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((I’m hoping as many people will see this post as possible because I feel that it’s very important.))

As I think a lot of you are aware of, for the last few years, conventions have been a place where people have felt the need to tell the actors of Supernatural (particularly Jared, Jensen and Misha) their personal stories of mental illness, suicide attempts/survival, and everything that comes along with those subjects. There have been multiple posts that I know of here on Tumblr and on other social media outlets begging people to stop treating the boys as therapists because it’s obviously a very hard subject to listen to in an environment where they are unprepared and put on the spot.

We know that the boys handle these encounters with fans graciously and kindly and that they do their best, but we also know that hearing these stories from fans have had negative effects on them. We know that Jared has, multiple times, had to excuse himself from autograph sessions to gather himself. In a fan convention setting, putting this kind of emotionally heavy subject matter on the boys isn’t right- as so many have said.

And now I’m telling you that if people don’t stop doing this to them, the boys will stop doing conventions altogether.

I’ve been in touch with the head of Creation Entertainment and though I can’t share the emails with anyone because of confidentiality reasons, I will tell you that he said himself that the actors have stated that if they continue to be treated as therapists without any control by Creation’s staff that they will no longer do conventions.

Because of this, Creation is going to be implementing rules that ruin the experience of photo ops and autographs for everyone in line who just wants the chance to say “hello” to the boys. By ignoring Creation Entertainment’s request (on their website and at the conventions) to not treat the boys as therapists and ladle heavy stories on them during a time that should be enjoyable for them, we as a fandom have potentially ruined conventions for them altogether.

If we want to keep the boys happy and healthy and enjoying the conventions like we all do, then we have to stop treating them like our personal counselors. It’s unfair to them, and to the other people in line, and it’s obviously taken enough of a toll on them for them to say something to the heads of the convention.

Please stop. There are other people and other ways to talk about your problems that are completely healthy and in environments that are safe.


<< Art rewind for 2013 << 

*not in order because my color senses couldn’t take it, nor does this include everything because how*

Thank you for a great year and all your support guys ♥ ヽ(〃^▽^〃)ノ your kind words are very much my inspiration and drive to continue working and improving. 

When he has his own Netflix, Hulu, and HBO accounts:

i wasted literally three hours of my time on this. what the living heck is this. upcoming bff askblog advertisement… maybe.. orz 

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Saw part one? Liked what you saw? Hoped for more work of the same quality???? Well then prepare to have a big ol’ serving of the house special!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s called Disappointment.

I’m still trying to figure out how to draw these guys so please disregard that Junkrat can’t seem to even LOOK consistent from panel to panel. Boy you need some order in your life.

Yo, I thought this was obvious, but you guys realize everything was already written and recorded, right? Being a total ass to a fictional character won’t change shit and just makes the whole fandom look bad. And worse, it encourages people to be rude to real people without thinking about the consequences. Would you ever stick your nose into a strangers relationship? No, you wouldn’t. Shut up.

Now chill the fuck out because this is getting ridiculous.

@ask-spiderpool I’m sorry for tagging you like this, but I was hoping to say something about the comic without hitting a word limit. I had to stop reading the comic after Civil War because the break up between Wade and Peter was… too personal. It hurt. A lot. I didn’t want to unfollow you though because I thought a while after the movie came out everything would be happy again.

It didn’t get happy.

Peter died (somehow), then got resurrected (somehow). Then after that, he became (from what I saw) an asshole who was no longer a hero, but rather let a bag guy get away. And that isn’t the Peter Parker I know. It infuriated me.

Then came along Wade going to some alternate dimension where Peter didn’t know or like Wade, and that hurt almost as much, if not the same. Its been months since Civil War and neither of them are happy still.

Then…. I see today’s page. About Wade in another dimension, where that dimension’s Wade was never in Weapon X and died. Peter doesn’t know him. Wade starts thinking he “could make a new start, be a better person”, but that message was warped by his self-loathing, calling himself “scum” for reasons I can’t remember because I can’t bear to read the page again. It was, again, too personal. It physically hurt reading that update by chance.

I followed you because I thought your series was cute and fluffy and because I love Spideypool, I love Peter, and above all I love Wade. But to see after all these months that nothing good has happened to either of them, that things have only gotten worse, it hurts me very much. And I’m not just saying this like “Oh, the angst hurts, I can’t wait for the resolution where Peter helps Wade cope and feel better.”

I’m saying this because I can no longer be sure you will ever let either of them be happy. And that deeply concerns me. You are a prominent author and artist with a very large fanbase of people watching what started out as two people slowly falling in love (or so I thought), but now it’s just… pain.

I used to write way too much angst, and I knew where to cross the line. I regret what I wrote to this day. But I had a small group of friends to tell me what limits were, and I could always guarantee a happy ending. Something I’m scared you can’t do.

I don’t want to unfollow you. As little as I read your comic, I’m invested in your stuff and Spideypool is one of my favorite ships. But to see Wade and Peter in so much hate and pain without any sort of relief hurts so much that I can’t properly express it in words without repeating myself or oversimplifying it.

I know you probably won’t see this or bother to read it, but if you do, is there by chance any way you can alleviate my anxiety about this? Spoilers or not, I just want Wade to finally be happy again like the good old early days of your comic.


A New Curse With No Savior, You Say...

… and I ask you, how will it break then?

Because it will break, we all know that much; Emma won’t be Dark Swan forever, so something is going to have to give at some point. And trolling through the SQ tag, I found this post, and a light just went off in my head, and everything clicked.

Adam and Eddie have told us, repeatedly, that the LGBT romance is going to be set up in 5a, and develop in 5b. Kind of hard to do that very well with Mulan/Ruby/Merida (in whichever combination you prefer), when neither Mulan nor Ruby have been spotted on set yet & they’re already on episode 8 out of 10 (11 being the 100th ep special, completely separate from s5). Of course, it’s entirely possible that they’ve been filming wholly in the green screens, but it doesn’t really make much sense, & if they didn’t come back to SB with that gang, how the fuck are they supposed to be in 5b? (and even in Camelot/EF, those scenes have been shot outside, so we’d have seen them hanging around by now)

But, right, here’s the thing that we’ve been told since s1: every curse, no matter how powerful, can be broken. With True Love’s Kiss. And even if Dark Swan took precautions and did some hocus pocus so Henry’s kiss wouldn’t work (she didn’t seem too worried in the sneak… not worried at all, actually, even though she’d just been having a heart-to-heart chat with Henry), something does work. And Emma and Hook kiss plenty in the EF, and she’s still clearly the Dark Swan; I’m also willing to bet we’ll get some C$ kisses in SB in full-DO mode (wasn’t there some spoilers of that?), and nothing happens.

BUT SOMETHING DOES HAPPEN, DOESN’T IT. Because, again, Emma doesn’t stay dark forever.

Only One Knows the Truth

And Only One Can Break Her Spell.

Do you see it now? How are they ever going to introduce a LGBT romance in 5a with characters that aren’t really there? 

Unless it’s with characters who are there; have always been there. 

Unless it involves a cocky Dark One that never expected the Evil Queen loved her back, so had no reason, no earthly possible reason, to add in an anti-Regina TLK clause into the curse, because why should she? As far as she knows, there’s no risk on that front. Even if Regina does step up as the savior, which Emma seems to be goading her to do in 5x02, she still doesn’t expect her curse to break.

[The Long Overdue Nap Date]

[ ooc // I FINISHED IT OH MY GOD IT’S DONE it’s also completely safe for work, if anyone was worried. they are actually just sleeping, it wasn’t some innuendo. it topped out at 3.2k words so it took a while but it’s pretty… pretty long. praise be for chille tid though it practically doubled the wordcount. i’ve also got a pic i drew of it, but it isn’t quite finished yet – it’ll probs go up sometime tomorrow!! ]

[ OH RIGHT- if you haven’t been following this blog long, this is kind of an “epilogue” to the possession event. pearl has a slightly different appearance from regeneration (one aspect of which was unintentional – her teeth are sharp and she is upset) and honestly if i gave more backstory it’d get way too long so i guess uhhhh enjoy?? idk sobs;; ily ^^’ ]

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can i just talk for a minute about how much child prodigy newt does not make sense? i mean, here is a dude who hates authority, and you don’t learn to hate authority by getting everything you need and want in life from childhood. the seed of cynicism plants itself in you at a young age, not just because you’re some cishet white guy who listened to the sex pistols and learned what a feminism was.

you’ve got a Bad Brain, and you are taught by teachers that you are bad. sure, the kid is smart, he even corrects the teacher from time to time. but he’s so angry and scatterbrained and he talks back and he throws out his homework. you get him Tested but it turns out diagnosing a kid is not easy. the go-to is always adhd and if the meds don’t work for that you are shit out of luck. so you grow up failing and learning you are a time bomb of wasted potential, and you internalize it and become bitter, so bitter. you hate your teachers, you hate your psychiatrists, and some days you even hate your parents. all the adults are against you and that’s how you become someone who hates authority.

if newt got his way and charmed his teachers enough to get him into college at 14, 15, continuing to get his way enough to breeze through 6 phds, who would he have to hate? who is he to call his authority figures “fascists” and protest alongside women for more accessible education? whose hand does he have to fear and resent?

in terms of privilege, newt is nothing beacham would have you believe. kids like him get treated poorly for their brains, not rewarded. you reclaim yourself by working hard, and it doesn’t come easy.


So we’ve been getting a lot of asks for angst fics and I figured we might as well take the opportunity and make a big masterlist for angst! So I (admin V) have taken matters into my own hands and I am putting together this list ITS LIKE THE LORD IS TESTING ME 

Okay to begin, I reccommend you guys check out our Request Masterlist and under the angst section, just in case I miss something! OH and also head over to our Angst Tag for more! :DD

Also because I am an emotional wreck (I literally cry at everything and anything you should have been there when I was watching Frozen and Toy Story 3) some of these may not make you cry BUT I SWEAR MOST OF THESE WILL and some of these may or may not contain happy endings! I don’t want to say which cause I don’t want to spoil anything so beware!

OKAY cue Mulan’s I’ll Make a Man out of You


  • Anterograde Tomorrow (/laughs hysterically Do I need to say more! HNNNGGGG this fic began my fetish love for angst fics and turned me into the masochist I am today. If you don’t cry during this fic, you need to go ask the wizard of oz for a heart WAS THAT MEAN I AM SO SORRY I LOVE YOU<3333 but no okay yes this fic is a must read for angst and a must read in general!)
  • Countdown (Can I just say how much this fic tore my heart up. I bawled like a blubbering baby reading this. I’ve read it twice and I cried just as hard both times.)
  • Gicleur (a big big big love of mine. Ask anyone who has read Gicleur and they will tell you how much this story will mess you up. It is a whole new genre of angst tbh. Gicleur has the most unique ending I have ever read. It’s soooo original and so different from any plot twist I have ever come across.)
  • Summer, 21 (I can probably read any other fic over again but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to read Summer 21 again. I didn’t think it would affect me as much as I did when I first started reading tbh BUT THEN IT STARTED GETTING FUNNY and gUYs the humor in this fic is what makes it soooo sad in the long run FUCK DONT TOUCH ME IM IN A FRAGILE STATE)
  • Enflame (This fic is really depressing and bittersweet in a way. One of my favorite quote comes from this fic and wow I can’t tell you how lovely this story is)
  • Station N (Okay tbh I didn’t cry reading this BUT ONLY BECAUSE it was slightly confusing. But I swear it will be one of the best thing you will ever read in your life. The story line is very unique and so thought out and her writing style is one of the best I have ever read. Now that I have gotten a true understanding of the story (PROPS TO ADMIN T HEY GIRL HEY), my heart weeps for it and for Jongin omfg)
  • Arbitrage (Same with how I feel about Station N for this one as well. Arbitrage is an absolute freaking classic and I felt so vulnerable reading it omfg)
  • The Last Straw (It’s a sequel to the 27th of October which is a baekyeol fic (it’s also really sad and amazing so I def rec you check that out as well) But tbh The Last Straw made me cry so much more. If this doesn’t break your heart I don’t know what will T_T)
  • The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot (one of my absolute absolute favorites. To me this fic is sadder then Anterograde. It doesn’t have character death and tbh I’d rather it did. It tore my heart up into pieces but I always find myself going back to it because it’s just that amazing.)
  • Street Rats (I was on the edge of my seats the whole time reading this fic. It is the perfect combination of complete fluff and heart wrenching angst I MEAN WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT)
  • Interrobang (My 3rd favorite fic EVER I could not have asked for a better story tbh. Interrobang is beautiful and it literally tears your heart apart, stomps on it, then comes back, apologizes and gives you a pororo band aid kinda like what exo does to us I cried both tears of joy and heartbreak reading this!)
  • Gods are like stars (born dying) (The ending is debatable whether or not to be considered happy or sad but I couldn’t have asked for a better ending tbh. So many tears shed reading this just wowow)
  • Yellow Chrysanthemum (Not a complete angst fic but it’s just enough to make me shed some tears. Another one of my ultimate favorites)
  • Athanasia (I WAS SO DONE SHOTS FUCKING FIRED AFTER I READ THIS omfg I could not stop crying and I sat there and told the whole story line to my friend and cried even harder. ANOTHER ULT FAVORITE OF MINE)
  • Maybe Next Summer (Okay this fic is considered slight!angst and it prob will not make you cry at all but being the freak that I am, I cried. I read this one line from the fic and it touched me so much that it made me cry S.O.S PLEASE HELP ME)
  • 6 Months 6 Days (wahhhhhhhhhh *shoots self)
  • A Thousand Septembers (this fic is just wow the character development is just wow the angst is just wow the writing style is just wow fucking kyungsoo is just wow THIS FIC IS JUST WOW OKAY)
  • Twisted (For some reason even tho this fic has abuse and is pretty violent. I am sooo in love with it. It really dwelled up some serious emotions in me) 
  • Are you going to age with grace? (*connects myself to life support)
  • The moonlight of my heart (*puts on oxygen mask)
  • Throne (FUCKKKKKKKK I mean yes heavy angst very heavy angst)
  • Seven of Swords (kill me now I am ready I have seen everything)
  • To say I love you (would be a mistake) (This is like the boy who blocked his own shots 2.0 like waeeeeeeeeeee)
  • 116 (OKAY THIS ISNT KAISOO AND IM SORRY This is hunhan but I freaking love this fic so freaking much kyaaaaaaaa okay I could not stop crying and I thought about this fic for days PROPS TO ADMIN C FOR this WRECKING ME THIS MESS) 

Okay these are the only ones I’ve read thus far! I am still in the process of reading loads more angst so I will def inform you guys of any new ones that I come across :DD 


I hope you guys enjoy and have a lovely day!!<333 

- Admin V

I don’t get how people are so negative

Like spreading positivity is so much fun and it’s so freaking refreshing

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@molded-from-clay You’re my everything and your blog and art are as well


Everyone right now, if you’re tagged, reblog, tagging others and spreading positivity just like this. This needs to be a thing because there’s way too much negativity on this site and we need to clean it up

Just an update

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Instead I’ve bookmarked[tag i was tracking] and I’ll just check those daily from a folder I put in my bookmarks toolbar. I’m urging all my followers to do the same. Sorry about the possible increased load on your servers because of that but you didn’t really give me another option.

Which seems to be a trend with you guys, removing options and various functions that made the site more flexible and usable. So I’ll keep you updated on how I’m circumventing your restrictions. (Oh hey, pro tip: you guys would see more responses and tags on your posts if you installed New XKit.)

Open Water: Pt. 5

A Bucky x Reader / AU

Master List

A/N: I’m so sorry this took so long to get out. Life and whatnot. Only a few more parts left I think! Let me know what you think! Hearing from you guys makes me want to write more! ♥

Word Count: 1,760

- language.

Tags: (at the bottom)

*gif is not mine.

The trek back to your makeshift campsite went quicker than the initial walk down to the spring. You suspected it was because the air between you and Bucky was different now. It wasn’t as claustrophobic with rage, the kiss he’d bravely planted on your lips changing everything. The only thing it didn’t change, was that you were both stranded on a desert island in the middle of nowhere.

The day was flying by quickly, the position of the sun indicating it was already past noon. You both still had to make a better shelter than the dinky one you had now, build another fire to cook your dinner, and write ‘help’ on the beach for passerbys. You stopped cold in your tracks on the way back, your knees suddenly weak, your will power diminishing. Sitting on a nearby rock, Steve the iguana blinked up at you from his coconut.

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just the space between the stars

Twenty-seven seconds past midnight on Alex’s birthday, Kara knocks at the door, cake in hand and smile in place. Alex rolls her eyes and accepts her fate. 

Found on Ao3

Or: Even more Danvers sisters fluff as I take a break from studying for finals.

the thing that fucks you up with compulsory heterosexuality tho is that you confuse literally everything with attraction. a guy made me laugh? I must be attracted to him. a guy made me feel uncomfortable, scared, sad? it’s gotta be because I’m attracted to him

it was only when I started acknowledging and legitimising my attraction to women that I realised how absolutely fake my attraction to men was