I was tagged by the lovely @missliverpoolfc ( sorry it took me so long and a big thank you for tagging me :) )


-Last movie you saw: Due Date
-Last song you listened to: Control by Halsey
-Last show you watched: Scream
-Last book you read: well do graphic novels count? then “Civil War”, i read way too much fanfiction to finish an actual book, the last was “ The Sixth Man“ by David Baldacci
-Last thing you ate: wraps :D
-Where would you time travel to: maybe the 70/80′s and i would say to america, because of the awesome music.

-Fictional character you would hang out for a day with: i don’t know my faves are all a bit weird. Maybe i would spend some time with Elmo or Bing Bong from Inside Out.(which would be a tad weird) This is difficult, spending a day with my favourite fictional character would, in most cases, probably get me killed. I think i should go for Tony Stark, just to hug him a trillion times, cause tony needs a hug!!
-First thing you would do with lottery money: travel a lotttt
-Time right now: 23:24

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