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a pouty boy, and angry boy

i’m kinda slow, but requests for yugioh characters are still open, i’m having fun

According to Sky everyone wants to race for Ferrari except for Seb, the biggest Ferrari fan on the grid. ???

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Guys stop attacking @staff. They are merely victims of the machine uprising.

I’m willing to bet money that the safe mode fiasco is entirely a result of machine learning gone awry, and not because @staff suddenly has an evil homophobic agenda and wants to protect kids from the gays. Why? Well let’s look at what safe mode is supposed to do: block porn bots.

Imagine you’re a Tumblr IT person and you’re tasked with developing an algorithm to block said porn bots. You’re on your third cup of coffee for the night and you really just want to go home, so you think of the quickest, easiest, dirtiest way to detect sensitive content: set up a neural network and feed it tons upon tons of examples of typical posts porn bots make. Easy-peasy. Except not at all, because robots are stupid and never do what you want them to.

Here’s what this neural network can’t do with much effectiveness:

Identify pornographic nudity
Identify degrading content
Identify hateful rhetoric
Distinguish any of those things from things that aren’t those things

Here’s what it can do:

See that “sensitive posts” are mostly still images and gifs. Block accordingly.
See that “sensitive posts” contain curse words. Block accordingly.
See that images in “sensitive posts” are often black-and-white. There goes aesthetic blogs.
See that text in “sensitive posts” are short with an external link. Artists linking to your website? Sucks to be you.
And perhaps most importantly, see what “sensitive posts” are tagged as.

You’ve probably already guessed, but porn bots usually don’t tag their posts with “porn” or “nsfw” like a courteous person. Here’s what they do tag with:

etc. etc. etc., mixed in with things like “hot” and “sex” and “babes” and a bunch of slurs too.

Now if you were a neural network designed to look primarily at tags to identify what content to block from the kiddies and you only had this example data to work with, what would you think if you came across an lgbt positivity post that has tags that are nearly identical?

It’s not that I’m not blaming @staff. They still rolled out shitty code without doing any sort of QA on any sort of actual content people put on this site and messed things up as a result. But I really, really doubt there was any sort of malice involved. It’s just another textbook example of why you can’t rely on half-baked algorithms to do your jobs for you. Something that I really think we all should have learned by now.





Of course I can’t see a single thing but THERE ARE SYMBOLS AND THAT’S GOOD ENOUGH. 


SO LIKE, THE SYMBOL OF WINDAM (aka Fai’s Kudan), one that might be Rayearth’s symbol (aka, Syaoran’s Kudan), Two books with suns on the spine (which aren’t the same as the spine of the Clow book, but DO look a lot like the symbol from the top of each card), a moon crescent, and a six pointed star (that doesn’t quite match the regular shape of stars they use but still). 

SO LIKE. SUPER MAGIC BOOKS, YOU KNOW? More, they all have the matching line up the top, which usually indicates that these are a series of nonfiction books, maybe even encyclopedias? 

So Fai is just casually looking right over a categorical outline of all the different types of magic in the world (and possibly, the entire multiverse) and he doesn’t even blink. 



Tyler: “Look who we’ve got here. Am I gonna live in an eternal circle of surprises from now on? Well hello, Robin Hood.”

Bianca: oh no not the nicknames again why did i come back in the first place.


How to lose these shuttered hearts,

Turn out the guests,

Tend to you now.

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  • Delirious: I can show you around; I can show you our world. Way up here, it’s crystal clear-
  • Vanoss: Delirious, you’re doing Aladdin.
  • Delirious: Again?

                             YOUR CHARACTER:   IN 5 QUOTES

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❝  the  Many  Faced  God  can  have  the  rest,  but  he  can’t  have  this.  ❞

❝  where  there  is  a  way  in,  there  is  a  way  out.  and  fear  cuts  deeper  than  swords. .❞

❝  you  should  have  saved  my  Mother.  ❞

❝  she wanted to hit them. she wanted to hurt them. she wanted to cry.  ❞    she  does  none  of  those  &  instead  gives water  to  dying  assholes.  water  /  mercy  is  a  huge  theme.

❝  that  was  the  best  part;  the  dreaming.  ❞   /    ❝  had  she  only  dreamed  Arya  Stark?  ❞

ok uh

I mentioned maybe working on a series of comics focusing on themes like depression and anxiety? not really a “series” but more of a bunch of stand-alone comics… and i needed a character to follow so this is uh

she doesn’t have a name yet but I guess this is my first actual OC? I might tweak the design a little bit but if anyone has any name ideas let me know. or any thoughts about her overall design really.

i’ll edit the post once i have a name or whateverrr

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Have you ever thought of a little Mobuhan or Eruhan?

I’m assuming that you’re asking this because you read the tags of my other post. Erm… I mean… maybe… there are a few mobuhan doujins that also include levihan. I was considering translating those. I would prefer to stay with just levihan content though. As for eruhan, I’d have to say the same thing. Unless for some reason my fangirl heart just can’t contain eruhan/mobuhan feels, I will be staying with levihan translations for now. Thanks for the ask.

@tragiicbackstory replied to your post: ((My view - if I may - is this. I in no way claim…

// if the worst thing that happens to us white peeps is that we hear a POC say “i hate white people” that just shows how privileged we are. POC have a right to be angry. as an abuse survivor i’ve lashed out saying “i hate men” but does that mean I hate all men? no. i am venting a frustration with what happened. and if a dude came up and said “not all men” tumblr would be quick to crucify. its no different here. you guys are angry and have every right to be.


【ϟ】 “—Listen! Carrots are just disgusting, alright!? I don’t like the taste or the texture of them so I won’t eat ‘em! Simple as that! And last I checked, I’m allowed to dislike something I find that weird and revolting. So everyone can just back off!

me (a bisexual) and my (also a bisexual) friend: put our arms around each others shoulders/ use each others shoulders as arm rests in a friendly platonic way
some mean ass counselor: ummmm could u not do that here :))) sorry :)) :/

More Watertribe Lance
Also avatar Lance this time because we talked about this with friends and we are lance trash we wondered what kind of pet Lance would have if he was the avatar… Like Aang has Appa and Korra has Naga.

And we ended up with a Peacock-Lion because it just suits him perfectly

(also it was supposed to be Keith’s pet -bc yeah it’s definitely more a firenation-ish beast- but things happened ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i’ll write headcanons someday lmao)