If Jungkook was a hyung, I wonder how Bangtan would’ve fare. Thank lamb skewers things are the way they are now.

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How about a scene with Fushimi propose to Yata for marriage?

I think Fushimi would probably be a bit nervous about the whole thing, like I could see him second-guessing himself a lot prior to the actual proposal because he’s not entirely certain that Yata will say yes and Fushimi doesn’t want to open himself up to rejection if there’s any possibility of that whatsoever. I can imagine him buying a ring and then hiding it somewhere and he keeps meaning to give it to Yata and then changes his mind all the time (I’d say he hides it in his underwear drawer but there’s nothing there to hide it under :3 Maybe he hides it in his knife drawer, he knows Yata won’t go in there). The alphabet squad and Munakata all know about Fushimi’s plan to propose and maybe they have to give him a bit of a nudge, like so have you proposed to him yet and every time Fushimi makes up a new excuse for why not and everyone tries to give him suggestions of how he should go about it. In the end Fushimi probably just ends up asking during a vulnerable moment, like they’ve just had sex and are cuddling in the afterglow and Fushimi’s feeling all comfortable and safe and Yata mutters an ‘I love you’ into Fushimi’s chest. Fushimi kinda clutches at him a bit and Yata asks what’s wrong all worried and Fushimi’s like ‘nothing’ but Yata knows he’s being all uncommunicative again. Maybe they end up having a bit of an argument about it, Yata getting annoyed that Fushimi’s not saying what he feels again and finally Fushimi snaps that he’s trying to think of a way to propose, you moron. Yata starts to argue back and then he’s like wait what propose? Fushimi clicks his tongue because that isn’t exactly how he intended this to go but he digs out the ring anyway and kinda tosses it to Yata, trying to act like it’s not a big deal as he says that yes, propose. Yata’s all shocked staring at the ring and Fushimi turns away muttering that it’s not like he was really expecting any kind of answer because of course he takes Yata’s shock as a negative and then Yata like tackle hugs him back onto the bed and is like you idiot that was the worst proposal ever and also yes. Fushimi’s like oh like you could do any better a moment before he processes the 'yes’ and he has to take a moment to confirm that Yata really said that, like grabbing his hand and staring at the ring for a moment and Yata’s just like of course I said yes dumbass I love you, remember.

OK so I’d just like to point out a thing

The Minotaur from Greek mythology is the son of a bull and Pasiphae, who is the wife of Minos. Patronymics were definitely a thing in in ancient Greece, so it’s not unusual that the Minotaur’s name would derive from it’s “father” (husband of his mother, there’s some wiggle room there), but it’s actually really fucking funny because “tauros” (how do I type in the Greek alphabet on tumblr?) is Greek for bull, so basically the “Minotaur” is just a mashup of his stepdad’s and bio dad’s names, like some sort of ridiculous ship, and idk where I’m going with this but my point is that if the Minotaur were an American myth then Martha Washington would have banged a bull in a sexy cow suit built by Benjamin Franklin, and the resulting creature would have been called the Washingbull.

I wanted to make a post on this because I still do it when I’m writing fast and I hate it lol. I took a Japanese language + art history class for a semester in college and I can still hear りお先生 scolding students for doing a lil curve when writing some kana. It’s apparently natural to do in english because of how we write our alphabet or something?? Anyway, she made sure we all knew the proper way was to do it with the curve heading downwards, and not doing a lil 〜 action. Whenever I mess up I grab another notebook and practice writing it the ~proper~ way ten times!



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Okay Guys, I know that OMEGA makes it seem like the pause is going to be long. But it’s probably only going to be a few months, very similar to the cascade pause.  “Well why would Hussie use Omega if it wasn’t going to be a long pause?” Because Omega is the last letter of the greek alphabet like how this will be the last significant pause before Homestuck ends.  So don’t listen to the people freaking out, saying the pause is going to last two years or something outlandish like that because there’s a 99% chance that that isn’t how it’s gonna go down.

I’ve been intending to do one of these for a loooooong time. But, as many of you know, I’m quite the procrastinator. All of you (and more) make my dash so much fun to scroll through and I’ve loved getting to know some of you and I hope to chat with even more in the future. If you want to see even more amazing blogs, please check out my blogroll (I’m sure I’ve forgotten someone and if so, I’m so so sorry!). But even if you aren’t listed here and I follow you, you’re pretty damn amazing. I’m also always eternally grateful to all of those that follow me as well. Thank you to all of you for a great 2015 and here is to an even more eventful 2016.

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