I believed I was doing something civic-minded by opening a bookstore. I never stopped to think about all the ways it would improve my life. I didn’t consider all the authors, many of them my friends, who would come to town to read. I never anticipated that I would grow to love the people who worked there. I didn’t remember what fun it was to encounter great books just because I was walking by them, picking them up, reading their flap copy. I had even failed to consider the very best part of owning a bookstore — that is, that I would get to make people read the books that I love.
—  Ann Patchett, A Day at the Beach

Usually we use code words to talk about Loki-related plans around Loki, like “Let’s go to the D. P.” instead of “Let’s go to the dog park” or “Let’s go on a W.” instead of “Let’s go on a walk” because she knows the words. I just made the mistake of asking my bf, “Do you want to go on the walk now?” and in my peripheral vision I saw Loki turn her head sharply and stare at me. She was getting worked up, but then my bf told her, “Not right now,” and she calmed back down. I swear she understands everything we say.

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lbr, it's only because Bucky's too busy claiming every inch of Steve's skin that Namor & the Avengers can call a truce and Namor walks away with all his limbs intact. (possessive!Bucky ftw) also, Steve lovingly tracing every lovebite Bucky gave him (he refuses to cover them up with clothing), while Bucky smugly admires his work :'')

It’s true. Bucky just knocks everyone out of the way to get at Steve, touching him everywhere and very possessively, ranting the entire time.

“Fuck if I’m letting you stay with this asshole just ‘cause he threatened us. What the hell were you thinking? Didn’t I tell you I’d take care of you? You think that just means sex?”

Steve probably has some sort of control over how fast he heals and he makes sure the love bites fade as slow as possible. He presses on them just the feel the sting and it gets him all squirmy again.

Bucky catches him at it one too many times and says, “if you want more, all you gotta do is ask, sweetheart.”

Steve crawls into his lap immediately, all flustered and pleased. 

“Yes,” he demands.

A Halloween store has popped up in my town. They’re already setting up. My guess is stores are opening earlier this year? I may have to go take a walk down there tomorrow (it’s like right by my house) and see which one it is. My dad thinks it’s the one I’ve been working at the last four seasons. If so, being by my house is convenient. But if they have the same management as last year then I probably won’t get hired because he didn’t like me lol.

UPDATE: Actually just took a quick walk down there with my parents. It is the same store. I’m gonna have to keep an eye out for when it opens. The online applications aren’t reliable, and they currently don’t have any online besides manager anyway. Fingers crossed I guess? There’s another other one I’d be willing to work at but I don’t know where they’re going since this one just took their place. 

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8, 9, 14!

8. are you a jealous person

I try not to be, but I have so many weird self-esteem issues that I inevitably struggle with jealousy over various whatevers. It’s…definitely a thing I’m working on.

9. whats the worst pickup line someone has asked you

Me, at work: soooo…we need to get a urine sample, so you can either walk to the restroom – which I don’t recommend because you’ve been pretty unsteady – or you can use the little handheld urinal here

Patient: I’ll use the urinal if you’ll…*significant glance down at his crotch*…hold it for me

Me: oh my god, are you actually trying to pick me up right now?

Patient: I can’t help it! Too many cute nurses

Me: hahaa, yeah, no. *walks out*

14. whats your most bizarre pet peeve







Liam Knows.

Dear Diary.

just another boring day at school today, there really isn’t much to tell.

Except now, Liam knows i take medication..

Clarke had shown up at school today, she was picking me up because she had the car, I had asked her to wait in the car park but of course its Clarke and she doesn’t listen, she found me while i was making my way to find her, she pulled out my pills, apparently Id left them in my jeans when i was quickly getting ready for work.. but of course before i could hide them Liam had seen, he kept staring at me while he was walking, so of course i got snappy with him.

i didn’t mean to snap, i just.. don’t like people knowing about my transplant, i don’t want them to treat me differently, delicate or whatever, i just want to be treated normally.

Liam, just continued to walk, Clarke of course had to comment on how cute Liam had gotten, even know i agreed i kept that little bit of information to myself.

god i couldn’t have Clarke teasing me over a crush i had on Liam.. if thats even what you’d call it. 

until next time diary.


haha omg the other day i dropped by a punjabi wedding because da höe was working there to drop off his ID and card and it was like the scariest experience ever. everyone was so loud and dancing like like crayzee and they all stared when i walked in because i looked like a lost lil child. yahhhhh but the perks of marrying a punjabi is that you get a poppin’ dance floor 

I am never commuting again

… just kidding, I have to.

Last night the CASA came over during our normal dinner time so dinner was late. So baths were late. So bedtime was late. So I didn’t make my dish for a potluck at work (I am vegan, so you can safely assume I do not do potlucks unless it’s a very special occasion).

No problem, I thought, I will just get up extra early and make a salad at 5:30am. I didn’t sleep well because of court next week and because our NEW AC is broken and it’s 80+ degrees in our house because they did not come to fix it yesterday.

I did not wake up until Prince was walking into our room at 6:50am, over an hour late. My phone was not plugged in and died and my alarm did not go off. I brushed my hair and actually put on make up and was feeling pretty fabulous because make up doesn’t happen on work from home days. I ran downstairs to make the salad. 

I cut a red onion for the salad, cried everywhere because my eyes betrayed me, and ruined previously fabulous (for me) make up.

I didn’t have time for coffee. 

I drove my hour to work (because traffic this morning, of course).

I was late to work. Now I am sitting here eating plain quinoa for breakfast before a two hour video editing session with an agency because that is what I grabbed.

It is safe to assume I will not be writing any how-to articles on making it work in a  two parent working household.

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Major off topic question: what kind of car is capable of getting Jon to and from work, because no way a man that big walks

but if you must know I do have a car, specialty made.


Hi taylorswift!! When I found out I needed surgery to take care of a tumor on my leg, I told the doctors that I had to wait until after July 10 and 11th because I had tickets to see you both nights at Metlife. I had been planning my costume for months and they took forever to make. I am so thankful that I got to spend that weekend with you and my best friends. It was an incredible experience. I knew that I had made the right decision waiting for surgery. I got to the hospital on Thursday morning, and the surgery didn’t happen until around 5 pm. They ran lots of tests. Since then, I have been working on getting my strength back, trying to walk on it and manage my pain. I am so thankful for all the doctors and nurses who have taken such good care of me. And above all else, I am thankful that we found out that the mass on my leg is NOT cancer! Hopefully the surgery gets rid of it once and for all. I love you Taylor, and I don’t know if you will ever see this but I wanted to share my story with you anyway! 

Love, Stefania 

To go on stage in front of 60,000 people is crazy and it was in London and I got to hold the British flag so I was super patriotic and I’m like marching like…but you know she’s great and she’s one of the loveliest people as well because all of us support each other so much and we all work in this crazy industry and it’s just nice to get to talk to people who can kind of understand and we just hang out and do what normal young ladies do.
—  Cara Delevingne about Taylor and walking the catwalk during Style at Hyde Park (x)

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also, unrelated. you see that post about P and A making monster sandcastles? any headcanons around that you might wanna share with us...?

  • they get to the beach and spend at least 15 minutes scouting out the PERFECT spot to build their sand castle
  • Annabeth has a bucket full of fancy tools because “any level of architecture should have an air of professionalism”
  • Percy’s job is always to make sure that the tide doesn’t hit Annabeth or her work station as she lays out the ground work 
  • he is always begging her to include a moat in the design and she usually allows i because who doesn’t love a moat, honestly 
  • Percy loves watching Annabeth concentrate as she starts shaping the sand but he has to be careful because last time he got too into watching her and forgot about keeping the tide back– he didn’t get a kiss the rest of the day and it was awful 
  • he also walks around to find nice rocks to use decoratively on the castle 
  • Annabeth has mini versions of the Athena cabin she places on the towers and mini Poseidon cabin flags that she hands Percy for him to place 
  • she steps back and admires their work with pride, “Who needs a rival when you can have an ally?” 
  • by the time they’re done they usually have a crowd of wide eyed little kids standing around the perimeter Annabeth has set up
  • she admires her castles for a few minutes before placing the flags and tools back in her bucket 
  • after getting back from Tartarus, she cried every time she watched the waves reclaim what she had built, feeling like nothing she made could ever be permanent in a world where the tide always seemed to be getting higher 
  • but she has since worked through that and instead tells the crowd of kids to do with the castle what they’d like as she takes Percy’s hand and wades into the water 
  • as Percy wraps his arms around her, she watches the waves slowly reclaim her castle and instead of crying, she smiles 

that got weirdly emotional i’m sorry 

like…i can’t take seriously people who say liam hit his prime in 2013 (barely out of his teen liam! smh! and obviously manufactured by m!m) because i’ve been mesmerized by this gif since two days ago

and i’m like struck that…liam is becoming the definition of “tall, dark, and handsome” holy shit…?? and he needs to continue wearing dark button downs and his eyebrows look damn good and manly, and his five o’clock shadow frames his face beautifully? 

also! laugh lines!

let’s give it a year or two, and it’s going to be deeper and more pronounced and y’all are going to enjoy his look and it’s going to be devastating. 




Do you people realize the vital necessity of a drummer? You can have a band without any other position, but without the drummer, the entire sound falls apart. Sean is the cornerstone of the music you love so much and without him, none of WTM’s success would be possible.

Next, do you realize how rude it is to not acknowledge someone because of their physical appearance? Each of the boys is handsome and adorable and lovely and kind and just all around wonderful and just because you may find one of them more attractive doesn’t mean you get to ignore the others. They are not there to please your eyes. They are there to make music and you should appreciate all of them for doing such a great job at this.

I stg the fact that I never see positivity for Sean on here just makes me so sick. Please appreciate him and all the hard work he does to keep Walk the Moon afloat because without him, they wouldn’t be doing this.

paperbagpancake submitted: 


158 lbs to 122 lbs

78 weeks (11 weeks to go from 158 - 136, and a year break for the rest)

Originally was calorie counting and staying between 1200-1500 and elliptical 3-5 times a week for 30-60 minutes. After I decided to stop because I was getting too obsessed, I stopped keeping track of anything. I ate what I wanted, didn’t have an exercise routine. I mostly just walked. Ended up losing more weight! Really nice to know I can do this without having to think about it. I didn’t just maintain, I lost weight. I’m happy c:

—- SEND in your own Before and After weight loss progress photos HERE.

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Scenario where after Aomine and Akashi got jealous, their respective s.o gets angry/sad because they feel like boys don't trust them or suspects the so's loyalty

Aomine Daiki: When Aomine becomes moody at you for spending time with a classmate after school instead of coming to watch his basketball practice one afternoon, all you can do is stare blankly back at him, unsure about how to respond to his sudden grouchiness. 

“I walked the new transfer student in my class to the train station because he doesn’t know where it is.” You explain for the third time, not sure how much clearer you could be. “We talked about school. And the weather. I don’t know why you’re getting so worked up.”

“Oi. You never talk to me about the weather or school.”

“Oh my god, are you for real?” You shake your head incredulously, unable to believe the words that are coming out of your boyfriend’s mouth. “Daiki, you wouldn’t want to discuss the weather or school even if I paid you.”

“Hah? How would you know? You’ve never tried talking about that kind of stuff before.” Aomine shoves his hands in the pockets of his trousers and kicks at the ground with the ground of his shoe. “Don’t make excuses, just because you prefer talking to that other guy instead -”

“ -aho!” You snap at him, done with putting up with his unnecessarily jealous attitude. “Have you got selective memory or something? You fell asleep on me the last time I tried to talk to you about my day at school!” When he doesn’t respond - probably due to having nothing to say - you continue angrily, “Don’t be so quick to assume that I like someone else just because I speak to them! Honestly, what kind of person do you take me for?”

It takes him a while to reply, but when he does, his tone is more apologetic than accusing, which is a start. “…tch. I just don’t like seeing you by another guy’s side.”

Akashi Seijurou: You feel Akashi’s gaze on you the moment you walk in through the door, and he barely gives you any time to even take off your shoes before the questioning begins.

“You were working after school with your class president again.” He already knows, because it’s not like you’ve kept it a secret from him or anything. Yet despite already knowing, there’s still an edge to his tone that your mind instinctively tells you to be wary of. “How long is this class project going to last for?”

How long are you going to be spending time after school with that guy? Is what he really means, but you’re both very good at avoiding the subject, and deep down, you’re saddened by the fact that he feels the need to ask the question. 

“Three weeks. It’s taking longer than we expected.” You sigh, feigning frustration in an attempt to ease the tension in the room.

His eyes narrow at the word we. “Three weeks is a rather long time.” He pauses briefly, as if he’s thinking carefully about his next words. “Are you sure that you want to continue -”

“- Sei.” You break him off quietly, words barely a whisper. “…do you not trust me?”

Akashi blinks, apparently taken back by the question. It’s the first time you’ve been so direct, and it takes him a few seconds to collect himself.

“It’s not that.” He replies finally, leaning back into the armchair he’s resting in. “I don’t doubt you, ____. It’s just…” He trails off, lowering his eyes. “I apologise. I won’t ask again.”

Wherever You Are (Rainstorm)
  • Wherever You Are (Rainstorm)
  • 5 Seconds of Summer

So it’s been raining all day here so I thought I’d make this for everyone :D I know I haven’t posted in ages but I’ve always just done other things. IT’S LUKES BIRTHDAY!! Hope everyones hearts are still going ;) I’ll definitely try posting soon again x Love you all! :)


You’re left home alone because all your family have gone away on holiday but you couldn’t go because of school. There has been reports on the news all day of really bad storms, but you never expected them to get bad. You were watching television when it began to flicker and finally switched off. Letting out a loud sigh you walked over and hit the television lightly to see if it would begin working again. Then suddenly the lights go out.

“Absolutely fucking perfect” you muttered as the darkeness surrounded you. The branches from the trees outside were trashing against the windows wildly and the windows rattled in their frame. You sat down on your sofa staring out the window. You could hear the sirens from all the ambulaces, police and fire dept. speeding around trying to help everyone. But then it went quiet for a while.

You thought you were loosing your marbles when you heard music.

“Surely people aren’t playing music in this weather” you thought but then you remembered new people had just rented out the house next door.You sat there listening and slowly a smile creeped across your face as you listened to the music. Before you knew it the storm had subsided and you were still sat in the same spot. You were determined to go over there the next morning to meet the people that ‘helped’ you through the storm. But you never knew what to expect and little did you know that night would change your life forever.