wee-chlo asked:

For your consideration, I leave you with this: Papyrus, Sans, Frisk, Undyne, Alphys, and Flowey playing Monopoly. Bonds of brotherhood and friendship are pushed to the limit. Frisk is like "I would like to remind everyone that none of you can legally own property in this country yet due to the limbo that monsters are in in property laws, and as tragic as it is, that means I automatically win because you have to give all your property to me."

it all ends with papyrus silently moving back and forth, sans holding the eye thing, alphys calming down a sad crying flowey, undyne who threw all the spears to the board and frisk bathing in monopoly money

and of course, toriel throwing the game away as asgore prepares tea for everyone

the-theory-anon asked:

It's fucking ridiculous how much you have to pay to get it shipped overseas like last time I ordered from HT I had to pay more for shipping than for the actual items!? I just closed the HT tab I had open before I threw away all of my money 'cause self control is a thing that I do not have. Mac first, space filling things from hot topic later

Yeah ! I mean I had to be so strict on myself because I really wanted that laptop and now I got it ! I love it !

But yeah hot topic is a bitch for money and shipping ! Stolen it all !

bloodsexmagick asked:

7 and 12

7.Have you ever been awake for 48 hours straight? >> No because I love myself. That said, my ex and I fooled around @ night all through this school field trip to DC and by the end I was literally going through the day forgetting whole chunks of time. I still can’t remember parts of that trip? I think I threw away money at one point? I was struggling to ground myself in reality, and that’s when I knew I wasn’t gonna try staying up that late again. 

12.Are you mad at someone right now? >> No, I’m pretty good. A bit frustrated, but too tired to be mad anymore.

I came out for you I ruined my relationship with my mother I have forsaken everything I believed in and betrayed my religion because of you. I snuck out of the house, I spent time and money on you. I was always looking out for you. Putting you together even on days I was falling apart. I swallowed most of my problems so you’d never stress I would speak to my abuser on a regular basis just to get to you. I even started cursing again. I almost threw away my morals and smoke/drank because of you. I cut classes and let my grades slip. I ignored all my friends, deleted half their numbers and just dropped most altogether to make more space for you. You always came first even before college. I completely dropped a real good guy I met at school because you were jealous. When he kissed me I called and told you right away. I never lied to you and I never kept secrets. I’ve been nothing less than loyal. I even put you first sexually. It doesn’t make sense.

Still complaining sorry no cuts I’m on mobile

When I moved into that apartment it was fucking filthy and the office never fixed all the broken shit I complained about and they changed the lock on my door before my lease was up and NOW they have the nerve to charge me extortionate amounts of money for clean up??? When I left it cleaner than I found it and they locked me out and threw my shit away???

And I have no documentation of any of this BECAUSE THEY have all the documents and can choose which ones to share and HOW the fuck am I supposed to document the fact that they locked me out???

I had a dream about my parents dying in a war. Like I saw their dead bodies being dragged away and thrown in a garbage can. So I’ve been in a shit mood because of that. So now I’m easily triggered. I had a panic attack this morning because my mom threw away my headphones and I dumped out every trash can this morning on our property, looking for them, just so she could tell me, she put all of my shit in a little bag that she planned on throwing away. Like, then she goes on yelling at me how I need to get my stuff together at night and that I need to lose the attitude. I didn’t have an attitude, I was just really drained. So when we get downtown, I couldn’t find my fucking pouch with my passport and my money so I can go to school. So, I called my mom and she yelled some more. I just stopped listening. And now my phone is dying, I can’t breathe, and I’m starving and I just really wanna cry at this point and it doesn’t seem like much to stress over but I don’t know what’s wrong with me