oh and just for the record - anyone who feels embarrassed for having a meltdown because of zayn leaving one direction - don’t. you have the full right to be emotional about this because it’s important to YOU. this is no different than people gross sobbing over someone getting eliminated off of a tv show or someone’s favorite player getting fired from their team. anyone who dares make you feel like you shouldn’t feel this way needs to be excluded from your life permanently.

She’s the betta half of the two


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the mother deserved better

arm wrestled dum-e today. does it count as arm wrestling when his whole body is an arm? or is it just wrestling then

steve drew me, and then tony added dum-e to the sketch. nice to see them getting along.

this is just before the table snapped under us. that red stuff is blood from the nosebleed i got, and that white is when dum-e decided that spraying me down with the fire extinguisher would help with the nosebleed

it did not.

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it was a different world then.

"And you're going to help us save Derek."

Teen Wolf AU: things I wished would happen next season

Werejaguar!Kate took Derek. When everything seems hopeless, Stiles and Lydia come up with an unexpected plan that is either brilliant or insane or both. They find out that every kitsune owns an object that is precious to them, containing all their powers. Whoever finds themself in possession of that object has control over the fox; it can no longer use its powers against them and has to follow orders. When the firefly got captured in the box made of the Nemeton’s wood, the pact was unknowingly made. With Noshiko’s knowledge of how to summon a certain kitsune, Stiles and Lydia take the risk. Derek’s life or theirs. Nogitsune is not quite happy about being turned into a pet, and one thing is for sure, should he ever get his kitsune ball back, his revenge will be more devastating than ever.

fyi I will not accept ‘dead’ as an option for the nogitsune okay so he is totally summonable and not killed by a freaking bite he’s just kinda put on a leash if you will

do you ever realize how crazy it is that tony and loki haven’t interacted since 2012 and there are still tons of people who ship it


My take on the Kirkwall gang in Inquisition. (part 2)

In a flash of silly inspiration, Marco jumped to his feet, right fist curled over his heart. With every intention to break the actor’s mind, he rattled off one of his most used movie quotes, the one that made all his friends groan. “Look, I… I may not be an explorer, or an adventurer, or a treasure-seeker, or a gunfighter, Mr. O'Con… Kirstein, but I am proud of what I am.” He paused for dramatic effect. “I… am a librarian!”

Red Beanie Thursday feature: Whoopsidaisies by valkyrie-reborn.

As anyone who recognizes the title will have guessed, Whoopsidaisies is a Notting Hill  inspired AU featuring Marco the Librarian, who soon learns that one of the downsides to preferring books over television is that one does not immediately recognize the man sitting on his ass on the floor of the library as famous actor Jean Kirstein, voted Sexiest Man of the Year by People magazine. Or maybe that was one of the upsides. Whoopsidaisies is sweet and fun, with just a taste of bitter at times to keep the palate fresh. <:

Ok, but consider: Future Selves episode

I just thought about this and I need to vent about it:

- Like, Ladybug and Chat Noir from the future (let’s say 10 years) to get help from the current Ladybug and Chat
- Mari and Adrien are still Chat and LB in this future
- In the future, something went wrong, like an akuma is causing major trouble and they get help from Fu to go back in time and they seek out their younger selves
- They are able to convince the present heroes to come with them to the future
- They form a plan and they each have their own respective duties to carry out and LB goes with LB and Chat goes with Chat
- Their younger selves start asking questions about their future. Both of them ask the same first question “do we have someone special?”
- They both respond “yes, I’m about to
get married” and then they tell them it’s their crime-fighting partner
- Present Chat is obviously over the moon, while LB is like “wtf?? What about Adrien?”
- Future LB decides to be a smartass and is like “oh, he’s in a happy, committed relationship. Don’t worry, it’s not with Chloe, but trust me, he’s fine. We’re still great friends, we talk and see each other on a regular basis”
- Present Chat asks if they know who’s behind the mask, and Future Chat is like “obviously but where’s the fun in telling you now?”
- They end up getting the job done, but present LB and Chat have to go back to their time
-Future LB and Chat end up kissing for like a second and the young heroes are both blushing furiously
- The last thing they tell them is “Don’t worry, everything turns out ok. We promise.”
- Once they get back, there is a little bit of an awkward scene between them and Chat wants to talk but starts stuttering
- LB starts giggling and says “Don’t stress kitty, a lot can happen in 10 years” and leaves without another word leaving a love-struck Chat alone on a rooftop