I just had to repost my all time favourite performance by Sasha Velour, because I don’t think people realise that I cry every time she does this piece. Like, actual fucking tears streaming down my face at 3AM.

make sure to check out the source for full video 

I think you ruined me for anyone else. It’s like you poisoned me. You shot yourself into my veins, like heroin except sweeter, and now I can’t look at other people without looking for your face in theirs, and I can’t kiss anyone else because I don’t feel a goddamn thing. I can’t even fucking sleep without feeling your ghost beside me.
—  from an unfinished story #824

A spread from one of my old mini comics, unfortunately I can’t sell these anymore because I don’t have time to make them myself, I also have a NSFW mini comic I can’t sell, so if anyone knows where you can get these made for a reasonable price lemme know.


Requested, thank you

“I told you, not to go out of my sight and what do you do?” Daryl huffed throwing his hands into the air. “I told you I was going to get stuff for Judith! I thought if I got that and you got the other things, we’d be in and out in no time” you explained, shaking your head at the fact you were arguing. “You thought, did you not think about the fact there’s walkers around almost every corner and you can’t always take them on your own and I have to come save your ass?” he scolded. “Why do you do it then? You do you always have to be my knight in shinning armor Daryl?” you snapped. “Because I like you! I don’t want to lose anyone else and especially not you!”

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I work as a cashier in s supermarket, but because of allergies I don't know all vegetables since I've never had them. Because of that I sometimes have to ask people what kind it is before I can find it on the list. The thing is that some customers aren't very helpful and tell me to figure it out myself, but then they become annoyed because it's taking a while. It's not my fault I'm learning!! Ffs dude if you just told me this could've been solved and I'd know next time!! But no, ofc not

I might as well stop being a pussy and post this doodle before this month is over (I did this WEEKS ago)
I was scared to post this because I don’t talk about my sexuality much
or someone going to get at me for not being “gay enough” to be bi
or like I’m trying to be special or something 
this is more of me accepting myself and admitting
 “You know…maybe I’m not as straight as I think I am.” 

I’m not trying to invade on anyone spaces or anything
this is more of a personal thing
it was really hard to come with the terms that I was bi because of my family 
not going into to much detail about them but they are the kind of Christians 
that think gay people are going to burn in hell or just the most backwards view of anyone that isn’t straight.
it’s so awkward having to sit there and listen to your dad talk about how bisexuals are another sign that the world is going to shit
when your questioning your sexuality
I had no one to go to because I live in the bible belt
(Shit I went to a shitty private Christian the flat out told us that if we had feeling for some one of the same sex it would piss them off)   
and other biphoba I had to deal with in collage 
so it was a personal struggle 

so I did this as to help me be comfortable with myself
hopefully I wont get shit for this
happy pride month everyone


So I really really hate to ask this but if anyone is going to RTX and has even a little floor space at their hotel room for me to stay at Wednesday and Thursday (maybe the whole time because I don’t wanna be around my dad tbhhhh) I would be very appreciative if y'all would hook a homie up.

My dad was supposed to provide me a room, but now he won’t be there until late Friday and literally told me “just get your own hotel room” even though this was supposed to be a birthday gift combined for the past three years.

If you aren’t going, or don’t have room, please reblog this. This was supposed to be my first RTX and now I feel like it’s being actively ruined.

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Porky: Says pedophilia is the worst crime imaginable and and all pedophiles should be punished. Some Angry Gremlin with No Life, evidently: Umm the eagle man is a literal disgusting pedophile because he said something about drawn porn and also because I don't like him.

You can say papaya boy it’s ok.

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Hey, I just want you to know that a lot of the time I read your posts and don't reblog them because I don't think my followers/friends would want to read content like this. But I still really appreciate your posts and wanted you to know that the notes don't always reflect how many people read your stuff.

I never actually notice the notes but yeah, I imagine a lot of people don’t like to reblog them because of the topic which is understandable. Thanks!

since i am not gonna get political anymore because i don’t want to be Murdered i will just discuss why so many people on here make me want to take a chainsaw to my retina in a series of vague posts

Klance head canons (because why not)

Thought I’d do more head canons for you guys before I study. (because I don’t want to study for my final exam)

- When Keith gets sick he tends to be really tired and super cuddly
- If someone next to him on the couch, he’s on them or always touching them in some way
- ironically lance is always next to him
- “no I don’t sit next to him because I like it Pidge, shut up”
- yes, lance will intentionally sit next to Keith for cuddles
- Keith is too sick to care what people think
- Keith often leans on lances shoulder but he’ll slowly slip down to rest his head on lances lap
- lance will run his hands through Keith’s hair when he does this
- Keith loves it, it helps him fall asleep
- lance is also over protective when Keith is sick
- “no Allura, your pushing Keith to hard he’s sick for heavens sake” “lance I’m fine, honestly” “no Keith your not, you need to rest”!
- tbh Keith really does need to rest because Allura is pushy and Keith doesnt like to admit defeat
- lance sometimes stays with Keith during the night when he really isn’t feeling well
- the first few times lance sleeps on the floor
- Keith invites him into bed every time
- lance tells him that he’s only saying that because he’s sick and isn’t in is right mind
- it only takes Keith two more days to convince lance to share a bed
- lance doesn’t know why he didn’t do this sooner
- Keith looks so soft™ when he’s sleeping
- lance just wants to hug him
- lance will initiate cuddling and say that Keith started it
- lance really, really, really wants to kiss those soft lips while Keith is asleep.
- he does one night when Keith and him are snuggled up close
- lance has a silent panic attack when Keith pulls him closer to his chest
- lance thinks Keith was sleeping
- Keith was definitely NOT sleeping
- Keith fucking died™, and pulled lance closer so he wouldn’t see his smile


Happy Soukoku week! “ That’s what being a partner means, right?”
A little thing about this:
The Poem is “25 lives” by Tongari - and I decided not to draw for the entire poem because I don’t have the time (as you can tell I was rushing with the work, and decided to focus more on colors and feeling than…I guess lineart.) I also didn’t draw the entire poem because I felt like it was best to end with the forgiving part.

The first image is Mafia!Dazai offering his hand to Chuuya and the last is Chuuya offering to take Dazai’s hand. Which Dazai it is isn’t important, but rather indicative of how he’ll always trust him no matter what. 

I feel like I’m one of the only ones who really doesn’t want A.D. to be Spencer’s twin. I don’t know why, I just feel like the twin thing is a bit over played. But I also have no other ideas. I thought it was Wren, but after the promo I’m sure it isn’t, which kind of sucks. But like they wouldn’t show Wren with the gun, in the promo, if he’s A.D, at least I don’t think so, like that would be stupid.

Honestly giving up on guessing and just going to keep an open mind for he next day and a half, because I don’t want to get my hopes up. I just hope whoever it is, that their story is great and makes sense and that we can have a great ending to a show that has been apart of my life for 7 years now!

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hello sam :-) may I ask, have you ever been told you might be lesbian bc you never had a boyfriend?

hahahahahha omg yeah i feel like people have assumed that about me before for sure. i’m definitely into guys, the only reason i have not had a bf or dated much is because i’m incredibly shy and insecure around them :/ something i’m trying to get more comfortable with. but yeah i’ve always had an extreme fear of physical and emotional intimacy that i’m just now starting to figure out how to deal with. i always told myself oh i don’t need a bf even tho i always have wanted one, i’ve just been too terrified of the thought of being so intimate with someone and having to deal with that fear. i was too scared to deal with the real insecurities and reasons why i felt like i could ’t be in a relationship. everyone moves at their own pace and just because i don’t have sexual experience with boys does not mean i’m a lesbian lol. idk i’m weird and late and slow but society is weird and judgmental so whateva

if you’re a girl who obsesses over and fetishises gay men……..Unfollow me. Block me. Stay the fuck away from me because I don’t want your gross asses near me

so, turns out that setting up my new blog is a lot more work than i imagined it’d be, simply because i don’t wanna go active on it until all my characters’ pages are done, which is no easy feat for someone who has 20+ muses, lol. 

but i’m tired of working on it and tbh, i just really wanna roleplay/write. i’ve had a few plot bunnies that have been floating around in my head recently, though they’re mainly designed for 1x1 roleplays, so if anyone’s willing to set one up with me, lemme know! i originally only had two in mind, with no particular muse preference on my part, but i could see some characters fitting the role in these plots. 

1) a generic daddy/babygirl plot. it starts off with them being sexually attracted to each other, while muse a is some rich ceo and muse b is a struggling student, so they’ve settled on an agreement where muse a gives muse b a monthly deposit and spoils her with luxurious goods, a penthouse, etc., in exchange for sex and company. as their relationship grows, it becomes less about the money and sex, but more about their feelings (which violates basically every term of their agreement) as muse a and muse b grow out of their roles as the daddy and babygirl, respectively, and muse b begins to hint at a possibility of an exclusive relationship, but muse a’s lifestyle prohibits that. 

2) a stripclub owner/stripper plot. so, muse a would be the owner of the city’s most exclusive gentlemen’s club, as the club is primarily focused on the art of dance and seduction, and is much higher tier than your typical bills-in-panties and drunken men whooping kind of club. muse b would be short on cash, a struggling student (like in the first plot, see a pattern here?) and despite having no experience whatsoever, decides to apply for a position at muse a’s gentlemen’s club. muse b is, of course, taken aback by muse a’s unconventional looks as a club owner and is easily smitten by him, and muse a in turn, is smitten by muse b’s innocence and beauty. muse a sees potential in muse b, and decides to coach her himself and along the way, they break muse a’s sacred policy of no inappropriate boss/employee relationships within the club by sleeping together and eventually, falling in love.

i tried to summarize the plots as concisely as possible, but i can provide much further detail of what i want if you’re interested. either like this post or message me if you have an eye on either of these plots! mind you, i’ll be pretty selective with choosing my partner because i want these roleplays to flourish as much as possible. please don’t reblog this post.

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I identify as pansexual which I'm open about :D but I've known I'm trans (ftm) since I was young, but I'm scared to come out because I don't want to loose my boyfriend :( he even supports my friends and I and comes to PRIDES. I don't know what to do :( ( My Bf is a straight male )

Ah? I dunno I feel like if your boyfriend doesn’t love you for you then what’s the point ya know? In my opinion you should come out whenever you’re comfortable though.