like excuse me but lewis is literally the one who started this fight when there was nothing to fight about shahid and zayn were truly fucked off minding their own business and lewis went out of his way to comment on something that had little to nothing to do with him so everyone talking about how zayn is a “bad/fake friend” or how “done you are with him” can eat my entire ass because how long can you watch someone make petty ass side comments about what the fuck you’re doing in your personal life (especially after you just called them one of the best people you’ve ever met) until you fight back and let them know that you’re not going to allow it to continue

this isn’t about zayn picking sides this is about zayn finally speaking up for himself 

Back to Cool

How to dress too cool for school 

In the words of Zoolander, “You may think you’re too cool for school. But we got a news flash for you”…you ARE!  With our back to school picks, you can look like one of the best dressed guys on campus in no time. 

The most important things about dressing cool, is making it look effortless. So, follow our five handy tips and shop the best back to school products for fall below. Because we just made dressing cool that much easier. 

Tip #1: You can never go wrong with denim

When in doubt, just throw on some denim. Denim jeans never go out of style.

Tip #2: Don’t be afraid of prints

Flip through men’s magazines to stay up-to-date and see what’s trending such as floral tees.

Tip #3: Wear a stylish backpack

When you’re slugging around your books, why not carry them in a cool backpack? Throw on one of our go-tos by Herschel Supply Co.

Tip #4: A leather jacket is your gateway to ‘cool’

If you rock a leather jacket, you’ll instantly get cool points.

Tip #5: Remember the finishing touches

Pay attention to which accessories are in style and add subtle touches to your looks with a cool snapback hat!

Which product do you think is cool?

Yo since it’s spring again, I think it’s worth mentioning once more–

If you find a grounded nestling baby bird (one that has hardly any feathers and can’t get around much on its own), try your best to find its nest first and foremost. Mama birds do not care if you touch their babies. They will not abandon them just because someone picked up their baby and put it back in the nest.

Mama bird knows how to care for her babies better than anyone else. Putting a baby bird back in the nest gives it the best possible chances of survival.

In the event that you cannot find a baby bird’s nest, put them in a safe and warm location (a towel with a bottle of hot water beside it can do the trick), and call your local wildlife services/a wildlife rehabilitor for assistance.

If for whatever reason you have to hold onto the baby bird for an extended period of time, you local pet store should have formula to feed baby birds (don’t just feed them something you dug out of your kitchen, or cat food or anything).

Baby birds need to be fed constantly throughout the day though, and it’s very easy for baby birds to die if they’re not being taken care of by professionals. The second best chance for a baby bird, other than the mom raising it, is a trained wildlife rehabilitator.

Also, make sure to always wash your hands well after handling a baby bird.

one day, i will be on the phone with you telling you to be here at 3:45p so that we can be at the pier by 4:00p. i’ll open the door, grab your tie, smile, and gently pull you in for a warm greeting. i’ll ask if i look okay and even though i hate to admit it, i’ll probably ask a second time just to be sure. i’ll grab my purse, you’ll head back to the car, and i’ll lock the door behind me. i’ll scroll through your playlists and pick the one i like best (because you know how weird i am about music) right when i get in your car and you’ll rest your right hand on my knee while your left hand grasps the steering wheel. i’ll kiss you at each red light and stop sign, because why the heck not? we’ll get to the pier right on time and i’ll all of the sudden realize how nervous i am for you to meet my entire extended family for the first time. i’ll probably start rambling and i’ll hope you’ll quiet me with a kiss and a confident smile. you’ll let me hold on to your arm because you know my ankles are weak and it makes walking in heels a bit more difficult. you’ll shake the hand of my uncles, hug my aunts, and pound fists with my cousins. i’ll grab us both a drink and will most likely not even realize the bartender has finished making them and that they’re waiting for me on the counter because i’ll be too distracted watching you, wondering how i did life before you. i’ll hand you your drink, wink at you quietly, and escape shortly after to [nervously] ask my parents how they think things are going. they’ll reassure me that my two worlds are colliding just as they should and to just relax… and then they’ll tell me how happy they are for me, and my eyes will most likely fill with warm, joyful tears. my dad will tell me a corny joke to help me refrain from actually crying, and my mom and i will laugh for real because he’s just such a good man to us both. you’ll find the three of us laughing and join us in conversation while you place your hand on the small of my back to let me know that you are with me and i will once again wonder what my heart looked like before you entered and made a home out of it.

ahubofstagsandroses said: Hey! So, why are Shadowhunters required to pick a parabatai (if they want one) before turning 18? Parabatai are such a big commitment, and teens have so much growing/changing to do. If I’d been able to become parabatai with my best friend at 16, we’d be making each other miserable now, because no matter how close you are, you can never predict how people change. You don’t tell people to pick a spouse before they turn 18 - that would be a terrible idea- so why a parabatai? And that is one of the ways marriage is very different from being a parabatai! And being a a parabatai is also different than being a best friend. The first parabatai, Jonathan Shadowhunter and his parabatai David weren’t under 18 when they became parabatai (you can find the whole story in the Codex.) But then, that didn’t turn out well. More from the Codex:


The reason you pick a parabatai young like that is because it’s essential to the whole business that you train together. It’s part of the process. Your training as parabatai is different, there are tests, etc. you go through. The cutoff age is eighteen because that’s when training ends. 

We’re also dealing with angelic magic here. David the Silent and Jonathan Shadowhunter created the ritual of parabatai with angel magic (and probably some help from Raziel.) The Clave can’t change the wording around, or the ages of the participants, or really anything at all, and expect the ritual to work the way they want. As you can see from the Codex clearly sometimes it doesn’t go well. But the Clave is not going to consider that a reason to change a Law they think of as being endorsed by their God.

People have asked about Clary and Simon, and you’ll find out how their parabatai issue is resolved in TFSA.

I get a ton of messages basically asking the same question: How do I make myself the best applicant to medical school I can be?

1. Most imporantly: Do everything in your power to be a well rounded applicant
- Pick a major your interested, does NOT have to be a science major!

– Just because you want to be a doctor or work in healthcare doesn’t mean only science topics interest you! You can be an art major and still take all the courses required for premed. Ex. I did anthropology and Psychology, I have premed friend who were engineering and music majors. 

- Volunteer in the community with organizations that you are passionate about, NOT just ones that look good on an application

– These should be diverse but should be things you are passionate about, if you get more out of planting trees than volunteering in a hospital gift shop, thats okay! Volunteer in different groups and organizations, some should be medically related but they don’t all have to be! Showing a commitment to life long service doesn’t just mean in medicine. 

- Shadow: different fields of medicine and not just doctors, look into dentistry, nursing, psychology, social work –> figure out what type of healthcare provider you want to be. Contacting people may seem scary but it never hurts to ask, look for positions available, write them an email talking about the strengths and skills you have, maybe you don’t have a lot of experience but you can still be a fast learner and hard worker! 

- Research: if this seems boring to you, find someone researching something you’re interested in so you will actually enjoy it! I appreciated the results of research but always thought working in it would be boring and it was just another thing I had to do to put on my application. I was very WRONG! I found something lab researching a topic I was interested and it consumed me, I now have a greater understanding research and how fun it can be exploring a hypothesis! 

- Extracurricular: again do what your are passionate about, everything does not have to be about medicine, different life experiences teach you different life lessons. I learned different things from being VP of my Doctor Who club vs.  in my medical internship vs. being a ski instructor! 

- Study hard: create study groups, find tutors or be a tutor! If you are struggling in a class, study groups are shown to be a very effective way of studying, or spend the money on getting a tutor because it will be worth it in the end. When you are struggling in a class, especially a premed class, it can be a good time to reflect on whether this is a career for you. Being a doctor means a lifetime of learning, school, and tests. Seriously look into other career you might be interested in, its okay to change your mind about medical school, there are other careers in medicine, or other professions you might enjoy more. Everything in life takes hard work, its finding what you can endlessly work hard for. General Chemistry made me seriously look at whether of not this was the right path for me. After some serious self reflection, there was nothing else I could work this hard for. 

- Time management: Managing work, school, social life and everything else can be hard, don’t take on too much, figure out your limits, remember to ask for help when you need it and to take care of yourself. If you push yourself too hard you will break, we are not invincible. Its okay to say no, to take time for yourself!

Keep a detailed resume of all your actives, exact dates of when they started and ended, who to contact about them and a detailed summary of what you did and what you learned form your experiences! This will help you immensely when filling out your AMCAS 

If your application isn’t perfect or not very well rounded (lacking in areas), I highly recommend taking time off to fill those gaps. The biggest reason people who apply straight out of college don’t get in, even with great applications is maturity level. You may think, I am adult, I am mature! But just because you can act professionally doesn’t mean you are mature. The maturity they are looking for is achieved through life experiences. Many college kids really haven’t had much life experiences other that college, what adversities have you overcome, do you even really know who you are yet outside of your college experience. 

I have take two years off, even though I had a pretty good application before, it has only become stronger and I have lived life, I thought I knew who I was before but I really had explored that until I was out of college on my own.   

Optional: Take time off before applying (Recommended)
- Gaining more life experiences: Maybe move to a new place or Travel 

- Get a Masters Degree: this can help boost your GPA if it is not competitive 

- Work: doesn’t have to be in medicine but if you lack hand-on patient experiences than this is great opportunity to chance that! If you have never worked a job, than I highly recommend taking time off and working for a living to experience what its like to pay your own bills

- Learn about who you are: this will help you appear more mature when interviewing and make you more confident 

The Process of Applying 

- Competitive MCAT Score: you don’t have to pay for a course, do what works best for you. I believe the examkracker books were most helpful, Kaplan tend to have the hardest BS and PS practice test but Examkrackers is the best for VR. If you don’t do well the first time, figure out what went wrong and retake it! Learn from this experience because your future in medicine will require many more standardized tests so figuring out how to best prepare for them now will help you in the future! 

- Picking Medical Schools: pick 15 schools, have a few reach schools and a few back up school and then the rest ones you can reasonably get into. Take into account their curriculums, locations and if you are thinking about a competitive speciality look at the what residencies their students are matching! If you are interested in research, or rural care, looks at schools that over special programs for these paths. 

- Letters of Rec/Committee Letter: hopefully in college you made meaningful relationships with professors you had (you should definitely do this!), you will need a science class professor letter of rec, if you did research you will need one from your PI, if you worked with a doctor for an extended period ask them to write you one or if you worked with a volunteer organization for a long period.  Write them a nice letter in why you are asking them, provide them with your resume and all the information they need to know as well as where to send it to. Its okay to send emails reminding them to write it, they are busy people and reminding them shows it is important to you. Also figure out if your school offers a committee letter and be diligent about keeping up on every thing you need to do for it. 

Primary Application AMCAS

- Personal statement- make it personal, talk about experiences that have lead you hear today, but most importantly what you learned from them. This is about you, WHY YOU? vs. everybody else who is applying. This is a Persuasive essay! 

- Academic Record- make sure to request you transcripts to be sent as soon as possible so AMCAS can verify them quickly 

- 15 Activities - out of everything you have done you have to pick the 15 most important activities you have done and briefly talk about them. Then you get to pick three that were most important 


- Strong Essays- These are your chance to show again why you!? highlight your strengths when you can, make sure they are concise and well written free of grammatical errors. Ask friends to read them over for you. 

- Resume - Remember that detailed resume I told you to about keeping! Many schools allow you to upload addition documents like a resume! Now beyond your 15 they have a list of all the actives you have ever done and what you have learned from them! 

- Headshot- passport photo size, 2 x 2 inches. Dress profession, SMILE, only should show show just below the shoulder and up. Remember this is their first glimpse of you, putting the face together with your application! 

- Research abstract - if you did research, make sure to have a document with just your abstract to upload if the offer additional documents area. 


1. Practice - Practice answering interview questions, use examples, highlight your strengths! Try limiting your answer to two to 3 minute: look up “Elevator Speech” - pitch to the ceo a great idea on an elevator ride of only 4 floors! 

2. Reading - the more you read the smarter you are! Reads books about doctors and their experiences, how to apply to medical school, affordable healthcare act, current events, current events in medicine, NIH, read papers on tough ethical topics, read papers published by people from that school, read everything you can on their schools website! Schedule a mock interview, video record yourself answering questions. 

3. What to wear -
Females - professional fitted pants suit or suit with skirt no more than an inch about knees with skin tone matching stockings. flats or heels no more than 2 inches high, make sure you can walk all day in them. simple jewelry, studs and a necklace, no more than one ring on each hang. nothing big and distracting. suite should be black, navy, or gray. Blouse or profession top not showing cleavage. If you hair is long wear it back. Make up, light. You don’t want anything distracting from what you’re saying!
Males- Well fitted suit, tie (safer) or bow-tie, pick a professional one that is not busy looking or distracting. Suit color: black, navy or gray. business professional shoes. Belt and shoe color must match. 

Don’t wear fragrances (but wear deodorant!), bring a briefcase or similar size professional purse or professional folder (just need something to hold business cards and papers). Look well manicured make sure nails are trimmed and neutral colors only. 

Remember to be professional, have a firm handshake, ask them for their business card at the end to write them a handwritten thank you letter. Sit up straight, smile, be you, and don’t forget its a conversation so don’t be over rehearse your answers. If you don’t know the answer to a question, say “I honestly don’t know the answer to that”. Come up with a list of your 3 strengths and weakness and examples of each as well as what you are doing to work on your weaknesses. 

Good luck! One day your hard work will pay off, there will be bumps along the way but each one will teach you something and bring you closer to your dream of going to medical school! 


“I’ve always felt that the cool thing about being a writer is that all you need is paper to do the job. The best thing to further what you do is write and read all you can. Read both stuff you like to see why its good and read bad to see how to fix. Doing that will help you see and solve problems in your own writing. 

“But I think the biggest advice I can offer is don’t just pick one story and stop, write as much as you can, as many stories as you can. The best thing about being a writer is, a writer’s craft is nearly perfect because a writer can go anywhere and do his craft.”

Dwayne McDuffie, writer, creator of worlds, legend.

Happy birthday, Maestro. We still miss you five years later.

Still fighting down here. 

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Hello fellow panda minions. I hope you are all doing swell today. 
There’s an issue that has arisen and normally I stay out of these things because I really REALLY hate drama and debates. However I can see how badly this is affecting someone who is one of the kindest guys I’ve ever met and it’s pissing me off more than anything. What I’m about to say is probably going to make you angry because a lot of people have a closed mindset but oh well. This is my story and my opinions.

I’ve messed up a lot in life. I pick the wrong friends/best friends/boyfriends/boy interests/professors/teachers/the shorter lane at the walmart that ends up taking forever because gramma is writing a check. I’ve messed up a lot and made bad decisions but that’s what life is about. Figuring out what to do and what not to do. Everyone goes through that. I’ve figured out that if friends constantly ask me to promote their youtube videos and pull the “but we’re friends” card when I kindly decline, then they’re not real friends. I’ve figured out that in one of the worst panic attacks of my life to the point where Stefan almost called 911, Cyr and Edwin held my hands as I screamed on the top of my lungs. They were there for me. I have panic attacks a lot and every time one of them is right by my side. I’ve figured out that a lot of guys are assholes. They’re even bigger assholes when they try to convince you they’re not and to ignore what your friends say. There was a couple of times where I was seeing some guys (different time frames I’m not a playa lol) but every time, Damon would come to me and warn me that the certain guy wasn’t good news. I brushed it off and thought “oh he doesn’t know, I truly know what this guy is like.” But every damn time, Damon was right. The guy would suddenly disappear from my life leaving me ashamed and sad. Ashamed that I didn’t listen to my friend who was only looking out for me. Damon is one of the most warm hearted, funny, kind, and respectful guys I’ve ever known and seeing so much hate on him makes me want to throw up. He has never once wronged anyone. He cares about his friends and fizzy family (which might I point out I used to be massive fangirl and was a part of the fizzy family ahahah) more than anything and so the fact people are accusing him of horrible things and saying such horrible things makes me furious. Are you that air headed that you just switch how you view people? Just like that? Hate on me, fine. Tell me not to go to youtube conventions, FINE. Don’t go and tell your bullshit to him because he is the last person on earth that should ever receive that kind of crap. Tell it to me. You hate me? cool. 
If you’re sending Damon hate what kind of person are you? Seriously. Go fix your priorities. 

The first week was hard. But eventually I stopped picking up the phone to text you what I was thinking, or the thing I just saw.

Because we aren’t friends anymore. And you can’t be the one that I talk to all the time.

Adjusting to that was hard. And it felt a lot like the constant sound of nails on a chalk board. Constant pain and irritation.

But I got there. Now I think of you without thinking of how we never really ended. It’s been a month now and I haven’t given in. I haven’t texted you everything I want to tell you.

How I realized all the boys I like look the same, how I like to read now, how I’ve been writing a lot more, and how I’m ready to talk about thinks in depth about my past.

I still wonder about your day, and your favorite smell and what made you smile today. But it’s time for me to move on, like you have.

—  Missing you is less painful now.

marius asking cosette on a date tho

marius mentally prepping himself for days because its cosette who is probably the closest thing to perfect on this earth and oh god what if she says no 

marius literally rehearsing his speech to cosette in a mirror (“observe the wild booby in its natural habitat practice the ritual mating dance” “courfeyrac this iS SERIOUS”)

(and of course cosette says yes because if she’s cosette he’s marius)

marius asking for fashion advice from courf, courf, the man who has over 20 different bowties (“ONE FOR EVERY OCCASION YES THANK YOU FOR YOUR INPUT COMBEFERRE”) who ends up actually dressing him pretty smartly for the evening because yeah, jokes are fun but marius is his best friend and he would never deliberately hurt him

(that’s not to say there isn’t an 80s-esque dress up montage somewhere because please marius how can you know whats best if you don’t try them all???)

marius who arrives to pick up cosette and she’s the most beautiful person he’s ever seen and in that moment he knows he can’t mess this up because he’ll be by her side for as long as she’ll let him and shit he’s been silent for too long and finally he manages to stammer out “you look very pretty tonight”

marius who is so excited to be on a date with cosette, who looks gorgeous and is talking to him and he’s caught on her every word

marius who, so distracted by cosette, runs straight into the restaurants glass door 

seriousflightrisk  asked:

here's a question: top 10 best taeyeon stage outfits ^3^*

alrighty! a tough question (this will be a long post but I’ll probably make a gifset of this after my exams at the end of this week)

Not in any particular order:

BUT THIS ONE IS DEFINITELY #1: -do I need to say more-

Because damnnnnnn:

This cute little thing: 

Also DENIM: 

It’s the boxers for this one:

Because the skinny tie and how can you go wrong with tae in a suit:

And speaking of suits…

Gotta mention this one too:

Gotta mention my thing for uniforms:

and last but not least this special outfit:

There's No Way - Main Story (Read First)


“One shot request, where the reader is kinda chubby and gets really self conscious and when the boys (Dean, Cas and Sam) catch on, they pep talk her about how she’s beautiful? It can be in fluff or smut, whatever you think goes best :) Thanks!”

Author’s Note: Because this request seemed happy with fluff or smut and having the reader end with any of the characters I decided I’d do something a little different: The reader gets to pick the ending! So you can end up with the guy you want since they all say different things to you in the story :) Hope that makes sense!

Word Count: Introduction – 1,500 and Endings – 600 or 1,200 or 900

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: Bad feelings about the way you look, some swearing, and fluff and/or smut :)

There’s No Way

I don’t get why this is such a big deal (Y/n)? You’ve been bait for demons loads of times before.” Dean stated, annoyance clear in his voice as he tried to figure out why you weren’t up for following his top-notch plan.

“This is nothing new for us; you just need to get him to take you home so we find out where he’s keeping the missing people? You know you won’t have to actually sleep with him right?” Sam explained, knowing something must be really wrong if you weren’t up for taking a demon head on. Usually you were the first to volunteer to ‘accidentally’ be abducted or be ‘walking home alone’ when there was a monster on the loose, but this was different. You could play the damsel in distress all day, because you had no fear when it came to take demons out, but if there was one thing that shook you to your core it was the thought of getting all dressed up and trying to flirt with a stranger. You were confident in a lot of things; your hunting ability, your research skills, even the way you always knew when the boys needed to talk, but when it came to your looks that was another matter.

You were curvier than the beautiful, skinny girls that you usually saw chatting up men in bars and you were less than self-assured when it came to trying to go home with strangers. And now the boys were asking you to chat up a demon and convince him to take you home with lives at stake, but you were adamant there was another way to find out where he was keeping his kidnap victims.

“You know you will be completely safe (Y/N), I will not let anything or anyone hurt you.” Castiel added reassuringly, his voice sounding sympathetic as if he could sense how little this plan appealed to you, but also that there was no alternative.

“I’m not worried about my safety, I just can’t do it! It’s not like the other times I’ve been bait for you…It won’t work.” You pleaded, wanting more than anything to come up with a new plan, racking your brain desperately.

“What do you mean it won’t work?” Dean asked, the volume of his voice rising as his frustration grew since every second you spent arguing was a second the demon was holding his victims and doing god knows what with them.

“There’s no way I can make him take me home because he won’t want me! He won’t want to go home with me when there are pretty, skinny girls at the bar hitting on him instead! I won’t be able to seduce him because so far he’s only gone home with attractive women!” You spat out, feeling tears forming in your eyes and you settled on one of the library’s chairs, hiding your blushing face in your hands hoping to save yourself some embarrassment. You were all too aware that the three boys were all staring at you now, and you wrapped your arms around your stomach, trying to hide it from their wide eyes. You grew more self-conscious with every passing second of silence but it wasn’t long before Dean spoke up,

“What the hell are you talking about (Y/n)!?” He quizzed loudly, continuing before you had a chance to answer him, “You are without question one of the hottest girls I’ve ever met! You’re crazy if you don’t think you’re easily the sexiest girl in any bar! I don’t know what you see when you’re looking in the mirror but when I look at you I see an incredible figure! You’re the perfect, curvy size; you’re legs are amazing when you wear shorts and I’m not even going to mention how ridiculous your boobs are every time you wear a tank top! One look at your full, luscious lips and there’s no way he isn’t going to want to sleep with you!” Sam piped up, deciding that even though his brother was completely right, he was being a little on-the-nose with his comments,

“Not just your lips; your face in general is so beautiful! Your soft lips, with the most gorgeous smile anyone has ever seen, that can light up even the darkest, dreariest morning. Your adorable little nose that scrunches up when you laugh, that never fails to make me smile because your happiness and laughter is just so infectious. And your eyes; bright and shining…everything about you is bright and shining (Y/n). You are so smart and witty and charming. There aren’t many people that make better company than you. One conversation with you and there’s no way he isn’t going to want to spend more time around you!” By this point you could feel the tears fading and a bright red blush forming instead as you smiled uncontrollably at their sweet words, but before you could thank them Castiel wanted to speak to you too,

“You are truly enchanting to be around (Y/n), with a warm, comforting presence that I have never experienced in any other person or angel. You are so exquisite inside and out and it pains me that you can’t see just how extraordinary you are. Your soul is so full of love and kindness and your caring nature is truly one of the most astoundingly beautiful things I have ever had the pleasure of being around. I feel truly blessed to be able to spend as much time with you as I do, because every second with you is filled with so much joy and serenity that there is no one who moves me more. You are truly heavenly (Y/n). One moment of being in your wondrous presence and there’s no way he’ll be able to stop himself loving you…r company.” He quickly added as he noticed the words slipping out.

You beamed at the three amazing boys, feeling so moved by their words that you reluctantly nodded and finally turned to Dean and said,

“Okay, I’m in.”


You had pulled on your shortest dress and worked your make-up to perfection, but you weren’t convinced that was the reason you finally liked what you saw in the mirror as you got ready to head to the bar the demon liked to frequent. You really couldn’t thank the boys enough for their sweet words and you really did feel pretty hot as Dean dropped you off and told you they’d all be waiting outside to follow you back to the demon’s lair if everything went according to plan. You gave them a last quick smile before you headed for the entrance. You put on your best sexy strut as you made your way to the bar, purposefully standing with your back to the demon and leaning forward over the bar when you ordered a drink to give him a good look at your short skirt and amazing, full legs.

When the bartender returned with your cocktail, you mustered all your new found confidence and gestured to the demon next you and purred,

“I think you’ll find this drink is on him.” Giving the demon your best smirk and he grinned, clearly caught off guard by your forwardness but very impressed with you nonetheless.

“I can’t say no to a girl as beautiful as you.” He replied back charmingly as he handed some money to the barkeeper, never taking his eyes off you.

“And who might you be gorgeous?” Asked, holding out his own drink to clink glasses. It was as easy as that, you had him hanging off your every sultry word and he practically leapt out of his seat as soon as you hinted at the prospect of him taking you home. As you walked over to his car you winked at the boys who were still sat in Baby in the parking lot, looking proud at your quick work.


It was over before it had even begun, you had ganked him the moment he unlocked his door and you found everyone that had been reported missing in the town over the last two weeks. Once they were all free and calm enough to leave, you called the police to the house and then drove off before they could arrive. It wasn’t long until you were back at the bunker feeling completely unstoppable and sort of wishing you could wear amazing dresses to all of your hunts. The boys were so impressed with how you had handled yourself and they all made a point to tell you just how proud they were. It was quite late so you didn’t really expect the boys to stick around, but you felt far too awake to even consider sleeping.

Two of the boys headed off to bed with a quick hug and a shout of good night, but one of them stayed behind for a moment to speak to you: Who was it?

Romantic Castiel (Fluff) (x)

Sweet Sammy (Fluffy Smut) (x)

Sexy Dean (Smuttttt) (x)

Your Hair Was Long

A deep-cover Grant Ward interrogates Skye.  And then it gets worse.

Part 2: Told Me I Was Beautiful | Part 3: A Pair of Dull Scissors | Part 4: I Cut His Hair Myself | Epilogue: And A Bible Didn’t Mention Us

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We Are Not Soldiers (Part 2/2) (Steve Rogers/Tony Stark x reader: Based on CA:CW trailer)

Request:  I know requests are closed, but after the trailer I gotta. When requests are open, can you plz write one where the reader (Tony’s kid) and Steve are best friends. And he always talks to her about Bucky. And then Steve finds Bucky. But all that fighting stuff happens and she picks her dads side because she feels it’s right even though she don’t wanna. And Steve’s upset. She ends up switching side, which upsets Tony. Her and Bucky start dating, because he trusts her. End how you want.

Ok, I love this request, but please forgive me that I’ve made changes and used it to continue one of my other stories that ties into this really well (it’s linked below to read first).  I hope you still enjoy it, and I’ve tried to stick to your idea but with a shift in how the characters are related.  Since it’s based from the CW trailer, it will just be this one part.

We Are Not Soldiers : Read this first if you are not familiar with it to better understand the reader’s characterization

“Captain, while a great many people see you as a hero, there are some who would prefer the word, ‘vigilante’.”

Sitting next to Steve at the conference table, you could feel how upset he was getting with each word uttered by General Ross, but you knew not to interfere.  You could feel your own anxiety building and knots churning in your stomach as you listened, knowing that the world you lived in was about to change dramatically.  

“You’ve operated with unlimited power and no supervision.  That’s something the world can no longer tolerate.”

Your eyes shifted to Tony, sitting at the opposite end of the table from you and Steve, sensing his building anger as he looked back at you.  You still hadn’t formally taken a stand on the Accords, knowing some of the details from him before the meeting today.  Some of it made sense, allowing for regulation of the Avengers and other enhanced or superpowered people, but you didn’t agree that your ability to decide when or how to act would be taken from you, and you didn’t agree that anyone having a secret identity should have it stripped away.

Steve was anything but a vigilante.  He had saved the world countless times and was one of the most well-known symbols of the free world.  It was ridiculous for him to be called that in any way other than merely the literal translation of the word; someone pursuing justice without a legal overseeing authority.  

“General, you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about,” you argued, “to call Steve, or any of us for that matter, a vigilante is the most ignorant and uneducated thing I’ve ever heard.  Your stance on enhanced and superpowered people is well known, and to reduce this discussion to your limited point of view is insulting to us.”

“You don’t have to be here, (Y/N),” he countered, moving to stand in front of you.  “Please don’t feel that because your brother and husband are here that you need to be too.  I’m sure they can handle themselves.”

“Oh, I know they can,” you said as you grew more incensed and now stood to match his posture, “but they don’t represent me. I can do that on my own.”

Steve sat forward and put his hand over yours, gently squeezing it so that you would look at him. “It’s okay, (Y/N), just sit down,” he whispered.

“Yes, Captain, please take control of your-“

“Excuse me?” you spat, snapping your head back towards Ross, “what did you just say?”

Steve stood now and grabbed your arm, leading you away from the table and into the hall.  Tony watched but didn’t interfere as you had expected, only watching when you passed him.  “(Y/N), please, you need to stay calm.  Yes, the man doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but we need to play along until I can figure this out with Tony.”

“Tony isn’t on your side. He’s not going to back down, and you know that.”  You took a deep breath and squeezed your eyes shut, leaning back against the wall to try to calm yourself, “this is only going to get worse.”

“I know.”

“I feel like I’m being ripped in half, Steve.”

“I know that too.”


A week later, the team gathered in the conference room at the tower, a copy of the Accords at the center of the table, and the signature page next to it with the deadline for accepting or denying it only an hour away.  The team had been held up in the room the entire day and a clear division had formed amongst them with half following Tony’s lead and the others siding with Steve.  You alone were the only one yet to make a decision on your allegiance and it was destroying you.

“(Y/N), you need to make a choice, I’m sorry,” Tony said, standing across from you with a pen in hand and held out for you to take, “we can’t wait any longer.”  He pushed the paper in front of you and looked at you hopefully, wanting you to side with him as his teammate and as his sister.  

You looked towards Steve, but his gaze was lowered to the ground, almost refusing to look at you until you chose your allegiance, as if he were scared that you wouldn’t be with him. “Steve?”

“Decide, (Y/N).”

With a shudder that ran down your spine, you took the pen from Tony’s hand and signed your name. You immediately felt Steve’s rage, though from the outside he looked no less calm than a moment ago.  Standing quickly enough to topple his chair, he stormed past you and out of the room without a word.  You stood to follow, but Tony grabbed your arm to stop you.


“Let. Me. Go.” Pulling your arm away angrily you followed Steve, running to catch up to him before he entered the elevator towards your shared room; the doors began to close but you shoved your way between them just in time.  “Steve, where are you going?”

“I can’t stay here anymore, (Y/N).  I’m not an Avenger if I don’t sign.”

His voice was calm and matter-of-fact, but you still struggled to keep his rage from taking over your mind; it was almost too strong for you to push away.  “You’re leaving?  You’re really walking away from the team?  From me?”

The doors began to open and he pushed himself through before they were done, seeming desperate to get distance between the two of you.  “There’s nothing for me here, (Y/N).”  He didn’t look back at you, pausing at the door to your room before entering, “I have no reason to stay.”


“Suit up, (Y/N), time to go.”

It had been two weeks since you had heard anything from Steve, and now Sam wasn’t even answering his phone.  You looked up at Tony wearily, a mission being the last thing you wanted to do right now.

“Do you really need me, or are you taking me because we’re understaffed?” you asked sarcastically.

“We need you, I promise. This is big,” he said, standing at a distance but with his gaze locked on you.  “Still nothing?”

“He wants to call me. I can feel that.  But he won’t,” you sighed, “because of you.”

“Sweetheart, we’ve been over this a thousand times.”  He finally took a few steps towards you with a hint of apprehension, stopping abruptly when you stood and faced him with your arms crossed.  “If we can’t accept limitations, we’re no better than the bad guys.”

You opened your mouth to reply, but your phone began to ring.  Pulling it from your pocket you turned it over and paused in shock, seeing Steve’s name across the screen.  “That’s not the way I see it, Tony.  Excuse me.”

“Make it fast, we need to go now.”

Glancing over your shoulder to make sure he didn’t follow, you ducked around the corner into the hall and opened the line, despite the sick feeling in your stomach and sudden sense of dread.  


“Don’t go on this mission. I know they’re sending the team in, but it’s too much and I can’t fight you.”

“How do you know?” You waited, but there was only the sound of his breathing from the other end of the line.  “Steve, why would you be fighting me?”

“Because Sam and I are already here.  I found him, (Y/N), but they’re coming for him.  I can’t let that happen.”

This was why you were filled with that feeling; you were being sent to fight your husband and Tony didn’t tell you.  You were being sent in to remove him as a threat, along with Sam and now Bucky; Steve knew that if Bucky was on his side, the team didn’t stand a chance against them.

“Steve, we have a job to do. I agreed to that when I signed that damned piece of paper.  If they know you have him…”  You gently thumped your head on the wall, cursing that moment that ripped your family in half, struggling even more now with the decision you had made.  “I know how much Bucky means to you, but stay out of this one, please.  You’ll only make this worse.”

“Are you saying you’ll arrest me?”

“No, Steve,” you paused, considering your words, “I’m saying…they’ve ordered us to take you out on sight if we see you interfering with us.”


When the jet landed at the site the first thing you did was try to find Steve, trying to sense if he was there or not, but you didn’t, and it gave you a very small sense of relief that maybe he had left as you had asked him to.  Tony gave a nod and opened the door to a war scene; screams and yelling filling the area, with buildings toppled and destruction nearly everywhere you looked.  

“Tony,” you whispered, “what the hell are we getting into?  And why didn’t you tell me he was here?”

“How do you-“ he gasped, looking at you in shock, “wait, he’s the one who called you, isn’t he? (Y/N), tell me right now.  It was him, wasn’t it?  Is he still here?  Do you know where he is?”

“Oh my god, I can’t believe it,” you mumbled to yourself, “Tony, you can’t expect me to fight my own husband.  You can’t.”

“You signed that agreement. If you don’t follow it…” he said, his voice trailing off, “if you don’t follow it, then you know there will be consequences.”

With a glare at him you ran past out of the jet and into the action.  He took flight immediately, flying out of your sight, allowing you to duck into a nearby building to pull out your phone and dial Steve’s number frantically.  When the line opened, the voice wasn’t the one you were expecting, but a relief nonetheless.


“Sam, where are you?”

“I’d rather not say.”

“Sam, please, tell me where you are.  I’m here. I’m not going to fight you.”

There was a long pause; you heard Sam’s voice become distant, followed by Steve’s, sounding urgent and hurried.  “I can see you, just stay there.”  

A few minutes later he was at your side, standing over you with his arm on the wall over your head as if he was shielding you from something.  “Sam, please, take me to him.  I can help.”

“(Y/N), you know how much I want to trust you,” he whispered in a harsh tone, “you know that.  But I need a good reason.”

“Because I love him, Sam. How much more do you need?”

His lips slowly grew into a wide smile his arms suddenly wrapped around you, lifting you from the ground in a tight hug, pressed so firmly that you could feel his laughter building in his chest.  “Good enough for me!  Welcome to the dark side, sweetheart!”  Sam took your hand and led you through the cold and dirty building, up several floors to an open room where Steve and Bucky were waiting.  

You looked at your husband cautiously, raising your hands to show that you weren’t there to threaten or fight him.  Bucky was at his side, watching you nervously as you approached.  

“Steve, do you want me to help him?”

He nodded at Bucky who signaled you to approach, allowing you to put your hand over his.  A wave of strong emotions hit your mind, with anger, fear, confusion, and relief all assaulting you at the same time.  His body visibly relaxed at your touch, willing him to calm down and focus so that he could make his escape.  You released him and stood, backing away towards the door.

“Don’t leave,” Bucky said urgently, standing to come after you, but halted by Steve’s hand across his chest.

“Steve, go.  Please.”

“No, not without you. You know he’s wrong, don’t you? You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t.” He moved towards you but you stepped further away.

“You’re both wrong.  But he expects me to follow orders, and I can’t do that to you.”  You rushed forward and took his face in your hands, pulling him down for a quick kiss before you turned again to leave. “I’ll keep you one step ahead of him.”


Almost a week had passed before you talked to Steve again when you called him with the news you had been dreading since the start of this whole mess.  They were calling you in again, but this time, he refused to back down. They wanted to take Bucky and you knew he would die trying to save him rather than let that happen.  

“Who’s on your team?” he asked quietly.  “Which of my friends am I fighting?”


“Tell me, (Y/N).  I need to know.”

“You only need to worry about Tony.  They’ve planned out their matchups on this end.”  

“So, who did you get on that draw?” he chuckled quietly, but it didn’t sound or feel genuine.

“Scott.  Can you believe that?  At least give me a challenge.”

“I like to hear your voice, (Y/N).  It’s the only thing that makes me smile anymore.”  His voice began to crack slightly as he spoke, and your heart began to ache.  “I’m sorry about this.  About all of it.”

“I know,” you whispered. “Nothing lasts forever.”  

You startled when Tony knocked on your door, calling to you from the other side, “we’re up, (Y/N).  Two minutes, get what you need.”

“Steve, you know what’s about to happen,” you pleaded, giving it one last shot to stop the inevitable, “do you really want to punch your way out of this?”

“I love you, (Y/N). I’ll be ready.”  With that, the line closed, and the next time you would see Steve would be from standing behind Tony, preparing to watch your only family try to destroy each other.


Sitting next to Natasha on the jet wasn’t much of a comfort, since she normally kept to herself before a mission.  Today she knew that her assignment was to take down her best friend, and you could feel how much it was hurting her the more she thought about it.  She was trying to plan her attack and how to counter the moves she knew Clint would use, but she couldn’t focus and her frustration was beginning to show.

“Calm down,” you whispered, “you’re flooding me and I can’t concentrate.”

“I’m about to lose him. I can’t calm down.”  She turned in her chair and looked at you skeptically, studying your expression carefully, “wait, you seem awfully calm yourself for someone about to fight her own husband.  What’s going on?”


“No, it’s more than that,” she pushed, “what are you going to do, (Y/N)?”

“We’re here,” Tony announced, “remember the plan, remember why we’re here.  None of us want to do this,” he said as he looked at you, “none of us.  But we’re left with no other choice.”

The jet door opened with your brother exiting first, leading the group into the building where Steve was last sighted with his own team in tow.  Your heart began to race with each step closer, and your breathing quickened and felt tight in your chest.  Your mind went back to that night in the gym when you broke up the fight between Tony and Steve and you wished that you were back there; that was child’s play compared to what was about to take place.  That was nothing.

Tony stopped in front of a large steel door when it didn’t open for him, reaching up to pull it open; he knew Steve was waiting on the other side.  You put your hand up on the hands of his suit and he paused, looking at you with a confused expression.  You pushed up on your toes and gave him a soft kiss on his cheek and took your place behind him, holding your breath as the doors resisted him and screeched open slowly.

You finally exhaled at the sight of Steve, with his team behind him, Bucky at his six with a gun poised to attack.

“Captain, you seem a little defensive.”

“Well, it’s been a long day.”

They slowly stepped closer to each other, Steve with his shield raised and the sound of Tony’s repulsors charging.  Steve looked at you briefly with a small nod, signaling that the group at his back was ready for you to make your move, and that they had you covered.

Stepping out of his shadow, you passed Tony and took your place behind Steve, accepting a handgun from Clint and pointing it at the team you were just a part of.  “You know I wouldn’t do this if I had any other choice.”

Steve positioned his shield to cover you, standing his ground when he saw Tony’s eyes darken and his face fill with a red anger at the sight of you joining him, now standing next to the wanted assassin that he was supposed to finish. 

“I’m sorry, Tony,” Steve said, his tone remorseful, “but he’s my friend.”

The feeling of heartbreak from Tony almost took your breath away, and tears filled your eyes.  This was it.  The beginning of the end.

“So was I.”

Part 3

The closest thing Bucky had ever gotten to a shovel talk was actually from Steve, who had sat down next to him on the couch one day back when the thing between Bucky and Tony was still new and said, apropos of nothing, “Tony’s strong, you know. But it’s not because he can’t be broken. It’s because no matter how many times the world breaks his heart he always finds the strength to pick the pieces up again.”

It hadn’t been a warning so much as advice, and there’d been something unfathomably sad in Steve’s eyes as he sat there, giving his best friend advice on how to take care of the man they both know Steve had, at one point, loved with his whole heart. But the moment had passed and Steve had smiled, a little sad in that way he got sometimes when he dwelled too heavily on the past and the subject had changed. Bucky’d never forgotten though, and sometimes late at night when he couldn’t sleep he would trace his fingers over Tony’s chest, feeling out the scars from his surgeries and the chest plate and the transplant and the RT and thanking whatever deity looked after poor dumb soldiers that Tony’d found the strength to live long enough to meet him.


LOOK at her! (I can’t pick the best screen, sorry…. I love all of them) guidethisonekalahira Thank you!! Now she looks even closer to how she’s supposed to be :D And now I need to make her a new Outerwear re-tex because this one is too fancy…. hmm…  something simpler and moar brown.. yes.

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