Vaeridon/Graict is complaining that I once called him a Hitler apologist. There is a good chance that I did.

I vaguely remembered a thread in which he helped Necero and Leo stan for Hitler. The thread, Roleplay vs Reality (6.25.14) has been deleted, but there are still some bits that appear when you search for “hitler” under the forum search feature.

Jamesk/Necero began it all and one of the things that he wanted to establish was that the Nazis had reasons beside antisemitism for what they did. In the post I screencapped so long ago, he is parroting pro-Nazi propaganda that still has currency on neo-nazi websites. These lies were actually started by the nazis themselves – the project was known as Operation Himmler (feel free to read about it) and its goal was to justify Nazi aggression against Poland by spreading misinformation about Poles killing ethnically German citizens.

That’s just a little background. Vaeridon/Graict was drawn to this appeal because he never misses a chance to bring in some moral relativism, but in effect he was defending actual nazi propaganda – like the nazis made it up so that ignorant assholes would shrug their shoulders and say: “I guess invading Poland wasn’t so bad.”

There’s not much left to see of his contributions to the thread, but I will point you to some of the more alarming statements captured above:

  • “My point was genocide doesn’t happen on a whim. What was to be gained from killing the Jewish people…”
  • “It’s a fact that Hitler thought what he was doing was okay. That’s just a thing.”
  • “I’m Jewish and find the actions of Adolf Hitler insanely reprehensible. However, to !@#$’s of the era, they found the extermination of the Jewish race to be morally necessary. In the eyes of the…”

So, no. I’m not gonna sit around and let some guy justify the Holocaust because the worst people in the world “found the extermination of the Jewish race to be morally necessary.”

Fuck Vaeridon. He is a Hitler apologist and I only regret that I had forgotten that fact.


o ya I kept getting tagged in that “screencap your desktop” thing but I’m hardly ever on my laptop and I keep forgetting. So here’s my phone background.

My lock screen is a ghost because that’s what zitas is and we thought it would be rly cute and gay if we had matching ones. And now whenever I play destiny till 3am, I use my ghost to light the way up the stairs to bed 8)

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Do you have the picture of Stevie and Carol ann where she was saying they look so much alike in it you can't tell who is who?

CAH posted a picture of Stevie on her Facebook, saying it was her. She KNEW this because she apparently still owns the couch, and it had been in her and Lindsey’s home. Someone pointed out it was actually a photo of Stevie, so she deleted it and wrote a message about it. That’s the message I posted the other day and this was the initial post, or what somebody screencapped of it at the time, anyway.


I accidentally deleted your ask, but yes, I am planning on doing that meta-ish rambling re: Mononoke that I mentioned a couple of days ago. I’m actually currently re-watching the series, taking screencaps, and trying to organize my thoughts into something other than ‘weird shit goin’ down, yo’. I’d say I’ll probably have the first installment (because so far, it’s looking like this is going to be a multi-part series of meta, oops) up within a couple of days.

(PS. Feel free to come off anon and babble about Mononoke with me; your message had some very interesting points in it, a couple of which I’d been planning to address! I’d love to bounce ideas around with you.)

My brother has this little bitty girlfriend who is SO NERVOUS about meeting us and also just shares way more information than she actually should, like she showed me screencaps of the texts she sent my brother to tell him she liked him, what the heck, it’s so cute.

And then we had this whole conversation about Greek life where she was like “IT MAKES ME SO MAD THAT PEOPLE HATE ON SORORITIES AND FRATERNITIES” and I was like, “Yeah but sweetie at the same time … come on.”

And this is why my family hates me, because I’m the buzzkill who turns drunken conversations about my brother’s girlfriend’s sorority sisters into philippics on the role fraternities play in rape culture on college campuses and an old boy’s club mentality among powerful rich white men.

I just rediscovered this screencap I’d saved from 2013 when I first started watching Supernatural and I just about choked because this is so much more appropriate than you could possibly realise. 

I had been binge-watching all night and all day before that with little to no breaks. I had just finished the season 4 finale, entitled “Lucifer Rising”, in which Lucifer actually fucking rises from Hell, and my mum tells me to get off the computer because she needed to use it, only to find out that she just wanted to play fucking FarmVille! I was so fucking pissed, as evident by the above screencap.

The funny part is that, 2 years later, my mum has started watching the show from the beginning with me and we got to the season 4 finale and then couldn’t continue because we were watching what I had in my iTunes library and I hadn’t been able to afford the next couple of seasons yet (I was missing seasons 4 and 7) and she threw a bitch fit because she couldn’t see what happened next and how could a person be expected to wait after an ending like that and HA HA FUCKING HA! TAKE THAT, BITCH! NOW YOU KNOW HOW IT FEELS! HAHAHAHA! (We now have the DVDs coming in the mail because both seasons together are cheaper from Amazon than a single season from stupid fucking iTunes)

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Oh, that's so cool! :). Esp the fact that you weren't sad :>. So I actually was pretty down today but wanted to make my friend fanart as a birthday present so completing this task made me feel better :D. Also me and my fam watched Paranorman and that was awesome too! :). What else, I rewatched recent GF episode, took many screencaps and now I'm happily ready to fully engage in theorizing the shit out of everything ^^

that’s awesome man! sounds like you had a great day! for me things suck because i have school and i’m basically done with that, but hey, now our classes use only laptops so basically i get to go on tumblr 24/7 :D

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So I bought some manga off of the shonen+ app but it really sucks that you can't dl the 'wallpapers' bc when I make them my background some don't really fit :| I've screen capped them but they're not great quality /sigh/. They're not even 'wallpaper' dimensions ¬_¬ Why do they do this to usssss ._.

Yeah I’ve had that problem too but my screencaps are good I guess. I hope everyone knows that yes, you cannot ‘download’ the wallpapers and it’s a real hassle for me because I actually have to screencap my screen 6 times and merge and crop which I still haven’t done yet wwwww Too lazy cuz I gotta crop out those grey box on top, that grey box on bottom left and my freaking sheep..And then merge properly without going out of alignment… Example:

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sorry I'm on anon, but could I possibly ask for a link to the site ? thank you so much !!

Sorry I just got home~! Also; I wanted to mention but forgot to, the reason I have so many Honey Lemon icons that are actually photoshopped with effort put into them is because before I made this blog I had an actual rp blog for her. But here is a link to the screencaps site. It’s for most all disney movies but this is the specific link to BH6.

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I've never seen an actual source for those conversations between Jac/Audrey and Audrey/fan. But I think they're both real because the screencaps of the conversation between Jac and Audrey show their actual account usernames at the time (I did some research aha), and with the conversation that Audrey had with her friend/fan could also be real bc Audrey commented on Brendon always wanting to do it 'downstairs', which Lana Jade also complained about. I really want a source though.

yeah i mean with all that old stuff finding the sorce will always be difficult, so their legitimacy will always be up in the air tbh. but i wouldn’t be surprised if they were real, like mostly i think they are