Tucker being black is really important to me. Like I literally bounce in my seat whenever something to do with race comes up because with the types of shows that I usually watch there are no strong black characters unless it’s a woman who a just a bit too sassy and that trope gets old really fast.

But the guys at rt are really good at writing black characters because with Tucker, they don’t focus on the fact that he’s black and let me tell you, that’s really fucking amazing to me. It’s a rare thing that skin color doesn’t affect the character. That’s a thing that some writers-wait no some people need to learn.

So anon up yours. Tucker is black, fucking deal with it because it isn’t gonna change because you refuse to believe it.


Your “favorite” black female character doesn’t cease to have her previously redeeming qualities just because she’s in a relationship with another character! She is still capable of being a great person with a sense of independence despite the fact that she is romantically taken! In related news, water is wet, the sky is blue, and the phrase “strong independent woman who doesn’t need a man” doesn’t need to be applied to every damn black woman you see on your rickety television.