A Vulnerable's Comfort

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Member(s): Jaebum
Word Count: 2957
Genre: Angst-ish
Summary: It’s a long lost love story. It only began and ended because of a dare. But was there really something more that you couldn’t forget? Was it really just all because of a dare?

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Update for you guys: I’m not going to be posting about any of the episodes until they air officially. I really want to post about them, but I feel that since I work at CN and the episodes were not intended to be released, it would be inappropriate for me to post about them before they air. I also want to make sure I don’t spoil the episodes for people who are waiting until the release date. I hope you understand!!

And also, to be clear, no judgement for anyone who watched the episodes while they were still up on CN’s website or elsewhere (because like. I did the same exact thing before I started working at CN lmao). And of course, please remember continue to support the show by streaming episodes from CN’s app, and watching it live when it airs if you have a Nielson box! Love you guys!!

From “Who is EXO” to “As Expected of EXO” EXO’s Records 2012-2016

I’m sorry, but this video has me in legit tears. EXO has achieved so fucking much and they’re about to hit 5 years on April 8th. Most groups never make it to 3 full-albums let to known 5 years.

To be frank, I never thought EXO would be here. I remember when people called them flops, talentless, SM’s failed group to everything you can muster negative and to come in and achieve some things others haven’t just, overwhelms me because they work so hard yet, they feel they never work hard enough. 

Like, do they ever sit and look at this and go “wow, we did that”? 

This fandom has been through so much hell. To losing three amazing guys that I love to this day and never falling apart. People thought EXO would fall from grace but they’ve only gotten stronger as well as this fandom. 

Nothing can ever be taken from them. NOTHING!

So many groups will come and go and break EXO’s records and that’s fine, but what EXO has sparked (as well as others amazing artist) is this wave of achievements that haven’t been touched in years. People have no Idea about the many achievements they’ve had even before they hit their 5 year mark.

Since 2013, EXO hasn’t slowed down as a group and now every member is branching out and breaking their own records, and it’s like DAMN. Like, Damn. They are really superstars. I couldn’t be any prouder of a group of young men.

If they retired today, I would be okay with that. I could say I am one of the proudest fans ever because no other group warms my heart more. They’re some of the kindest, humble well rounded and talented boys I know. From singing to dancing to acting these guys are doing it all. They’re composing and writing music and I am so glad some are showing that side of them.

They are far more then Idols. They do so much that not even fans are always aware of. They support each other, donate to other dreams and well as helping others. They are so misunderstood and still have a long way to go and I’m ready for that journey with them.

They all inspire me. They inspire the notion “no matter how hard life gets to work hard, smile and surround yourself with people you love”. They support each other so much as well as other artists.

It’s like… I can go on and on about them I really could. (lol) I’m just so so so fucking proud. I can’t wait to see how they do and what they do in the future. Regardless, I’m all ready and always proud. 

From “Who is EXO” to “As Expected of EXO” 

“It’s called an Obscurus”

NewtxReader Kinda? Reader is an obscurus that Newt finds at the park when they’re just kids. Kinda want to do an epilogue just to explain what happened to her mom and explain a few things but I don’t know yet, up to you guys. 

ALSO, I really didn’t mean to offend anyone with Christianity beliefs. For real, I respect ever religion and I believe it is a beautiful, loving thing and this is just a bad mom being a bad mom. Also, I don’t really know hoe obscuruses work because the Harry Potter wiki doesn’t really talk about them but let’s pretend they can be healed.

Triggers: Religion, Abuse indications.

You could remember it like it was yesterday, the first time you met Newt. It was the most important day of your life. It was the day you learned who you were, the day that everything fell into place. The day you met your best friend and the day you lost a family. 

It was cold, colder than usual in December. It hadn’t started snowing just yet but the air nipped at your nose. You shoved your scarf up higher, trying to cover more of your face. It probably wasn’t the best idea to be at the park alone so late at night but your body felt weird. Restless. it was happening again, the monster. Your mother had told you it was the devil claiming you and that you needed to look to God more, and you tried. For yours on end you kept your face shoved into that book. That book that your mother made you pray with while at the same time smacking you across the face with. But you still read, and read and read, waiting for this feeling to go away. But it didn’t, and it was here tonight, but stronger. 

It hurt, the feeling. As if something way clawing its way out. But you kept it in the best you could. You only let it out once, about a year ago but you fell asleep and it got loose. When you woke back up you had heard the neighbors dog had ended up dead. You blamed yourself for letting it escape, your devil. So from them on you let it claw at you until you couldn’t breath. Until you couldn’t feel. 

“Excuse me?” A voice came from behind you, startling you. You jumped up off of your swing and stepped back. A boy about your age, maybe a year or two older, stood behind you. He was tall for his age, from what you could see, freckles covered his face ear to ear. Around his neck a yellow and black scarf. 

“Stay away.” You said, trying to sound confident. 

“I’m sorry, I’m not going to hurt you. I just saw you were crying and- well- and I just wanted to make sure you weren’t hurt. My mom said that I should try to talk to people more if I wanted to make friends. I figured you might want to talk.” He tried not to make eye contact with you as he fiddled with his scarf.

“I’m fine.” You looked at the strange boy, he didn’t seem threatening at all. “I have to get going now actually.” You began walking away but your chest had a searing pain and you fell to your knees. You grabbed on to your shoulders trying to keep everything in. You couldn’t let it out. Not now, not in front of him.

“Are you okay!?” He fell next to you on to his knees. He watched you as you cringed in pain, worry in his eyes. “Should I take you home?” 

“No!” You cried, knowing your mother would surly punish you. 

“Then, uh, uh, my mother. My mother can help. She works with animals and knows how to make them better so maybe she can help you!” You helped you up before you could protest. Your body was in too much pain to argue so you leaned against him and followed him home. 

By the time you got to his home, only blocks from yours you were almost too dizzy to stand. You were covered in a thin film of sweat and everything was blurry. When he opened the door and felt the warmth on your skin you decided enough was enough. You let your legs give up under you and you toppled onto the floor with a thud. 

“MOM!” The boy screamed above you. He knelled down next to you and shook your shoulder trying to get you to stay conscious. “Mom!” He screamed again, even more frantic. The last thing you remember was the sound of feet rushing down a set of stairs ad then everything was black.

You had finally woken up to the sin shining in your eyes through an unfamiliar window. Your body ached all over and your head was pounding. On the other side of the room you could hear a man and a woman’s voice whispering. The woman seemed to be in favor of helping you more. 

“She’s ten, I’ve never seen one live this long. We need to help her.”

“I think we need to contact the Ministry.”

“They will treat her like a lab owl! She is just a little girl.”

“But we can’t help her like they can.”

“Why not? We just need her to realize her potential. She needs to learn how to control her power, and then it will go away, right?”

Just as it was getting interesting, your head began to pound and you couldn’t help but moan in pain. Both adults looked up at you who was now trying to sit up and rushed over to you. The same little boy stood in the doorway and watched.

“What time is it?” You asked, holding your head.

“It’s morning. It’s been a couple days dear.” The woman said, leaving down to your level. 

“What!” You cried, “No, no, no” All the pain disappeared when the thought of what your mother would do to you when you finally got home. You used all your strength to try to scoot yourself out of bed but both of the adults pushed you back in and held you down as you tried to squirm away.

“She’s going to kill me!” Tears began pouring out of your eyes. You finally let yourself be defeated and stopped struggling against who you assumed to be the boys parents. 

“No, no, dear. No. We won’t let her hurt you ever again.” The mother ran a finger across your cheek to wipe away the tears and cradled your face in her hands. After a few minutes of coddling, you calmed down, now willingly laying against the fathers shoulder as the mother stroked your hair. 

“What’s going to happen?” The freckled boy finally spoke up, still in the doorway. Behind him now stood another boy, older, more intense, more angry than worried. 

“We are going to talk to the Minister and we are going to get everything sorted out. But for now, you need to rest.” The mother and father stood up, smiling.

A few days later you finally had enough strength (without your adrenaline kicking in) to make your way around their house. It was big with many rooms with lots of mysterious pictures hanging on the walls. Their eyes almost seemed to follow you. It was strange to you because you swear you’ve been to this side of your neighborhood before but you had never seen this house.

“The do actually move you know.” The boy, who had wondered into your room a few times while you were trying to sleep, said. He had told you his name was Newton, but Newt for short. He brought you sweets when his parents and older brother, Theseus, a name much less cooler than Newt you thought, went to bed.

“What do you mean they move? The pictures?” You asked, your eyebrows knitting together.



“Can I show you something? If you’re feeling up for it, of- of course.” Newt looked at the floor, embarrassed to ask. 

“Please.” You said, somewhat excited.

He had taken you to his back yard, very carefully, of course. He was afraid his parents were going to be home any second and his brother could come down stairs and see you. You had to be very quiet. He looked around every corner to make sure there was no one there.

“Where are we going?” You whispered almost directly into his ear. You were holding on to the back of his shirt, almost afraid you could get lost. He hushed you with a finger over your mouth.

He had taken you to the shed in the back yard and stopped before opening the door.

“Don’t freak out.” He said, looking you directly in the eye for the first time since he met you.

“Okay?” You said confused. He tugged the door open and slipped you both inside.

Instead of a shed like yours that help oils and cans, his was much more fantastic. Impossibly fantastic. It was bigger on the inside! Above you flying beasts soared almost to the ceiling that was at least six stories high. Around you, large nests with the bird/lion beasts were scattered on the floor. Some nests were on perches that hung from the ceiling. The building was lighted with floating candles and decorated with bowls and troughs of food for the beasts that surrounded you.  

“I must be still sleeping.” You gasped in awe.

“They’re Hippogriffs. My mother raises them.” Newt smiled, “I try to help her from time to time. But most of my time spent in here is when I sneak out at night. That pair over there,” He pointed to a pair across the long floor, “They have an egg that will hatch soon. And that pair is training their baby how to fly. And that one-” 

“Newt.” You stopped him. “What is all of this…?”

Newt looked at the floor, unsure of what to do.

“My mother didn’t want to tell you yet, but you need to know, because, because I don’t want you to die. You’re my friend. I like talking to you.  And you’re the only person that listens.”

“Wait, what?” 

“You’re a wizard, er, a witch. You can do magic. This is all magic.” He gestured to the building around him.

“I’m a witch? What? Witches aren’t real. What about me dying?” You got closer to him, you wanted to pull all of the information out of him. He was being slow, you needed everything now.

“They are real. They are. Haven’t you ever on accidentally broke something when you were mad or sad? But not with your hands, no, with your mind. Or maybe when you were happy things around you started to move. It’s magic, (Y/N).” He had a grin on his face, as if this was good news.

“My mother is going to kill me. She will kill me, Newt. I’m a freak!” Your eyes began to fill with tears.

“No, no! You’re not a freak. There’s millions of witches and wizards. It’s normal. And- and your mom is never going to hurt you again. My mother talked to the Minister, you can live with us! You can go to Hogwarts next year with me. You’ll be a year behind me of course but-”

“Stop Newt!” You cried. You were so lost and confused. This was all so much. You breathed deeply, trying to calm yourself down. 

“What about me dying?” You said when you finally calmed down a bit.

“My mother, she, um, she, uh. Well.” He thought for a while. “When wizards and witches try to hide their magic, they, um, it builds up, and it, well, starts killing them. It’s called an Obscurus.” He looked at the ceiling, trying to find the right words.

“I’m going to die?” You almost screamed.

“No, no, no.” He grabbed your shoulder trying to calm you down before you began crying again. “Were going to save you, (Y/N). Were going to teach you to let your magic go, were going to let you be free. It’s not going to be easy, I don’t think. But mother says you’re a very powerful wizard being able to keep your magic in for so long.”

“So” you sniffled, “I won’t be in pain anymore?”

“You’ll never be in pain again as long as I’m around.” He half smiled and grabbed your hand. “I can protect you.”

You began to cry again, but this time not in fear, but in happiness. 

“Thank you, Newt.” You whispered, feeling unafraid for the first time in years.

“You know, I bet you’d be a Hufflepuff like me.” he laughed.

i remember crying so hard my entire body shook. i remember my bestfriend holding my hair back as i vomited up the taste of you. i remember him wiping my cheeks when i asked why losing some dead beat guy was causing me so much pain. he sighed, and replied ‘hun, its supposed to hurt. you loved him. the thing with you dollface, is you make these dead beat boys your home because you never liked the four walls you live within, your mom who smoked too much, and your dad who never really cared made you feel homeless. youre hurting so much because youre a giver. you give what was never given to you. and trust me honey, one day a guy is going to walk into your life and take in everything you try to give him and love you for it. and when that happens you are going to be so happy this one broke your heart.’
—  i too am a giver, and i too will move on (a.j.)
Wedding Crashers (Ashton Irwin Imagine)

Summary: You and your best friend Ashton ditch out on prom and try to make the most of what Ashton’s decided is going to be the best night of your lives.

A/N: Woohoo this was so fun to write! This is strictly FLUFF. This is my first imagine, but don’t worry dirty bois, there will be a part 2 to this story for all you smut lovers out there. Thank you guys for all the awesome feedback! I love you!

Requested: Heck yes it was! @fabulously-5sos this one is for you

Also remember requests are OPEN – hit up my lil message thing.

Word Count: 3k

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I’m the kind of person that people like you date after their first love breaks their heart because they need to remember what it feels like to be alive.
—  Things I realized when I stopped lying to myself, part III

I asked Jirard if he could do a shoutout to the Meme Team an in general the Asagao Academy fandom and dang did he give us a message. Thank you Jirard, for spending so much of your time in giving us two amazing things - the Completionist and your part in Asagao Academy. May you continue to do what you love and know that you’ve got people who would support you.

Also totally buy Completionist merch guys, help support the man and those he work with


taylor was so utterly despondent over this relationship falling apart that it was too painful to even remember the ‘magical times’ because they were gone and at some point, she realized they werent coming back.  Usually…you hear taylor reflecting on things going “well, i can appreciate the good parts even tho it ended…”   …. now you’re hearing…listen up guys, im so unbelievably upset that it ended that it is too painful to even remember the magical times because they were so good and they are gone and im crushed and i loved him and i thought i was going to be forever with him and it’s over and i’m heartbroken and i wish i could just forget the beginning, those magical times bc now that they are gone, it’s too painful to even remember that.   

I’ve got to say, I don’t remember the last time I rooted for a character as hard as I rooted for Steve Harrington.  Like yeah I get it, he was your bog-standard white fuckboi and his character could totally have been an absolute douchebag and left poor Nancy brokenhearted and… I dunno… ended up being eaten by the demogorgon or something, but I just KNEW.  I flippin KNEW there was more to him than that.  I KNEW he had it in him to be brave and noble, and to finally stand up for himself - against his friends - and do what he believed was right.  

Steve didn’t just change his actions, but he tried to make amends for his mistakes.  Not just by apologising, but by doing practical things to show he was sorry.  He didn’t graffiti the cinema, but he helped clean it up.  He didn’t do it so Nancy would be impressed and forgive him.  Nancy didn’t even know about it.  He bought Jonathan a new camera, but he got Nancy to give it to him because he knew it would mean more to Jonathan if it came from Nancy.  His actions of remorse were completely devoid of ego.  He just wanted to make things right.  

And I’m not being funny, but if a demogorgon had almost killed you and you’d been given the opportunity to run for your life BUT INSTEAD YOU DECIDE TO RUN BACK IN, HEADLONG INTO DANGER, TO SAVE YOUR GIRLFRIEND AND THE GUY YOU *AT THIS POINT* STILL BELIEVE SHE CHEATED ON YOU WITH - you cannot be, in any way shape or form, a spineless cowardly asswipe.

I’m sorry but Steve Harrington bloody deserves everything and I am SO fucking proud of him.  I could go on forever.  But I won’t.  

Unwashed Dishes

A/N: THIS IS MY FIRST IMAGINE HAVE MERCY ON ME. I’m tagging @nerdylizabeth @badassladysif @whoaheather and @shayara because they’re the reason I wrote this thing. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

i have to stand on a chair to be intimidating when i yell at you and you always start laughing at how ridiculous i look and damn it your cuTE LAUGH ISN’T GOING TO MAKE ME LESS ANGRY STOP HUGGING ME PUT ME DOWN I’M STILL MAD AT YOU + Peter Maximoff

You were so mad right now. Before you left for work, you remembered leaving specific instructions to wash the dishes to Peter. But what did he do? Nothing, that’s what he did! He could’ve done all those dishes in one minute, but noooooo, he forgot and that’s why you’re looking up at him right now and yelling obscene words.

“I TOLD YOU TO WASH THE DAMN DISHES!” You shouted, but it was clear that Peter wasn’t scared considering the fact that you were at least half a foot shorter than him.

“I WAS BUSY, OKAY?!” He yelled back, but you were still enraged. He fought back the urge to laugh because honestly, you looked cute right now.

You growled. Your little argument would just end with you washing all the dishes and Peter going back to playing Miss Pacman.

So you grabbed one of your fancy wooded dining chairs, thinking that it would make you more intimidating (it didn’t), and continued to lecture Peter.

It took you five minutes to notice that Peter was struggling to contain his laughter. He didn’t want to because you would probaby yell at him more and all he wanted to do was to cuddle with you and rewatch Star Wars for the billionth time.

But alas, he couldn’t hold it in anymore and laughed like a mad man, his face red from the lack of oxygen. He couldn’t help it. You just looked ridiculous standing on a chair and trying to intimidate him. He scooped you up in his arms and buried his head on your shoulder, still laughing from the way you looked.

“DAMN IT PETER YOUR CUTE LAUGH ISN’T GOING TO MAKE ME LESS ANGRY! Put me down, I’m still mad at you!” You glared, but couldn’t help chuckling a little.

“Fine, fine. I’m sorry for not washing the dishes,” Peter apologized, rubbing the back of his neck. “I promise it won’t happen again.”

You knew that wasn’t true, but you smiled, choosing to believe him for now. “Good. Let’s wash the dishes together so we can go watch Star Wars, okay?”

He nodded and speeded you over to the kitchen, where a massive pile of dirty plates and glasses waited for them. They both sighed. One of the reasons why they were together was because they both hated washing dishes with a passion.

“We should just buy a dishwasher.” Peter said.

You laughed and nodded, already started on washing some of the dishes.

After piles of silverware were finally cleaned, you both settled on the couch to watch Star Wars but quickly fell asleep, your head resting on his shoulder. You may be shorter than Peter, but you were both the same in many other ways, and that was why he loved you.

“Night, Y/N.”

Turn Loose The Mermaids (Part 28)

AU belongs to Taulun

Here we go again guys. It isn’t oo much, I admit, but it is pretty flufy I’d say. But you’ll love the next one, I’m sure. Thanks to @miracujess for being my beta.

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Marinette remembered the first time she broke the surface of the water. The first time she got to breathe air. She was just a baby mermaid, only one year old and as curious as she had ever been. She had already been hiding away at night from her sisters because of the curious things her tail turned into. Back then, she didn’t know they were called legs, just that they belonged to humans and they were bad. Marinette had felt bad about that, of course. There was something wrong with her for having them, wasn’t there? Humans were bad and the lands above the sea were bad so she should stay away from them, right? Right. Not that Marinette had cared. She wanted to search, to discover, to know everything about anything. Her legs had been so much slower than her little tail, but her breathing was fine. Her sisters told her people with legs can’t breathe underwater, but she had no problem with it; she could breathe just fine. She wondered if it meant she couldn’t breathe above the surface — that’s what got her to check in the first place. She remembered perfectly how she felt when she reached the surface. It was amazing, feeling the sun on her skin without it filtering through the water. And when she took her first breath of air, Marinette felt like a little piece of her that was missing all along just came back to her.

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Listen Up

Guys I know you don’t want me to stop writing but like you need to remember a few things.

  1. I do not owe you anything
  2. I do this for fun in my spare time
  3. I write a lot
  4. I consistently do what I can to make the writers of this fandom feel as valued and important as they should because some of you treat them like absolute shit by sending anon hate
  5. I spread as much positivity and love as I possibly can
  6. I put everyone else’s needs ahead of me

I do so much for you, so please just respect the fact that I need to put me first for once. I’m not in a good place right now and I am very stressed so please don’t make it worse. I don’t want to stop writing but I have to for now or I am just going to break.

Thank you

I just want to say a quick thank you to anyone who likes, comments, and reblogs any of my posts. You all are great!

Thank you for your such kind comments. I wanted to let you know that you motivate me. I work out so much harder when I remember those who have said those nice things.

I hope this doesn’t come off as fishing for compliments because that’s not what I’m doing. It’s appreciation and validation for the work that I’m doing, it’s also great to hear words of encouragement. You all help me as much as I do myself.

Cheers to you guys, you’re amazing!

so many things about this episode broke me ok but the end, omg the end is my favorite because the group is sitting around the mccall table, feeling completely lost and broken as now each and every one of them has lost a loved one to the hunt and they have no idea, no clue where to go from here BUT THEN papa stilinski—the guy who has fought them on all of this from the beginning because he just wasn’t ready to face it yet—comes and tells them about how he now truly and wholeheartedly remembers stiles, and gives them back the hope they had lost, && then he just KEEPS LOOKING TO LYDIA and they keep NODDING at each other as he recounts everything he remembers about his son, so utterly grateful for her in that moment 

like YES thats your future daughter in law sitting right there, thats the girl who has consistently visited your home and refused to give up on helping you remember your son—not just because of how much she herself loves stiles—but because she remembered just how much YOU lOVED him. THEY BONDED OVER THEIR SHARED LOVE OF LITTLE MISCHIEF && ITS THAT LOVE THEY HAVE FOR STILES THATS NOW GOING TO GET HIM BACK

Nao’s Blog Entry 170322
Important Notice

This is really sudden but,
the other day, Tsuyoshi passed away.
There wasn’t any major injury or sickness,
4 years and 11 months, we spent it together.

I just can’t seem to accept it
If I were to tell you guys, it’s as if I’ve accepted the fact so
I just couldn’t.

I’m not very good with animals but I wanted to be someone who could love animals,
at such a time, I met Tsuyoshi
and through daily life with him, I learnt a lot of things, he also cheered me up.

Because of Tsuyoshi, I was able to create many fun memories with everyone.
Memories of Tsuyoshi with everyone, I will remember it forever.

Thank you for loving Tsuyoshi.


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( art cred. x. )

Hi! Could you write one where Fred is jealous because Hermione is hanging out a lot with a guy, so Fred & Hermione get into a fight and he unintentionally confesses he has feeling for her. [PS: I really love your blog and all the things you write!]

You are too sweet!

* * *

Hermione couldn’t remember getting back to the common room that late in ages. With exams closing in as the pages on the calendar seemed to rip away with increasingly alarming pace, a panicked Justin Finch-Fletchley had approached Hermione in the corridor before a D.A. meeting, begging for her help.

“Please, I just can’t wrap my head around the spell,” he cried, clinging to his copy of Intermediate Transfiguration. “If I don’t pass the O.W.L…”

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Dear Deppheads,

I love you guys all so much. Without you guys I would have deleted. Your strenght was so inspiring. Your wit, love, care, support, courage, wisdom and knowledge meant more to me than i could ever explain. There have been so many tears these past months, so much hurt, worries and pain but you guys were always there. You guys stood up for him and all of us. You guys did an amazing thing; even Johnny was touched by your love and support.
It’s over now, please God let it be the last thing we’ll hear from this terrbile business. Friends please take from this experience all the love and solidarity, because we never got as much hatred before, but we also got more support than ever before. You guys made Johnny happy and proud. Remember that. In ten years time remember this time as the great wave of solidarity, the time you learnt about justice, love and friendship. You guys have been flowers, the rays of sunshine after the darkest night, I can’t describe it. No poem or song can phrase your beauty. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks to all of you I’m looking forward to the future, I’m looking forward to all the love which I know I can’t do without, it is my fuel.

remember i love you

right can i just say how fucking amazing this line is

here we have a boy, telling a girl he loves her.
here we have a girl who’s being reminded she is loved.

see the thing is, i don’t think Stiles is just telling lydia he loves her because he actually really loves her, i think he’s letting lydia know that despite being as damaged and torn as she is, despite being flawed and despite ignoring this poor guy for at least a solid season, she is loved. she will always be loved by him. from what we know, jackson never said these words to lydia, and maybe stiles knows this, but stiles also knows how jackson treated her. it’s almost desperate for him to make sure lydia knows she is loved

here, this boy is saying more than just 3 short words, he’s saying he accepts her, he appreciates her, he is there for her, he’ll tell he loves her because he wants her to know. stiles wants lydia to know she is loves for who she is.

he’s saying “remember”, remember that not a day will pass where he doesn’t love her, he’s asking her to remember that she doesn’t ever have to feel lonely and that she will never be alone. he’s asking her to remember the love they share, the profound bond they have, the immense story they’ve built, he’s saying that no matter what happens to him, no matter the situation, she is loved by this boy.

and i think that’s remarkable.

and yes ofc he’s also saying “i love you” because he’s in love.