I was surprised, I never planned on ever seeing you again. But then it was like the stars aligned perfectly for us to cross paths just one more time. It’s a shame it did more hurt than good as it turned into some sort of set up and I turned into a jester.
—  helloyourprinceishere, I didn’t even want to see you because Im trying to let you go…

i have always appreciated the added layer of safety that my glasses have provided me.

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I was thinking, what would happen if the members discovered that MC is actually 12 years old? (I love your blog <3)

They’d probably stop any sort of flirting and they would tell you to focus on school. They’d probably just say that someone that young doesn’t need to be working for a charity group and stop the party.


I don’t feel like I’m at all where I expected I would be, but I also think that that’s sort of the beauty of life. I think we can get very, very lost and very sad projecting exactly where we think we’re supposed to be, or comparing ourselves to other people that we think we’re supposed to be on the same level with. Really, you’ll get to the end of your life and look back and say, ‘Thank God that thing happened to me, because it helped this thing happen and then this thing happened, and here I am!’ But while you’re in it, you can’t see it all the time.

Like tbh, the 2016 election is some sort of metaphor for the relationship between man and woman across basically everything. Hillary Clinton, the first female presidential nominee of a major party, and who is she running against? Not some opponent who’s actually a decent politician and decent human being. No. Hillary Clinton is running against a corrupt businessman who is racist, classist, xenophobic, science-denying, ignorant, misogynistic, and essentially the living embodiment of white, male, bourgeois privilege. You cannot find a better metaphor for the crud that woman have to deal with on a daily basis than the first female candidate in a major presidential party in the United States being forced to run against and deal with this scum who has less compassion and empathy for other people than the dirt on the bottom of my shoe. I would believe this to be something out of a piece of fiction if I weren’t alive in the year 2016 to witness this wreck of an election.

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this may sound terrible but everytime i want to write i think, "but there are so many wonderful books out there? many books that are better than mine so what is the point??" why make anything when someone else could easily find another books that's just as good? i love love love writing but when i think about publishing something i'm always like?? whats the point

there’s a certain level of narcissism that exists inside every “creative” sort of person who puts their work out there, i think. you have to have the audacity to think that someone will take time out of their day to experience the thing YOU made, because you know it’s worth experiencing. constantly thinking that everyone is better than you isn’t gonna cut it. you need to truly believe that you and your stuff are worth it.

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Do you have any tips on how to draw character's faces facing forward? I have a lot of trouble with facial curves from the front .

I RARELY draw faces facing forward myself because I also have trouble in drawing them, so I don’t know if I am the best person to ask. But! In my experience in (attempting) to draw them, I personally like to use simple shapes so that it helps me with how some features are spaced from each other and also to maintain some sort of symmetry, as shown below:

Of course, you are not going to get it right on the first try. It took me 4 tries to get this handsome face to look somewhat decent, haha. But keep practicing with simple shapes for faces! It’s helped me and I hope it helps you. :>

635 words (28274 total) on the novella in search of a title.

I actually wrote way more than 635 words, but I had to delete a ton of stuff today because this scene is really important, and I couldn’t get it to feel right. I also had to go back and cut out some stuff from when I left off last week, because it wasn’t what I thought it was, and was a big part of the reason that today’s work was such a challenge.

I feel like I could really dive into this now, and go for like 2000 more words, but I want to leave it here, let this sit and sort of simmer in my mind, so that I’m both excited to get back to it tomorrow, and so that I can reflect on it and be sure that it rings true, because it’s so important to the rest of the story.

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How does your Bruce react to physical affection from some of his closer friends in the league?

much like shrek, he is an onion with layers. when he’s Billionaire Playboy Bruce Wayne he is pretty willing to accept all kinds of physical affection (because he’s dissociating and doesn’t really care). but when he’s batman, or even just bruce wayne (the guy who is also batman) he’s deeply uncomfortable with physical contact. it’s sort of unsettling if you go from knowing one bruce wayne to knowing the other because suddenly you can’t just climb all over him anymore. i mean you sorta can but he gets really stiff and even if he doesn’t tell you to cut that shit out you can tell that he wants to. but it isn’t like that’s the “real” him, that his “real” feelings are that he doesn’t like touch. because sometimes he will actively seek out touch as a form of comfort, he just has to be… in a really vulnerable place. or willing to be vulnerable? idk it’s hard to quantify. but if clark tries to give him a hug in the watchtower he’s gonna get glowered at until he reconsiders and if clark tries to give him a hug when it’s just them he’ll stoically endure it and if he’s feeling particularly lonely and melancholy and clark tries to give him a hug he will allow it and pretend he’s not grateful. you know?

Steven then got run over because he wasn’t paying attention, and the show ended there.


So the Mirror can speak! Altough presumably only by repeating things that it’s heard.

So it’s sort of like Echo, who could only repeat the last words she heard over and over.

I can’t get mad with this guy even though he’s an asshole sometimes. I think it’s the voice.

and tbh!!!! jack isn’t as “emotionally dense” as people assume, either? not when it comes to bitty now, anyway, like he Knows when things aren’t quite right and tries to get them sorted out right away so they don’t potentially become bigger problems in the future and ruin what they have together, because thats the absolute last thing he wants. and arriving at the haus at FIVE AM? holy shit, i’m just. WOW. i knew it was coming, i could feel it in my gut, but jack 110% zimmermann is so damn real.

he does The Absolute Most when it concerns eric bittle but i am here for it

Pirate! Book! Announcement!

FROST LIKE NIGHT is out. The SNOW LIKE ASHES trilogy is done.

How did this happen. How. HOW.

*sigh* I guess it was inevitable. Meira’s story needed to come to a close. Threads needed to be tied up. Kisses needed to be given (Chapter 21. You’re welcome).

But for all you who, like me, feel sort of lost now, I HAVE NEWS AND UPDATES OF THE BOOKISH SORT:

You might remember an announcement awhile back wherein I divulged some teasers about my next series. It is still without a title, but I call it either Stream Raiders or just plain Pirate Book (neither of those are “official”—though I continue to rally for Harper to just stick with Pirate Book because it’s perfect, like you go into a bookstore all “I’m in the mood for a pirate book” and the bookstore staff can be all BOOM HERE DONE).

The news at the time was that Book 1 would be out Fall 2017—buuuuuuut…


About that.

The pub date has been moved to Spring 2018. BUT lemme ‘splain:

I’ve known from the beginning of writing this series that it would be far, far different from SNOW LIKE ASHES. It deals with themes that require a certain level of focus that SLA, blissfully, never required, as SLA was more of a traditional fantasy in its structural set up, with battles and kingdoms and very clearly defined good-vs-evil lines (aside from the magic system which got way more complicated than I’d ever intended … grr, those conduits). But with Pirate Book, everything is a little more … gray? I can’t even think of a good way to describe it, other than that, for the past couple of months, I’ve referred to it as my “ambitious book.”

I even posted a pic on Twitter of the books I’ve used as research for this series. Note—that is, in fact, only some of the research I’ve done, er, continue to do. There’s a whole slew of online articles I have stashed on my computer that would’ve been just insane to print out.

So I always suspected it’d take me a bit longer to nail down this book. And it has. My editor and I have spent the past couple months going over, in detail, which themes should be dealt with where, and what the book is really about at its heart, and how best to form that heart into the book I have in my head. And while this book doesn’t have the same sort of Deep Long Destiny Connection that SNOW LIKE ASHES had (since, ya know, I started writing SLA when I was a wee preteen authorling), it is still very, very important to me, because I feel like Pirate Book is, or will be, a culmination of things I both love and admire like crazy, and I want to do all those things justice. I want to do the themes justice. I want to give you guys the gleaming, shining version of the story I have in my head, not just some patched-together mess I scrambled to finish because DEADLINE.

So, there will be no new books from me in 2017. But! There will still be ARCs of Pirate Book! And a cover! And more definitive news about the plot/characters/world! And a super awesome way to join the Pirate Book fandom that I am really excited to share with you! So all will not be silent on the Sara Raasch front, and I will still be here to fangirl/squeal/fawn over you all as the year progresses.

For now, keep letting me know what you think of FROST LIKE NIGHT (if, ya know, you’re coherent enough to do so, cuz it seems I may have broken a few of you) and keep an eye on my Pirate Book Pinterest Board, which will give you maddeningly cryptic insights into what exactly is going on with this wild hot crazy tangle of pirates and inquisitions and gang wars and magic plants and kissing

All the kissing.

His objective was simple at first.

Save Lucy, by any means necessary.

Then he saw the spriggian who had captured them torturing Lucy.

And then he could vaguely remember his original goal.

‘She’s tied to Zeref. I must destroy her.’ Those were his thoughts, simple but deadly.

At this point, it was easy not to hurt Lucy.

But as he left, everyone that was in his path burned to ashes.

He mumbled under his breath, constantly reminding himself of his new objective like some sort of demonic automaton.

“Zeref… Where’s Zeref…”

Natsu walked slowly, as if the dark wizard was hiding behind any random piece of rubble.

Or maybe it was because of the pain of being reborn with power.

He could feel the tips of his fingers turn to claws, and it felt good.

This was the power he needed to fulfil his purpose, to destroy and surpass his creator.

It was hard to control, and it leaked out of him in the form of dark fire.


He repeated again.

“Where’s Zeref…?”

Then he could feel something. It was similar to a beacon, and it told the demon exactly where to go. The black wizard’s magic power source. His terrible curse. Natsu could feel it.

It was time to achieve his new objective.

“There… He is.”

Lazily, his eye looked up, and found a building. It did not look familiar to him.

Nothing else existed but his new goal.

And then he heard a new voice.


He recognised it for some reason.

This man was in the way of his goal, his very purpose!

He would die.

More his power burned up his arms, adding to his demonic features, and he could do nothing but stare.

Zeref’s magic energy taunted him, calling like a flame does to a moth, but Natsu knew that he could do nothing without getting past the obstacle in front of him.


It was now easy to forget the bonds he shared, and Natsu was confident that he would win. More power was all he needed. That power was what he got.

The two still stood quiet.

Until Natsu lunged forwards.

“Zeref… I will kill Zeref…” He cried

It’s canon that child Yuri had a crush on a girl 14 years older than him, and I want to have tiny Yuri here give out some flowers to some pretty girls (Even though now he doesn’t care about all that romance stuff). I already have three people in mind one of them not even being a girl but just a really pretty guy that I plan on sending flowers to. So like this post if you want a tiny Yuri crushing on you in your inbox! I’m going to have to decline the guys, so sorry about that! Unless your character can pass as a girl. Might not get to everyone depending on how many I get!

My phone died, so I am posting this late

But dark segment (I assume it was) was KO and Jericho beating down on Enzo after the match. Cass was on the floor outside the ring. Sami’s music hit. HUGE POP. Sami ran in and made the save for Enzo, then Cass got involved and they all cleared house. Helluva kicks for everyone (heels that is) and then they celebrated in the ring like huge goobers.

Pops of the night: Enzo and Cass, Sami, Jericho

Roman had a sort of mixed reaction, but he got a mostly good one. They still seem to be playing his theme a lot louder than everyone else’s. Perhaps because they want to drown out boos? That’s kinda an Oof thing to say, I know, but was noticeable…

Owens got a HUGE boo when he talked smack about Dean


Now with the new Famitsu peek, we’ve gotten 5 more people’s names and some talents. Now of course, I’m going to address my favorite’s name Keebo

That’s the name for Robo Ahoge “Kee-bo”. Now this is just a rough translation of his name so nothing’s really confirmed but it does seem like that name would be the least easy to mess up. Many of you by now probably know that Keebo is suspiciously very close to kibou,japanese for hope, in both spelling and pronunciation, just robotized. This in it of itself suggests that he’s gonna die, and really early too. You know to prove that despair always prevails over hope or some crap like that

But I have an objection!(gotta make the joke) This could be some sort of weird double fakeout. Having us think he’s gonna die cuz he seems too prominent only for that not to happen, at least not really early. Why’s that? Because the theme of V3 is Truth vs Lies not Hope vs Despair. We have no idea if the mastermind in V3 even gives any shits about Hope or Despair. Sure using Monokuma seems to suggest it but who knows, Monokuma could just be representing Lies rather than Despair this time.(or you know Spike Chunsoft not wanting to change mascots)

I know I’m reaching but I really want my fav to live. You guys understand right? Right?

Do only I have impression, that Star was like, after the Sleepover episode, in Gift of the Card, more interested in what was Marco doing and thinking then in other episodes? Maybe It’s just because of the plot (gifts, friendship appreciation & bonding stuff)? But on the other hand look how’s Star is staring at Marco, don’t you think that her normal reaction to this sort of gag would be like, just smiling?

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Drabble game: 17+24, Chanyeol, semi-innocent reader + smut of course(i had to)

17. “I don’t know how to tell them.”
24. “Did you hear all that?”

as part of the noonatrash drabble game

It was just one kiss at first.

Chanyeol said he always liked you and if he could just kiss you once, then he would be okay. You agreed because it was harmless. And besides, you did sort of like him too.

But one kiss today would turn into two kisses tomorrow, and soon he was asking you to do things you never considered before. But it was okay because he liked you. And he always asked you. And you always said yes.

‘Did you hear all that?’

He had successfully removed your pants before stopping to look at you. You propped yourself up on your elbows and waited for a response. He lifted an eyebrow inquisitively and said, ‘No. Yes. What?’

‘Saturday,’ you said again. It didn’t seem to ring any bells so you sighed and lay down proper while he ran his fingers delicately up your inner thighs. You parted them easily for him and he leaned over to kiss you, quickly and ravenously, underneath your navel. ‘Mmm, come with me?’ you went on. ‘One of my close friends is having this thing at her place and, um, I don’t want to go alone.’

He gave a low grunt in approval. Or maybe it was just in confirmation. He heard you this time, he’d think about it, that sort of thing. You opened your mouth to speak again but gasped as the cool wetness of his tongue burrowed between your legs. ‘U-umm,’ and you gulped, ‘The only thing is I don’t know how to tell them, you know, about us.’

‘Who?’ he asked.

‘My friends. Everyone.’

He didn’t look too bothered. ‘You don’t have to tell them if you don’t want to.’

He was right. What did it matter, anyway? You knew what they would think, regardless. ‘They all say you’re no good for me,’ you told him.

He smirked, bemused. ‘Do you believe them?’

‘N-no,’ you said, and that was that. You had to shut your eyes momentarily to deal with the sudden wave that rippled through you when he went back to paying you special attention. The way his hands caressed your inner thighs. The way his tongue moved against you. If he was really so bad, then why would you like him so much? That didn’t make any sense. You were smarter than that.


Yeonhwa’s reaction when he was drinking the poisoned tea.

It seems like she is not only after power, but likes him too. Even though I ship Wangso and Haesoo with all of my heart, I am curious about his relationship with Yeonhwa. In the beginning when he had just met Haesoo, I was not shipping them at all and when Yeonhwa cleaned his wound, I felt some sort of tension between them. You could see it by the way she looks at him that she has feelings for him. But I think he would never reciprocate, actually, I think he might accept her but he will never truly love her. That is because compared to Haesoo, she considered his scar to be a flaw, when he revealed his scar she looked away. I wished Yeonhwa would have more scenes so we could see how she truly feels about Wangso. I really want to know if she wants power and is just considering him to be a potential husband, or she has actual feelings for him and when did she start feeling like that.