Ben Wyatt (Parks and Rec) Starter Sentence Meme
  • That’s what you wanted right? Everyone in the same room, at the same time?
  • Did you hear a word I said?! No you didn’t! Because I’m a ghost!
  • I really like you, but you are a terrible person to talk to about personal stuff.
  • We can just sit back and take it easy.
  • When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die!
  • I have been tense lately. Just thinking about the new Star Wars sequel.
  • _____, we got you an autographed picture of your personal hero.
  • I love you and I like you.
  • They call me Devo, because I can whip ‘em good.
  • Are you talking to my butt?
  • Are you gonna murder me and bury me at this gas station?
  • I was completely flustered, I came off like an idiot. I mean, at one point, for no reason, I just took off my shoes and held them in my hand.
  • I think at some point you and I should probably make out with each other.
  • I’m sorry, are you eating Turkey Chili off of a frisbee?
  • I’m just gonna sleep on the floor.
  • Look, who hasn’t had gay thoughts? Who?
  • Pizza? Never heard of it!
  • Bababooey.
  • Hogwarts is fictional. You do know that, don’t you? It’s important to me that you know that.
  • Gotham needs me.
  • I’m far too stupid and lazy to write something that could be printed in a book.
  • I am deeply, ridiculously in love with you.
  • I feel great, I ran 5K this morning.
  • It’s a white flag, and you may as well start waving it right now,  _____!
  • I am really attracted to you right now.
  • You just do your thing, baby Smurf.
  • I don’t even have time to tell you how wrong you are.
  • Well, you suck at being polite, sir.

Hi friends! 

Thank you so much! FINALLY the 1000 followers ART CONTEST by Lullaby Equine Art will START! First of all I want to thank each and every one of my followers all the support and the attention! Without you this would not be possible! So I want to reward you with this wonderful contest! No more delays, go with the rules!

The rules are really easy:

  • You must follow this blog: lullaby-equine-art  New followers are welcome, but please don’t follow for the contest and then unfollow if you don’t win. You should follow a blog because you like it, not because you have a chance at getting free stuff please.
  • Like and reblog this post. IMPORTANT NOTE: The times you reblog this post will be counted and appreciated for choosing the winner!!

The winner will be awarded with what you see in the picture above:

  • One fantastic A5 (10x15 cm - 3.9″ ~  5.9″  ) watercolors and acrylics FRISIAN portrait signed by me!
  • And one A3 (30x40cm - 11.7″ ~ 15.6″  )  PRINT  of “Wind Whisperer dedicated and signed by me!

I will select the winner randomly with a special program. This contest will be going on for so long! You have ONE MONTH to participate. The winner will be chosen on 11/06/15!!

Good luck and thanks again everybody for continuing to support this blog, I love you all!  ♥

*And I added one last thing: If the post of the contest reach the 1000 notes I will add a surprise for the winner. (SOMETHING MATERIAL)

EXO Reaction to playing ‘Just Dance’ with you

I suck at this games. Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Trying really hard to get the dance moves right* “Am I doing it right jagi? Why does it feel like I’m fighting?”


*Kris’ Team beats you up* “We make a great team! Next time let’s have a chicken competition”


*Slaying the game* “Not gonna let you win jagi! Like my twerking?!”


*Pissed because he didn’t win* “I want to see you try against Kai! Of course I lost, I do wushu not salsa!”


*Proud that he won* “That seemed way too easy…. you let me win didn’t you babe?”


*Completely enjoying himself* “This is daddy’s jam! Come on Suho, join me!” *Doesn’t matter if he wins or loses*


*Looks extremely sexy so you get distracted and he wins* “And here is where I show my abs”


“This game is broken! It’s not giving me perfect scores! I’m the dancing machine!” *Dancing growl choreography in every song*


*Well he got some weird moves so not wining this game. Maybe others…*


*Trying his best* “Am I doing this okay jagi? Please don’t say I looks squishy”


“Geurae Wolf, naega Wolf! Awouuuu~oh-wait… this isn’t Karaoke?”


“Come on jagi you win for me! Don’t let those dorks beat us!” *Decided you will be the one in charge of his team*

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So I got my copy of Hyrule Warriors in the mail the other day (AND IT’S SO FUN) but I found out that when you first meet Midna, you actually have to beat her up to win the stage. I WAS SO DISTRESSED LIKE WHY I DONT WANT TO HARM THE QUEEN.  I was crying sorry the whole time it was awful.

SO HERE IS MY GIFT AND APOLOGY TO THE QUEEN OF TWILIGHT.  And I also really felt like drawing her because shes fun and I’ve taken a liking to the black+bright blue palette when just doodling her.  The black makes it especially fun and easy since I can blop it around and shape things accordingly (*´▽`*) I’m kinda in the middle with how this turned out since I’m still struggling with this slump but…!  I’m just happy I was able to draw Midna again and now I can finally play as her in HW.  A DREAM COME TRUE.

I've come to the realization that the difficult situations in my life are that way because I relate to them as difficult.

I’ve understood this logically for a very long time, but putting it into practice regularly is changing everything.

Next time it rains, play a game. The game is called “I FUCKING LOVE RAIN.”

Go outside. Win the game.

Notice that you have the ability to choose your experience of anything.

Apply this understanding to every area of your life.

Suddenly, life is easy. And you have to mourn the loss of your own sad story. You’re not going to like that, but get over it for your own sake.


Ok, if you say so. Is that a fun game you’re playing? Because… you’re winning. Congratulations.

I like my game better, though.

okay so this is gonna sound super petty, but it’s honestly true

i don’t miss much about Street Fighter IV, but you know what’s one thing i do miss? the titles, how many of them there were and how easy they were to unlock

like, you’d win ten online matches and unlock a set of five. win twenty, unlock another set. get 10% trial completion, unlock another set. get 10% survival completion, unlock another set. it goes on and on. i couldn’t make a tumblr post listing all the titles available in this game because there’s like 18 pages of them

and every character had like ten, too, with three different ways to unlock them of varying difficulty

and those prize titles my god, don’t get me started

i know it’s a small thing, and i know SFV has a long way to go, in terms of UI and stuff, with probably a lot more coming, so it’s probably tacky to complain about it right now, especially by comparing it at launch to USFIV at end-of-life

but still, i go to my titles page and i see this

and yeah, i do feel a little unsatisfied. there are some legitimate arguments for the idea that SFV shipped in a largely unfinished state. this is probably one of the smallest, but it’s the only one that’s really gotten under my skin

so i’m petty, so what


Please, stick it out for this one, because I’m going to ramble for a bit. The link will be included at the bottom of this post, but I’d like it if you’d read it because this is unfair.

TL;DR - I wanna slay this contest because cheaters never prosper.

I’m entering a contest for an autographed album and a photosession with Block B at Jazzy Group US’s showcase. It’s a really easy contest - you just like Jazzy Group’s facebook page, and like a comment. The person with the most likes wins. Fanpages aren’t allowed to like comments, only users. And that’s fair. I’m asking for support from you all.

Because there is cheating going on.

If you’d like to know what’s going on, that’s fine. If you’d like to know my story about why I want this so badly, that’s fine too. Just message me because I don’t want to make this TOO long. My asks/fanmail are open.

I really don’t want to beg for likes or anything, but if anyone knows me you will know that I am a really hardcore BBC. I love them to the bottom of my heart, I owe my life to them, and just being able to relax with them for even a few most likely tearful seconds will make it all worthwhile. If someone beats me fair and square, that’s fine. But I CANNOT stand by and let someone who is cheating beat out ANYONE else that is trying their damnedest to win this.

Right now, not including the person who is cheating, I’m technically winning. But including them I am a good 130+ votes behind. If I can SLAY them, that would be absolutely killer.

To be completely honest, it’s not even the cheating that’s bothering me. It’s the fact that this person is being rude to my friends, to other BBC, and that’s not what being a BBC is all about. Yeah, we make fun of each other sometimes, we might be a bit rough around the edges, but when it comes down to it we support the people that we love and stand for. 

This has bothered me to the point that it’s kind of messing with my sleep, and I’ve cried from the sheer amount of support I’ve received, from friends, from other BBC, and even from complete strangers. It got to the point that I posted a video thanking everyone, because I simply felt the need to. I want this, SO BADLY, and any help that I get would be absolutely fantastic.

I end this with this - do NOT message Jazzy Groups about this because we already have and, even though they’re looking into it, who knows what will happen in the end. Also, do NOT message the person in question. I don’t want to feed into the negativity within that thread.


(If you’d like to add me on facebook, that’s fine too. I like friends. ;w; )

demigod!5sos blurb

so im quite obsessed with greek mythology and 5sos so naturally i created these blurbs

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I’m so fucking tired of this toxic culture. Women are only valuable by their looks and what they can list on paper. Good fucking luck if you’re anything but perfect. I’m so tired of prejudice for being mixed. I’m fucking exhausted being called half breed and treated like trash. I’m so tired of being a woman. I’m so tired of being hurt just because of what I am. If we aren’t owned by a man, whether a father or husband, we are treated like easy prey. We can only acquiesce, we can never fucking win. I need to escape this but I never will. I’m just trapped.


i’d go to sombra because she is perfect for hugs


does it make you feel better that I’d go for Gliese strictly for the bad end and then end up emotionally invested and replaying it fifty times to get the elusive good end BUT REALLY first pick would be Indrid, tbh

Diego she may be super soft and cuddly but like she’s also a brutal enforcer. She’s easy to win over though, admittedly, buy her enough sweets and show you’re not afraid of her and she will love you.

Gliese I already talked about, Indrid…would actually be a pretty functional datemate but like. Are you prepared for her to happily describe all the criminals she murdered and for her to gush about her cat and lusus. She would also ask you lots about your life but you’d have to be interesting because she gets bored relatively easily. 

Her bad end involves you becoming a puddle of acid-melted remains, though. Like it’s worse than Gliese’s.

Though I guess there’s a regular bad end for Gliese and a SUPER BAD END for Gliese that involves her mind controlling you into killing yourself slowly. By like, driving a knife into your own gut.