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Alright, are we rolling?

Yep! Go ahead!

Awesome! Okay, here it goes…

Hello everyone! My name is Marlow Bloom and welcome to this season’s The Bachelorette! Obviously I signed up because I’m looking for that special someone to share the rest of my life with, and that was not easy to do in a small town like Esther, especially when most of the town is populated with your relatives. That being said, I am looking for ten guys to rise to the challenge of winning my heart, something that has proven pretty difficult for some.

Why is that? Are you hard to please?

I wouldn’t say I’m hard to please, but I like a guy that can keep me guessing. I don’t want the cover of the book to tell me all there is to know about him. Spare me the predictability, please. Take me for example. I’ve been told all my life I’ve got that ‘baby doll’ appearance. People expect me to be the quiet goody-two-shoes type at first glance. Let me just tell you I love to prove those people wrong. Underneath that innocent nurturing and maybe sometimes a little absentminded layer of myself, there’s also the crazy party animal with a bit of a temper. I also rarely back down from a challenge. My parents always said I was too much of a daredevil but that’s what happens when you grow up in a home with six boys and only two other girls.

Why do you think contestants should join your bachelorette challenge?

For one, I love a good game and I plan on making sure these guests stay entertained. Besides, what’s the fun in a nice clean game? I never minded getting a little dirty. The rules are minimal, so anything can happen. I also don’t like being restricted by silly rules. If I want something, I’m going to act on it. It’s on the contestant to accept my passes.

It sounds like our contestants have their work cut out for them! Speaking of contestants, who are you looking for to apply?

As far as contestants go I am looking for berry/banilla males. All colors aside from blue, green and white will be accepted. The house has room for anywhere between 8-10 contestants. Supernaturals are more my cousin Peridot’s thing, but warlocks and werewolves are allowed. I hope to see you soon!

Sometimes I catch myself in the mirror and I am startled to remember that, theoretically, I’m an attractive person. High cheekbones, tall, thin, all that sort of thing. I say ‘theoretically’ because I live and function like a bachelor, and I don’t carry physical beauty well (don’t have the dignity for it, or the presence, or something). But most of the time I don’t think of myself as looking like anything at all, which I guess is why it’s so easy for me to be un-self-conscious.

And I have no desire to be ‘pretty’ or ‘hot,’ not beyond that common “Yeah, that would be nice” kind of way, the same way you think of winning pocket change from a scratchcard. But I do have my own aesthetics: I like myself best when my reflection makes me think of these lines:

“Avoid the flourish. Do not be afraid to be weak. Do not be ashamed to be tired. You look good when you’re tired. You look like you could go on forever.”

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i played to newest mk so i thought id pitch in: there's easy fatalities where you either find tokens for them or buy them that make them a 2 button thing. Fatalities still have their string of buttons to hit. Brutalities are more situation based. Like for example, some only work on certain variations, you have to be X distance from the enemy, win in 2 rounds, and finish with certain combos with another direction to complete it. they're pretty hard to pull off depending on the character

That’s what I’ve heard.

People like Brutalities from what I hear because they’re not just formalities anymore.  When you can open the menu and look at the fatality combo, that starts to make things lose their luster.  Fatalities are now par for the course, brutalities are not.

Again, keep in mind, I’m haven’t played MKX but I’m hearing about this second hand.

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I read your lgbt post and I just wanted to say stay strong I guess, you will one day be very very happy, I hate reading stories like that because I had literally no struggle I was 8 years old and when my mum said do you have any crushes at school I said "yeah, Jessica" and that was it she accepted it and reading posts like yours reminds me that not everyone has it as easy coming out and it makes me more empathetic to my friends or even past girlfriends who arnt yet completely out, but love wins

Some people get it pretty easy and some get it hard. It’s different and I’m very proud of how your mom acted. I’ll get through it, a good friend of mine cheered me up and I know when the day comes, it’ll be worth it. Thanks for caring, friend :)

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Theres this boy who confessed his interesst to me while he was drunk at a party and still had a girlfriend (with whom he'd been together for 3years) and I rejected him. The day after he broke up with her. We now are good friends and i must say that he makes me curious, but probably because he is the only person who ever really trys to win my heart. I dont really feel like myself around him but still i like it. I never had a crush on someone and dont really know if i should give it a try

Hi there.

What do you mean by you don’t feel yourself around him? 

Maybe spend some time with him (just you and him) and see how you feel about him and take it from there. You need to find if you like him, or the idea of someone liking you - which is not easy.

If he shows an interest in you still and you feel like you do like him, then speak to him about it and go from there.

I hope that helped. 

tyranny of democracy - not endorsing any other political system - growing up in america especially after 9/11 it was just drilled into your head that democracy is freedom. it was obvious and made perfect sense to me my whole life. but your freedoms can be voted away by the majority. democracy is only freedom when you win. i think i’m still trying to find out what that really means - what it means to someone who is born and raised and came of age entirely on the losing side.

this isn’t to say we should abandon democracy - cuz like I said I’m not endorsing any other political system because i don’t have a better alternative to offer, at least not now. this is just saying let’s not act like it’s some moral pillar when that’s so easy to say when we are the beneficiaries and ignore people who aren’t being helped by it. 

I don’t know what to do anymore! I’m stuck in a shitty situation with no clear light. You say you miss me but act like you don’t care you say you don’t want to loose me but it feels so easy for you to walk away. Your turned my life upside down and gave me some of the best memories but at the same time gave me some of the hardest heart ache. I gave you my everything but I never had that in return even now when you say your doing your best to win me back show me you love me :( because it feels like you don’t and that’s what hurts the most

{Five Months Postpartum} Slow & steady wins the race. Right? That’s what I tell myself as I sweat like a beast at the gym. It’s so easy to give up when you don’t see change. Just because you can’t doesn’t mean others cant. Next month I’ve decided to detox a bit. No added sugar 😳 which means bye bye coffee! A sugar cleanse… WEAKNESS! I feel like at the point my body needs it. It’s like the glue that holds the layer of fat over our belly area. AND no carbs at night (thank you @jjbmommas im doing it ). Who’s with me?

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14. Do I have a crush? I don’t know my feelings change everyday I’m indecisive
17. Favorite food? Salads and seafood
78. How can you win my heart? Just by being a genuine person. I like people that are fun and easy going and no pressure to be around at all. If you can accept every side of me, understand me, and encourage me to be my best that’s good too. Just someone that’s really full of life and unique can usually “win my heart” pretty easily, although I don’t like the way that’s worded because I’m not an object.
101. Smoked cigarettes? Nope and I’ve vowed to never let one cross my lips
102. Drank alcohol? Sí señor (or señorita)