Rose Diamond Theory

I had this theory for a while but after seeing this post it does give it more ground. (I already replied to that post with this headcanon but I’ll make it a separate post too for the tag)

The gem Steven pulls from the lighthouse is very clearly a blue diamond right?

And this diamond seems to be the most hurt whenever Lars enters Ronaldo’s or “it’s domain” at the lighthouse, and it chooses this scene to portray its pain.

The breaking up of a friendship.

What if the blue diamond really belongs to THE Blue Diamond and this particular memory hurts her because of another incident where one of her closest comrades broke her trust and hurt her during a rebellion?

What if Blue Diamond and Rose Diamond were best friends?

also i love it when people paint people who have romantic relationships (especially lgbt people l b r) as having some kind of cartoon villain vendetta against friendship, thinking romance is The Single Most Important Thing In The Whole World To The Exclusion Of All Else, not having friends or mistreating their friends inherently like, first of all this is ridiculous on its face, second of all no i certainly don’t have a best friend whose well being i’ve prioritized way above my own for long periods of time and whom i consider family, but oh because that relationship is central to my life in a different way than my marriage i am clearly an oppressive friendship-hater and also i presumably have cooties because that’s about the level of this discourse