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is there more to the ADHD Lance hc or just that? is it by any chance based on how he acts canonly or.. ?

Evidence for ADHD Lance:

  • I can Sense™ the ADHD because I have it myself. I look at him and I think “Boy… That boy has ADHD”
  • He’s waaaaaaay impulsive; my boy was doing loop-de-loops in the simulator, didn’t even hesitate to try and sneak out of a military base just to have some fun, literally approached a crashed spaceship and busted in just ‘cause he saw Keith was doing it, found a giant blue lion and went ‘fuckin SWEET.’ This literally all happened in the first like, ten minutes of the show.
    • Other examples of impulsiveness right off the top of my head: He heard Coran crying out for help and ran into a goddamn airlock without even thinking, the whole thing with Nyma lmao, Lance’s pretty reckless style of flying. 
    • As a whole Lance is mostly ‘act first, party later’ which could be an example of the ‘Irresponsible Teenage Boy’ trope but c’mon… C’mon.
  • In that one scene where everyone is crowded around Sendak waiting for the memories to download or whatever, Lance is the one constantly moving. At one point he even gets on the floor and starts cycling his legs in the air. 
    • And this isn’t just an example of ‘Oh, Lance gets bored, so what’- Lance was literally the last person to leave Shiro, he could have ditched like everyone else but because he wanted to stay he forced his body into moving so he would stay focused. I do this all the time lmao.
  • Lance talks a lot with his hands and also uses lots of gestures, I do this too a lot because I instinctively keep my hands busy at all times lmao. I’m pretty sure if you put anything within Lance’s grasp in a few minutes he’ll start fiddling with it.
  • Lance never fucking shuts up, something which my ADHD ass finds #RELATABLE. He’s constantly interjecting, even when it’s just a really lame one-liner, which to me is evidence that he just says whatever’s off the top of his head.
  • I find driving a car to be one of the hardest things in the world (there’s so much shit going on, constantly) so can you imagine flying a giant blue lion in SPACE? No wonder Lance always seems to crash into things, there’s like a hundred distractions at any given moment. Plus, he’s also always running his mouth.
  • There are moments in the show where I’m like “Oh my god, Lance is totally hyperfocusing right now.” It’s usually while the team is forming Voltron. I also imagine that’s why Lance is so good with his gun- while you stare down the scope there’s only one target, and if you hyperfocus on that… Goddamn.
  • The fact that Lance sleeps with an eye mask AND with music. Sleeping with ADHD is so goddamn hard, I hate it. I get the best sleep of my life when I use an eyemask and listen to music, I need to start doing this again.
  • Lance has a lot of mood swings, he goes from overexcited to pissed off to flirty in like two seconds. He also can be overly aggressive and shows a lack of restraint sometimes. Evidence: His rivalry with Keith and the fact that they literally flew their Lions straight down into the ground like. I want to make fun of Lance for that, but I would literally end up doing the same thing lmao. 
  • Lance also seems to get along really well with his Lion. The way Lions communicate with their Paladins seems to be through wordless suggestions/impulses. ADHD Lance would be used to going along with whatever the strongest idea in his head is, so while everyone is struggling with having another presence in their mind Lance is like ’LOL this feels normal’ and forms a super tight bond with Blue.
  • Lance has ADHD, bye.

Also, a lot of Representation Discourse seems to, I dunno, project children’s mindsets onto adults in a way I find off-putting.

I completely understand the value of diversity in children’s media. Children tend to be both more literal and more black and white in their thinking than adults. When you’re in third grade and still working out critical thought, it’s all too easy to internalize that girls can’t do [x] simply because you’ve never seen them do it. It can also be harder to empathize with characters who aren’t like you if you haven’t figured out theory of mind yet.

I understand that it’s difficult, when you’re ten years old with a limited attention span, to engage with media that isn’t making any effort to reach out to you. I am fully in favor of initiatives like We Need Diverse Books; kids from all walks of life deserve to know that their stories are worth telling.

But I’m not convinced that applies to adults in quite the same way. It’s not that I don’t think diversity in adult media is important: it is, but for different reasons. It’s important because content creators from all backgrounds deserve the opportunity to capitalize on their talent. A world in which all people are able to tell the stories they want to tell will naturally result in more perspectives heard and more variety in content.

That’s great! But it’s not the same black-and-white stimulus in/result out calculus that applies to children. It’s not, and frankly it feels infantilizing when people speak as though it is. “Women can’t relate to this unless there’s a female character” is terribly patronizing. It’s a punch right in the cognitive empathy.

If a grown adult, absent any kind of empathy-impairing cognitive difficulty, cannot relate to characters who don’t resemble them in some way - honestly, that sounds like a personal problem. It doesn’t sound like something that should be encouraged or celebrated. It’s a big part of what’s wrong with media reception today, actually - everything is so goddamn ghettoized. People are not encouraged to relate across demographic lines, and hammering home that “we need female characters to Appeal to Women” reinforces that.

Lance Headcanons

Most of these have probably already been stated somewhere, but I thought I’d compile some of my own along with my personal favorites.

  • He can dance. I know this is a fairly common thing and I’m so glad it is but he can dance. And he will try any kind of dance at least once. Ballroom, hip hop, break dancing, ballet- you name it, he’s tried it. And he’s very good at it. (Did you see his hips moving when he did the voltron cheer? The boy can dance)
  • Before joining the Garrison he life-guarded at his local pool. He also volunteered to do it at camps and special community events and he even helped with swim lessons for the local kids every summer. 
  • Has read all of My Immortal. Multiple times. He tried to make Hunk read it but he always got out of it somehow until one night when Hunk was messing with some engineering work when Lance just started reading it out loud. 
  • Which leads into the fact that Lance is fantastic at reading out loud. He gets into it- gives every character their own voice and does motions and everything. He developed this skill because he reads to his younger siblings and cousins and nieces and nephews when he’s at home and it’s a large part of why Hunk didn’t just put in headphones when he realized what Lance was reading to him.
  • The two of them from that day on will randomly quote it when they see fit. “So what did you do then?” “We started Frenching passively.” and “Why did you do such a thing, you mediocre dunces?”
  • Lance keeps his music meticulously organized. His CD’s are alphabetized in their own genre categories and every song on his ipod has the title of the song, band name, and what album it’s from. He has carefully thought out playlists for every occasion he can think of and after joining Voltron when something happens that he has the perfect playlist for but his ipod’s back on Earth he gets seemingly inexplicably frustrated for a few moments before bursting out in a purposely horrid rendition of one of the songs.
  • He would be a really good figure skater what with his fabulous dancing skills if only he could figure out how to balance first. As it is he can’t skate without holding onto the edge or someone else and even then he still falls multiple times.
  • He also knows every lyric to the High School Musical songs. Just the first one and like two songs from the second one because the second movie’s plot made him mad so he didn’t bother with anything outside of “What time is it?” and “I don’t dance” because hey they’re catchy.
  • Keith one day during training for forming mental links makes a comment along the lines of “Lance why do you feel so… wrong?” Hunk groans and it’s the only warning any of them get before Lance yells enthusiastically ”My head’s in the game but my heart’s in the song!!!!”

Um… that’s it for now. I probably have more but this got super song sorry

Can we talk about Farkle and Smackle for a moment?

Can we talk about how Smackle flirts with any other guy she can any moment she can and is constantly acting like she wants a chance with them but is constantly basically assuming she doesn’t have a real chance but is always projecting her desire to have them be flirting with her onto them even when they’re not?

Can we talk about how in Ski Lodge Smackle says during a fantasy “I’m with you in this, too?!” pretty annoyed about it?

Can we talk about how Smackle doesn’t seem to be that thrilled to be dating Farkle if you really give their relationship a hard look?

Can we talk about how they’re both sorting of dating each other because basically they’re the same level, same type/category, and basically both have underlying feelings that who they really want no one else would go out with them?

Can we talk about how Farkle deserves so much better?

Can we talk about how Smackle deserves better, too?

Can we talk about when we expect them to break up and how and why?

So I hid this from my family at the time (because even though I cry every day I still see tears as humiliating) but at the part in Ghostbusters with Kate Mckinnon (you know the part I’m talking about) going full-on action hero in slow-mo with the THEME MUSIC and the EFFECTS and her glorious non-sexualized EVERYTHING

I literally cried. I’m wracking my brains trying to think of any other time a movie’s done that – shown a woman kicking serious butt without worrying first and foremost that she look like a pin-up – and I can’t think of one. I am so moved, and so excited for where Hollywood is heading, and so, so grateful for Ghostbusters. 

Update for Next Week

So I still think we should do this every week and make it an all day every Friday thing but next week i think Ill stay in charge of making a theme for every week but you guys post your selfies with #cpn and ill reblog all your beautiful faces this is just because this concept got so much positivity i got literally hundreds of selfies an there is no way me as one person can do that alone so it would help me if we instead used #CPN as a hashtag to post the selfies under instead of everyone submitting them to me. If you have any questions please message me.

The Only Honest Ghostbusters Review on the Internet

There are a lot of reviews of the new Ghostbusters movie out there written by tedious Internet nerds determined not to like this movie because they have a vendetta against clickbait media think pieces.  You can’t trust those reviews, because those plebians hate everything that’s unfamiliar because they don’t like having to think about things too deeply.  There also are lots of positive reviews praising the comedy chops of the stars (true) as well as negative reviews criticizing the generally lackluster plot (also true). HOWEVER, there was ONE major glaring disappointment I had with the new Ghostbusters that I haven’t seen anyone mention.

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Can you help me? It's my first time using a digital tablet and I'm so frustrated righ now. Instead a fluid line _____ mines look pretty much like this ﹏﹏ Especially curvy ones. I feel I'm about to cry. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. Do you have any advice?

take a deep breath and go into focus mode! this could be a quick, easy fix. i remember way back when i got my first tablet it did the same thing, and it’s literally just because the tablet didn’t install the software and i had to do it manually

what i suggest is googling “[your tablet model] jittery lines” as i can guarantee you that others have had your problem. tablets almost never work right the first go, so there will be some TLC you have to put forward to get the software to play nice with the hardware. best of luck!!

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Wait omg are your eyes two different colors?!! That’s so cool. Hi btw 😅😀

THEY MIGHT BE!? i have different spots in each iris but they’re pretty similar! big s/o to those who do have hardcore heterochromia, i think that’s so cool!

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I would lick you

i would hope i’d at least receive a warning beforehand, but in any case,

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Curtsies There was a guy at my college last semester who literally looked like any other generic white guy you can think of, like he was average everything. But since he was British and wore glasses, every girl had a crush on him even though he was a bit of an ass. I think it's because a lot of them had a weird thing for Harry Potter and he looked vaguely like Harry Potter if you squint.

*Curtsies* I hate to break this to everyone on the other side of the Atlantic but most English boys are not dashing modern-day lovechildren of Jane Austen and James Bond. A lot of them are pasty privileged white boys whose sense of entitlement is only rivaled by their blinding lack of cultural awareness and the rest of them aren’t that different from guys anywhere else except that they say things like “horrid” completely without irony. 

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You think the J2 will always live in texas?


The vibe that I get from the two of them is that they both want to live and raise their children there. I remember Jensen’s excuse when he moved there was that he wanted to be closer to his family and other friends. 

Which doesn’t make any sense because his family lives far away and on top of that it’s rare he ever see’s them.

Jensen lives down the street from Jared, literally. The fact that people can still deny the fact that these two men are together baffles me. Jensen didn’t move from California to Austin, Texas to be closer to family. He moved to be closer to Jared.


- K

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Emery: I can’t BELIEVE you! You literally cheated on both of us and yet continue to stand there and deny that you have any knowledge of it!

Parker: I-

Emery: Do you not understand what you’ve done to Piper and I? We haven’t had an actual conversation in months because of the tension you’ve caused between us. MONTHS, Parker. That isn’t normal. All because you decided that you can just have whatever you want without thinking about the consequences it could have on us! I can’t stand you anymore!

Parker: FINE! ALRIGHT! I’VE BEEN SEEING BOTH OF YOU! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW? JUST- *sigh*. Just please stop yelling at me.

There is no before to this before and after photo- in this context I don’t believe that to be anything but toxic. I was never going to make this post, because I was afraid of showing such a raw part myself to the world, but a few days ago I came across a quote from the amazing Janet Mock- “I don’t think that I had all of those things dropped into my life to live silently”. I realised that if I can spread even the tiniest bit of awareness, or help someone in any way, then I’m going to scream it out as loudly as I possibly can.

This time last year I was sick. Always freezing, couldn’t concentrate, could literally feel my heart stopping sitting at my desk kind of sick. Anorexia nervosa kills 20% of its sufferers. That’s the highest rate of any psychiatric condition. After five years of it, I had given myself osteoporosis at 19. NINETEEN. I was quite literally dying but somehow just managing to function in daily life. On July 17th 2015, I wrenched myself out of the absolute hell hole I was living in. I was facing hospital admittance and I was terrified, but more terrified that this was how I was spending my life. I’d had enough of living in so much pain. I can’t recognise myself from who I was then. I was told over and over that I would never make it without being in hospital, or being vegan, or that I just wouldn’t make it at all, BUT I HAVE. I can’t put into words how thankful I am, or how incredible it feels to finally be alive and healthy, or especially how damn STRONG you have to be to live through this. My beautiful friends who are living through the same, know that I see your power and your strength. Its possible to come out the other side of this, and you will. you will, you will, you will.

The stigma and shame around mental illness needs to end. I shouldn’t feel afraid to post this because people might look at me differently or with judgement. having had an eating disorder should not and does not define me but it has shaped me into a strong, resilient, no-diet-culture-bullshit taking person and I’m so PROUD of myself. Awareness needs to continue to be raised because so many people are still suffering in silence, and nobody deserves that darkness.

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Do u think there will be a love triangle in the next episodes,I've read about the films that influenced rian, I can't remember which one tho! and god I'm scared because the fandom is ugly as it is it will literally explode.

The ‘love triangle’ in Letter Never Sent isn’t really a love triangle, for reasons I make clear in my essay on the film. I’m almost certain they wouldn’t go for a straight-up love triangle in VIII, though I do think it’s possible that we will see Rey pulled between the light and the dark by men emblematic of each side (with Luke representing the light, and Kylo representing the dark). 

If there is any sort of triangle, it is likely to be about a moral struggle rather than a romantic one (though romance could play into it, I don’t see it being the case that Rey has to choose between two suitors vying for her hand, which isn’t what LNS is about in any event).

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do you have any recommendations on supercat/supergirl blogs to follow

okay that’s hard because there are literally SOOO many people who are amazing and just awesome. this is basically everyone i can think of right now. they’re awesome and they do a lot of stuff for supercat/supergirl fandom 

@fictorium @wistfulwatcher @kryptobytes @supercatnow @supercatandfriends @supergirltosavethegay @fourtseven @cylon @generalastras @kara-lesbihonest @abydosdork @supergaysupercat @spaceshipsarecool @puppydanvers @o-flairegan @danversgranted @superkartoffel @lunatic-at-best @residentgeekmonkey @faeyydom @superqueer @ofendlesswonder @superkats @a-dot-burr-ell @bridgetteirish @xxtorchxx @rtarara @sultrysweet @damelola @tunneys @red-streaks @foxx-queen @dudeitsmercury @villainousunsub

so yeah

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As a bi person I feel really... uncomfortable when non bi ace people use the bi community as some sort of tool or "gotcha!" for their little agenda. Leave us tf alone.

I’m really uncomfortable with just about everything ace tumblr is doing rn. The way they use bi people, the way they evoke fucking donald trump??, the way they fuck ovre anyone and everyone


they’re doing all of this for cis straight people, that’s the funniest fucking part.

literally any other aro/ace person is considered lgbt.

they’re ONLY doing this for cis straight folk.

the type of self hatred that fuels this (because, lbh, a lot of this IS lgbt aro/aces)…

holy shit

Like, I can’t even coherently describe the amount of sadness I feel thinking about how LGBT people are throwing other LGBT people under the bus cis straight people who MIGHT not want to fuck their partner. But some of them do. Literally some of them will fuck, date, and marry their cis straight partners.

Thinking about this like… @ David Jay, if hell is real you’re going there for starting this.

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How do you feel about hinata when she's with and without naruto? Oh! And the next generation kids? 😊

Almost all of Hinata’s appearances are based on Naruto… I can only recall one time she didn’t solely appear to admire Naruto, and that was during the Chuunin Exams when she had to fight against Neji. Surprisingly, I enjoyed the fight because I expected her to grow and become a strong ninja since she was treated like shit. 

Haha, what a fool I was. 

Her characterisation went downhill. She is painfully one-dimensional and literally can’t function without Naruto; I think she is a horrible character. She doesn’t develop one bit. I’ve never seen a fictional character that is this bland. Hinata is a static character; she doesn’t learn anything new, and she doesn’t undergo any changes.   

I don’t care about the kids. Actually, I don’t care about anything related to the ending. Well, that’s not entirely true. I did care about Sarada in the beginning; I had high hopes for her… had. 

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I go to a really good school, even though I hate it, and everybody just expects me to do worse than I think I will. They keep trying to discourage me from doing what I want and I only got a few A's in my end of years because I just can't concentrate. It's literally impossible to revise because I never have. I'm going into year 11 now (England) and I want to know how to revise?... Also do you have any pointers on refreshing my French?

hey there, I hope some of my studyblr posts will be able to help you out: 

Please don’t think it’s impossible to revise just because you haven’t done it before, I know you’ll be able to do well if you put your mind to it! Feel free to have a read through my more detailed posts but the basis of my advice tends to be: 

  • keep a clear head / clear study space / be organised
  • deal with tasks in small, easy to manage chunks
  • take regular breaks
  • ask for advice and support when you need it!

When it comes to revising French, I think the best thing you can do is grammar drills. Run through your present tense, past tenses, future tenses etc. If you need me to make resource posts about any of them then please feel free to message again!

Can I say that the fantasies are literally Maya’s and Riley’s version of how they think their relationships would be and y'all know there are two people in a relationship so those fantasies are just that, fantasies, because they’d change once Lucas actually has some input into how things would work between them and Lucas needs his own damn dream sequence cause I’ve been screaming “What do you want?!” At my computer since I watched Texas and he’s all like “What if thats not what I think we are???” 

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What I never see the fandom talking about: The fact that Asgore, the soo called unforgiving merciless badguy, goes to schools to teach children about responsibilities, taught Undyne how to protect herself incase someday she encounters someone truly wishing harm her,didn't dodge you not cuz he can't but because he doesn't want to,thinking he doesn't deserve mercy from anyone and wasn't not even for a second enjoying the task of killing any of the 6fallen. And everyone thinks he's one dimentional?

One dimensional? Seriously? I would put Asgore up there with Chara and Papyrus in complexity! (as in: their motivations, true feelings, duality,…)

Asgore is a good guy. He’s a great king, a great father, a great mentor… Anybody that begs to differ can come right over and fight me.

He is literally the Underground’s very own Santa Claus for crying out loud


The reason why I think Tiffany was targeted so hard for being a sibling and not Paulie is because Vanessa played very strategic emotional game. Her game play was distinctive and it got her far.

Now Cody…lmao there was nothing special about his game. I mean he flirted but that really didn’t get him any where. He spent the whole game sucking Derrick’s teat to the point where he literally have him 500k!! Paulie is playing a hella better game simply due to the fact he’s not riding anyone’s dick like Cody was.

Who would you be more threatened by?
The sibling of a strong strategic player
The sibling of someone who gave 500k to his pimp