gorgeous! 

Admin Rina did Jumin and Zen and I did Yoosung, Seven and Jaehee!!

~Admin MP


  • He worries about MC CONSTANTLY
  • If he goes to watch them he’s pretty much just looking through gaps in his fingers because he is so afraid they are going to get hurt 
  • Slowly, though he gets into it
  • Cheers loudly for MC!
  • Is ready to jump into the skate rink and help MC if they fall over or get hurt
  • Afterwards, when MC is showing them alllll their bruises Yoosung sort of pouts
  • “Do they hurt?”
  • “A little, but don’t they look badass??”
  • He kisses every bruise to help them heal faster


  • He finds bruises super attractive?
  • He’d think the bruises were super pretty
  • The mottled patterns and colors were always unique 
  • Likes to poke them and say “does that hurt?”
  • “Really? I think it looks like Italy”
  • “No no there’s no boot! Just look!”
  • MC struts up to Seven
  • “STICK M  LEGY OUT” and they do, right in front of his face just to smugly show him all their bruises 
  • Sometimes while they’re getting frisky he purposely presses on them (only if MC is okay with it, of course)
  • Also he’d fucking love the roller derby you kidding me?
  • Brings his own secret snacks of Dr Pepper and Honey Buddha chips


  • The inner mother in Jaehee is activated
  • “Do you need to ice those?”
  • “I will in a second, just look at how cool they are, Jaehee!”
  • She decides to humor them for a few minutes before forcing them to ice the bruises
  • “Yes, very pretty.”
  • But the more she looks
  • the more they kind of are nice?
  • And Jaehee remembers how proud she always is of her own bruises from Judo
  • So she nods
  • “Very nice.” And runs her hands over them
  • (They get distracted for a few minutes after that oops)
  • But she always makes MC ice them after admiring them
  • (Also is surprisingly savage during games? “KICK THEIR ASS, MC”)


  • Jumin is really into bruises
  • Like
  • A LOT
  • He thinks that they are beautiful and stunning
  • He does get concerned when he watches one of MCs matches
  • But he has not missed a game
  • He will leave work early just to make sure he is there on time!
  • Watching MC play is honestly one of his favorite things to do!
  • He is very protective and doesn’t like seeing MC get hurt
  • But he LOVES when they have new bruises
  • MC shows them off like jewelry
  • Jumin honestly couldn’t be more proud of them
  • But he does prefer the bruises he leaves on MC more tho (  ͡°   ͜ʖ ͡°)


  • This man is so protective of MC!
  • He HATES seeing MC get hurt
  • Even if they are doing something that they love
  • He doesn’t really like going to their games because of this reason
  • He does try and go to the big ones however
  • Because he loves them and knows that they are doing something they love!
  • But whenever Zen sees a new bruise on MC
  • He just loves to kiss the new bruises
  • And he will kiss them anywhere
  • Arms, legs, head, Thighs ( ͡°  ͜ ʖ ͡°)
  • He would kiss them all until they go away
  • Sad for them both there always seems to be more and more each day
  • Although he isn’t too upset about it

You know that crossover trope where a character is adopted by a character from another fandom at a young age? It’s most common in the Harry Potter fandom, but it’s around.

I have a mighty need for that trope, but with Red. I just need to pick the right character… *plots*

I have a feeling that eventually I’m going to have a disproportionate number of Red fics. I have no regrets.