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Wait what age group do you teach??

college students. I just call them kids because i wanna feel tall. IM SHORTER THAN ALL OF EM. Do you know how hard it is to show people stuff on a model when you like 5 ft. and they are all having to look down at u. 

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now on ten blowjobs, never learned what to do when a guy literally pushed your head down until you gag :-( like its so embarrassing making those noises with your mouth when he pushes you too far. it's not like it's a boyfriend who's consistently doing this, it's a different boy everytime and they all have done it. help please

if you don’t like it tell him or try to resist it! I think guys like it because it’s like an ego booster, like their dick is so big that we choke on it u feel haha but yeah if it makes you uncomfortable let him know :)

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hey great blog i just wanted to point something out so u know... the word gypsy is a slur against roma people & i would suggest u avoid using it. you can kind of see how because the word gypped is related to it.... like i got gypped at that garage sale (meaning i got ripped off) it suggests that roma people are untrustworthy thieves. it doesn't mean that ur a wandering free spirit or whatever

Thank you all for the heads up! I was using it to describe the bohemian hippie-esque fashion sense as most people I know think of when they think of the word “gypsy”. I of course had no idea it was a racist slur! I apologize for my ignorance and of course respect the Romani culture. I will definitely let others know!

Thank you and Blessed Be )O(

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Honestly why dont u answer all the questions like give me some valid reasons here! 😁

because i probably get around 1,000 asks a day and its annoying to have to give personalized answers that only one person can benefit from. sure, i give adive bc i love giving advice and helping people & i answer also bc it can help people in a similar position. also, sometimes i dont know how to respond to some asks, and sometimes, im just busy (like i am right now, i’m at a volleyball tournament). i have a life you know, and its a waste of my time to tell you if you and your boyfriend/girlfriend are going to work out when i have a whole navigation full of links to help answer any questions you have. im glad to help people when i can, but don’t get upset if i can’t answer every question i recieve

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hi this is a rather odd request i suppose but may i request for the s/o of iwaizumi and oikawa (in a poly relationship) where the s/o sort of feels out of place with the two? since they're childhood friends and all. i'm in an open poly relationship right now but sometimes because of my anxiety i get too paranoid about if they don't love me anymore and since they're closer (they've known each other before me) and it's a scary thought since they're my support group... thank u.

Hi sweetheart, no worries, there’s nothing odd about it! I know it can be tough to feel like the ‘odd one out’ in a situation like that, but the simple truth is that they’re both in a relationship with you because they love you and they want you to be a part of their lives. Don’t forget that! I’m sure they’d be glad to remind you from time to time. -Kristin 

Something was off. Iwaizumi had noticed that their s/o was being especially withdrawn today, answering questions with a simple nod or shake of their head and looking down at their hands whenever Oikawa’s hand so much as brushed his. They’d been telling a story about something that had happened at practice today, and Oikawa continued to chatter on, oblivious for the moment, but with another sideways glance at their s/o, Iwaizumi butted in. “Oi. Trashykawa. Can’t you shut up for a minute?”
Oikawa blinked at him in surprise. “Iwa-chan?”
Finally able to get a word in edgewise, Iwaizumi turned to their s/o. “Are you feeling okay? We can go home right now if-”
“I’m fine.” They said a little too forcefully, arranging their face into a smile that didn’t quite reach their eyes. Now Oikawa was beginning to catch on as well.
“Are you sure you’re fine, ___-chan? Because you don’t really look ‘fine’.” He grabbed their hand and gave it a squeeze. “Aren’t you feeling well?”
“It’s not that.” They looked down at their hand still securely wrapped in Oikawa’s fingers, biting their lower lip and debating whether to say anything after all. “It’s you guys.” They blurted. “Like right now. You’re so close, and you’ve been friends for so long you have all of these little inside jokes and you’re so familiar with each other, and sometimes I just don’t know where I fit into that.” Suddenly they had to hold back tears.
Iwaizumi and Oikawa glanced at each other before Iwaizumi reached for their other hand. “You fit right here.” He murmured, weaving their fingers together. 
“We love you!” Oikawa added, squeezing their hand a little tighter. “We wouldn’t be dating you otherwise! It doesn’t matter how long we’ve known each other. What matters is that we’re all together now. You’re so important to both of us, whether we tell you often enough or not.” He leaned in to press a kiss to their cheek.
“So smile.” Iwaizumi added, giving their cheek a gentle pinch. They complied, and this time their smile filled their entire face.

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And you know how in apocalypse settings people collect things (like the gay couple in TWD had license plates), Spoole takes any and every hat they come across, to the point where they boys yell at him because "God damn it, for the last time Sean, WE CAN'T CARRY ALL OF THOSE" but they still bring him one if they see it out in the wild

THATS SO CUTE HOLY CRAP imagine adam secretly collecting wedding bands, and lawrence having a not-so-secret collection of glasses that are, amazingly, not broken or bend. i could imagine bruce keeping things like dog collars (or the little medallions that are on the collars, ya know with the dogs name and address and stuff). matt would keep classic novels and poetry books i think.

guuuuuys so like the “describe urself to see if i would date u” thing is like a cute lil game to get to know yall better and stuff, and so many of you are so fricking cool!! and this is me telling you all i would very much like to be ur friend! so like don’t be afraid to come off anon and chat w me because we should be friends!!! <33

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Out of the blue lol sorry but still. I don't know If it's just me but like the 5sos fans have no chill, they literally made me leave the fam all together bc they're all so fucking problematic kms

I mean I don’t like to generalize all of their fans because yeah I’ll agree that there a shit load of annoying ass ones who don’t know boundaries or respect their privacy. I hear these stories about how some of them treat the boys and it’s like……… u think they’re going to fall in love with you after you harass them for a selfie or video tape then saying uncomfortable things??

But on the other hand, there are a lot of fans who let them live and know where to draw the line and respect them as human beings.

Idk I don’t consider myself a part of the “5sosfam” because I don’t see the point of labeling myself when I’m a fan of someone’s music? Like I’m not a “directioner” I just like 1D? I just think those names are corny but people do whatever is most fun for them and who am I to stop them? Sorry if this made 0 sense lol

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to mun do you know any good 2p blogs? sorry for bother and i love your blog c:


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Why do you want people above 20 to unfollow?

im not being serious but i made that post because most of u guys are predators  on here with ppl under 18 im sick of hearing about this shit youre all manipulative and deceptive and i know bc ive been used by ppl like you a million times.

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This is a prime example of how NOT to approach me or ANYONE via ask box u just got ur ass blockdt….smh

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If you make a mistake on your post, you can correct it because tumblr has banned editing only on posts that /are not yours/ ^.^

yeah i know that! i just meant that like if i fuck up and y’all reblog but see my fuck up then u should be able to fix it for me ygm??? but thank u! xxxxx

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Let's not talk about Louis for a sec. Okay how does Zayn incorporate any element of black culture in any way shape or form. Do you even know what it means to do that? Oh wait lets all go and criticise Zayn for NO reason at all because he's never said a bad thing about us and always has been a lovely guy and we only like it when people say the N word but we won't call then racist because he's high he didn't know. It's disgusting that u accuse Zayn when he's more racially aware than all of ot4

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Pisces mars: idk about my kinks because i'm still a useless virgin at 19 and I hate myself for it

noPe don’t hate urself at all!! u don’t need sex to be valid as a human being! u could lose ur virginity at 16 or 49 and still be one heck of a person :’) it doesn’t matter whether or not u have had sex!! only do it when you’re ready and comfortable and when it’s with someone you know you like.

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sorry, I didn't mean to upset you. I didn't mean he's 'white with a tan' I just meant 'tan'. I'm not very good at distinguishing the difference between dark skinned and tan

yeah its aight man im just


and ive been getting these asks all night and i feel like im talking to a brick wall and just. u g h.

my thoughts on that is like. if a character looks like they could just “have a tan” i’d just scratch that idea altogether. because why have a cookie cutter pale character when you could have a dark skinned character y’know. because representation is important.

like sure reyn could have a tan. 

or. or. he could have dark skin. 

representation is just way way more appealing and i suppose its just a fact of our society that we immediately default to pale/white/tans you feel me. 

i dunno. representation is super duper important. a lot of people dont realize the effect that the media has on us, but it is significant. the media shapes who we are, it shapes our opinions and interests and creates social constructs. its just all about what we’re exposed to. and when youre exposed to nothing but white people constantly, thats all you begin to see. and it contributes to racism as a whole in that we dont think of poc. and therefore they dont get a voice. 

poc need a voice. they need to be seen and heard and celebrated for being beautiful and just existing and being wonderful for being them. and in a society that constantly broadcasts pale skin, they dont get that voice.

representation is just super super important, never forget.

if we’re friends or at least just friendly and you ever use the wrong pronouns, its fine, because i know you wouldnt purposely misgender me or anything like that BUT if you spend like five minutes apologizing, saying stuff like “OH my GOD i am such a TERRIBLE PERSON you should HIT ME in the FACE, im SO SORRY,” you arent apologizing, youre just making it all about yourself so you dont look bad and imo thats worse than the accidental misgendering tbh

isn’t amandla only 16 it’s so weird that people turned on her so quick for talking about tuition because she is a little better off than most of us??? like people were actually telling her to shut up and it’s so weird people were like okay you could pay off all our tuitions amandla be quiet like I doubt it I think her net worth is only like 1 mil right??? how far is that actually gonna get her considering she’s probably gonna have to get a house at some point and a car an emergency could pop up??? how you gonna yell at a 16 year old for not paying your tuition off u a random ass stranger are you yelling at every celebrity or just amandla because she’s 16 and you know you’ll probably get away with it???