Before and after sim tag

Rules: Pretty much you need to find the oldest sim in your gallery and give them a makeover.

I was tagged by @furiouslydecaffinated for this extremely embarrassing and hilarious tag! Thank you bb!

I cheated a little and used Aida, as she is, by far, my oldest sim! I deleted everything pre-2015 in my gallery to save myself the pain of looking at my horribly ugly sims, so I went looking through my old hardrive for these gems of her. The pics were taken in September & November, 2014.

I must have realized how nasty all my sims were and gave them all extreme makeovers in October, 2015. The second pic is Aida around that time. Dunno why she has clay hair, but anyway. 

I haven’t actually changed her much since then, mostly just adding skin details (nose masks etc) but I think she looks miles better. I still sometimes get paranoid that my sims are all hideous but I’ve been looking at them too long to notice. Poor Sky was by far the ugliest, so I won’t expose your eyes to that lol.

I’m gonna tag @nicotinc @quiddity-jones @catssimblr @neutralsupply @inabadromance @dreamteamsims @dinaswimmer @aoihana2510 @maladi777 @parakisssims AND @beverlyallitsims @tinwhistletoo @zauglom because I tag you guys in literally everything!