ok i see ur ‘blanche and candela making out while spark takes selfies’ and raise u this. 

  • poly blanche/candela/spark where they fight for the good and fun of pokemon
  • but between pokestops and gyms they all hold hands, with spark in the middle so he doesn’t walk into the street. or dab and throw his phone.
  • candela and spark having competitions on who can kiss blanche the most. 10 points if it’s in front of willow.
  • blanche and candela racing to catch a scyther first. candela doing something like kissing them randomly or (slapping their ass) so she can get ahead while they are flustered
  • blanche carrying eggs for spark because “omg your hair can keep them warm” “that isn’t how it works- you know what? i’ll do it. give me one.” spark proceeds to give them the heaviest 10 km eg.
  • one of them finding a poke the other has been looking for, runs Full Speed at them to show them so they go get it before they disappear
  • candela helping blanche not overthink things too much and instead enjoy their research.
  • blanche showing candela that strength isn’t everything and it’s okay to have your moments of weakness instead of trying to stay tough all the time.
  • and spark. he’s just. just let him warm his eggs. he is too Pure. 
  • but they do have get him a Talking To about running into traffic for a pikachu because they can’t always be there to help him.
  • but they will try their damn hardest to be there for each other no matter what
  • also, on a lighter note, fighting over who sits next to who in booths.
  • usually spark sits by himself so he can stack the plastic jelly and butter containers up into a pyramid. u know what i’m talking about.
  • foot fights under the table
  • also bed situation? completely ridiculous. if u have ever been around a team valor for 10 seconds u know they don’t sleep until 4 AM once the ghastlys leave.
  • so blanche and spark have to drag candela to bed before that
  • blanche keeps their place below freezing “because it matches my Soul” “blanche you cried over finding goldeen the other day” “let me Live”
  • so candela usually sleeps in the middle for Maximum Warmth
  • u know that straight people meme with the ‘husband side- wife side’? spark is the wife side. he sleeps with his arms on blanche and legs on candela. somehow comfortable.
  • along with the 10000 pokemon that sneak into bed with them
  • ok it’s late but just one final note
  • sharing each other’s clothes
  • aka “oh, our faithful leader! what are we doing- why do you have Team Instinct’s leader’s jacket on”

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at this point, the only thing i was looking forward to was getting home to Justin. i didn’t care about having to wake up at the crack of dawn tomorrow or having to go back to hell- i mean work, again. i really hope that Justin had started running the hot water for me because all i wanted right now was to lay in the bath and cuddle with the one who keeps me sane.

as soon as i pulled into the driveway, i took off my heels and walked barefoot up the warm pavement. i dug out my keys, struggling to find the one to open the door; letting out an almighty sigh when my efforts failed. once i finally found it, i dropped my heels on the floor and locked the door behind me. i bathed in the familiar scents of my home and walked straight upstairs. i could hear the water running. “i love this man”, i whispered to the ceiling. once i got to our bedroom, i saw Justin sprawled out on the bed, watching scandal, without me.

“baby, you’re finally home!” he said, hurtling out of the bed, slowly jogging over to me. he placed a sweet peck on my forehead and took my hand, leading me into the bathroom. what i saw before me was enough to make just about any woman burst into tears.

the lights were dimmed and there were candles in every place safest to put them. my favorite bath bomb was fizzing in the water, causing the water to turn pink; giving me a clear view of the red rose petals floating around. the aromatic smell of lavender passed through me as i noticed that Justin had used my favorite bubble bath. i slumped backwards into him as he snaked his arms around my waist, resting his chin upon my shoulder.

“what did i do to deserve someone as amazing as you?” i whispered as i turned my head to face him, planting a kiss on his cheek, humming into his skin with appreciation. “i think that’s something i should be asking you” Justin mumbled against my neck. i moved my hands behind my back, attempting to unzip my dress. “no no, let me.” Justin said, as i felt the cool air of the bathroom creep up my back. i let the dress fall off of my shoulders; the feeling of the cotton being replaced by the warmth coming from Justin’s tender lips. he kissed my shoulders, trailing up to my neck, sending shivers down my spine. i then let my black lace underwear slide onto the floor and at the same time, Justin unclasped my bra, falling into the pile with the rest of my clothes.

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A Fresh Start

You whine loudly looking up at your mother. Amazingly, she had managed to finish high school and still go to college. She was in her last year of school, she’d gotten pregnant in her last year of high school, but she damn sure walked the stage at 7 months pregnant.

Your grandmother was very helpful, because she knew that her daughter, Danielle, surely didn’t mean to get pregnant. She had, and has a promising future. Soon she’ll be a nurse, she had gone through her two year program and was working, while trying to get through the next two years.

“Mommy, I don’t wanna go to school! Wanna stay with grandma!” You whine softly, your neon pink sketchers digging into the ground, as she drags you to your kindergarten classroom.

Oddly, it was a male, Mr.Clifford, or that is what the small laminated card by his door said. She sighs softly and crouches down, she had a 9am class. “Baby, I know you do, but I promise Grandma will be here to pick you up. Remember, Mommy talked to you about being brave today?” She asks, fixing the collar of your dress.

In all honest, she didn’t want to leave you either. You were her baby, and if she could’ve spent one day just hugging you close again, she would’ve snatched the opportunity up in a heartbeat. You nod softly, looking down. “Yeah mommy, I remember.” You drag the toe of your shoe across the ground.

She nods. “Alright.” She stands up. “Well, I promise, mommy will see you this evening. Here’s your lunch.” She whispers and kisses your head. You take the pink flowery lunch box and walk with her into the classroom.

You look around seeing lots of colorful things, you recognized a few words but not many. You saw crayons and number lines, you giggle when you see all the toys. “Hey there! I’m Mr.Clifford.” A man about your mommy’s age says and walks over to you, convienently, his hair was dyed red.

You squeal, “Like Clifford the Big Red Dog!” You say, and smile widely.

He nods. “Yeah exactly, sweetie. Do you like Clifford?” He crouches down to your height, smiling.

You nod. “Well then, I guess we’ll read a Clifford story today, how about that?” He asks and you nod quickly, clapping in excitement.

He nods. “Why don’t you go play while I talk to your mommy?” He asks and you nod and run over. Michael had taken your backpack and lunch box.

“Cute kid.” Mr.Clifford smiles at Danielle.

She laughs softly. “She’s stubborn. But she’s sweet, I really hope today goes okay.” She says sighing softly.

“Hey, if she needs you, I promise, I’ll call you. But you’re the calmest parent I’ve seen so far.  Most are crying more than their kid.” He chuckles, causing her to laugh.

“Well that does make me feel better.” She smiles, Michael nods.

This girl was really pretty. “Are you picking her up? Or should I expect a father?” He smiles warmly.

“Oh, she doesn’t know her father, actually my mother will be picking her up, she’s the emergency contact, if you cannot get ahold of me.” She nods and peeks at you, watching you play.

“She seems to be fine. I’m Michael by the way.” He smiles and nods.

“Danielle.” She holds her hand out, Michael shakes it. “Well I’ve got to go, I’m going to be late. Thank you for being so helpful.” She nods, Michael waves as she jogs to her car, pulling her purse further up onto her shoulder.  

A few weeks later, Michael had blushing, and stuttering, managed to ask for Danielle’s number, which she managed to write on a piece of paper, her cheeks almost as bright as Michael’s hair.

The group of kids were giggling behind him. “You like Y/n’s mummy!” One shouted and Michael blushed brightly.

“That isn’t something we should be talking about. You guys better get to your seats.” He chuckles and shews them off.

Y/N was oddly quiet, she was the bubbliest girl in the class, and definitely loved learning with Michael. After he passes out the writing papers for them to practice their letters, he walks over to her desk and crouches beside her. “Hey there, why the long face?” He frowns, Michael hated having sad kids in his classroom.

You shrug softly and look down, your feet shuffling against the spotted tile floor. Michael had learned this was your nervous habit. “Did someone say something mean to you?” He asks gently.

You shake your head. “No, I just don’t want you to be angry.” You whisper, sighing softly and sniffling a bit.  

He looks at her, a bit confused. “Why would I be angry?” He asks.

She sniffles again. “Because I said the thing that Cole said, and then he said it again. And you looked mad.” You whisper and rub your eyes.

Michael couldn’t help but coo at this. This little girl was absolutely adorable, and always thought of other people. “Oh sweetie, I’m not mad at all.” He coos. “I’m just worried about you, cause you look so sad, and you know I don’t like when my kiddos are sad.” He says and frowns.

You look up at him. “Y-you’re not mad?” You whisper, meekly, blushing softly.

“No sweetie, not at all.” He coos chuckling softly.  

You nod again. “Just please be nice to my mommy.” You add and giggle softly. Michael smiles widely.

“I’ll treat her just like a princess.” He whispers and nods.

You smile contently and get back to work, finally writing your full name. The perfect surprise to show mommy when she came to pick you up today.

Author’s Note 

Hey! I really hope you all like this. This is the step daughter imagine I was talking about. If you guys want some more parts, please let me know!! 

@littledovemikey this is the imagine! 

@lonelyhood here you go!! 

my manager gets mad at me & makes fun of me for not wanting to hurt the horses 😫 i know theyre big and they need discipline but its… hard… lmao

the horse i worked with today didn’t want to walk backwards out of her stall because there was a hole behind it, and she was getting really nervous. when i went to fill in the hole my manager came up like “no, you dont need to fill the hole, to make her back out just smack her face real hard” LIKE

So I’m seriously contemplating getting a second job because I need money and as much experience in the kitchen as I can get but I’m worried I might lose my mind but there are so many bars within walking distance that I could work at.


“You write?” Nathan asked. We sat together on an ugly loveseat in the corner away from the studying high schoolers and chatted quietly.

I nodded, “That’s why I applied for this internship. It might not be the most glamorous thing but it’s something that will get me some kind of experience.”

He smiled, “I just joined because I love getting people coffee.” I laughed. It had been a few weeks since we started working under the Mr. Bruner and I realized I hadn’t actually talked to Nathan very much. 

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PSYCHO Chapter 1

Description: She gets a new neighbor and he’s from over sea’s, he’s flawlessly handsome, he’s demanding, he’s dominant, he’s frightening and he’s Do Kyungsoo.

Genre: Gore, Romance, suspense, etc.

May Contain Triggering content in future

Tagging; @kimjongdaaamn

   It was 3 in the morning and I heard loud bangs and other noises  coming from the apartment next door, I knew someone was moving in soon but why at this time? What’s wrong with them? I’m already pissed off because I’ve been woken up I have to get up in 4 hours to get ready for work and I need my sleep.  I get up off my bed and walk to the bathroom, I pull my hair out of my face putting it up with a rubber band and fixing my bed head. I then walk to my front door and put on flip flops then proceed to open the door. The brightness from the hall light stings my eyes for a few moments, I wipe away the tears and look up. He’s standing there staring at me and looks startled but confident, I look at him and my first thoughts are that he’s absolutely gorgeous. His lips are the perfect heart shape, when he notices I’ve been staring for too long he smiles and puts the box in his hands down. He walks towards me and I push back some of my hair that’s fallen in front of my face, “hello” he says quickly.

“Hi…“ I respond slowly noticing that he has a slight accent.

"Did I wake you? I’m sorry.. ”.

"Yes you did… The curfew for sound is 12am so your already breaking the apartment complex rules” I give him a bit of a snobby look and he smiles.

“Sorry.. My flight came in at a weird time, I just got here not that long ago I’m from over seas” he looks extremely innocent and smiles softly.

 "Well, just make sure that your being more respectful to those who live here for now on.. I’ll let it slide this time…“ I start to walk back to my apartment but I suddenly get cut off.

“Do Kyungsoo… I mean Kyungsoo.. Call me Kyungsoo..” He says with a much too happy smile on his face.

"Kyungsoo…“ I say back and nod at him slowly.

   I walk back into my apartment and take off my flip flops I shuffle back into my room and flop on my bed, the first thing come to my mind after this situation is the word, ”impulsion“.

   After seeing his face I couldn’t fall back asleep, even after the noise died down. I travel back into my living room and turn on the lights Including the TV, I walk into my kitchen and start to turn on my coffee maker it was almost 6am now. His voice hasn’t left my mind, I can feel him next door it’s just like he etched himself into my thoughts and already created memory of our 5 minutes together in the hall way. No ones ever left this effect on me it’s almost crimina- my thoughts suddenly got stopped by someone knocking on my door softly.

   In fear of who it might be I quietly walk and look threw the hole in the door, it’s him. His Shiny black hair and pale make me feel nervous, could it be a crush? Or am I afraid of him. I hear knocking one again but this time it scares me, I left out a soft Yelp and I can hear laughing. I open the door softly and I can see his eyes glaring at me. He smiles and leans to the right to get a better angle to see me, "um.. this is kind of weird but I kinda heard you from next door and I was just wondering if we could talk?”

"About what…“ I reply.

"The area..” He says threw his teeth.

"I’m sorry… I’m just reall-“

Let me in..“ His voice sounds calm but it scares me at the same time. At this point another word pops into my head, ”repetitive

How Embarrassing! || Michael Clifford

aw, im in love with you, anon <3

Summary: Although you and Michael have been together for quite sometime, there was something embarrassing that you’ve never wanted to tell him. And he confronts it to you. 

I M A G I N E 

Today you were out buying food for the boys. Apparently they said that the tour bus was being cleaned out, so all you guys had to be out while that happened. And because the boys decided to use the time to be in the studio and practice, you decided to be nice and get the boys some pizza. 

“Thank you, come again!” The woman that worked at the pizza shop said, waving goodbye as you carried the very heavy boxes of pizza. Struggling to actually walk with balance, you giggled at yourself when you realize how much you’ve out-done yourself. You got them 5 boxes of pizza, cheesy bread, cookies, 3 liters of soda, and garlic bread. Luckily, the boys assigned one guard to always be by you when you went out to ensure protection from crazy fans. He held a few of the boxes for you. 

“Thanks again, Ryan,” you said sweetly to your personal security guard, Ryan. He smiled down at you, his sunglasses hiding his eyes (as usual) before looking straight once more. You giggled silently as the two of you walked your way back to the bus. The boys were to be back any second now, so you wanted to be ready with the pizza by then. By the time you got there, though, they beat you way to it.

“Hey, Y/N, what’s– holy fuck, is that pizza?” Ashton exclaimed, watching in adoration as you and Ryan came with the pizza. Nodding, you saw an excited Luke and Calum run and surround you, jumping with joy and hunger. You noticed that Michael didn’t even react. Placing the food items down on the table set up outside, you scout around the bus. 

“Thank you for the food, Y/N, you’re a saint!” Calum praised, his chubby cheeks shoved with pizza. You giggled as you watch the rest of the boys nod and eat happily. 

“Any time, babes!” You shout back as you walked to the back of the bus. You saw everyones things on the ground, noticing a box with your things on it. You thought that they cleared the beds as well. But you noticed that one thing was missing; your beloved teddy bear. You decided to push that thought aside as you went behind the bus to find Michael with his back turned to you.

“Mikey, what are you doing here?” You asked softly, smiling at your lanky boyfriend. Michael then turned around with a huge grin on his face. He turned around his entire boy to find your teddy bear in his hands. You then froze to see a picture stuck between the teddy bear and his thumb.

“I found this neatly on the top of your box, and it got me curious,” Michael began, making you blush madly. “And I’ve always noticed that you’ve never let any of us touch it or hold it. So I took the opportunity to hold it, and noticed how it always stood straight and never bent over like a normal teddy.”

“Michael, I–” you tried to stop him from talking as you were extremely embarrassed. But he wasn’t going to stop anytime soon. 

“I then noticed a custom-made zipper hidden on the neck of the bear behind all its ‘fur,’” Michael continued, amusement all over his face. “I checked it out and found photos. And I was in complete shock when I found this lovely thing.” He held up the photo that you dreaded the most but held onto the closest. 

A photo of you as a teenager with braces. 

“Michael…” you groaned, blushing while covering your face. You didn’t want him to see how flushed you were. You felt embarrassed and super shy. “How embarrassing!” You exclaimed in your hands. You then heard Michael boom with laughter, making you even more red. 

“Y/N, stop covering your face!” Michael cooed as he grabbed your hands and removed them from your face. You gave Michael a pout, seeing as he was looking at your complete red face. “Y/N, you were so cute with braces! Really! It’s absolutely adorable!” 

“No it’s not! I looked like a monster!” You wailed, your face refusing to look anything less than a tomato. But Michael wasn’t having it. He bent down, planted a kiss on your lips and smiled. 

“You were beautiful back then, and you’re beautiful now,” Michael says softly, cupping your cheeks in his large, calloused hands. He gave you another sweet kiss on the forehead, making you flush once more. His green eyes stared into yours, giving you a loving gaze. “I love you so much, Y/N. This photo just makes me love you even more than I already do.” 

“Really?” You asked quietly. Michael was practically glowing at you, refusing to break his gaze on you. 

“Really,” Michael whispered back, returning your teddy bear in your hand. “You’ve never looked like a monster. And even if you did, you’d probably be the most gorgeous monster I’ve ever seen.” You giggled at him, feeling completely loved. 

“I love you,” you whispered to him as you shared another sweet kiss on the lips. “Now c’mon,” you said, grabbing Michaels hand with your free hand. “I bought pizza, and I’m sure if we don’t go now, we’ll be left with crumbs.” Michael chuckled and nodded, following you to the food. 

“Ay!” Calum cheered when he saw you and Michael coming. “The food goddess is back with the red-haired doofus!” Everyone laughed as Michael dashed to the table. 

“Who you calling a doofus, ya Kiwi?” Michael countered as he grabbed 3 slices of pizza in his hand. “Oh, do you guys wanna see the best photo of Y/N?” Michael asked, smiling maniacally as he held the photo up. 

“Seriously?” You playfully groaned, feeling yourself go red again as the boys went insane over your photo. 

hope you liked this one, you guys! bless anon for bringing michael back around! send in requests, lovelies, you know how much i love them. they are my faves :))))) <3 

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It’s official - senior figures in the Democratic Party have been colluding to throw the result of the Presidential Primary from the get-go, because their Wall Street backers are terrified of pro-working-class candidates achieving high office.

I mean, of course, for them It’s Tricky - electoral fraud is hard to pull off. Bernie can’t help it if he has to Walk This Way to publicise socialist ideas! But, you know, as Hillary said to Latino Americans as she voted for the TTP and asset stripped Puerto Rico, It’s Like That.

Reblog if you think we need a party for the millions, not the millionaires!

anonymous asked:

How can I fast without my parents noticing. I couldn't fast today because my mom kept giving me food and if I didn't eat it I would get in trouble or asked if i was okay. Please help its crucial to the diet I'm doing

Tell your parents that you’ll eat later. If that doesn’t work then try going out somewhere! Say you’ll go for a walk or to a friends house! If you can’t do that and nothin else works, do the five bite rule! When you eat, talk a lot and drink lots of water. Mess with your food to make it look like you ate! Good luck, darling!💖

||walked for an hour or so outside and went from 3.7k to 4.7k to hatch my 5k egg. I kind of feel super proud of myself and have bragging rightts because I don’t really do activity like that often or just go on random walks like I used to. I’m trying to lose weight so maybe if I do this more often… I could get used to the work-out and lose more weight!! That would be nice. No longer 255lbs at 5'8" jfc…||

It’s so lovely weather today again and i’m home alone (which I don’t like) so I decided to walk to the library. So far I have had a good day, I have been following my meal plan and i’m actually doing well with eating right now. I just have had a lot of memories in my head and my thoughts are keeping my mood pretty low… and i’m also very stressed out because after this week I will know did I get in that dance school. 😓

My head is mixed with good and bad thoughts but i’m pretty proud of myself how hard i’m working with my eating. I’m feeling better and I can do things again, even I still have some chest pains and heart palpitations. I’m still trying to stay positive!

Be brave, be honest, be you!
I’m trying too

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Thank you! I never go to comic cons because I don't wanna walk up to that table and have Gillian wonder which ones of all those people in the line are the lunatic ones that insist they know her life even if they only see her when she is working. In my mind she needs to ham up the David situation because that is the core of her fame it's the one thing that gets papers and fans going every time. It was so surprising to see all these stories on tumblr claiming to be real when it's all fabricated.

She knows how to work it, that’s for sure. Gillian: Fandom Troll. And she’s laughing all the way to the bank….

An Open Letter To Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Dear Mr Miranda,

It’s about 5:30 AM where I live (I live in Scotland) and I just watched your final curtain call with tears in my eyes. They were tears of sadness and tears because I’m so thankful and proud of you and the cast.  

The reason I am writing this, so early in the morning, is because I want to thank you and your music because it has inspired me and possibly saved me. (also because my mum goes to work at 5 AM and she’s so damn loud when she gets up) I am a 16 year old teenager with an unknown disability which affects my motor skills (I can’t walk and I don’t have a lot of dexterity in my hands.) Despite this I am mentally able and to some people, considered smart. Along with that I have some mental health issues,  I suffer from depression and anxiety. There are times when it got so bad, I attempted to take my own life, I didn’t see the point in life anymore and everyday was just getting darker and darker. 

Then, one night my mum ordered pizza, so I went into the living room to have my dinner and my sister was listening to something, something called Hamilton. A Hip hop styled musical about the American founding father, Alexander Hamilton. Now, due to our  very different tastes in music, I was initially reluctant to listen to it. (even though I do like musicals and hip hop, weird, right?)  Eventually, my sister did get me to listen to the opening number and then I decided to listen to more of it and then I was hooked and became a lil’ obsessed, I admit. (Thank you, sis) I listened to the soundtrack like, everyday, well, simply because I loved it and I loved the music, the story, the characters (Eliza, my angel.) and the cast themselves. (They are literally some of the best humans to ever walk the earth.)

If I’m being honest, which I am. I loved it because I could connect with it and inspire me, I connect with Hamilton himself, a penniless orphan born out of wedlock (I am neither of these things) desperate to rise up and prove himself, make a difference and not throw away his shot. Despite his the difficulties in early life and later life, he never gave up. This is what got me thinking, if I throw away my shot, now, and just give up. What difference will I make? If I hold on and work harder, then I’ll go a lot further. Maybe not start a financial system or defend the constitution or fight a war and start a country. I could make a difference, I could help people from disaster, I could save someone’s live or multiple lives. I could improve situations in the world, if I just don’t throw away my shot and give up when it gets tough. I could make a difference because in the future people might need someone like me and if I’m not there to help them when the times calls….who will? This isn’t just a thank you message to a man who might have just saved my life and inspired to get up and stand up for what I believe in, this is a message to everyone whose days are dark and feeling like giving up. DON’T. Because if Hamilton has taught me anything, it’s that sometimes the people you need aren’t the people you would expect them to be. 

I use to go around everyday ”thinking what’s the point of anything, no one will care about what I’ll do today, tomorrow and the next day. We all die at some point and the world doesn’t care unless you’re famous, so I might just die right now because it doesn’t make a difference to the world, no matter what I do.” 

But now everyday I’m like “Look around, Look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now. Today is a new day and I could do something today that will make a difference in my life or someone else’s and change tomorrow, I am in control and I do matter and someday I might just change the world.” (I also hope to see the show when it comes to London, it would be a dream come true.)

So, to end this very long thank you note/post. I would like to thank The cast of Hamilton: An American Musical and everyone involved making it aand especially Mr Lin-Manuel Miranda, for changing my life for the better and I’m sure you did the same thing for many others. May whatever the cast decide to do in the future, fill you with happiness and success because you deserve it.  

Thank you, Thank you very much. (I would thank you more but I can’t thank you enough.)

If you read this, Lin, which I hope you will because you’ve help me (and others) in so many, many different ways and I really want you to know that.

(please guys pass this around not just for Lin but for others going through dark times.) 

5SOME! Hair and Makeup

Words: 2.8k

Warning: 5some! 69, blowjob, eating out, anal, grinding…I just

Request:  Another 5some?? Where you walk in on the getting changed after a show and it escalates from there? Sorry if it’s a bother :/


I placed my pen onto the clip board and sighed. I was working with the boys from 5sos, I was there make-up and hair person and they wanted to dress up as Kiss today. So not only did I have to do their make up, I had to make them look half decent with Black and white face paint. Not that it was a hard thing because lets be honest they could wear any make-up and they’d all look hot still. 

They’d done the interview and show and managed to somehow get to there dressing room without consulting me. I had a lot of things to do and them not checking in with me was pretty hard because I have to get them ready for the award show tonight. I walked into the dressing room where the boys are and looked down at my clip board.

“Ok so for the award show Michael you’re going to have a slight hint of eyeliner on as it makes you look hot and-”

I looked up and gasped. “S-shit I’m so s-sorry” The boys were changing into their clothes and i’d never really seen them in just there underwear, even though they’re know for walking around naked, I had never been blessed enough. I held my hands over my eyes and turned around.

“Never seen a boy in a pair of underwear before?” Michael snickered

“No no I have but I was dating him and stuff” 

“Stuff?” Ashton asked

“Y-yeah, please put your clothes on” 

“What do you mean by ‘Stuff’?” 

“I think you know, clothes on please”

“But Y/N, we want to know stuff” Calum spoke, I felt someones hand grip my waist and I removed my hands from my face and turned around. It was Luke and his piercing blue eyes were travelling over my body. He stroked up and down my sides and his hand went under my shirt rubbing circles into my hip.

“W-what are you doing” I stuttered

“You’re supposed to help us right?”


“Well pretty lady, we’re all so horny and we want you to help”

“Thats unprofessional, I can’t” 

“Please Y/N” Michael whined, I looked over to him and he had a pout on his lips, I looked into his eyes and I saw them twinkle. Luke kissed down my neck and Michael and I were in a trance as he walked up to us. Michael tilted my chin up and kissed me, his soft lips pressed against mine. Luke sucked onto my sweet spot and I moaned into Michael’s lips. Michael swiped his tongue against my lips, taking control of the kiss. I reached around running my fingers through the back of Luke’s head as he licked over the spot he’d been sucking on. Michael ran his tongue over mine and sucked onto it, feeling the smoothness of his tongue. They both pulled away from me and I kissed Michael a couple more times before he stood up straight. 

“So do you want to help us?” Michael grinned, I scanned down his half naked torso and the waistband of his boxers, there being small black hairs above where his dick was. If I knew any better my eyes were probably in the shape of hearts right about now. I walked forward slowly, swaying my hips and kissed in the middle of his chest, looking up.

“I would love to help” I whispered, brushing my lips against his. He ran both his hands over my cheeks and through my hair, to the back of my neck. He pulled me forward and kissed me again, this time getting straight to the point and sucking on my lips and swiping his tongue over my teeth. He tilted his head to the side kissing me at a better angle and pulling me close to his chest. I placed my hands on his collar bones and moved to wrap around his neck. He moved his hands to my waist as he moaned into my mouth. He kissed over my lip and pulled on my lip between his teeth. I could already feel myself getting wet, the way Mikey was looking at me. His green eyes blown with lust, the pupils wide and just shimmers of green. 

“Fuck” I whimpered, licking over my lips and tasting Michael. I looked over at Ashton who winked at me as he lent up against the wall. He motioned his hand for me to go over to him and I did so. Ash ran his hands under my shirt as he peeled it off my body. Ash stroked over my breast, the skin just above my bra and he leant forward kissing the skin. I pushed Ashton’s hair back as he sucked on the skin. I let out a mewl as he licked over my collar bones. Ashton’s lips were definitely under appreciated as he sucked onto my skin. I bit my lip and walked further into his face so I was situated between his legs. His hands came underneath my skirt, to my ass as he massaged it. I leant down as Ashton sucked on my neck. Ashton stroked up my body and unclipped my bra. I held my boobs up as he pulled my bra from my chest and placed it next to him. I let go and he held them in his huge hands.

“God they’re so perfect” He moaned rolling them around in his hands. His thumbs and forefingers squeezed my nipples as I leant down into him. I kissed over Ashton’s jaw, one of my favourite things, it was scattered in brown hair’s which complemented him very well. I felt two hands on my ass and they weren’t Ashton’s as his were tweaking my nipples. The hands on my ass pulled down my panties under my miniskirt, dragging them tightly against my skin. I stepped out of them leaving me in just my Black high heels and mini skirt. 

“Look at this ass” Calum groaned. I giggled into Ashton’s neck sucking on the patch of hair just below his jaw. Calum’s plump lips kissed over my ass, sucking small love bites into the flesh as I sucked onto Ashton making hickey’s. I bent into Calum’s face wanting him to do more to my ass. He kissed the dip of my back and down my ass nearing my back hole. He licked a stripe from my entrance up to my back. 

“Eat her out good” I heard Luke say from the side of the dressing room. Ashton latched his lips around my nipple and sucked onto it. He flicked his tongue over the brown nipple and moaned around it sending vibrations. Calum spat onto my back hole and ran his fingers across it, lathering up the hole. I grinded my body into Ashton as twirled his tongue around my nipple. Calum slid one of his fingers into my ass hole and I parted my lips. Ashton kissed my lips at my discomfort and pinched both my nipples bringing my face closer to his. Calum pumped his finger in and out of my hole. I breathed deeply shutting my eyes and leaning my head onto Ashton’s. 

“I want her to ride me” Michael whined. I was getting used to the feeling of Calum’s finger and opened my eyes. Ashton stood up from the desk and Michael slid down into his place. He gave me a cheeky smile before taking off his boxers. He let his cock free and I looked at it, it was a lot redder then I imagined. I kissed the tip of his dick bending down before I reached up pecking his lips. Calum entered another finger into my hole as I stroked Michael’s cock. Michael ran his fingers down my body towards my ass, he pulled my ass forward, Calum’s fingers slipping out my ass. Michael brought me towards his lap and I sat down over his thighs. I placed my hands on his shoulders and lifted myself over his dick and sat down. 

“Shit” I stuttered, feeling his large cock fill me up. I ran my fingers  over the dip in his body between his collar bones and shoulder and dug my nails into him. I slowly started grinding on him, rubbing my clit against his tummy. I wrapped one of my arms around him and my other one caressed his small chub underneath his armpit.  I dug my nails into him rolling my hips and 

“You’re always running after us, you need to be treated like a princess. How’s about I fuck your ass whilst you keep riding Mikey?” Calum whined, kissing my shoulder. I reached round my arm running my hands through Cal’s hair as he sucked onto my skin. 

“Answer me Y/N” 

“Yeah” I breathlessly moaned, I rotated my hips on Mikey’s. Mikey leant his hands on the side and I ran my hand over his tattoo’s. Calums stomach was now flushed up against my back and I felt his dick pushed up against my ass. I felt Calum press his tip against my ass. His mushroomed tip prodded my entrance and I shut my eyes, waiting for the impact of being double penetrated. I slowly moved my hips on Michaels, his dick rubbing against my walls, I felt my pussy’s juice drip onto Michael as he smirked rubbing my clit. 

“You fuck me good Mikey” I moaned resting my head on his as Calum edged his cock inside my back hole. Calum gripped my waist as he slid slowly inside me. I stopped riding Mikey and focused on the small pain coming from my back end. Michael sensed my discomfort and kissed me. His red lips slotting into mine and moaning onto them. Calum held me tight, wrapping his arms around my chest and clinging onto my breasts. Calum slowly grinded into me, my ass clenching every time he would fill me up. I started moving my hips in time with Calum, rocking myself onto Mikey. I stroked over Michael’s chest and held his shoulders in my hand. He kissed over my cheek and under my jaw, sucking onto it. I ran my fingers through his hair as his tongue swiped over my sweet spot and his lips tugging on my skin. 

“Feels so good” I moaned, pushing his face closer to my neck. Calum sped up his pace, digging his nails into my ass. He gave my ass a light slap and groaned into the other side of my neck. I leant my head back on his shoulder as he pinched my nipples in his hand. I groaned running my hands over his as he twisted them in his fingers. Calum started groaning louder in my ear, biting down on my shoulder. Both there cocks were filling me up at the same time and I never felt so much pleasure pushing against my inside walls. 

“Fuck” Calum groaned pulling out of me. He jerked himself off next to us as I bounce on Michael’s cock. Calum came over the table and groaned holding his cock in his hand. I whined wrapping my legs around Michael’s waist tightly as he stood up pushing me against the wall, he pulled my legs up against the wall, bending them slightly. He thrusted his long hard cock into me, it hitting new angels. I hit my head against the wall letting out a raspy moan as Mikey hit my g-spot. I looked down watching him roughly pound into me, him dragging his cock all the way out just to get a couple of harsh thrusts. 

“You close?” he whimpered. I nodded my head clenching my pussy around his cock and pulling on his hair. He growled, his thighs shaking. I reached my orgasm, cumming around Mikey and falling limp. Michael pushed right up against me, holding me still as he came inside me. I placed one of my feet on the floor and Michael let go of the other one, his cock slipping out of me. Michael backed away from me giving me a sexy grin, gripping his cock and squeezing it.

“Baby girl, you think you can cum again for me?” Ashton said, his hands going straight to my core, spreading the juices and dipping his fingers into my entrance. I whined being sensitive from my orgasm and Ashton smirked. He took his fingers out of me and put them in his mouth, sitting on the table. He pulled me in-between his legs and laid back. 

“Sit on my face and suck my cock” he rasped. I smiled to myself climbing on top of him and turning around so I was met with his cock and my pussy was hoovering over his face. I grabbed him in my hand and swirled my tongue around his tip as he did the same to my clit. I moaned and dribbled over his tip and sucking down onto it. I took my mouth off him as he nuzzled his head into my pussy and slurping up my juices. I grinded my heat onto his face, his tongue pressing harshly down from my clit to my entrance. 

“Suck” Ashton groaned, licking over my entrance. I took him in my mouth, all the way so my nose touched his balls. I swallowed around him and bobbed my head.  Ashton moaned into me his tongue circling around my entrance, licking up my previous orgasm. Ash dipped his tongue into me and flicked it around tasting me. I tucked my hand around by my face and started rolling Ashton’s ball’s in my hand. I started lightly bouncing on Ashton’s tongue, in sync with sucking Ashton’s cock. I ran my tongue over the vein pushing onto it and sucking down hard. Ashton’s cock started throbbing in my mouth and I squeezed the base and his hips thursted upwards in my mouth. I coughed around him and pulled off, I pumped his cock in my hand the sound or squelching coming from the wetness created. 

“Mm close princess” Ashton said sending vibrations through my pussy. I sat up straighter and rolled my body onto Ash’s mouth, feeling his lips drag across my pussy.  I fisted his cock quicker, Ashton’s moans picking up and his breathing getting heaver as he sucked on my clit faster. 

“Fuck” he rasped, hot spurts of white cum came out his tip and over his thighs. I jerked him off whilst he groaned underneath me. I got off his face and and Ashton tucked his hands under his head smiling lazily. I looked over the sofa for Luke and he was sat there in his boxers. I sauntered over to him as he looked over my body. I stood in front of him and stroked up his thighs. He patted his lap and I swung my legs over him. I sat down on his bulge and ran my fingers through his fringe.

“You’re so good to us princess” Luke admired, stroking down my sides. I rubbed my clit against his bulge loving the feeling of it pressed up against me. Luke rested his head on the back of the sofa and looked at me with his dark blue eyes. I ran my fingers over his beard and swiped my tongue over his lips. He sucked onto my thumb as I grinded onto him. He moaned around my thumb shutting his eyes and moving his hips up into mine. I felt my clit flutter on him and he grabbed my hips, pushing me down harder onto him. 

“Are you close?” Luke moaned. I bit my lip and leant forward brushing my nose against his. Luke kissed my jaw as I clawed at his, my fingers running over the stubble. I tucked my legs around him and pressed my chest up against his. I pecked his lips and he smiled bringing one of his hands down to my thigh. He stroked up my thigh to my core, he rolled my clit between his fingers and I let out a whine grinding into him. I felt my second high approach and Luke knew I was about to cum by the way he sped up his movements and had a smirk plastered on his lips. I shut my eyes and came on top of him, my legs shaking as I slow grinded. 

“Shit” I heard whimper against my chest. I opened my eyes to be met with blonde mop of hair leant against my breasts.  I caught my breath back and Luke looked up at me. 

“Oh my god” I said giggling, I moved back off of Luke who was now breathing heavily leant back against the sofa. I looked down at the wet patch on Luke’s boxers and smiled to myself. 

“You think I look hot in eyeliner?” Michael breathed.

Pokemon Go is seriously an amazing game. Sure, it’s got it’s issues with the servers and you can only get the first 150 Pokemon, but I have seen so much good come out of this game in only a few days.

1. Exercise!
I have a bad habit of rolling my eyes at anyone who actually goes on a drive to try and hatch eggs or get better Pokemon, but that’s just because I see this game as a way to exercise and lose weight. I’ve actually gone out of my way to walk around the town I live in just so I can find and catch as many Pokemon as I can. My boyfriend and I head out at night and walk around town for almost two hours after I get off of work. Before this game, I would just head home and sit on the couch until my eyes were too tired from staring at my computer screen. Now I’m up and moving, and I’m already seeing a difference in how chubby my stomach is. I’m going over the daily recommended steps, and I’m not the only one who is noticing differences. My cousin is also moving more, and she and I both think this game is going to help people lose weight.

2. Exploring!
Because of this game, I have gone down roads I’ve never seen before. Today, while walking around before I had to work, I found a cute second-hand store I never even knew existed. Suddenly, the tiny town I’m living in is getting much bigger, and I’m noticing things I’ve never noticed before, both because of walking around and because of the locations of the Pokestops.

3. Socializing!
I’m sure you’ve seen at least one story on Tumblr or Facebook about people chatting with strangers about Pokemon Go. These aren’t made-up stories. I’ve experienced them too, and I’m a socially anxious introvert (meaning talking to people I don’t know isn’t exactly my idea of a good time). Pokemon Go helped break the ice with a new guy at work, and I actually chatted with a mom and her two sons about the game (my boyfriend and I passed by them and one of her sons asked us if we were playing too).

4. Boredom Cured!
I’m actually finding that I would rather get up and go look for Pokemon than sit on my computer. I’m ADDICTED to my laptop, but going to catch Pokemon, even if it’s just a bunch of Rattata and Pidgey, is way fun! I actually have something to do that makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something and not wasting away my life. Silly, I know, because it’s just a dumb game, but when you’re stuck in a financial rut, it really helps.

5. Promotes Spending!
I’ve already seen people going out and buying portable chargers to bring with them when they go out Pokemon hunting. I know of people who go hunting and stop to get drinks while they recharge their phones. This game is helping boost spending, which is important, especially in the US, since the flow of money is what helps the economy.

Feel free to add more to this list, by the way!

submission - Pool/Hotel AUs
  • It’s my very first day of work, I know absolutely nothing about this hotel or the layout, and a stranger comes up and asks where they can get a membership card?? Like, I can barely manage to find the bathrooms, sorry dude
  • Oh hell no, you did not just try weaseling your way out of paying $600 because your food was “too cold” and you ordered “nothing alcoholic”, I served you and now I’m shit out of tips!
  • A drunk man just walked up to me, took my hand, kissed the back of it, and left before I could even say anything or call for security or literally anyone
  • A drunk man who’s getting married the next day won’t leave the pool unless I arm wrestle him so I let him win and as I shake his hand goodbye, he tries to kiss me. Thankfully you’re there and it’s kinda cute seeing you get all huffy and defensive.
  • live for the days when the lifeguard on stand in front of me is you because hot damn
  • I accidentally charged a guest $200 and I’m freaking out and you’re trying to calm me down before I have a full blown panic attack
  • There are so many hot people in bathing suits, how can you even focus on anything else?
  • That lady’s wearing a thong and I am not telling her she can’t wear it. Have you seen her arms? She could slap the sin right out of me
  • There’s a fight going on in the pool so I have to watch the entrance for you, the security guard, and when it’s all over and done, you’re a little roughed up but smile when you see me and act like nothing happened. Like, I am totally worried about you and everything, but give me the deets.
  • You’re really cute, but you have the thickest accent I have ever heard, and you just want to know where the bathroom is but I’m talking about the price for a cabana by the pool
  • I don’t have a car so I have to come in four hours early everyday with my sibling, who happens to work at the same place, and hang out in the office with my boss(es) and share food with them and talk shit.
  • You’re new to the job and kind of awkward but oh my god, you have the dorkiest, classic nerd laugh and it’s absolutely adorable when you snort
  • I’ve only seen you in uniform, which makes you look like a total dork, and the first time I see you out of uniform I didn’t recognize you because holy shit you’re actually really hot
  • The same playlist of songs plays over and over for months and you hate it, I know, but I haven’t gotten tired of it yet so don’t put me down when I’m dancing and singing to it when the guests aren’t around
  • For the love of god, please ask to get your shift changed because if I have to work beside the bitchiest girl at the front desk in 100+ degree heat by myself, I will murder someone
  • We’re cleaning up the pool deck and you find a beer bucket filled with ice so you dump it all on me when I’m not looking and when the guests start cheering, you find another bucket and do it again. Well my friend, pay backs gonna be a bitch
  • We sold out of rental tubes today and me, the smollest of people, has to stand on my tippy toes to put them away at the end of day and you, the tallest person I’ve ever seen, is just standing around chatting with a lifeguard. A little help, please?
  • Why do I work with so many hot people?? Like, this is ridiculous, none of you should be this hot and here I am, tripping over myself and flubbing my words every five seconds in front of you all. Can I get a break please? Or a date?
Pros and Cons of Pokemon Go


-Helping people with depression to get up and take walks.

-Improving body image, or giving a fun way to take steps toward the being okay with being more visible.

-More young people getting exercise.

-Making new friends to catch Pokemon with.

-Discovery! Lots of people asking about the history of things that are usually not noticed where I work because those things are now pokestops.

-Cute real-world pictures of pokemon.


-“Are you catching a Pok-E-mon??” - every time I take out my phone.

Pokemon Go

My body has been sore since Friday night (mime panel) thanks to Pokemon Go. I woke up Saturday morning to walk the convention and catch my monsters before the show that evening. I walked the airport and my own street on Sunday…and for the last two days I’ve walked my street and the zoo.

I am incredibly sore, but so very enthusiastic about exercise now. Sweating, panting, uncomfortable exercise…and it’s all thanks to Pokemon Go. I’m going to walk even more today to get groceries. It’s gonna be the highlight of my day.

For the last two months I’ve sank further into a depression. Even travel was having a hard time shaking me free…and when I tried to run and walk and exercise, my mind wouldn’t slip free from negative thoughts.I’ve been in a much better place in part because of working on Quintessential. The stress and creativity does wonders. What’s keeping me going through it all is a little game that sucks up my downtime…I haven’t had much time to feel low and down. And if I do…I get up and walk.

After the Pokemon hype of 1999, I never really picked it back up…and when I tried, I couldn’t get over the cutesy graphics. But I dunno if it’s simply that I’ve just been so low lately or what…Go got me to pick up Pokemon X again and get excited for future Pokemon games…Go has tapped that nostalgia factor pretty hard with the original monsters and the game has made it exciting to go outside for someone so locked in their own self destruction.

I wish I had a story of meeting new people from it already, but I don’t. I’m just content to keep myself moving and feeling alive.

Today one of my supervisors (mind you I work for the federal government) told me that her teenaged son asked her to go on a walk with him around the neighborhood. At first she was SHOCKED because what teenager wants to do that. Then she realizes that he wants to feel safe when catching Pokemon which is a good thing for him to do! But then she downloads the game and starts playing so she knows what he’s so interests in, and he starts helping her and teaching her and as she’s tellin me this story she gets really excited and asks about my trainer and we compare and she’s so excited to have this new thing to talk to her son about and how the walks are becoming a common occurrence with them. And she ends up leaning almost out of her seat saying “THERE IS AN ANGRY DRAGON IN THE GYM NEXT TO THE OFFICE. A VERY ANGRY DRAGON.”