I really have too much time on my hands to be compiling every single sudden frown Jack makes.

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If Ice Prince Sherlock has been stuck in the ice kingdom since he was a kid, what does he do for entertainment?

Okay at first he fills up scrolls and scrolls about a handsome blond man coming to his rescue and ravishing him in his bedroom while he’s in his nightgown, but then one of the scrolls ends up with some newly made royal decrees and it’s read aloud in the throne room while all the citizens of the ice kingdom are there and Mycroft is all 😨….baby brother wtf while Sherlock practically melts from embarrassment because omg!!! #EXPOSED. So yeah, the prince sticks to taking walks in the forest after that.







*se mete una ostia contra el suelo*

Me cago en la puta-

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i got into EW back in 2012? sadly almost right after Edd had passed away. that’s actually how i heard about it, was people talking about his death on DeviantART. so i looked it up and watched the most recently posted eddisode, Hammer and Fail 2, and i loved it. i was hooked. i spent the next week watching Literally every single Eddisode. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. All of it.

Tom was my fav at first, but now it’s Totally Tord. I’m a sucker for trigger-happy murderers in Red lmao, I LOVE BAD GUYS. i was SO STOKED when he came back in The End? and i cried? bc he was Evil and also had a giant Robot??? like holy fuck LOVE ME SOME ROBOTS jeez i’m getting emotional right now. Anyways, i rly love the idea of him becoming the Red Leader and having a missing/fucked up/robot eye and a roboarm. i wanna cosplay him so bad tho?? like, military uniform and all bc Go Big or Go Home ya feel me. 

i rly wish i could talk about the actual Plot of EW but there really isn’t one sadly. like there is episode to episode, and there was Buildup for The End 1&2, but there isn’t really like an overarching plotline? i wish there was tho, i love making stupid silly things angsty and deep bc i’m a horrible and boring person lmao. i guess i can just rely on the fandom for that tho? idk whatever.

i actually met Iris thorough EW, we used to talk on DeviantART then we met IRL at school and realized that we knew each other from the internet. it was really strange and magical imo. We’re still both into Eddsworld actually, we celebrated last Eddday together and we reference it all the time; it drives our friends crazy bc no one else is iNTO IT BUT US AAAAA

anways thats a solid 4 paragraphs i don’t feel like typing anymore but YEAH TY FOR THE ASK

Fame doesn't negate how gross and invasive ‘shipping’ real people is.

‘But they’re so cute/hot in their band/show/channel/movie/etc together!’

Just because you find people attractive or think your actions are impersonal due to the celebrity/popularity statuses of the people on the other end, doesn’t mean you’re any less at fault. Often times people fail to recognize the disconnect between fame doesn’t make crossing certain social boundaries any less slimy.

It’s the equivalent of going up to a ‘cute couple’ you see at the park that turn out to not be a couple at all and taking a candid photo w/o their permission, and posting it online because ‘omg the feels’ or whatever, or telling them how great it would be if they did x romantic thing, before even asking if they’re together first, or would be comfortable with either of those interactions. Nobody wants that kind of uninvited attention. What makes being famous different?

‘But it’s just pretend if they use personas!’

Even if the persons of interest use personas, as long as they serve as someone’s personal interpretation of themselves, they count as a portrayal of that person. Would you be any less uncomfortable if someone drew art of you and your strictly platonic friend being romantic or explicit together if it were created using personas rather than strict realism? Probably not! 

I don’t care WHAT they choose to portray themselves as or how ‘pretend’ it seems from an outside perspective. If they consider it even a SLIGHTLY serious representation of themselves, for all intents and purposes, it is indeed that person.

‘But they totally have chemistry!’

Even if they act exactly like a couple would, doesn’t mean that you should invade their privacy and assume things you don’t know. You should always wait for a public announcement from the people themselves, whenever it is that they are comfortable and ready. Never rely on rumors or ‘suspicious’ platonic interactions, for multiple reasons:

  • They could be waiting to address the situation when they are more comfortable doing so.
  • If it is not a hetero relationship, there’s always the possibility that they are not ready to be out of the closet.
  • They might not want attention drawn to the fact that they’re together. Not everyone wants to be public about these things, especially if they have an audience.
  • Maybe they don’t know if they’re in a serious relationship yet.
  • They could just be friends.

There are appropriate and inappropriate responses to such ‘suspicions.’

In example:

  • 'They did x potentially romantic thing! Omg! I wonder what this means for them, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see first.’
      • Good. You’re allowed to be excited about the possibility of people being a couple, as long as you be respectful of their boundaries and personal lives.
  • 'They hugged! I saw it in the tabloids, so it’s true!! You can just SEE the SEXUAL TENSION! The implications are clear, they are Together. I’m going to write fanfic of them, further the rumor by tweeting blatant misinformation as fact and draw some porn to celebrate!’
      • Stop.

And EVEN IF it does become confirmed by Word of God, please dear lord don’t jump to the conclusion that creating suggestive content containing them is something they won’t mind you doing. I don’t think ANYONE wants that.

'It’s not like they’ll see!’

Maybe they won’t find your content or comments in particular, but you can still contribute to a collective movement which successfully causes the ‘couple’ in question distress. If you add to the problem, you are the problem.

And so what if they don’t see any of it after all? Does that mean it’s any more justifiable? (In case all these rhetorical questions left you guessing, the answer is no.)


People are still people, regardless of fame. Do not depersonalize anyone simply because they are well known. They are still just as real as you are and have the same capacity to be made uncomfortable or feel alienated by your presumptions and actions.


“Now there’s something I thought I’d never see…"