Saw part one? Liked what you saw? Hoped for more work of the same quality???? Well then prepare to have a big ol’ serving of the house special!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s called Disappointment.

I’m still trying to figure out how to draw these guys so please disregard that Junkrat can’t seem to even LOOK consistent from panel to panel. Boy you need some order in your life.

Open Water: Pt. 5

A Bucky x Reader / AU

Master List

A/N: I’m so sorry this took so long to get out. Life and whatnot. Only a few more parts left I think! Let me know what you think! Hearing from you guys makes me want to write more! ♥

Word Count: 1,760

- language.

Tags: (at the bottom)

*gif is not mine.

The trek back to your makeshift campsite went quicker than the initial walk down to the spring. You suspected it was because the air between you and Bucky was different now. It wasn’t as claustrophobic with rage, the kiss he’d bravely planted on your lips changing everything. The only thing it didn’t change, was that you were both stranded on a desert island in the middle of nowhere.

The day was flying by quickly, the position of the sun indicating it was already past noon. You both still had to make a better shelter than the dinky one you had now, build another fire to cook your dinner, and write ‘help’ on the beach for passerbys. You stopped cold in your tracks on the way back, your knees suddenly weak, your will power diminishing. Sitting on a nearby rock, Steve the iguana blinked up at you from his coconut.

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the thing that fucks you up with compulsory heterosexuality tho is that you confuse literally everything with attraction. a guy made me laugh? I must be attracted to him. a guy made me feel uncomfortable, scared, sad? it’s gotta be because I’m attracted to him

it was only when I started acknowledging and legitimising my attraction to women that I realised how absolutely fake my attraction to men was


I WILL GLADLY ACCEPT FULL RESPONSIBILITY. REJOICE IN THE 90s DIET COKE AU although actual death is not required for full enjoyment _(:3」∠)_

In all seriousness, though, I’m glad you’re all having fun <3 Thank you so much for your lovely messages! More AU fun is coming, I promise~

(@sora-answers @starsabovethekat - tagging you guys because I combined your messages, sorry! ; w ;)

So you guys probably saw my Insta post in the tag earlier for those of you who don’t know this is me and Monique ( @modelmagic) she is one of the original shippers and hasn’t been in the tag much this past year because she’s been opening her own business but knows every little detail that has happened because I send her literally everything. We started talking on tumblr 3 ½ years ago bonding over the fact that we were both Aussie Valdaya shippers. We still talk pretty much every day and still fangirl over Valdaya and just about what else is going on in our lives.

And we finally met today for the first time. Valdaya is a fun Ship but I really do love the friendships I have made in the tag over the years.

We made it to 3000.

Thank you, everyone. I’m not very good at expressing my gratitude but I want to try.

Little more than a year ago I posted some dumb animations I did with the recently-released Big Boss model. I made this tumblr with no expectations, I was under the impression I’d post them, a few people would like them and then I’d go into obscurity again.

Anyway I’ll cut to the point. I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now without you people, even the people who don’t follow me and reblog my stuff, I read the tags, the additions you make to my posts, everything, because I love all the funny and great things you say. If it weren’t for me posting my stuff to tumblr, and seeing the amazing and kind response I get from you guys, I probably wouldn’t have the same joy from animating I do now.

Everyone of you are great, interesting people, and all the interactions we’ve had is been something I’m grateful for. Whether it’s 100+ messages incorrectly labeling me as cute, or a bunch of people challenging my URL for claiming Big Boss did nothing wrong.

I’m also going to apologise, I truly wish I could say there was some great, outgoing personality behind this blog, like many other animators and the like, but as you can tell I’m incredibly silent and can barely express myself beyond 1 word replies. There have been plenty of you who have taken a great interest in talking to me, to be met with 1 word replies and difficult conversation. I still regret instances of this that happened a year ago.

3000 probably isn’t a lot in the grand scheme of things, but since I started I’ve made new friends, made absolutely HORRIBLE puns, streamed atrocious animation sessions, made Big Boss do the Kakyoin dance, and I even got shipped with another tumblr user that one time. I thought I’d finally type something for you guys, there is a person behind this blog who laughs like an idiot at memes and stuff you send me, but I’m a very silent person and I’m sorry.

As I type this right now I’m very anxious and I am considering just erasing this entire post and just making a short and quick thank you, but I think this is an appropriate thank you (for now). I’m going to post this before I stop myself. I would have used a read-more but I’m not sure if I can do that on the Android app. Heh…



A few changes.

So I’ve not been too happy with how I run this blog, so I have decided to make some changes.

First of all, I am changing my URL. Previously, I was thomassandersbuttblog but I have decided to change it to thomassandersfandersblog. The reason why I am changing it is because multiple reasons, but mainly because of the fact that my blog has been marked as nsfw, limiting how often it can show up.

Secondly, I have decided to start tagging things. I’ve not done this much before, but I want to become a bit more organized, and tagging helps this. I will be going back and tagging newer posts, but deleting most old posts (pre-2016). This is so that tagging everything doesn’t take too long of a time.

My blog will probably be a bit under construction for a few days while updating things, and I might not be too active. Thank you guys for sticking around, and I hope you’re all doing well.

asgardianrugbyteam  asked:

hey elise, have you ever considered jehan as a member of patron minette? as in they do everything montparnasse does but better, and this obviously leads to parnasse being extremely annoyed and incredibly attracted...

I dont think Jehan could be part of Patron-Minette because Patron-Minette are morally mediocre at best and Jehan is morally good. But perhaps they could try to subtly steer them towards a less morally mediocre direction as in Robin Hoodizing them. Subtly hinting that:

“Well that guy is rich and also a douchebag and that orphanage really needs money to fix it’s roof… Mmmmmh… I wonder what could be done… If only someone or someones knew how to catburglar stuff mmmhhhh”

It wouldn’t always work because well… it’s Patron-Minette, but they get points for at least trying to but their talents to better use


I just want to let you all know how appreciated you are for all the hard work and dedication you guys have to write. You’re constantly writing and trying to get stuff up for us to read and I love how much you care about the readers. I understand sometimes you’re busy or just have writers block and that’s completely ok because you are human after all, yet you guys are always doing your best to write. I appreciate you all so much and love everything you do. @allsupernaturalimagines @howtobesupernatural @imagine-x-everything @imaginingsupernatural @seeingsupernatural @sincerelysaraahh @sister-winchester-imagines @spnimaginesforall @spnkisum @spnsisimagines @supernatural-imagine-oneshot @tattooed-on-my-wayward-soul @the-road-so-far-imagines @the-super-in-supernatural @winchester-sisters-imagines @winsisterwednesdays (also to all the other writers out there. You’re all so amazing and I’m sorry I can’t tag every single last one of you.)

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So I get extremely sentimental come comeback time (honestly whenever)

But I don’t think you guys realize how appreciative I am towards you all ??

Just, you’re all so sweet and cute and I don’t know how to express that with words besides saying thank you ;;

For watching my vids, subbing, supporting my very first novel endeavor and my fics and EVERYTHING I’ve ever done on this blog. Some of you have been with me since the beginning and i just wooow, wow

I want to continue this blog and my YT for however long I can and I hope that you all will continue following along with me on my journeys :)

anonymous asked:

Hi there! I really appreciate all the replies you guys give on here! Not just because they're so kind and straight forward but because with literally every response you provide biblical and scriptural back up and it's really helped me feel better about my feelings and what I believe in. Sometimes though, I feel like I'm still just trying to come up with ways to justify those feelings. How do you guys deal with the constant doubt that you could be totally wrong about everything in the end??

Hello, so glad you have found some comfort and good resources in our blog! 

This is a more recent post, so you might have seen it already, but I talk here about the argument that LGBT people are just trying to justify our “sin”. It offers some reasons why I personally think it’s less likely that we are “wrong” and also advice on how to make the most faithful interpretation you can on this or any issue. 

The more time and prayer I invest into researching and reflecting on God, the more at peace with myself I become and the less those doubts that I’m totally wrong about God affirming LGBT+ people hound me. Still, I’ve definitely felt those kinds of doubts in the past, and still do fairly often. But I’m at peace with those worries – to me, doubt is a natural and can even be a healthy part of faith. Doubt causes us to look deeper, to ponder harder, to avoid relaxing into the stagnant stance of certitude. I talk a bit about doubts in general here

Finally, my response to an older ask here will probably answer your question best. It regards teachers of God’s message specifically, but I think what I said there can apply to more general fears about being wrong regarding this issue of being LGBT+. One of the points I make in that post is that when there are circles shutting some people out, you can be certain that God is standing outside the circle with the excluded – whether those people are “right” or “wrong,” “good” or “bad”, “holy” or “sinful” – and therefore, we are called to stand with the excluded too, to break open that circle and let them in. 

I trust that God understands that humans’ ability to grasp the Truth is limited, and that God will forgive us for genuine misinterpretations. I don’t like putting value judgements on sins, but I’ll tentatively pose this question anyway: which is worse – misinterpreting just one aspect of God’s will for us (whether LGBTA+ identities and relationships are affirmed) and so making some mistakes regarding how we live out our own lives? or judging, hating, and excluding an already marginalized group of people and pushing them away from God’s love? I’d rather make the first mistake of those two, any day. 

The best we can do with this issue or any issue is to reflect, pray, research, encounter, experience, and make the most faithful interpretative decision we can. If it turns out we are wrong, I trust in God’s mercy – I will throw myself upon it. As it is, there are so many reasons to think that we are not wrong: to me, the best interpretation I have been able to make based on much prayer, research, and discussion is that God does affirm LGBTA+ people. That is what I will uphold unless very firm evidence against that is revealed to me.

I trust that if we walk in Christ’s Way as best as we can, and focus on the most important commands – to love God and to love our neighbors – then God will forgive any genuine mistakes. I hope this makes at least a little sense! Let me know if it doesn’t, and may God’s peace be with you. 

Guess My Age

So I was tagged to post a pic of myself, I think. Maybe it was supposed to be a vid. I don’t know. Anyway, I’m young. You probably don’t know how old I am. So before I give you guys a heart attack and you guys are all, “OH MY LAWRD SHE’S FIVE YEARS OLD BLESS HER SOUL,” I wanted you guys to know my age first. BUT you guys have to try to guess it before the reveal :). I’m gonna tag some people I know and have them, along with anyone else who wants to, guess. If I already told you and I just don’t remember, just say what you thought originally. I have really bad memory btw.

@yellowtheremarvelfan (only tagging you because I tag you in everything lol) @capnbbarnes @hymnofthevalkyries @fandomsmutshots (I did…didn’t tell you…wait…what?) @fan304

Haha you guys won’t know. And don’t be cheaters and guess low just because I said you wouldn’t guess it. Be genuine.

Okay, so it’s Fanfic Writer Appreciation Day! (or it was yesterday *shakes fist at time zones*) I wasn’t going to make a post - because I suck and then I realised that is the exact opposite point of today. 

It’s sad we need an appreciation day - it really should be every day. But, regardless today is a day that gives you no excuse to indulge in your favourite fics again - just because and leave a lovely comment on them (even if you’ve done it before). Send your fave authors some messages, tell them you appreciate their existence or the worlds they have created around characters they don’t own. Show them that this free service is worth their time. Remind them that you care.  

I won’t type out a page of titles, each work belonging to their significant author. But, instead I will tell you to check out these wonderful blogs and the authors that run them, I will encourage that you scope out their fics and put a few minutes into reading them. Which is nothing in comparison to the hours and days that go into crafting these pieces for your enjoyment.

My clawen loves:






These Hayffie masterminds:
(whom of which I don’t give enough love to, and I’m sorry)



An extra two; whose fics I don’t read but I see them working hard and I just wanted to acknowledge that:



So happy FanFic Writers Appreciation Day, I hope you’ve been adored and showered in appreciation. You all deserve it. Times a million.

Would You Rather 2 ft. MC guys

Dang y’all fast. I got tagged by @passengersaraht @f-dee @astridapples @ruoutthere (I will personally tag you in everything from now on for what you said, you will drown in all the tags) @theempresskaizer

1. Would you rather drink with Leo (can’t handle his liqueur) or Byron (Kill me if he gets drunk)?

Well I can’t actually yet… Unless I go to Canada… BUT NEXT YEAR hmmm okay. I’d rather drink with Byron because he like? Doesn’t get drunk… Lol. It’s not really a spoiler but if I remember correctly he wasn’t even drunk in the Loveaholic event (cheesy drunk on you crap). So I would never have to worry about imminent death.

2. Would you rather cut Louis’ hair in his sleep or dye Byron’s hair pink before an important meeting?

I really wanna say Louis because it grows back but I couldn’t do it. I’d have to utterly hate him because I know what it’s like for people to constantly joke about chopping off your hair when it’s long and pretty. Probably why I waited a while to cut my hair anyway… Honestly the hair dye would be easier, plus it doesn’t say Byron doesn’t know. He would look fab and would easily be able to point out employees to replace because they would be the less respectful ones.

3. Would you rather watch a horror movie with Albert or a chick-flick with Sid?

I hate horror movies, but definitely them with Albert. I’m so jumpy, he’d be super adorable and be overly rational about everything, but sigh and comfort me as I freak out. I don’t think he’d be scared himself because I mean he’s a captain of knights and writer’s advice, don’t forget how gruesome battle scenes truly are. If he can stomach that, he can handle a fake movie. (Though I love the idea that Sid would try to badmouth a chickflick only to end up crying by the end like “SHERRY LOVED YOU, YOU JERK!” and then I’d look at him with like no emotion and crack up. I like never cry during movies it’s very rare, even as an INFP.)

4.Would you rather switch bodies with your fav. suitor for a day or have the power to see through their pet’s eye for one day?

It could be cool to switch bodies I guess but in the end I’d just freak out because I’m asexual and more into the romance than… other things, so unless I’m king for a day (starts singing Pierce the Veil from years ago oh no), I’d have to pick being either Benjamin or Spinner. Even Sebastian. I just can’t handle bodies D:

5.Would you rather let Giles see you dancing in a very embaressing way or Robert hear you singing “Dora the Explorer” theme song?

Lol I think Giles because I mean there’s no way to properly dance to rock music anyway so I’d just force him to mosh with me and he’d be like “princess this is not appropriate behaviour” “please stop frolicking and jumping so much” “you’ll get dizzy” “Louis would be furious… maybe he’d actually react to this (laughs)”. I don’t really remember much of Dora and I don’t think I’d ever be in a situation where I’d be singing it.

6. Would you rather burp in a ball (and actually get heard) or fart in front of your fav. suitor at your first meeting/date?

I would do either, because honestly oh well, yeah, bodies do that hurr hurr sorry nobility y’all bodies do the same but I’d rather burp because suitor and me will both have to deal with everything bodies do at some point, but I’d rather wait until after we were like, a thing.

7. Would rather take care of a naughty yet funny baby Nico or a very quiet baby Albert?

Quiet baby Al because sorry unless you are a cuddly animal I don’t do babies and need a calm baby not a troublesome one.

8. Would you rather step on a lego or step harshly on your fav. suitor’s foot while dancing (By accident of course!)?

Is it painful for them? Are they wearing shoes that would help mask pain? I mean, I’ve stepped on legos and they aren’t that bad… But I love heels so maybe I’d really hurt them… Um. I’d choose the lego if they carried me to my room and fussed over me, otherwise I’d choose to step on them for the amazing trope of “guy sighs at her terrible dancing and painful footwork-still loves her” haha

9. Would you rather marry your least fav. suitor or kill your fav. suitor?

Man, I DO NOT wanna marry Giles omg. I’m gonna pretend Sid is my least fave just to get a little relief… not much sigh. I don’t really wanna kill anyone anyway, this isn’t the little mermaid! So I’d suffer with the least fave or just do neither and presumably never be with Albert or Byron. Oh well.

10. Would you rather do karoake with Byron or Louis?

Byron because YES IMAGINE HIM SINGING ROCK Ythmir knows what’s what. He probably secretly slays guitar.

11. Your fav. suitor will have to marry another woman (Hey! Don’t yell at me, just answer the damn question). Would you rather leave him or agree on being his second wife?

I never want to feel like someone’s second best; like is it because they “have” to marry that other person for nobility or some crap? I would try to understand but ultimately couldn’t actually be the second wife, so I’d leave Byron for Albert or Albert for Byron. I’m a strong believer in one love at a time.

12. Ok, let’s pretend you’re a psycho. You had a fight with your suitor. Would you rather cut holes in his underwear or rip off his shirt sleeves?

I don’t know that that’s psychotic behaviour but shirt sleeves because it’s less weird. Like idk the underwear thing is just weird and awkward sorry haha. Plus I think all the suitors could go through a punk phase xD

13. You’re a very bad tempered princess. Leo/Alyn pissed you off. Would you rather throw your heels at Alyn or a chair at Leo?

Um, Captain Tsun Tsun probably did irritate me so yes I’d throw my heels. I couldn’t throw a chair at Leo his heart can’t handle that kind of hate xD Plus Alyn can handle some heels I’m sure. My aim also sucks so either they’d be safe anyway or royally screwed from misjudging my aim.

Okay anyone can do this but hmmm @lustfullyleocrawford @deathbymidnightcinderella @nijigendiaries @cecilyjmorgenstern (when you can) @pumpkin-cinderella (when you can dear) @emigotchi @midnightuglystepsister @colombianpersianprincess @confused-tofu @kakihoden @incorrectmidc lol idk who all has been tagged.

  @unpublishableprivateliterature tagged me and I love her immensely for giving me an excuse to continue procrastinating on my fic today. I’m not going to tag anyone because I honestly would tag everyone because I love you all and want to know everything about you guys so please consider this an open invitation to do it yourself if you want!

Name: drunk aunt

Nicknames: drunk aunt (idk man I should’ve taken the opportunity to create a cool identity back when I made this blog but I’m a loser) (also see the last question here for more on how uncreative I can be)

Gender: f

Star Sign: scorpio af

Height: forever seething in disappointment

Time right now: too early for wine, too late to nap, I hate life

Average hours of sleep: 9 (which sounds great but is actually only achievable because life is kind of aimless right now)

Lucky Number(s): 19

Last thing I googled: “what’s the name of the blonde woman who makes the indescribable expression in the gif in that one really funny tumblr post about ryan lochte I need to know who she is"

Favourite Book: this is the worst question and it hurts my head so I refuse to answer it

Favourite Band: probably coldplay (OLD coldplay I mean) but if you judge me just know I also judge me

Song stuck in my head: today it’s ‘to bring you my love’ pj harvey and ‘a world alone’ lorde on a loop

Last movie I watched: I think it was suite française??

Last TV show I watched: just finished the kettering incident and now I need to pick up the night of again but I won’t just yet because I also need to watch mash because all these recorded eps are clogging my iQ box and honestly I’m tired of this but I have a shameful crush on alan alda so what am I supposed to do

Dream Trip: I’ve always wanted to see Petra (thank u, random getaway episode I watched back in 2009, for leaving me with a lasting impression)

What I am currently wearing: old, ugly, loose things in case I throw another tantrum mid-attempt at writing my fic this evening and angrily binge on a packet of tim tams

When did you create your blog?: a year ago in november (u guys am I cool enough to throw a birthday party for this blog?)

What do you post about?: premium quality shitposts + quotes

Do you have any other blogs?: a couple but I forget how many exactly/what they’re for, which tells you all you need to know about me

When did your blog reach it’s peak?: I was just doing this quietly for my own enjoyment because I honestly did not believe it would really appeal to anyone but then someone must’ve found it in the cricket/er tags and liked it???? (I love you guys so much)

Do you get asks on a regular basis?: semi regular

Why did you choose your URL?: apart from the obvious, the fact is that naming/giving titles to things is Not My Strength (if I didn’t have @addamsinwonderland to keep me in line I would probably make the title of my fic exchange fic its prompt. like, “angsty English cricketer fic”. I’m serious) so I’m eternally grateful that incorrect quotes blogs have a template to follow


I was tagged by @aniwissenpai— I don’t …I don’t know who to tag??? I’m so new…uhhh — 

Last movie you saw: Zootopia…WHAT A SHOCK GUYS. 

I literally could create a flag for furries, and be a country at this rate.

Last song you listened to: I’m Blue…. this is getting really painful isn’t it? Yes the cringe factor will probably only increase.

Last show you watched: I don’t often watch shows, I do hang out on YouTube and watch a lot of YouTube stuff, because it’s easy to zone out on? ……It was a YouTube Peter Knetter, ….everything he does is Sonic videos…. 

Yea I’m going to go for the gold with this. 

Last thing you ate:
 Chili, and I put cottage cheese in it… I AM NOT SORRY IT’S— I’m fairly normal guys, I promise… who am I kidding… I would probably scar myself for life if I met myself…in a good way? 

If you could be anywhere, where would you be right now? Excuse me, question person? I have more questions about this… like, would I be wearing the same things I’m wearing right now? I’m in my pajamas…so I — I mean— there’s no where I’d rather be then in the comfort of my own home? 

IF I COULD GO ANYWHERE AND BE TOTALLY IN STREET CLOTHES THO? I would go to a new world entirely, with magic, I don’t know, why do people play video games? Don’t we try to go there every time we play? I mean why else do we do that? It’s escapism right? So -I would want to go somewhere where I could learn magic, levitate, stuff like that, maybe one of the Final Fantasy worlds? I would paint with my mind, I would BECOME ONE WITH BOB ROSS’S POWERS. 


Where would you time time travel to: I wouldn’t go back in time if that’s what you’re asking…do you remember dial up? anyone? No ??? 

Maybe to the future, maybe I would meet Silver, get the joke? Yeah???? 

First thing I would do if I won the lottery:
 Buy a house, and then invite a lot of my struggling friends to live in that house, I have a few people in mind I would love to care for financially just to take that burden off their shoulders. 

Uhm, elsewise? I would … put it in savings really? I would probably buy a few digital art supplies, maybe a new laptop, I mean nothing fancy, probably a Telsa? I am not a big spender really- I don’t think I would blow the money on anything disproportionate to how I spend now. 

What fictional character would you hang out with? 

I actually — don’t think about hanging out with fictional characters, I never really think about interacting with them either- I mean I know i just said I would want a world with magic, but that world would likely be just made up of my own imagination, so it probably wouldn’t have other people’s creations in it. If I could hang out with anyone right now? It would probably beeee—- @supershadew because they are currently the most relevant to how I spend my time, and they live in the UK, so that would be an experience, though you notice I imagine going to them since as far as I’m concerned the US isn’t exactly—…we’re just sort of a circus right now. I don’t know if anyone wants tickets. Why is everything I’m answering half the time bold? Is this a bold statement? …Get it? Bold statement? — yea you know you get it…you know you doooo~~~


Zodiac : Cancer/Saggitarius. If you ever wonder why I talk so much about my feelings it’s because my rising is Saggitarius. Finding out what your rising is is pretty fun, GOOGLE IT GUYS NO REALLY S’FUN.
Gender : She 
Fav color : Vapor blue, but honestly it’s hard to say that’s my ultimate favorite because colors are so mysterious and enigmatic, almost anything can become a favorite depending upon how you mix. However vapor blue is like…calming? I really like looking at the sky, I really like looking in the ocean… that kind of thing. 
Current time : 10:15 PM (I live for this kind of thing?)
Average hours of sleep : I usually do okay? No…no I don’t… I tend to screw up my sleeping schedule because I work amazingly at night, and I definitely draw better with so little distraction. This leads to me going to bed at a time when the sky is, as I have been told to describe it “the color of failure” that color when the sun is coming up, and you are no longer a proper human in any way shape or form. Then other days, I sleep properly,. I still do all the normal things a human being should, but - I just… I don’t sleep. Oddly I also don’t feel tired when this happens, but I sure LOOK tired~! So I tend to sleep just to spare other people having to deal with a haggard version of their worst nightmare. 
Followers: 225 fabulous miracles. 
Height : 5′4 ½ Yes I will hang onto that one half inch. You can’t take that away from me. So close to 5′5…….come oooooon…..

I wanted to be six foot when I was a kid, and that didn’t happen… /whispers/ yyyyyy

Uh I don’t know a lot of people on here so you’ll have to forgive- uhhhh @pasteldall hhhh –@superhsadew uh— gosh, @ghastly-domain, @final-rush-zone  hhhh — I feel like someone is going to pop up when I least expect it? @16-bitdreamcasters 

OK THAT FEELS ADEQUATE! Have fun guys!!!!

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Yo, remember then you almost went insane with paranoia because of Garrett? Now you have a kid and love him. Amazing how times change eh?

Citra can’t help but smile, nodding slightly at the anon’s words. “Once he got over his crazy obsession with me and we were able to talk, I realized he’s a sweet guy, not the monster most seem to think he is, and I began to care for him. And then Nathaniel was born and everything just got better from there. Now, if only he would stop with the jokes about my height…”

terushima week day 1: confessions

rating: t
characters: all of johzenji
pairing: poly johzenji bc thats my fav teru ship
word count: 592

written in like 20 minutes because i lost my tablet pen and couldnt draw anything

“Hey guys, can I tell you something?” Terushima asks. He seems to be nervous, fumbling around with his water bottle.

The team exchange glances and nod. They’ve never seen their captain like this.

“Sure,” Bobata says and sits down on the bench.

“Is everything alright?” Futamata asks him. Their setter usually is always the first one to tease Terushima, but right now his voice is full of concern.

“Yeah, it’s just…” Terushima shrugs, “something I’ve been wanting to tell you for a while. It’s very serious for me and I want to tell you that you’re my best friends and I trust you with this.”

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PLEASE READ THIS !! I AM TAKING A SHORT HIATUS !!! i’ll be going on a 1 and half-week hiatus from august 20 until august 31. guess what my friends ? i’m going to italy ! i mean it all happened when our professor at college told us that there is this project there and that THEY WOULD PAY FOR EVERYTHING. who would say no to that ?? i also need some time for my self and stay calm for a while ( without feeling like i am something really bad in this world ). and honestly, i don’t think i wanna keep logging on on tumblr, because i wanna go and see italy !! so, there are still some drafts. but i finished most of them and they are in the queue, but are put with this tag: ▌ᵛᶤᵒˡᵉᵗ ᶤˢ ᵇᵘˢʸ ʳᶤᵍʰᵗ ᶰᵒʷ. ˢʰᵉ'ˢ ᶤᶰ ᶤᵗᵃˡʸ. ( hiatus queue. ). but i’m gonna be here, guys. you all can still IM me and i will be lurking on my mobile. and i hope it won’t fuck up until then. i really hope it won’t unfollow or do anything worse than that while i am on my mobile. AND IF ANYONE OF YOU WANTS TO TALK TO ME, MY SKYPE IS: thequeenlyviolet. have a nice day, my friends !!

So before I begin my explanation, I’d just like to say that I’m not really happy with the people who went out of their way to find my main blog and ask why I left (along with those who asked my friends??? like why would u do that.) 

If I was close with you I would have given it to you and it’s kinda invading privacy to go out of your way and ask non stop “why did you leave”

Anyway, I’m gonna put this under a read more and sorry for this not really being sim related, I didn’t know what to tag it so you guys could see it. 

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