Those people who begrudgingly admit that talking about racism in fandom is important only to then be like “it’s not the only reason people like x underdeveloped or poorly written character more than main characters of color” are so ridiculous…

A) We’ve debunked this multiple times across multiple fandoms. If you’re that aware of what “antis” (and ugh why) are saying about a character you love in relation to racism in their corner of fandom, you should know that because most of the people talking about racism and erasure in fandom do it for multiple fandoms and characters.

B) This whole thing where white people decide that racism isn’t the main reason characters of color are disliked and mistreated in fandom needs to stop. Looking at the Star Wars fandom for specifics because it’s one of my mains, if fans of color are talking about antiblack racism or Latinx fetishization, as a white person it is literally not okay to be like “well that’s not right, it’s not really a factor here or it’s not the only one”. It’s rude, dismissive, absolutely unnecessary, and racist as hell.

Also, my god, liking Kylo BECAUSE he’s a villain is still intimately tied into race because Hello, the glorification of white crime is a thing. Saying that you/fandom would still like Kylo if he were black is a lie because this is a fandom that has labeled other black men (Mace Windu and Lando) as villains for legit nonexistent villainous behavior and then used that as an excuse not to create content for them. Or not to interact with the characters.

Please look at how fandom uses genuinely good black characters (Nick Fury, Lando, Finn, Sam Wilson, Deaton, and others) as villains in stories centering white characters.

Look at how Baron Mordo is nonexistent in Doctor Strange discourse despite being an actually complex villain and how the Luke Cage villains Cottonmouth and Mariah Dillard don’t get even a tenth of the love Loki does despite being better written.

The glorification of white crime in media and otherwise (because Bonnie & Clyde) is entirely to do about race and we know for a fact that fandom treats villains of color (and characters of color they decide are villains) way differently from white ones.

If you don’t have experience or understanding talking about race/racism in fandom, I strongly suggest keeping your thoughts to yourself until you can do your discourse without regurgitating the same tired thoughts white fans keep trying to claim are new and improved.

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Same Alien Anon. Yeah, it gives that kind of Japanese feeling, haha. I mean yeah Cartman was the first one but Clyde looks like "Omg what no no stop dont put that tentacle there" and it was so cute! (⌒_⌒;) Can I ask why the aliens did that to Clyde? Was somekind of reproduction experiment? Or just bc yes? (i just discovered I like tentacle!yaoi lol I don't event feel ashamed of it)

yeah i drew Clyde because i love seeing he cry XD i love cry-baby Clyde. he is so cuuute. (this pic posted on twitter few days ago)

and you asked me why. actually i considered about it after finished that drawing. instead setting satellite(?) into his butts, reproduction experiment is a nice reason enough for yaoi. don’t feel any ashamed. me too lol

Starting in the Middle

Trying out some Lyatt again because the finale killed me. Based on this headcanon by @victoria-tonks, slightly modified to make it work as a post-finale drabble, I hope you don’t mind!

His skin itched with a restlessness he couldn’t shake, even now that everything was safe. He kept looking up, into doorways, around corners, expecting Lucy to come back, to confirm that she’s safe.

She is, obviously, but that’s not going to stop Wyatt from worrying.

He stalked the corridors until the techs started shooting him odd glances, and that was when Wyatt knew he needed to get some air before they all convened again for their last trip.

Last. It sounded so final, it was final. This was it, once Lucy had her sister back there would be no more stomach rolling trips through time, thrown into different worlds and fighting to protect the past. Ask him a few months ago and he would’ve said that he was glad everything was finally coming to an end, but now…

Now he’d miss it. No point in lying to himself.

Wyatt came out into the large space that housed the charging Lifeboat, easily spotting Rufus near his computer. He collapsed in a chair next to the Pilot, noting the worry that was written all over his face. Jiya, probably, but the last Wyatt had heard, she was making a great recovery.

“How’s Jiya?”

Rufus snapped his head up, like he hadn’t even realized Wyatt was next to him. “She’s fine,” he finally replied, and he meant it, but the worry was still there. Wyatt couldn’t blame him.

“One last trip huh?” Rufus asked, changing the subject.

Wyatt nodded absentmindedly, his mind still running a mile a minute from their last jump. He noticed Rufus watching him oddly and raised an eyebrow in question.

“Look, don’t take this the wrong way, but you look like you could use a drink.”

Wyatt snorted, “We’re going on a mission soon.”

“Pretty sure you were drunk the first time we took this thing out,” Rufus pointed out, and they both cracked up at the same time, the pressures of the last forty-eight hours relaxed for a moment.

“Come on man, you need this,” Rufus stood up and shrugged on his jacket, leaving Wyatt no choice but to go along and follow. They didn’t go far, only wandering to the bar they liked to frequent after missions, when they’d nearly been killed by somebody who’d been dead for fifty years and they all just needed a drink. It felt wrong to do this without Lucy, but Wyatt knew they’d do this again. Rufus would drag Jiya along once she’d been discharged, they’d talk Agent Christopher into loosening up for a night, invite Mason now that they knew he wasn’t a complete ass, and maybe even Amy too because he doubted Lucy would want to leave her sister’s side for a while once she got her back.

(For a moment though, he wondered what it would be like for it to be just the two of them, him and Lucy for one night with no one else to interrupt. It’s kind of startling how much he wants to know what that would be like.)

Five minutes later and there’s a glass of bourbon in front of him, enough that he knows it’ll take the edge off, but not enough to make him useless. He’d promised Lucy that he’d see their last ride through, he doesn’t want to let her down. Rufus watched him across the table, and Wyatt could feel the other man’s questions practically on the tip of his tongue.

“Spit it out.”

Rufus fidgeted for a moment before finally speaking his mind. “I just – I wanted to know how you were holding up.”

Wyatt looked up, frowning. “You were the one that got shot. And nearly lost his girlfriend.”

Rufus winced, but pressed on. “Yeah, and I know I’m fine. But when we came back without Lucy…”

Wyatt closed his eyes, realizing what Rufus was getting at. To say that leaving Lucy behind with Flynn was hard was an understatement. It had literally taken every fibre of willpower he had to turn around and walk away from her in 1954, to watch the Lifeboat’s doors close with her on the other side, to not buckle her in and know with absolute certainty that he was doing everything in his power to keep her safe.

Their first priority had been getting Jiya medical attention, but as soon as they knew she’d be fine, Wyatt had been left to wonder and worry and wonder some more about Lucy, whether she’d be fine and if Flynn was keeping her safe or if the bastard had double-crossed her. He’d sworn on the graves of his grandparents that if Flynn did anything to her, he’d hunt him down with the single-minded obsessiveness that had driven his hunt for Jessica’s killer.

Only this time, he wouldn’t be failing.

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  • Craig: Air, water, fire, earth - which of you would bend what element?
  • Tweek: Fire!
  • Craig: [stage whispering] Because of your fiery passion.
  • Clyde: Earth.
  • Craig: [slightly louder] Because you’re so grounded.
  • Token: Hmm…water.
  • Craig: Because you’re so deep and mysterious!
  • Clyde: [mumbling] And you’re a wet blanket.
  • Jimmy: And I would bend air!
  • Clyde: Because you’re an airhead.
  • Jimmy: Now I kn-n-ow you intended to hurt my ff-f-feelings…but I am just so d-darn proud of you that you made a DAD JOKE!
  • Clyde: [covering his mouth] Oh, shhh–

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whenever ppl call token the mom friend all i can think about is an ANGRY token driving up in his minivan because clyde got hit in the face with a soccer ball or something,,, token the pta mom,, he insulted julies potluck and the other parents fear his wrath

the mother we all deserve

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Hey, Clyde! Did Tweek and Craig ever get to continue their story from last time?

CLYDE: Hey Tweek!

CLYDE: You know that story that you never got to finish? From way earlier today?

TWEEK: Oh god, that acting story?

CLYDE: Yeah!

CLYDE: People wanna hear the rest of it and so do I.

TWEEK: I don’t know why anybody would find it that interesting…


TWEEK: I was basically finished anyways! There’s nothing more to say.

CLYDE: Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnunununununhunhuhnugghuhdnkgfjldf.

CRAIG: Here, I’ll tell the rest of the story.


CRAIG: Okay so after all of our acting practice and stuff, like Tweek said, I said he should try out for the next school play.

CRAIG: I am literally the least amount of pissed right now.

TWEEK: So am I! I’m as chipper as can be!

CRAIG: Is that so?

TWEEK: Yes, it is.

CRAIG: Are you sure?

CRAIG: ‘Cause to me, it looks like you’re still pretty mad.

TWEEK: Gee, you know, I could say the same thing about you.

TWEEK: Are you still pissed?

CRAIG: Not at all.

TWEEK: Then it seems that we are both. Equally unpissed.

TWEEK: Neither of us are angry at all.

CRAIG: Because you are so happy right now… if I were to, say, poke you a bunch…

CRAIG: It wouldn’t bother you at all?


CRAIG: Tweek was so absolutely thrilled by the idea. Like, you have no idea.

CRAIG: So because there was still a bit of class left before we had to go eat lunch, we decided to keep practicing.

CRAIG: If Tweek was going to get into the highly touted South Park Elementary: The Curious Savage, he had to get all the help he could get.

CRAIG: Poke.

CRAIG: Poke.

CRAIG: Poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke.

TWEEK: Nope, I’m totally unaffected.

CRAIG: Gosh, you sure are happy.

TWEEK: Mmhmm.

CRAIG: You don’t mind if I do this then, huh?

CRAIG: Maybe pat your head a little bit?

CRAIG: A smooch on the cheek?

TWEEK: Knock it off.

CRAIG: Aw, what are you talking about?

TWEEK: That’s gross!

CRAIG: It’s just a little kiss.

TWEEK: Stop it!

CRAIG: Ow, don’t push me, asshole!

TWEEK: You asked for it!

CRAIG: Maybe if you weren’t acting like such a dick–

TWEEK: Get your hand out of my face, man!

CRAIG: Not until you get yours out of mine!

CRAIG: And stop punching me!

TWEEK: You stop first!

CRAIG: No you!


CRAIG: (Oh shit, it’s Mr. Mackey.)

TWEEK: (Oh god, oh no, oh jeez…)

CRAIG: After a while, to our surprise, the counselor Mr. Mackey caught us skipping class to practice.

CRAIG: But he was so totally enamored by our acting skills that he asked us to sign up right away.

CLYDE: Both of you?

CRAIG: Yeah, both of us.

CLYDE: Aw dude, when is this play? I wanna watch you guys!

CLYDE: I’ll be in the front row cheering you on like a proud mother.

TWEEK: Please don’t.

Mr. Mackey: Excuse me, just what the heck do you boys think you’re doing in here? You should both be in class!

Mr. Mackey: You both know better than to skip class. Are you having a little tussle? Am I going to have to send you to the principals office?



Mr. Mackey: Well? I’m waiting for an answer, mkay?

TWEEK: We were just, um… Uh… oh god– we–

CRAIG: Sorry, Mr. Mackey. We were just practicing.

Mr. Mackey: Practicing? For what?

CRAIG: Well, you see, Tweek wanted to try out for the school play, but he wasn’t very confident about his acting skills.

CRAIG: Tweek and I were planning on auditioning together, but because he wanted some help, I thought we could practice in here.

CRAIG: It’s my fault, sorry.

Mr. Mackey: Oh, really? You know, we aren’t getting enough auditions so it’d really help out of you boys could try out!

TWEEK: That’s– that’s what we thought!

TWEEK: We’re not in trouble, are we?

Mr. Mackey: I suppose I can just let you both off with a warning if you hurry your behinds back to class. Nobody’s supposed to be in here during class time, mkay?

CRAIG: Okay. We’ll both head back now.

Mr. Mackey: Mkay.

TWEEK: (The school play? What?!)

CRAIG: (Dude, I don’t know! Just go with it. My dad is going to kill me if I get detention for the third time this week.)

CRAIG: After Mr. Mackey stopped worshiping the very feet we stood on for our amazing acting, he told us that we had to get back to class.

CLYDE: Oh wait, is that why you both came into class right before lunch a few weeks back?

CLYDE: I thought you guys were both just taking the biggest dumps or something.

CRAIG: You know what, no. That’s exactly what we were doing.

CRAIG: You caught us again, Clyde.

CLYDE: No, okay, but seriously!

CLYDE: Dude!

CLYDE: I bet you guys are gonna rock the play.

CLYDE: And Craig, you’re the best story teller ever.

CLYDE: Tweek, you could use a little more work in the story-telling department, imo.


CLYDE: Anyways, thanks for wrapping that up. I give the story a 9.5/10.

TWEEK: Why 9.5?

CLYDE: Because I wasn’t there.

CLYDE: But it still gets the seal of approval anyways. Would recommend.

2/2 [part 1]

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If Roblivion were to get a dog in their much happier future, what breed do you think each of them would argue for and why?

OH GOD! DOG ASKS! There are like the best asks EVER! Sorry, I could talk about dogs for like … eterinites. Best thing ever! 

Okay, I think, Aaron wouldn´t care about a certain breed, tbh. Maybe he would feel drawn to German Shepards, because of Clyde. But he is very aware, that there was just one Clyde and he wouldn´t want a second one. And getting a German Shepard might feel like that for him. 
I would think, Aaron is more a fan of mixbreeds, maybe some of the dog shelter, because he just got such a big heart for the unwanted. In my head, I would give him a Pitbull mix girl, because they got such a bad reputation, but they can be so lovely dogs, when you give them the love and stability they need - just like Aaron.
So yeah, I think Aaron would care a lot more about the character than a breed. And I also think, he wouldn´t get himself a puppy, because he would be to afraid to mess it up, probably. 

So for Robert, he is totally the type for wanting a flashy pedigree dog. It should be a breed, that looks impress and is well-loved by many. For example a collie, border collie, australian shepards. Maybe a Golden Retriever would also be an option, but they may be to ordinary for some one like Robert Sugden. Only plus point for a Golden Retriever for him would be that they are excellent family dogs and Robert cares a lot about his family, so I wouldn´t rule them out completely. But I think, if Robert would have to choose a dog - but I don´t dig him much of a dog person tbh - it would be because of their appearence, not so much if the dog fits to their lifestyle. (Like sheepdogs need a lot of action to be happy and are a lot of work, and shouldn´t be owned by people, who don´t have the time for them. But they are really popular, because they are so clever and beautiful.)

And I imagine Liv with a really big dog, she could cuddle and that looks out for her, but doesn´t get much of a temper, you know, to even her out and calm her down. So maybe a Newfoundlander - because they are huge and black and awesome - would win her heart! I also could picture her with a bernese mountain dog or a Leonberger. *///*

In the end, I think, they would get a dog from the shelter. Liv would make the pick, because Aaron would be fine with every dog, as long Liv is happy with it, and yeah, Robert would probably accept his faith, because he would like both of them to be happy, and if it means, they are getting an old, ugly dog, he can deal with that. 

Sorry, that got so long, but I warned you!!! 


In celebration of 100 posts in the Crenny-RP I write with Hun

♥ Thank you for the wonderful RolePlay ♥

I play as Kenny and Hun plays as Craig.


The drawing shows the current scene of the roleplay when Kenny, Craig and the rest of their class go on a school trip in the mountains for some skiing, hot springs and more. All of them are riding the bus and due to certain circumstances Kenny and Craig end up sitting next to each other, watching movies on McCormicks i-p………pad.

While Kenny has a secret crush on his fellow student, Craig isn’t too fond of his presence, even though the blonde earned some of his trust during the latest happenings when they teamed up as against Trent Boyett to protect their sisters - Calling themselves “Team motherfucking Crenny” in the process.

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this world will remember us is my favourite. i don't particularly like bonnie and clyde because i'm not a fan of deep south/west/whatever the term is accents. I honestly don't particularly care for JerJor either. But i love that song and Laura Osnes's voice.

I haven’t gotten to that song yet, but I’ve heard it’s really good :)

And I get that. That kind of style isn’t for everyone :D