u ever get the urge to restart a game from the very beginning right after u finish it because u didnt play thru it Right

eggie-chan  asked:

Plz close the ask b4 you drown in them we can't have that happening to you you're too sweet n good for this

Not Viktor: NEVERRRRR!! I SHALL KEEP THE ASK BOX OPEN UNTIL THERE ARE 100000000000000 ASKS!!! but thank you for the concern <3


I made several attempts at linearting these over the course of two days but my tablet keeps acting up and my hands are cold and hurt a bit so I ended up only getting frustrated so have these unfinished Kallus sketches for now ;-;

(I firmly believe he deserves a lot of the shit he might have to face from now on but I LOVE REDEEMED/SORTA REDEEMED VILLAINS, it’s my favourite trope in the world, so yeah.)

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Senren-senpai! I just had thought! So you know how Chuuya was brought up with Mama Kouyou? What if one day he stumbled upon her makeup, and tried it on, only to end up getting caught by her? Then she's all like, "Chuuya no, this is how you do it." And she does his make up flawlessly for him XD Do what you wish with this thought of mine

- And then because Kouyou is the Flawless Mom ™ she puts Chuuya in a beautiful kimono too so he can look as stunning as possible (also ‘cuz she needs receipts before Chuuya inevitably becomes the dreaded rebellious mom-stop-embarrassing-me teenager).

- Then of course we can’t pass up that cliche shoujo moment where Dazai walks in and is immediately hit with a Shitstorm of Infinite Dokiness.

- U can literally see his dokis bounce off the floor and hit Hirotsu, who’s standing behind him, in the face (well at least Kouyou can because she’s Flawless Mom ™ she can sense puppy love from miles away).

- And then there are imaginary shoujo background music with imaginary shoujo sunlight in the background when Dazai slowly opens his mouth and says The Romantic Words.

- By Romantic Words I mean “Chuuya, you suck”.

- And then they fight it out and Kouyou starts drinking her tea slowly because when will these dumbasses ever learn (the answer is never please save her ane-san does not deserve this). 

hi haven’t drawn anything in years lmao

but i finished pkmn sun the other day and this was my e4 team :D