Today wasn’t as eventful, but man oh man am I absolutely exhausted.

I woke up late but rushed fast enough to get to school at the time I wanted. I waited in line for fucking ever at the financial aid office to get my Housing paperwork through, then hung out with Marie for half an hour in between her classes.

I went to American Lit and didn’t really do anything. It was boring. But I was lightheaded after class because I was so hungry that I drove home. On my way back I called my mom to tell her I was coming back to pick something up to eat and when I returned home, she had food out on the counter for me hahah. I ate everything there (except the fruit in the white bowl) and regretted it after because I are it way too fast.

I went back to school because I had Anthro and while waiting outside, two girls from my class who were also early sat at the table with me and I got to tag along with them everywhere they went lmao. It was super cool to not be so alone in class for once. Well, with people I like I should say. I like being alone for class generally.

But I came home after Anthro and caught up on Until Dawn. Even though I know all three endings already and stuff, haha! But I’m gonna finish Mark’s video and knock out.

Day 10 of 365.


This is Seely. He passed away aged 19 years in January. We loved him to bits, even though he was a greedy, smelly, cantankerous lil shit. We rescued him when I was two years old, and as I lived with him nearly all my life, I feel that it is now appropriate to list some of his many adventures and arsehole-ish ways. He truly was the king of evil-minded bastard cats. One day I might write a book about him. So:

  • He used to catch rats and mice, and line them up in size-order on the front step.
  • He stole the other cat’s food, but then ate it so fast that he puked it up everywhere, and then wondered why we weren’t giving him any more.
  • He would use the litter tray very half-heartedly, and often believe that simply because his front end was in the tray that it meant his back end was too. It usually wasn’t.
  • He once broke a folding door by barging through it too fast. 
  • He was sick on my bed repeatedly.
  • He would fall asleep on a window-sill too narrow for him and then fall off EVERY TIME.
  • He would shit on the kitchen floor.
  • He once stole my dad’s twix bar when he was’t looking.
  • He once dragged a chicken carcass out of the bin and then dragged it all across the kitchen floor, leaving oily smears.
  • He would sit on one of the other cats while she was sleeping until she moved from discomfort, so he would then have her place. 
  • He would growl at you for walking past him. 
  • He once got so upset that on his way to the vets that he peed and shat in the cat carrier and then sat in it. He then smeared shit all over the vet’s table. 
  • He shat under my chair just as I was sitting down to eat my Christmas dinner. 
  • He was terrified of our miniature lop house-rabbit, who would beat him up. 
  • I cannot count the number of times I stepped in his shit in bare feet.
  • He insisted on pulling his hair out so for half his life his back end was totally bald and scabby.
  • He would warble incessantly at night for no apparent reason. 
  • He once drank his own pee.
  • He stole food - and I mean any food. Literally anything that was remotely edible that was left lying around, including fruit and bread. 
  • A piece of sausage was once dropped from the dinner table, and instead of waiting for it to cool down and then eat it, he spent the next ten minutes growling and hissing at it, while trying to eat it and burning his mouth. 
  • He once jumped onto the hob while it was on.
  • He would do the smelliest shits once you had just got into bed, and never buried them, letting the smell permeate through the house and keep you awake. 
  • He would also do his smelliest shits and not bury them once you had just sat down to eat. 
  • He was such a pervert. 
  • While you were eating he would sit on the stairs directly next to you and stare at you, sniffing eagerly and going cross eyed. 

So, he was really horrible to be honest, but we still loved him and miss him dearly. Don’t get me wrong, he had good moments too, but I feel that his infamy should be made known to the world. He was truly a remarkable evil cat. 

teechew asked:

For Trovos. Okay, he don't like Trutruffe because he eats all of his plants. He don't seems to appreciate Kelu's worgs neither (something about the human campment if I remember well). What kind of animal/pet/critter he would like ? Did he ever had a pet of his own ?

He had a bear mount he raised as a cub, but gave it away in Moonglade when Ruuk (the bear) started to become too large and aggresive. Trovos understood, though. He knew the druids could take care of a bear better than he could, plus, it ate almost as much as Trovos! 

Right now he keeps a large talbuk stag he got from Draenor because they’re strong and hardy, run fast, and are happy to graze on hay. 

He does not currently keep pets nor is it something he’s interested in right now. He’d rather have lots of kids! He’s sort of already half-adopted Krogu’s kids (whether Krogu knows about it or even approves).


August 14th - 6:00pm

Me and Mommy went outside. I saw a fat cat laying in our driveway!! I was thinking about chasing it, but Mommy can read my mind. She grabbed my collar and said, “Nuh uh, Nell! You are NOT chasing that cat.”
I pretending that I wasn’t going to chase it, but Mommy knows me too well.
We went into the back yard. Daddy was working on his bike. I smelled the flowers and ate some weeds. Mommy said, “Nell! That is not salad. Don’t eat that.” She’s right. It wasn’t salad. Blech.
I could smell Poop Poops the Bunny, but I didn’t see her anywheres.
There are two bunnies. We call them both Poop Poops. They look the same.
I’ll bet they taste the same. I will never know because they are very fast.
I would like to be their friend but they always run away. 
I spit out one pill today, but I ate the other ones right when Mommy gave them to me. I was a good girl.
Last night I was a bad girl, I think.. Daddy left part of his sandwich on the coffee table. Mommy told him to eat it or throw it away, and he didn’t listen. I ate it! Mommy laughed and said Daddy deserved to have his sandwich stolen. Since Mommy laughed I don’t think I was really a bad girl. 
I’m going to go hit Gillian in the face with my fluffy pillow!
Good girl OR bad girl?!?
I think I’ll get away with that, too!

anonymous asked:

Pumpkin Pie, Apple Cider, Maple

pumpkin pie:a favorite comfort food

 Mashed potatoes I could eat mashed potatoes for days.
 Also anything with rosemary in it. 

apple cider: :a favorite comfort drink (alcoholic or non, either way)

   I WANNA SAY APPLE CIDER WITH WHISKEY cause this list is all fall-y, but that’s cheating I think, haha. Probably tea- black tea or if someone makes it for you with a little milk (cause I always add too much and mess it up, someone has to do it for me haha) 

maple:  a kindness or sweet sentiment you’ve done or that someone has done for you

  Once I was going to fast for 30 hours for this charity thing (not that long, I know, but I was a kid and I ate a LOT so 30 hours seemed very scary). I had to start the fast at 2 am because of a weird scheduling thing.
 1:30 AM, my sister wakes me up, and makes my favorite food at the time (breakfast burrito) so I could have it before the fast. It was just the nicest thing…  

the-shy-fa asked:

Ooh kinky sex questions? Could you share an unrealistic feedism/fat-related fantasy, if you have any? And/or, uh... Inappropriate times you've been turned on by something that wasn't meant to be sexy?

Unrealistic?  Okay, so you give a guy this pill and it expands in his gut, all heavy and shit, and his buttons are popping off and he’s really turned on and blushing.  I like thatttt. a looooot.

Or another one is feeding him some sort of cream stuff that metabolizes really fucking fast and turns into fat really quick, so he starts out all stuffed and by the time you’re done fucking, it’s squishy fat.

And inappropriate boner?? LIKE ALL THE TIME OH GOSH.  My bf in high school ate way too much one time at a school coffee house thing and was rubbing his stomach because a tummy ache and lemme TELL YOU HOLY SHIT.  Also I didn’t notice when my husband gained 30 pounds in a month and then he said it all mad-like and I was ready to jump his bones holy shit.

August 17th, 2015

I’m down 1.8 this week! But I’m not gonna lie, after I posted that whole spiel about me quitting fast food and exercising, I didn’t. Well I didn’t do it exactly. That same night, my sister made a delicious corn chowder with toasted French bread and I ate so much I didn’t even know how to track it. And I ate, no lie, ¾ of an entire French baguette. It was not one of my proudest moments. I felt terrible, truly terrible especially because I was so motivated and ready to kick my own butt into shape so I can be at goal asap. The next night, she made a (wonderfully) disgusting Pinterest recipe- Oreos, brownies and cookies all wrapped into one terrifying desert. I actually didn’t eat very much of it, but I did help myself to it.

Then something happened with a kitten which I’m not really gonna type out because it’s not important, but long story short, I saw a stray kitten and I couldn’t bring it home and at that point I was spiraling down (first world problems ugh omg).

Somehow from my dramatic 3 days ended up motivating me to move more (just walking a little ) drink a lot of water and tracking helped me

. I feel really good. I’m not only down 1.8, I am down to 27 points now. I have a few more pounds to go until I reach my 70th pound goal! This weekend I saw my aunt, uncle for the first time in a few months, and they were surprised to see I’ve lost weight. My aunt knew I was on weight watchers but my uncle had no idea so he says to me “have you lost weight?” And I said yes modestly lol, but my other aunt says “a lot of weight, almost 70 pounds” (I talk to her about it bc I see her more often) and he was so proud of me and gave me a big long hug :-) I was actually looking forward to him seeing me because he’s really into fitness and is in good shape and does insanity and surfs and I was really hoping he’d be proud :-) and he was raving to my mom about it and it’s just really really nice to see someone you haven’t in a while and they notice that about you! Very motivating 😁 This post is out of control but it was a busy, successful week so I want it documented!! Just really quick, I wanted to say why I love weight watchers, is because after kind of losing myself and motivation for a few days, it was there to bring me back to reality, held me accountable and knock some sense into me. I ate an absurd amount of bread and the starchiest soup ever and was still able to lose weight because I got myself together and followed the plan. By no means am I saying eat an entire baguette and then take a stroll you’ll be fine, but just don’t let one (or multiple) mistakes ruin your entire week. It is possible to lose weight after a day of bad choices. Don’t spiral out of control because you “blew it”.
Day Ten

Fasting was uneventful today. My mom broke the fast again and ate a salad while I was in class so I wouldn’t have the opportunity to scold her until it was too late. She claimed it was because she was feeling shaky and weak, but I think it’s because she can’t pass up a salad bar to save her life. She and I are supposed to be in this together, but I feel extremely isolated in my resolve to keep going. Then she complains that she’s fat. It gets old very quickly, but since she’s my mom I can’t say anything to her about it. Even if I could, I wouldn’t have anything to say that she doesn’t know herself. She’s choosing to ignore the problem that is her lack of will right now, and as is her pattern, she’ll wait to try and do something about it until it’s too late. She wanted to lose weight for a wedding she’s attending in less than a month, but I don’t see how she can if she refuses to even weigh herself. I find it to be strange, being the one with the willpower and control when usually it’s her job to be that way. Hopefully things will get easier for the both of us soon. I’ll update again tomorrow. Bye.

kixboxer asked:

i can't remember what else was in the sleepover meme thing. tell me about the last meal you ate?

lazy white people food. prepackaged slice turkey, mayo and cheddar on whole-wheat-but-not-the-whole-wheat-that-tastes-like-whole-wheat. no vegetation because green is expensive and rots too fast.

also some of the leftover canned pineapple from last nights very neatly organized hawaiian.

I am tire-d of being left home alone with Lola ALL THE FUCKING TIME. She’s a very high maintenance dog, not to mention she’s getting up there in age. And I can’t do anything, like ya know, cook, because she has to go “go out” all the time.

I’m trying to be understanding that my sister is working 8 hours shifts, 5 days a week. But she’s also in a show right now. She also has a kid. She needs to buck up and be a mom and also take care of HER dog. 

I’m tired of cleaning up after Lola because she refuses to go outside when it’s the tiniest bit damp out. I’m tired of having to beat her to the punch if I drop something and get it before she annihilates it. And then cleaning up her puke after she ate it too fast and didn’t want me to take it from her. Luckily it’s only been food and nothing poisonous to her her. 

This is why I have a cat. All I really have to do is clean up after HER, and she’s more self-sufficient. I am deffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffinitely a cat person. I love dogs, but I chose to be a cat owner of a dog.

This has been a gripe.

Day 2

I didn’t post my currently status yet because I have no idea my body fat percentage lol but anyway there it is:

Height: 155cm / 5′1″

Weight: 71kg / 156lbs
BMI: 29,5
Body Fat Percentage: XX
Weight goal: 55kgs / 121lbs
BMI goal: 22
Body Fat Percentage goal: XX

btw I ate just 1200 kcal yesterday and I weighed me and I loose 700 gr/2LB!

I’m really happy tbh I always know that I loose weight really fast the problem is that I am too greedy! But I will keep working hard to get skinny!


today was a little less hectic as the last few even though i still don’t believe that I’m in france. i had a nice 8 am wake up today before having our first orientation meeting, which basically went over the types of classes were taking, host families, and our placement test. basically the kinda hot teacher said don’t stress out because it literally doesn’t matter. you’ll end up where you’re supposed to. 

but i am more than exited to GTFO this hostel and into the host family because the director kept saying how wonderful the homes are. my own room, possibly my own bathroom, and POSSIBLY my own fridge. i fuck w that. plus i just want to unpack because everything is starting to smell and i really want to get to my tops at the bottom of my suitcase. 

after our meeting i got this dank ass crepe that i ate too fast to take a picture, and finally bought a towel :))))) then me and ally walked through Le Jardin du Luxembourg which is a beaut. got a nice pic and it better hit 100 or i’ll have to delete and that baby doesn’t deserve that. 

tonight me and ally went to dinner with Brett and Nida who are two sweet angels. and by dinner we mean 5 euro baguette sandwiches. afterwards me and ally gossiped about Elon (can you tell i miss it) then ventured back out with the two of them to gossip in a public place and drink wine. if at home i got bored and just decided to call a friend and walk outside to drink a glass of DANK wine and feel a little buzzed, i’d have much better relationships with friends. 

i feel a little dweeby considering a group of kids went out tonight to drink, but at the same time, i can’t be getting shitty when i have a housing meeting at 9 tomorrow then a 2 hour french test in the afternoon. hopefully i’ll be able to go out and really party sometime this week because our school is so close to the city and the walk back won’t be too painful. the dent in my wallet probably will be so maybe i’ll just chug a 2 euro bottle of wine en route to our destination and save myself. 

tomorrow i’ll hopefully get out of this placement test alive with enough energy to walk down by La Sienne tomorrow to find food and dranks bc i deserve it.


daddys-poppersome-kitten asked:

31. Do you have someone of the opposite sex you can tell everything to?32. Do you like watching scary movies?33. Are you a jealous person?34. If you had to delete one year of your life completely, which would it be?35. Did you have a dream last night?36. Is there anyone you can tell EVERYTHING to?

Thank you for these questions! Heheh *hugs here*

31. Yes. My Daddy and my best friend Tom.

32. Ammm…. Yes, sometimes. Im pretty fast scared.. So….

33. YES. 

34. I would like to delete that year when i was 13, because i made alot of shit and last year, because of my suicide atempt.

35. Yes, it was about me shoping in biiiiig toy store.

36. My Daddy. But sometime im scared to tell him things… My mom is pretty nice too, but when i tell her stuff i really want to happen, she gets upset and usually jells ate me, so i want to move out to my Daddy and be complete.

I realized that in order to maintain the body that I want, I gotta eat at least 5 meals a day, each consisting at least 500 calories per meal, with a macro % breakdown of 50c/30p/20f by the end of the day. Well it doesn’t really have to be 5 meals/day, 500 cal each meal; but as long as I consume between 2,500-2,700 per day then I should be fine. Because I remember I ate less than that, maybe only like 2,100 one day, and I felt so weak and flat the whole day.

But if I wanna improve my body and reach my goal, I’m assuming I gotta consume around 2,800-3,000 cal, with the same macros probably. Or probably change it up to 45c/35p/20f while doing fasted cardio twice a week so I wouldn’t be so fluffy while I’m bulking, and it wouldn’t be too hard to cut by spring break or summer time.

I think this is right. I don’t know yet. It took me three years to understand and apply macros to my diet. And it took me two months to figure out what the right macros were for me. But I still don’t understand how my body reacts to it all so I just gotta keep experimenting and some trial and error and see how it goes

I feel like sometimes I only talk about the progress I have made in an effort to be positive, but I am realizing that it is equally important to talk about setbacks during the journey. 

The last couple of weeks, I have not been eating a balanced, healthy diet… at all. My brother came into town, and we got fast food almost every day. It was really hard, because fast food does not make me feel good, but it’s also supper addicting. I felt like I was trapped in this cycle of feeling sick, and still wanting the food that was making me feel that way. After my brother left, some friends and I went to Disney Land, and I ate my weight in sugar and junk food. I’m all about splurging a little when on vacation, but sometimes it’s just too much. I’m thankful to be home, and back on track with my diet.

About 2 years ago this was me. Crazy. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was extremely unhappy in my own skin. I went to the gym constantly, but never knew what to do or for how long. I ate “healthy” foods, but had no idea how much of it I should be eating or what “bad” foods actually looked like.

Fast forward to now and I am the healthiest I have ever been as well as the most energized and happiest I have ever felt. It can be difficult to look at the older picture because it’s clear that I was not in a good place with my body image.

….Today I am singing a different tune. 🎶

I can help you achieve your health and fitness goals too! I have been there and I know what a “rut” feels like. It’s not a great place to be. It doesn’t matter if you have 5 lbs to loose or 100 lbs to loose, or even if you just want to start from scratch and cleanse your body from the inside out; the same basic principles apply to getting healthy and fit.

If you want more information, please send me an email 👉🏽

When your health is at stake, what else is there? For me, nothing. It’s a 🔝 priority for me and for the people I love.

Your success partner in health 💪🏽💗🍎