I’ll never believe someone who claims they’re in love but do not love themselves. Like Maya Angelou said that “Be careful when a naked person offers you a shirt” …. Please sort yourself out before you get emotionally involved with other people. Don’t go around damaging people because you’re lonely and want attention.

I like to think that Draco has this whole ‘I can’t stand Potter’ image to uphold but as soon as Harry is in trouble is just sort of crumbles every time. Like running into him when he’s sick and trying to make him feel better because he can’t help himself because he secretly really cares so he just acts really rude about being nice like and also he’s sort of in denial.

“I’m going to make you tea because you’re obviously completely incompetent and don’t know how to care for yourself.”

“Don’t slouch Potter, it’s undignified.”

“Honestly Potter, are you completely
useless? Just let me do it before you blow your bloody fingers off.”

“Merlin! You’re going to catch your death wearing that. -don’t argue with me just put the bloody coat on. Yes I’m aware it’s mine I’m not completely daft.”


What’s One More Dance? by @hollyand-writes

I was asked to create art as a pinch hitter for What’s One More Dance by hollyand-writes for Glowbang 2016! It’s such a sweet handers fic, you guys should definitely check it out <3

I mostly wanted to put these two in fancy clothes, slow dancing like complete losers and looking into each other’s eyes. I tried to incorporate their regular clothes into the style but it sort of went ass up because they both usually wear damn rags, I mean… Anyways, it was super nice to work on something so fluffy!

Remember when there was so much meta about the importance of the handprint Castiel left on Dean, that it was like some sort of physical manifestation of their “profound bond,” it was Castiel laying a claim on Dean’s soul and it was so, so important?

Remember when the show completely forgot to put the handprint fx on Jensen in Season 6 because it turned out it wasn’t important to the storyline at all? 

I wish people who write current meta and flood the episode tags after each airing with their posts about the hidden meanings in the set and prop design would remember that lesson, but they never do. People spent so much time fixating on something that turned out to be so unimportant the show forgot it even existed.

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Other thing and then I’ll shut up: but AU where Bernie and Elinor discover that their sense of humour meshes and they crack each other up. So they end up short-circuiting all the drama and discomfort and family angst. Not because it’s all carefully sorted through but because they unexpectedly reduce each other to crying laughter. (or crying goose-barking in Bernie’s case, I guess.)

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A group of crows has started spending time in my neighborhood, any tips for befriending them?

I really should just make a single post about crows and reference people to it cause I get these a lot.

Crows love peanuts. Get some unsalted peanuts in the shell and carry them around with you until you see them. Make some sort of sound as you toss peanuts TOWARDS their area not AT them because no one likes to have things thrown at them. Eventually they will associate the sound with snacks and the sound with you as the snack giver. be patient, they are wild animals and are not to be tamed. You can talk to them, tell them secrets, ask them questions, get to know their sounds. What’s an alarm? What’s a greeting? Observe them. Do they frequent a certain tree? Can you find distinctions between them? It takes time, good luck!

I had….the most awesome dream last night.

Okay so picture this, I’m on a reality show, which I know is bullshit but I want to see how far along I can get before they kick me out. What this reality show is about I’m not certain, but I know at least part of it involves swim training with David Hasselhoff.

We all live in dorms together, presumably so things can stop being nice and start being real, but also it’s some sort of giant mall during a convention possibly of freak shows. Phelan is there at a cafeteria at one point and Julien is at the table too, saying nothing I guess because he’s too cool for school.

Anyway, one of the producers drops this bombshell on us: in order to spice things up, the twist on the show is that we will be joined by our evil, alternate dimension selves. CUE A BUNCH OF BADASS DOPPELGANGERS GETTING OFF LIKE A PRISON BUS. They are having none of us. I laugh hysterically, because this is apparently normal and also great reality TV.

So our evil selves are walking around beings jerks and Evil Nella does NOT want me to talk to her girlfriend. Also one of the contestants is Martha Stewart, but her alternate self is super angelic and has a high pitched voice. I offer to sleep on the floor and give my bed to another contestant who resembles but probably isn’t the Robbie Rotten guy from Lazy Town. He says he doesn’t want to use a bed he knows I’ve been in.

The time comes for me to meet my alternate self. I see her there, dressed in a Stay Puft onesie, and say hi. She just looks at me, says, “I’m not your friend,” and walks away.


I try to be a jokey jokester and ask why no one told me the onesie looks stupid, but I’m met with crickets, I can’t top that. Anyway I think maybe I complain about it to Phelan but that’s really where the dream should’ve ended, because come on.

Update/Asking for Help

Hello Tumblr friends! I have a huge favor to ask of you right now. Long story short I haven’t been online much because of a major life change. I need to be able to afford double the amount of rent I have been paying by January 1st because I will be living alone instead of sharing until I can find a more affordable place. 

I should be able to afford this on my own by February because I’ll be working full time again, but for right now I’m asking that if you have a few dollars to spare, it would help me keep up with my bills until this is sorted out. 

If you have PayPal, this is my link It should accept credit cards, but if not and you would like to use one, I can send you an invoice as it is a business account.

My shop is currently closed right now so that I can relax and make sure everything is in order. My health has not been great the last few weeks and I have no way of getting it checked out right now. 

I am offering, however, to sell crystals and tarot decks from my collection that I can stand to part with. I also have a few books and trinkets.

If you are interested in anything that is not a donation, please message me here at torque-witch or e-mail me at and I will send you pictures of what I have to offer.

Thank you so much for all your support these last couple years! If you cannot afford anything please consider reblogging this post for me!

Love to you all.

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Abt your Viktor face grab post: I was thinking the exact same thing! I wanted to make a post abt it since it stood out so much to me. Viktor looked v much like how a lot of parents or older siblings look when their kid is talking wayyyyy too much shit. He was giving the "I may just have to cuss you out" vibe and it stemmed from Yurio talking down on him and Yuuri. I just found that interesting it was put in the show! Their dynamic is much like a familial one. Ah, hope you have a nice day!

Yes, I agree, it really does feel like they have some sort of paternalistic connection. Almost like Victor is a distanced father and Yurio wants him back because he needs a father figure, but he’s also pissed for being left by him. Their relations are much closer than just a skater and a more experienced skater whom he would like to be his coach, but not a romantic level, but more of a family-like one. Like siblings or father and son. Idk why but somehow father and son really fits them imo.

Hope you have a nice day too!

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As a doctor, do you think it is best to wash your hands before eating or not? I mean we all hear as kids you must wash your hands but also like wouldn't your immune system be weak if it is never- or barely- exposed to bacteria? And tbh I never wash my hands and I don't think I've ever got sick from it. Thanks for your answer!

You are on the right track here, sort of. There is a theory that allergies and asthma (”atopic” illnesses) are more common now because we are a bit too clean. There is some evidence that this is true. 

But please wash your hands before you eat (or before you cook me dinner). When you wash your hands, you’re not removing 100% of the bacteria on them. You’re removing the bulk of it, but you still have some on you. This idea is the basis of every Intro to Microbiology lab, where where people wash their hands for varying amounts of time with and without soap, and then their hands are swabbed and cultured. Pretty much all of the cultures still grow out bacteria. The quick wash that most of us do after we use the bathroom or before we eat is not usually enough to remove all bacteria. Even with antibacterial soaps. 

Think about how surgeons wash their hands - it’s intense scrubbing up to the elbows for several minutes. They even scrub under their fingernails, which is where lots of bacteria like to hide. Even after that they cover themselves in sterile gloves and drapes because bacteria are sneaky. 

I can guarantee you that you’ve gotten sick from dirty hands at some point in your life. Whether it was from a virus that another kid drooled all over the toy they shared with you or from shaking someone’s hand after they wiped their nose in the elevator, you’ve gotten some nasties on you from your hands before. We don’t realize how much we touch our faces and mouths during the day. We put pens in our mouths that have been God knows where and we put phones on our faces that we play on when we’re pooping. But we also get exposed to bacteria and viruses through cuts on our skin, the air we breathe, the mouths we kiss, and the food we eat every day. You get lots of chances. 

External image

TL;dr: So yeah, feel free to please wash your hands before you eat. It will definitely cut down on the amount of icky stuff you could expose yourself to. And don’t fret - your body has plenty of other opportunities to be exposed to little nasties to beef up your immune system.

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andreil prompt where Neil has a Russian accent that he hides but it slips out and everyone is like wtf

ok so maybe to make this happen i sorta imagined neil living in russia for a few years when he was a kid. thank you for the prompt! Also can y’all tell how obsessed I am with languages and phonetics because I’m a translation student and i!! love!! it!! (sorry this is short n kinda lame)

Neil talks in his sleep. It’s cute for the foxes because everything Neil does the foxes think is adorable and it’s also sort of funny because he tends to mix up all the languages he speaks in his sleep, and sometimes Kevin sighs exasperated, and other times Nicky laughs and Aaron sighs at whatever Neil’s mumbling in German. Then when Andrew decides he wants to learn Russian because it’s a language Neil already speaks and no one else does arounds them, it starts happening in Russian.

Оставь меня в покое*” He says, consonants barely there and vowels disappearing into one another. Neil’s great at learning languages and sounding natural, but there’s something else about it when he wakes up from his unplanned nap.

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Do you think Carlisle's ever thought about cutting the "kids" off moneywise? Just so they can get a job of their own or something? All those clothes, sports cars, instruments, weddings, etc. and theyre all coming out of Carlisle's funds & yeah he is hella rich but like even when Rose and Emmett went off on their own did they just take "Daddy's" credit card? Are Ed, Bella, and Ness going to be their own fam but just mooch off the Cullens? Like wouldnt Carlisle have some objections/resignations?

There may have been times. lol I sort of imagine that’s the most “parental” thing he would be willing to do in terms of punishment. I mean, I think he generally considers them married adults with their own lives, and most of the time it’s just kind of “Disappointed Carlisle” when they do something ‘bad,’ but if it was really reckless/stupid/cruel he might take money away because it is (except for certain aspects of Edward and Alice’s finances, I guess) his money. 

Edward apparently inherited his human parents’ money (Carlisle helped arrange it by posing as an uncle and bringing him back to claim it), although I’m still skeptical about how wealthy they would have been. If Edward Sr had to be a workaholic to provide enough money to send his kid to the best schools, it doesn’t sound like they were swimming in inherited wealth, you know? A lawyer makes good money but we’re not talking like a oil baron or business tycoon, here. If they were REALLY wealthy, he wouldn’t need to work at all, or certainly wouldn’t have to work so MUCH to provide the best for his wife and son. So how much money and jewelry did Edward really have to inherit it? I guess maybe he just invested it really well? He does own the house.  So I think, financially, Edward and his little family could live independently if they wanted to (although I still think SM exaggerated how much wealth Edward Masen Jr would have had to add to the fantasy of it all). 

Alice apparently has money from playing the stock market, but one wonders where she got the original money.  Did she have her own money before Carlisle? From where?  Little side jobs reading people’s palms or gambling? 

Rosalie and Emmett, as far as we know, would seem to be totally dependent on Carlisle’s money. When the go live on their own I’m sure they have their own accounts to draw from, but ultimately it has to be Carlisle’s? As far as we know they’ve never worked and neither came into their second life with any money. 

I don’t think Carlisle CARES about his money and is happy in most cases to give it to his kids (or buy his wife islands). He’s not a Scrooge McDuck and he didn’t get into medicine to make money–when he started it wasn’t quite the lucrative, well-respected career it is now, especially when it came to surgeons. But there are probably times when the kids have done something that bugged him that he grumbles about them getting a job or having their own money, but more in a “they need to learn responsibility” sort of way than a “But this is MY money” way. 

I DO think wasteful spending kind of bugs him, like Alice buying clothes they’ll only wear once, or Edward buying a car he only drives on “special occasions.” Carlisle’s father was said to preach at a “poor vicarage.”  He didn’t grow up with money so I think that kind of thing is like, really? And then they’re like “YOU BOUGHT ESME AN ISLAND!” 


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Have you ever been attracted to a fat girl?? Sometimes I get self conscious about any woman really wanting me cus so much wlw rep are skinny girls with long hair and either pretty fem or punkish, and everyone's actually gorgeous and I'm not much of that. It's fine if you haven't been of course, I was just curious cus you and a fair amount of ur friends fit that sort of look (which is fine) and i just fret a lot despite probably knowing better

I have, I’ve dated fat girls and everything. Hell I’ve put on 23 pounds since I got to America 3 months ago (your fucking food is delicious) so you can count me as not one of those super skinny girls because at this point I’m really not. I also don’t like how the most advertised wlw aesthetic seems to be that you described with zero variety, so whenever I see a fat wlw appreciation post I try to reblog it, sadly I don’t see all that many so I might need to start following a wider variety of people.

But you’re just as beautiful and just as valid and heck yeah I’ve dated fat girls. Whoever lets that stop them from dating a person needs to reevaluate certain things about what makes someone the person they are.

Stay lovely ✨

Woke up in the middle of the night. I had a lovely dream.

I need more mommy friends. We need to start a mommy network or something. Because like yes. I need mommy friends.

Or CG friends in general. I have a few, and I love them to pieces. The inside jokes are amazing, and it’s nice to have a sort of family to go to with your CG problems, people that get it.

I feel like CGs are just naturally more “lone wolf” and independent. So, we don’t tend to clump together the way littles do. Idk. Let’s clump? Maybe?

⇢ hufflepuff jimin

part of the BTS X Hogwarts series. 
for the other members: click here.
To track Hufflepuff Jimin, follow the #hufflepuff!jimin tag.

Originally posted by bwipsul

This series has been on a long, long hiatus and so I’m so glad to bring it back! I’ve recently watched Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them like, 4 times, and so I have many new ideas for the BTS X Hogwarts series that I hope to develop. This series is going to take some turns when I get to writing the scenarios, but for now, let’s enjoy this Hufflepuff Jimin AU.

  • The Sorting Hat took a while to sort Jimin because he was torn between putting him in Hufflepuff or Gryffindor
  • It took a full seven minutes before it came to the conclusion to house him in Hufflepuff, which, happily, Hoseok, his best friend, was already a part of
  • However he’s still quite disheartened because honestly, he wanted Ravenclaw but the Sorting Hat really felt like he should be Hufflepuff and so it didn’t listen like it normally would
  • Nonetheless, Hoseok assured Jimin that Hufflepuff is great, he told him that it was right by the kitchens and so Jimin is instantly happy because :D he can get midnight snacks now
  • Now there is a lot of fandom debate on whether or not Jimin is a Gryffindor
  • And while I can see those points, I definitely think that Hufflepuff is the house for Jimin
  • Because he’s popularly known as being so kind towards his members, and is very soft and insecure. Hufflepuff teaches fairness and loyalty and I see Jimin as an incredibly loyal person! So, I personally think he is Hufflepuff
  • Jimin is half blood so he doesn’t actually know much about the wizard community but he tries his best
  • The Hufflepuff’s know by now that he and Hoseok always seem to find themselves in trouble but are always favoured by the meaner teachers (being best friends with Hoseok comes with special privileges such as special treatment from Professor Snape)

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she was unassuming, but in the sort of way that made you want to know more about her - she was a presence you gravitated towards in the room, simply because it seemed like she would pose no danger. she was a safe buoy, a figure to latch on to, with soft-looking hair that chaissed with the wind and modest eyes. she was little, elfin-like, and it shocked you that you stumbled upon her here rather than in a forest or a fairy ring.

you are a sun beam this is the coolest and sweetest thing i can’t believe it, you create words like creating a painting!! aaahhhhhhhhhhh i’m putting this in my journal too! i can’t believe thats how you would describe me, so so cool i love you

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How do you think things would have worked out if Lucas had been present for, or had heard about, the conversation between Maya and Riley, where Riley tells Maya the only reason she likes Lucas is because she's become Riley? Before Maya and Riley head upstate to Shawn's, and Riley makes Maya sell all her clothes?

I think Lucas would have likely nipped all the craziness in the bud right then and there by reconfirming all the good things about Maya and how they are intrinsic parts of who she is (and that they’re why he likes her so much). Sort of in line with Farkle’s pep talk to Riley in PR.

Lucaya probably would have crossed a point of no return, Riley wouldn’t have been able to handle it at all and Lucas choosing Riley after that would have been completely unbelievable. 

It would have been a much different story. 

idc about doubles of any of my ids other than bonnibel but it does make me uncomfortable when i see my mutuals following doubles who say in their byfs not to follow “fakes” (i.e. me) because i feel like i’m being sort of… shunted off to the side or not acknowledged at best and outright viewed as invalid at worst